What was the Religion of Ibrahim

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the claims made by different people in the world about their faith and their religious experiences. They mention the names of people who claim to be from the line ofielding the Bible and the history of their religious experiences. The speaker also talks about the importance of having a strong faith in God and not being born born to a religion.
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Ibrahim Ali Salam is the only character

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that is claimed by L the faith in earth by every faith in earth.

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And I mean by every faith here I say I mean the faith the religions in the line of Ibrahim.

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And we got to be very careful with that. Because a lot of other religions out there that came off the line of Ibrahim away from the line of Ibrahim, because Allah Subhana Allah told us in the Quran

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sido de novo while kita

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we placed in the offspring of Ibrahim, the prophet hood and the messenger ship the books and the Prophet would somebody comes in and says, I got this religion from there from where From where? If you're not from the line of Abraham it's a it's a religion

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fair once we talk about other faiths we mean Christian and Jews

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that said

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these other here say awesome awesome this awesome fish what was the Buddha who's a moolah? Who's in all of this as I say?

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He was saying because not from the line of Ibrahim radio.

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But again, we say this in a respectful way.

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We express it in a respectful way.

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The Jews would explain it would claim Ibrahim

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Christian wood with clean Ibrahim

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and of course he we are talking about him.

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Allah subhanaw taala actually mentioned this in Surah Allah

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Yeah, lol kita De Lima to her Juna fee Ibrahim

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Jews and Christians.

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Why are we talking about it? Right What Why are you? Why are you talking about Ibrahim?

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Ramadan Zilla Torah, in G Lu lm embody

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when the Torah and the Injeel the gospel were revealed after him?

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Have you no sense? Have you know mind? What is meant here?

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When the Torah was revealed, we know that Al yehudah

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Judaism began with Mussa

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the religion of the Jews, which is at this time, it was Islam

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was musas.

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News. musala is around from the offspring of Abraham.

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We know that Abraham had two wives harder, sir. Sarah had Isaac is half from his heart Kenya who are Israel, Israeli

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from Israel, lk news.

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alayhis salam, aleikum wa salam and then Moosa later on for what is Ebrahim and what is Moosa?

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Thai Christianity with Asia,

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as well as

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Hilda's McKenna Ibrahim we are hoody Anwar Ronnie

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Abraham was not a Jew nor a Christian. Well, I can can hanifa muslimah he was a Muslim, American.

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And he was not one of those who said tribals in worship with Allah. Here it is. Who should who has the right to Ibrahim

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in Allah Naseby Ibrahim Allah Lavina tada who had an ad you will Latina and voila, what do you mean? The people who has the right claim to Abraham, are the believers, the Muslims, and this prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and those who follow him from the Jews and the Christians.

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If you are a Jew and a Christian and you want to claim a prime follow Mohammed.

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How can

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because of his status,

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and he made this a long time ago that's why his name is mentioned. He said he needed this door and Allah subhana wa tada mentioned this door. Futura, Tila Shara what jolly Lisa and Phil FET

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Oh Allah me, the later generations speak good about me.