The 99 Names of Allah – 027 AlTayyib

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having pure results in a play, citing Jesus as the one who wants us to pursue our deeds in a purest form. They also mention that Jesus wants us to talk in a way that is pure and that it will be rewarded.
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Allah subhana Medina is free you to pure to good meaning he is pure from any imperfections. He's beautiful names and attributes are pure and as such but as the sisters, he wants us to do everything that will just pure results a lot of money he was in them tells us in Allah has Laban laic by Louis lakpa Even that Allah Azza wa Jin is plenty of his pure and he accepts only that which is pure. So he wants us to eat that we'll just play you pure. He wants us to spend from that we'll just play you will just pure. He wants us to talk in a way that display you that is pure. And you know whether this is yours on the Day of Judgment. When the people the believers when they will be led to Jannah

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the keepers of the Jannah they will tell the believers Salaam Alaikum Peace be on you and then they will summarize the life of the believers what the believers did in one word, which is dumb, you are pure, you are good.

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We ask Allah subhana wa Kahana to do to allow us to do that which is pure that which is good that we believe in a play. He is the one that is pure and that we present to him our deeds in the most purest forms.