Reminders Blindness Of The Heart Part I

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November is our salatu salam ala rasulillah. Right. And as Mandela said,

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la dama observed, while in Morocco over latifi sudo

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was around a better said about the people who deny Allah. He said they are not blind with their eyes. They are not blind because their eyes are blind. He said they are blind because their hearts which are in their chests are blind.

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What is the meaning of seeing the heart is blind?

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That's right, Adela is pointing to the fact that we actually see with our knowledge, we do not see with the eye.

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Even if you take it

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the eye is only an instrument, it's like a camera which takes a picture sends the picture through the optic nerve to the brain.

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The brain then decipher is what it is seeing the brain then understand what they see.

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Actually, if you destroy the optic nerve,

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if you cut off the optic nerve,

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the person goes blind.

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Now the person has not gone blind because something is wrong with his eyes is fine, nothing is wrong with that you can take his eye and put it into another person he will see.

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So nothing is wrong with design. What has happened is the connection between the man's understanding and what he's saying is one

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so he's blind.

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We see without knowledge

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we see with our knowledge. Let me give you another example.

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even take a small child,

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maybe three years old, four years old,

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who has never seen a tiger

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and take him to a safari park or somewhere

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and put him in front of the Tiger the child will not be afraid.

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Fear is a sign of knowledge

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fear comes to understanding the child is not afraid although he's in great danger that the tire will eat him but he has no he has no idea about this he has no understanding what is the tiger What does the tiger do to me

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another example

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you and I if we are in the forest, and if we see a tiger will be afraid but we see the same Tiger in a zoo behind bars. Why not have it?

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Why what does he do are there Tiger is there nothing has changed.

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What has changed is your understanding of what the tiger can and cannot do to you.

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Yes, so knowledge is of two kinds. One is to know something

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one is to know something this will shape what is the shape

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this is a tiger is a lie and is a dog with a cat is a mouse is a vision.

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The second one is the fam is the understanding of what this thing means to me. How does it relate to me? How does it affect me?

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That is the knowledge of the art. How does it affect me?

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If I simply say the daggers over

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but when I'm standing in front of the Tiger in the forest,

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I understand very clearly what this Tiger can do to me. And therefore what do I do?

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I start reading the karma so Allah Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah there's nowhere to go without the tiger going to kill me sadly die with the karma. Some action you will take you will run you will try to escape from the tiger or you will try to kill the tiger or something. Yes.

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Or you will pray to Allah subhanaw taala to save you.

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When we understand how something affects us, that is real knowledge that is the knowledge of that

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to bring this to the column 101 is is was a What is the name of this thing. So you read the column you understand the hurdle of Arabic so you read the column, you will not even understand what you are reading something you are reading.

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As why the atoms get very astonished

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when you tell them that you know you do know Arabic is you know i don't know Arabic So then you read the opera. Houses you don't know you don't know

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how they don't know Arabic but you read in the back.

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They don't know we read as we read the Quran like with the pictures

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that the ship that is sad is that you have no idea what is love what is nothing. What they love in a very very very bad very bad reading something you don't know what you're reading loud or whatever.

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But even if you know what you are reading still that is not the vision so let me also under may help you understand it even if you know what even if you know the meaning. That is still is mushy, that is still the name of the day.

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Then now what is done

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You know, what isn't? I mean, the sense of you know, the name of the thing gets me somewhere.

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How does gender affect me? Do I dream about gender? Do do I want to go to

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the last

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day of judgment?

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Does not does not do anything here. We just said something you have judgment.

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How does this day of judgment affect me in terms of my day to day life?

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We see with our knowledge, even though we see something, if we don't know what that thing is, and we don't know how that thing affects us.

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We are actually blind we are not seeing that thing.

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I gave you the example of the data. Let me show you one more example. If you take a very sophisticated cell phone

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and give it to a villager who does not understand what a cell phone is he seeing it is not blind.

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The last What is this? Is what do you what is this God? Is it?

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Cat is it? What are you asking? He's not asking you what is this sense of like I can see it I don't understand what is the thing

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and then explain to him this is what this thing is, this is what this thing can do. You can talk to any of the villages here have children in America, you can talk to your son or daughter in America.

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And at that time, when you were born, the son or daughter the son or daughter is driving on the on the motorway on the highway. So you're actually talking to your son who's whose position is changing every second because he's driving at 70 miles an hour on the highway. It will blow his mind.

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Because you understand what is the meaning of this knowledge.

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And when myself when you to ask ourselves, we hear the caliber of Allah subhanho wa Taala we read the color the color was ran out there we read the hadith of Muhammad Rasul Allah tala.

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Do we see them?

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Do we understand them?

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Are we understanding them? Is our is our color blind? Or is the color Can you see?

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And what is the what is the proof that my child is not blind? What is the proof that my heart is not blind?

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What is the proof that you understand what the dagger can do?

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That you take some action

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that you take some action that that's the only movie they are the only proof of understanding is action.

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If you understand if you claim to understand and there is no action, it means one of two things either you have not understood. Or you are lying to yourself.

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One of the to the eye that you did not understand. You thought you understood but you actually didn't understand or you are getting a light yourself.

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You understood but you are telling a lie to yourself.

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Because if you really understand

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that how come you're not acting on it?

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If you really understand how is it that you're not acting on it?

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You know, it's like somebody who has a

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car credit got unlimited spending.

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No, there's no limit, no limit on the spending on it.

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And the person goes any swipes a couple of times it doesn't work. So he goes out in his day he's begging in the street, they give me some money, I need some money, I need some food, the law whatever Ah, you know you got a credit card in your pocket a platinum card, he's got no spending limit, you can buy the whole restaurant you want to you're begging for a meal, gentlemen card doesn't work. My God is no good.

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shot the guard is over. You don't have to swipe the card.

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The guard is when the guard is absolutely fine. You don't know how to swipe the card you're holding it that other other way around upside down or something and you're doing it that way that doesn't work. Nothing is wrong with the car if you don't know how to use the car.

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And that is our that is our situation. There's nothing wrong with the car data. We don't know how to use it.

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We do not know how to use the gallon of oil as we know that

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we do not know what to do with a kurama wireless router. We do not know what to do with the teachings of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu. Therefore, even though our eyes can see, even though we are reading the Quran of Allah, it does not do anything inside here because it does not go into the heart is blind.

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The heart is blind.

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And the various reasons for the blindness of that inshallah that will do tomorrow, the reminders are always shot. But just keep this in your mind. blindness is not because of the eyes, because we see with our knowledge we do not see with our eyes. We see with our knowledge, and therefore what is our knowledge in our heart. What is the meaning of knowledge? Is it justice mosaic? Is it just the name of the thing? Or is it understanding how does this thing

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affect me, which will move me to do some action. You ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us understanding and to open the eyes of our heart that we don't live in this world like blind people where again and again and again something is told to us but we are blind until the day when the door is open and monocle mouth will come and then we will eyes will open when it is too late. We ask Allah to save us from that, and to open our eyes long before that, so we make Toba and we straighten our lives in and live them in such a way that insha Allah Allah Musa and we earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala as the agenda was Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was

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heavy as made the erotica