The longest non-stop worship

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of fasting being 12 hours and how it is considered a means of worship. They suggest that people should only fast when they feel comfortable and that they should only fast when they are in a good situation. The speaker also mentions that people should only fast when they are in a good situation.
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12 hours of fasting engaged in a continuous version. What other words and if I told you pray 12 hours, we weren't able to do it.

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If I told you make Vicar sit down and make nickel for 12 hours and don't lose money, you can't do an 11 year Sharma. I said to you meet God for 12 hours. Continuous don't move 12 hours go out you can't do it. If you only worship that he's continuous and connected. is fasting 12 hours of worship whether you're sleeping or you're not working or your deepest about yourself until you're in reward 12 hours until you break your fast. When Where are you going to find the worship like this? Well, the one that is fasting is dry is accepted. 12 hours of guaranteed accepted what other worship is going to offer you the same reward