Ali Hammuda – Reviving Ramadan #12 – Explained The 3 Levels of Fasting

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the three levels of fasting, including the first level of entering fasting, the elite level, and the third level of fasting. The first level involves avoiding food and drink, while the second level involves not drinking or drinking in public. The third level involves fasting to strengthen one's spirituality and knowledge.
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What are the three levels of fasting? Allah God Rahim Allah mentions that fasting is of three levels as your yourself, according to them. So I'm gonna remove the fasting of the majority of people. So Molho souls, the fasting of the elite, and soma, who source and source the fasting of the elite of the elite.

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As for the first, the fasting of the majority of people, this is a description of a fast that is entry level. It's at the most basic order. This person who was fasting will just refrain from food and drink and sexual desires, but they may give their tongues free rein to backstab to swear to lie to engage in gossip. They may even allow their eyes free rein to stare at their prohibited their eyes to listen their ears to listen freely, to all that which is impermissible, this kind of fasting is lacking, and it is weak to say the least.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said men Lamia Darko does God will be he will Johanna Felisa Lilia Hee ha and Jada how to honor who worship whoever does not give up full speech and acting upon it, and ignorant behavior than Allah has no need of Him to give up his food and drink.

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And he would say it he salatu salam, rasa even have a woman so me Hebrew Hawala, posh autoboca, Eman Hubba, Hometeam Husar, there may be a person who is fasting, who gets nothing from his vast other than hunger and thirst. And there may be a person who gets who prays all night and he gets nothing from his prayer except a sleepless night.

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Do you understand the meaning? The meaning is as my motive number one he said in our Sony Terracotta Army was shut up the easiest type of fasting is to stay away from food and drink. That's the fasting of the of the generality of people. What is the point of this type of fasting? Yes, you will tick the box of your you have fasted in the eyes of Allah, you've carried out the obligation, what's the purpose of it?

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Where you abstain from what is usually permissible food and drink and marital relations, only then to act upon what is always impermissible. That's like someone who builds a house whilst destroying the city.

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That's the first level the second level of fasting is so low, and who's the fasting of the elite. This is a fast that involves not only a restraint from the physical Nullifiers of fasting, but a restraint of the hearing and sight and the tongue and the hand in the foot and other physical faculties from committing sin.

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This was the understanding of fasting according to the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Jabber, the companion of the Prophet he said that when you fast that your ears and your eyes and your tongue fast from false statements and sins, refrain from harming your neighbor, and be defined by elegance and composure on the day of your fasting. And don't make the day of your fasting similar today when you are not similar to the day when you are not. You have to be different you carry yourself different because I am fasting

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to the one who does that. Ie here restraint she restraints his or her limbs from acting upon the prohibited they have carried out the fast of the elite as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said Lisa So yeah when we did actually was shut up. In the Muslim Amina log we were referred through fasting is not about avoiding food and drink. It's about avoiding improper talk and inappropriate behavior. Then you have the third level, the fasting of the elite of the elite. This is a fast which involves freeing yourself from the worldly thoughts and lowly concerned where mind is consumed by Allah, such that every other thought is affected. That is the fasting of the prophets

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in the Sunday morning. Those who are near to Allah subhanaw taala it is the most sublime of levels. We ask Allah to allow us to reach that third category. Worship is perfected when the heart the king of the limbs is focused entirely on Allah not distracted from him. And whoever fast in this true sense involving his heart and his or her physical faculties, they have seized the highest offerings of fasting in this life and the next. So these levels they are real, because people they do vary immensely in their fasting

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