Tawfique Chowdhury – 07 Of 12 Journey Through The Hereafter

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The Islam world is full of events occurring throughout the year, including signing ofecca's, "monster" events, and " Diagnosis of Islam" accounting and solar system installations. The speakers emphasize the importance of love and respect for one's natural tendencies, as well as the need for people to be cautious and not take small risks. The "has been in the heart" meaning that it is a "has been in the heart" is a key part of one's faith, and the love of the people of the everywhere is a crucial part of one's faith.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa peba to live up in Walla Walla in Bali mean we're a shadow Allah Illa Illa Illa Allah Lena will

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wash under Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah He after the salatu wa Timothy slim. Welcome brothers and sisters in Islam and dear friends to our series on the hereafter as we continue on our journey towards our final destination, either gender or to gender or to or to Johanna.

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Allah subhana wa Taala decreed that the Day of Judgment be a tremendous site, and we had already taken how it was going to begin, we had discussed how the sun would be how the stars would be, we discussed how the sky would be how the ground would be, we discussed how Allah subhanaw taala would cause the souls to rise up or the bodies to all come out of the ground. We discuss how they will be uncircumcised barefooted and they would be a naked and we will discuss how the terror of the day would be so much that that truly people will be will be in such pain and agony. We discussed how the sun would be so close that people would be sweating so much that they will be covered in this thread

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and some of them even drowning in their sweat. And we even discussed how the angels will be sitting on our back another angel and another angel driving us on. We also discussed how different people will come on and how they will look how the person who died in the cause of Allah He will look how the person who died in in Hajji will look how the person of who was a sinner will look how the person who took Riba will look on the Day of Judgment, we spoke about how the people who are righteous will be given riding beasts on which to ride on and they will not have to stand we spoke about harmless patella will close them from the clothing of paradise. Now what we know my beloved

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brothers is Islam is that the first person who will be closed on that day will be Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, and thereafter, it will be Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. And of course the reason why Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam was the first person to be clothed it was because he was a person who Allah subhanho wa Taala had tested him by, by the people wanted to throw him into the fire. And they had taken his clothes off and then tried to throw throw him into the into the fire to punish him without clothes. And at that point, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to actually honor him on the Day of Judgment. And as a result, he will be the first person to be closed on that day, my beloved brothers

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and sisters Islam. Let me describe to you the terror of that day, because now we come to our session today, which is a session on the intercession of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Now, at the beginning, once people have stood up, and everyone has been risen up from their graves, people will be in a tremendous state, people who have been a tremendous state, there will be some of them, as you know, as I spoke to you about and told you about there will be deaf, dumb and blind and they will not know where to go. They'll be hit by the angels and they will run to the right and run to the left. And there will be others who will be in such agony and and horror with the heat of that

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day and the thirst of that day. And the amount of pain and torture on the day the and just the unbearable screams are people when they know that that they are headed for Doom, when they will hear the lament of the people the agony of the people. If you've seen for example, have you just just tried to imagine an incident perhaps after the tsunami you might have had a local perhaps when a lot of perhaps a bus crash, perhaps an earthquake where all the dead bodies are put in front end? Have you seen how sometimes women go crazy and, and and the and the relatives of the people are just in agony and pain and they're screaming and they're moving about they're the people are holding the

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back of the screaming or what's happening to them, what's happened to them? Why is this happening etc. Imagine just imagine but this is all of mankind. Billions if not trillions of people, Allah subhanho wa Taala will raise up on that day and they will all be in torture and all be in pain and all be in agony and all been harder and all of them worried about what is going to happen to them. Except for the for the few that Allah subhana wa tada will give them happiness, and a note and light and guidance on their face. So Panama imagine creation in front of you billions of people, billions of people in agony and terror, billions of people Subhana Allah subhanaw taala in in this amazing

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horror that they are going to either enter in

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into this tremendous fire or into this amazing gender, they are waiting for that day and they are running around about each other. And Allah subhana wa tada says on that day people will be running towards each other and say, Please give me just one reward. They'll be running to the mom to the mother and saying My Mother, please my mother, you are my mother. I'm your child. Remember? I'm your child. You're the one who gave birth to me. You're the one who cared for me, please just one reward. Give me just one reward because that is a difference between Jenna and not for me, just one reward. If I could know 1000 people I'd go to all the 1000s of people just one reward is all I asked for

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran and he says for either at the Sahaba when the tremendous day comes the Sahaba terrible sound of that day comes Yama EV of the rumor Amina he, on that day, people will run away from their brother, while only he will be and from his beloved mother, and from his beloved respected father, he will run away. Why? Why is he running away unless part of the day after he says was Sahiba to you about money, and you will also run away from his beloved wife and his spouse. The wife will run away from the husband, the husband run away from the wife and his money and his children he will run away. Why is he running away? He could literally

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mean home yoma eating shit no you need because on that day, there is a terrible, terrible thing on their minds. The terrible thing on their minds is their state that they're going to be for here after they don't know where they're going to be. There are no they're going for going for Hellfire or jedna. Or perhaps they already know because they know how much sins they have done. And as a result, they can see the punishment already upon them. They experienced the punishment in the grave now is a real punishment. Allah subhana wa Taala had promised them on that day my brothers brothers and sisters Islam,

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Allah Hilah Yama, even aduba, who lives in LA Mata Ki on that day, the beloved friends, those people who have taken us friends, and they are your beloved bosom buddies, and they are your best friends on that day. You they were like this and now they will run away from each other you will be enemies of one another on the day except for Mottaki. Those who are righteous, those who are pious, those who are God fearing they are the ones of the day who will be brothers of one another. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, we will run away from each other if we are not friends, we will run away from each other if we are not God fearing we will run away from each other and our friendship

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will not benefit us to the least extent it will not benefit us if we do not become good practicing Muslims. So Panama on that day, my brothers and sisters Islam also that which has been reported is that people will rush towards others and grab the next and the disbelievers will rush towards the Muslims and say, Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me about Islam? Subhan Allah, we should be telling our disbelieving

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people around us those people who are disbelievers, we should be telling them about Islam, because they will be in terror. They will be in horror and they will reproach us on the Day of Judgment saying Why did you not tell us and if we were of those people who have told them and told them to feel that they cannot approaches us on that day, they cannot harm us, they cannot come near us. On that day we will be safe inshallah, away from all the horrors in the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala insha Allah Allah in the shade of the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala away from the horrors of the heat, the struggle and the pain and torture of that day, 50,000 years 50,000 years of

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standing, well, we can't stand for a day and give a lecture. I have difficulty giving a lecture for one whole day standing 10 hour standing I have difficulty. Imagine standing for 50,000 years in this town and this terror. As a result people will be distraught, they cannot take it anymore. Just the standing without the fire just the standing with the heat of the sun is enough for them. That is they just can't take it anymore. SubhanAllah they know that what is going to come is worse. They know what is going to come is surely surely worse. However, they just can't take it. The situation just the standing on the Day of Judgment is so severe, so serious that they just cannot take it and

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says yes we know we are going to be punished but we cannot stand the weight anymore. It is as if Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us we know that less patella tells us in the Quran. In no kind of alumina hula Valley mankind is the lumen is a transgressing, jehol ignorant. This is exactly what it says again again to us we are ignorant as a as a as a creation. We are hasty as Allah says, Well who do you call insano a jeweler mankind was created hasty and the same way the people even though they know that what is about to come is going to be worse. Even then even then they say to Allah Allah Allah, Bring it on, bring it on, please bring it on. As a result. As a result, they'll be running to

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the left, running to the right asking, telling people please tell Allah to to start the to start the accounting. Tell Allah please We can't wait any more. So they'll know

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Run to Adam Alice latos law at the Minnesota Some say no I can't do this because I sent before and no this job is not for me they will run to no other sort of smell and no other sort of salon will also say no it's the job is not for me. They will have to be brave Alice Watson and he will say this is this is a job not not for me. And they will also run to a salad tomato salad and a solid solid solid.

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Jesus Jesus mela Merci. Pani will also say no, this is not for me. And they will run to new heights Auto Center. And no, no, I will also say this is not for me. And then finally they will all all of creation, having disbelieved in our solar system is saved for the Muslim in all of creation, his enemies, the ones who are the enemies of the solar system in this life, and those who hated Islam, and everybody, including the believers, those who hated and those who love our solar system, everyone would rush to this man. This man was full of muscle and muscle. And as Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam says, the authentic hadith in Bukhari said I will say on that day when all of

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creation comes to me, I will say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I am for it. I for it, yes, I have heard your call. Yes, yes, I will ask Allah. I will ask Allah Subhana Allah, He is the only one person

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out of the billions and trillions of people Allah knows best of jinn and mankind on that day, the only one person who Allah subhanho wa Taala has given enough Rama on his in his heart to be worried about someone else. On that day. Only one person on that day that he is worried about his people and mankind. This person's hand a lot less pantalla will and he has has made him so special. Well, solarsystem has been made so special that he is an embodiment of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that surely he is so full of mercy that he has forgotten himself on that day, and he is worried about people he's worried about mankind. He's worried about the oma on that day. And it's

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for this reason, he will say I am for it, I am for it. And at that point, he will then prostrate under the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then Allah subhana wa to Allah will teach him will teach him on that day to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala with with those words and those names Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah has not revealed yet to any soul to any creation at all and after as long as Allah wills for Mohammed Salah Salaam to prostrate that allow and ask him to get up and say, yeah, Mohammed Sal torca Oh, Mohammed, Salah, Salah asked and you will be given ishfaq to shafa you ask and intercede for anybody and you're interested in decision will be accepted. At that point our

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solar system will ask Allah subhana wa Taala to start the intercession to say Allah please stop the stop the accounting, standard accounting. And at that point, he will also say yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Almighty Almighty, my alma, my alma Subhana, Allah, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We have a very important question that I want to ask you today. A very, very important question that I want to ask you today. And that is how much do you love? Rasul Allah, Allah Allah is and how much do you truly love our solar system? How much did Rasulullah Salah view? Let's answer this question first. How much did he love you? Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the beautiful court and he says lockjaw, Kumara, Soloman unphysical Verily, a honorable messenger has come from yourselves as ease on Allah Hema, and he is severely difficult on him that he should come to any difficulty or come to any harm. Harrison alikum he is always working and striving for your good. He has always

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been working striving for that which is best for you. Bill mininova Rahim. Verily the believers he is most generous, most forgiving, Most Merciful as much as a creation could be obviously not to the level of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But to the level that a creation could ever be. mean. He is the perfect embodiment of mercy to creation that a creation could ever be to creation, yes or no. This is also La Silla. This is how he was someone who loved us so much, someone who loved us more than our own parents. So therefore, how can we not love him? How can we not love him? On that day when everyone will be worried about themselves? This is the only person who will say Almighty Almighty,

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my nation, my nation, my beloved brothers and sisters Islam, how can we not love this Monday? How can we not love this man Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said in the authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim

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akuna no one will truly believe until I am more beloved to him. Then his wallet he then his son while while he and his father and his tribe but his nation, his nationality and his honor, one nasty edge mine and all of mankind. Any we will not truly believe until this man has always Islam is more appealing.

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To us than our own parents, our own wives, our own fathers and mothers, our own

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wealth, our own commerce and trade, our own nation, everything, all of mankind, we will not enter gender until we get this Ufa at the intersection of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam truly, therefore, to love Him is part of our faith, to love Him is part of a faith. Also, to love Him, we need to love Him because alma omarama as Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, Dr. mcquarry Verily, the believer the person is with whom he loves a person in the day of judgment will be with whom he loves. So who do you love? Do you love Abu Jamal dula around? Do you love Michael Jackson? Do you love Marilyn Monroe, who is it that you love? Who is your superstar? Who is your idol? Who is the person that you

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should be attached to? Who is the person you should be speaking about? Who is the person whose lives you should be reading about who is the person who you should be amazed with who is the person who you should be remembering all the time, who is the person you should be making the app for who is the person you should be defending who is the person you should be loving? It must be also. Because truly,

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truly a person will only be with those that he loves. And we find tremendous examples of loving Rasulullah sesar from the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, we find that once Abu sufian

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the Lord when he was a mushrik, when he was a disbeliever, and he was a mecca, and he wanted to come to to Medina to visit his daughter who was one of the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu. He entered upon his daughter's heart at that point when he entered upon his daughter's had when he came as a as a just to visit Medina to visit his daughter. So when he came to the hut, he walked into the hut and he saw a prayer mat, he saw a mat that was on the ground. So we wanted to actually sit down on the mat at that point.

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Susan's wife has his daughter pulled the mat, straight away, pull them out from under underneath him before about Sophia and her father could sit down on the mat. And so Abu sufian said, Oh, my Oh, my daughter, my daughter, it is either I am too good for the map, or the map is too good for me. And so at that point, she said, may Allah have mercy upon us, she said, rather, this is the map of Rasulullah sallallahu ala, this is the carpet This is the prayer mat of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and I will never let a disbeliever sit on the mat of the soul especially. This is the love that this woman had for the metaverse hula. Imagine the love they had for the man Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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truly amazing, truly amazing. It is for this reason as well. It is for this reason as well, that Sophia that

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Allah has an enormous Li Rahim Allah used to say that I heard once meaning a hadith was narrated to me that there used to be a tree. There used to be a tree, a date palm tree, in near the Prophet's mosque that used to cry for missing Rasulullah. Selim. Yes, and this is an authentic relation in Buhari, that, that I'll have to criminalize mentioning that there used to be a tree where resources needs to put his hands on the tree. And it needs to give the hook back to the people the hood on Friday, the Friday sermon. At that point, once what happened was there was so much people that they the companion said they also let us build your member, a pulpit so that you can give hope but from

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the pulpit. At that point, once when the when the min member was built, the puppet was built. He got up on the puppet and he started to give the hood but one of the one of the Germans and when he when he started to give the hudbay he heard and people could hear the cry a sound of crying coming from the tree. A sound of crying authentic had eaten Buhari a sound of crying coming from the tree. And so everybody looked in this odd Spanner. This was this date palm tree there was crying as some of the even mentioned that some tears were coming out of the tree. And there's some water that was due was coming off the leaves. And there was no deal at that time was hot. in Medina, it was the sun was

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boiling down. And so how could they be due but there was and so they went close to it. And then and then Ross also put his hands on the tree. And at that point the tree come down. At that point. The companions are Sierra Sula, what was that? And the solar system said this tree was missing me. The tree was missing me the fact that I was standing here and I was to put my hands in the tree. And I was to give the hook back. It was missing me at the Islamic knowledge that I was giving out. This is why it hasn't a Muslim Allah says it is continuous and said will lie. If a If a object that does not have a soul, a tree is not considered to have a soul in Islam. If an object such as a tree can miss

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can cry out of loving our solar system. And I'm not a people who say that little Sula sort of center is the final messenger who say that they love us also more than their own parents. Are they not more worthy of crying out of the love of the school system? Are they not more worthy of missing Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Are we not more worthy of crying that tree my my beloved friends? Does he not love us more than the tree? Of course he does. He loved us so much so that he would be so worried for us and on that day. He is the one who would be interceding for us.

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So how can we not love him? How can we not love him My beloved friends, and once

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once Abdullah Salut once Abdullah Solon was a hypocrite in Medina, at that point, he wanted to test our solar system and he said after one of the battles, he said, Well, I when I reach Medina, I will throw the solar system out of Medina. At that point, the setup of the loudness and all of the level of Salah was it was a hypocrite, the chief of the hypocrites. His son was Abdullah again, also called Abdullah, but the son Abdullah was a Muslim. At that point, when he heard this, he became very afraid and very sad. He became very sad. And he went to the solar system and said, Your Sula, order me and I will cut off my father's head for you. He said, What order me and I will cut off my

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father's head for you. Amazing. This is the love that they had for our solar system. They were allowed, they were able to sacrifice everything for the sake of this man for the sake of our solar system. Yes, and truly amazing, truly amazing love that they had for a solar settlement. Also once in the Battle of Earth, once there was a woman from Blue dinar, who had lost her father, her brother, her husband, and her sons in that battle, every male member of her family had died in the battle. At that point, when she came when after the battle had finished when she came to see the people on the ground. He said, Where are the people? Where are the people? And and then the people

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were saying, this is your father, this is your son, this is your daughter, this is your, your husband, etc? She said, No, no, show me your sewer system. And so they showed us all that he was alive and living at that point. And she said yes or no, as long as you are alive. As long as you're alive, then all my worries are over. As long as you're alive. You're asuma because this is the true love that they had. Also take the example of this companion called Anna's been another and it's been another could not join the battle of better when the battle battle was going on. So he promised to align he made an oath that will let you in the next battle comes I will show you Allah the truthful

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Eman that I have in my heart. So in that battle once the battle has started the battle or heard, as we know, the Muslims began to lose when the Muslims began to lose. The non Muslim just started to say that Mohammed had died Mohammed Aslam had died. At that point, Armando Delano became very disheartened. And he sat down and he put his short sword back into a sheath. And he's and he sat down at that point, and it's been another this companion, he came past and he saw Mr. Delano on the ground and he said, Yeah, I'm on your armor. What are you doing? You're on the ground. This is a modern photo, on one photo, this is the the fourth the second photo of of Islam sitting down in the

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ground, the one that shaytan is afraid of standing on the ground and he said, Yeah, what are you doing? And at that time, I'm gonna said, you're honest, haven't you heard that, indeed, socialism had died because he thought that was awesome had died, so he had not stopped fighting. At that point. I just told him from A to Z to Bill hayati battle. So what do you want with life after him?

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What do you want with life after him Subhanallah at that point, and us went back into the battle and he died until they could not recognize him except by the tips of his fingers. At that point I was revealed a verse mean originally MENA region and verily from the believers are men sada Kumar, who de la la Valley they are men, those who have been truthful to the covenant they have given to Allah subhana wa Taala. My beloved friends, we have two level sources from look at how the companions, love rasulillah come back to his love, try and taste the sweetness of the man by coming back to him and coming back to his love level supersessionism How do you love him? You love him by making the

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art for him? How do you love him, you made me make the offering. So whenever you can make the offering after the after the other, as you know, for example, even on Islam channel, they have the the other is red, and that is $1 that you should all make because then you can see you can gain the intersection of the solar system. So pay attention and make the offering as much as you can defend him when his honor is being being rejected. honor him honor him as much as as much as you can defend him as much as you can. When people argue against him. The defending defending him is not fighting and all that but defending with the pen defending by having conferences about his greatness, defend

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him by having an exhibition about his honor defending by talking about in writing books about him. This is what you should be doing. And of course, follow him because truly if you love him, then you will follow him as Allah says if you love me then follow me. Allah will love you. If you love Rasulullah Assalam and follow Him to truly not only azula will love you that Allah subhana wa Taala will love you as asked Allah subhanaw taala to bring us back to this love inshallah and until the next time was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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