Hamza Yusuf – Vision Of Islam CD6 #06

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of shade and how it is a symbol of the absence of light, which is the absence of the ability to see anything. The speaker explains that the sun is a symbol of the absence of light, and that the light of God is the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the the light of the
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Have you not considered how your Lord moves shade? What OSHA data who sakeena and had God wanted, he would have made it still in one place. But shade is moving constantly, if you watch throughout the day, and that's one of the beauties of watching your prayer, measuring your prayer by the shadows, you see the movement of the shade, something you note, a lot of people don't even notice that they don't realize that their shadow is short at midday. And as the day progresses, it gets long it begins long, become short, and then begin to expand again. And then he says, What's on the shadow side, he delila and we made the son of proof of shade. And now this is really extraordinary, because

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when I first read that, I said, What does that mean? shade comes from the sun. That's where shade comes from the sun. So why does it say that we made the sun approved for it? The muck about now who Elena cobden your Sierra and then we begin to contract this little by little? Well, who will add added okuma lady bass, but Noma sabetta without an hartron assura and he is the one who made for you the night as a garment. In other words, you sleep in the night when Noma sebata You know, it envelops you the darkness of the night is like a garment that envelops you. When Noma sebata. And we made the sleep a time of hibernation a time of renewal of recreation, with Anahata nishiura. And

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then we spread the light of the day out. So we made the day, this spreading of light. Now, if you look at what 400 Dean says about this, he says, at m Tara, haven't you considered he said one of this is the side of the eye and the other is the sight of the heart.

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Because the eye sees but again, that's a sign that the eye is perceiving and the heart is meant to interpret the sign. So it's important to see that that seeing real seeing the Quran says let it absorb it's not eyes that go blind what I can type medical lube Latif is so door, but it's the hearts in the breast that go blind, you see. So the real seeing is the sight of the heart. And then in Hama no at all. It's Ryan from Adam, Tara ylim kafer Meadow hora buka, have you looked at the shade, how God is moving this shade. Now, he says, The meaning of this eye and there have been many attempts at understanding this

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goes back to two meanings. One is that shade is a middle state between pure light and pure darkness. It is the and then he says and this is the best of states, because pure darkness, the nature is averse to it. Nobody likes pure darkness and pure light is so powerful that we would be overwhelmed by it and unable to stay in it. If you saw the sun, you can't look at the sun. But here you can look at it for a moment turn away and you'll see some black dots. But if you go outside of our atmosphere for one moment, it would completely destroy your eyesight to even glance towards that direction. So what he says is, because it is the best of all states, Paradise is described as being well, linen,

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Mum, dude, shade everywhere, this perfect state of shade. And then he says, if you look at anything in the world, you can only see it because of shade.

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So the fact that we perceive the world, we only perceive it because it's an admixture of darkness and light had had been pure light. We couldn't perceive it and had it been pure darkness, we couldn't perceive it. And therefore God put the sun as an indication of this state that the entire world is in. And had he not done that you would not have considered shade as a phenomenon.

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Because see, we're in shade right now. And when you go outside, you're in shade.

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Outside here, you're in shade. Even when the sun is shining directly on you, you are still in shade. It's an admixture of light and darkness. Because pure light would completely blind you, you would not be able to see anything. So the fact that the entire cosmos is an admixture of these lights, and darknesses is a phenomenon. That's just it's extraordinary to reflect on that. And that's why as it begins to be taken from us, it goes slowly. And so this movement is a way of understanding this blessing. And he said that this is one of the most hidden blessings of God. Most people do not even contemplate the blessing of shape.

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The fact that they are in shade constantly even when they're in the sun. And it's only that, that they see that shade that they actually can realize that so the Quran is actually telling us to reflect on the fact that the sun is a proof of shade, it's not the cause of shade.

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So, light is a metaphor, in that we understand that darkness is the absence of light. And therefore, what is other than God is pure absence, because God is light the prophets Eliza was asked, Did you see God and he said, he is light enough Oh, how can I see God when he is light? So the the metaphor in the world that we have for God is light. The light of God is not like the light of the world because it is a committee shade. But it is the in the same way. the mercy of a mother is the way we know the mercy of God. The light of the sun is the way we understand the idea that God is light.

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