The 99 Names of Allah – 028 AlRaqb

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The speaker discusses how a person named Larissa is watching everything and being constantly impressed by their actions. They encourage individuals to be aware of their actions and share experiences of seeing someone named Larissa. The speaker also references a study where they ask individuals what they think they should do during a nighttime activity.

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Last year which is attractive, the observer, he watches everything very closely. He knows what we do on what happens to us at the minute is to have levels. He tells us what level an ally level Mefi and fusi come through that know that Larissa wouldn't knows what's in yourself, meaning the thoughts that you have, Allah even knows them to be aware of him. So brothers and sisters, when you go to sleep at night, ask yourself what must be the watchful of observed in my behavior today? What did I do today that was pleasing to other people? Because he saw everything that I did. And when you think like that, what do you think of a Labib the watchful you will want to do things that are pleasing to

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Him subhanho data that he's happy with, that you will engage in acts of worship in a way as if you see him and if you don't see him that he sees you physical pursuits that a lot of money who said that teaches us on the other hand, you ask yourself, What must a team have observed in my behavior today that was displeasing to Him? So yes, the next time brothers and sisters in the middle of the night when nobody is watching, when you go on that internet website that you know you shouldn't have gone. Remember? Speed is watching over you.

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We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us aware of a repeat and love him Subhana wa Tada.