Hamza Yusuf – Showing Off – Part 4

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the issue of people being recognized for doing good things and the potential danger it could cause, as well as the importance of leaving fear of reality behind for fear of actions. The speaker also discusses the culture of fear and desire, which can lead to unaware behavior, and the need to leave action behind for fear ofRxing.
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And then he says,

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One was the Hebrew the Shadowrun se bizarre era, the onesie, the one who likes people to see him doing these things. In other words, he's doing it for a law, but he likes that other people happen to find out about it.

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Right? That is considered Ria, according to some of the AMA, according to other onomah it's not and the reason for that is the Quran mentions that there are people

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that they

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love to be praised for what they don't do you have bone on your model B man um, yeah. falou they love to be praised for what they don't do. And some of the aroma took from that ayah the indication that it is a natural it's part of the human nature jabby jabil Leone, you know, it's Jubilee, you know, a The human being is actually presupposed, to enjoying the fact that that he does good things and that people give him recognition for that. But if that's the reason why he's doing them, that's the problem. And that's what he's saying there's a difference of opinion. So some of the enemies say the fact that you like that other people know that you're doing good things, and they say good

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things about you. Some say that is a real others say it's not real. If that's not why you did it. You see the difference. So some say if you did it for that reason, that's definitely a year but if you didn't do it for that reason, but you like the fact that people do recognize that then that is not a Hamad bin and a Hawaiian he said when a habit and you are appreciating mineral hiree will use Kirby he Ashura Cabinda, one of the aroma he said, Whoever loves to do something, and get known by it and remembered by it, he's made shirk with Allah subhana wa, tada emammal Jesu Lee, great faculty, from a mother have said, also, he's a teacher of cdiac mazzaro. He said, even if you it's

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sorry, yeah, you can have react when nobody's there. And the React is, for instance, you're reading something. And then there's a masseto horiba, like a strange thing in the book that you know, not very many people know, and you think, Oh, this would be a good thing to mention in the gathering. And so you write it down, and you memorize it or something, so that you can make mention of it later. He says, that's a real

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Right? So

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it's a big problem. Exactly. If your intention was to benefit people, that's not real. And, but even what a manager Zoo saying is, if the person was thinking, Oh, this, I'll get them with this one, you know, or they'll be really impressed with this one, that type thing, which is obviously a danger of people of scholarship and other things, you know, but but particularly people of scholarship have that problem. Because when they get together, there's kind of an expectation that you know, there's with acara and moussaka and and it can turn into a type of Ria

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and sad even Abdullah, great, great, early scholar muhaddith. Amongst other things, said, Man, I have been a nurse Anima been almudaina who obey Nara HIPAA, if you don't, whoever desires people to know what's between him and his Lord, he's in health law.

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In other words, it's nobody's business, but you and your Lord. You shouldn't desire for other people to know in that era and NAS, Pudsey, do phenomena of horror, who knows he hadn't left home, unless he sees that people have left good actions. And he does it as a way of nostalgia. So for instance, even Omar Delano and even Massoud were known to go into the masjid, before Pfizer and do tahajjud.

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So they did that. They could have done it in their houses, but they did it there as a taglib for other people from the tangerine to see them doing that, so that they could do that. And that wasn't their intention, other than as an LLC to the Muslims. All right. Now, he says when Nismo lemmya Robbie human bassy in Borneo assessee EMA medic are the non who's called a nation and the reason is called a nation is because

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his student and later to become much dead look back. Mr. Musharraf

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said either leukeran arena for medical admission. If we talk about that little mathematic is the star and that was something that his students said about him. And so he became known as initium. It's one of the names of Mr. Medic he has an animal in Medina, like mm chef is called the Alamo. Quraysh right, he's called Alamin Medina.

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hanifa Delano is called often at the moment album.

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The greatest email. So there's

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those are elcom that are given to them. So he did not consider that harmful as long as the original intention was based on the foundation of sincerity and this comes because the mathematical of Atlanta was once asked about a man he said, What do you say about a man who's walking to the masjid for the sake of Allah, he went out with the sake of Allah, I want to pray in the message. But on the way he says, he starts thinking, I hope somebody sees me going to the masjid.

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And he said, Laura, Laura Batson right? Either I can also do a lot, that he doesn't see that as harmful if he started out with a class and fights it. In other words, he doesn't, you know, he doesn't follow through with that inner type was was out, but rather he actually says I would have been, or something like that. So that's important to know.

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And then he says, What am I doing other Yeah, and of Balu Min terkini, how he will hop back to the currently Sani farakka Janani, Allahu Allah, we were listening, this is really important here. What he's saying is,

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is that

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it's actually to to not do something out of fear of Ria is worse than doing it with Maria.

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So to leave an action, say you're in, you're coming into the masjid. And

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you you want to do some records, and then you think those people might think I'm, you know, doing it or you or you're worried, like, Oh,

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you know, I'm probably just doing this because I want them to think that I'm a good Muslim, if that type of fear of real, that's called how forea, if that occurs is hard, and you leave the action because of it, it's a real

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because the problem is, is the reason you left the action was the people.

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So the whole point is, you're concerned about the people. So leaving it for out of fear is the same as doing it for the people, your concern is that people not all law. And that's why they say it's better to do the action, even if you feel there's Oriya in it. Now, this does not mean if you have a possibility to do it on your own. In other words, if it's an A bad or a warship that's related to something you can hide from the people, then it's better to hide it. It's always better to do something secretly, as opposed to

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publicly why, because of the danger of Korea. But if you leave it out of fear of react, it's worse than actually doing it with the Ria. And and this is also the same with Vicar that if it according to the aroma, it's better to do liquor.

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heedless than it is to not do the cut at all. The owner may say it's better that your tongue is doing Vicar and your hearts have often been that both your tongue and your heart are often because what they say is, if you do it on your tongue, it might reach the heart because a man's heart, Alabama he

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is and he the heart of a man is unwise under his tongue. And it's interesting in Chinese medicine just in their physiology, there's a direct connection to from tongue to the heart. And they say that what the tongue does, affects the heart that there is actually even the movement of the tongue affects the heart, and that's in their physiology. So

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now another thing is important also to know that the Ria, the derivation of Ria actually comes from seeing a man seeing the creation, not the opposite. In other words, you would think that react is them seeing you

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the scenery, but it's actually you seeing them. That's where the Rya is, it's you're seeing them as opposed to seeing Allah subhana wa Tada. And one of the things about the normal piano That's fascinating. One of the many things is that I shadowed the Nana when she was told by the prophet that everybody was naked. And she asked the Prophet Won't they be looking at each other? He said, it's going to be much greater than that Ayesha. In other words, people will be in such a state of awe, he won't even be aware of other people. And this is the point of evadne for the sake of Allah. If it's really for the sake of Allah, then you have a knowledge of Allah that completely

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makes everybody else seem insignificant. There's there's How can you give, I mean, when you when you think of Allah, what your worship, I mean, just imagine that the province relies on one side gibreel in his true form,

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He filled the entire horizon.

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One Angel,

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the whole horizon, that whole plane, you look out there and imagine seeing a being filling that whole horizon.

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It's unbelievable, and that's Djibouti.

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So the point being is when you realize what you're worshiping is infinite.

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And then you start thinking about the pathetic,

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other pathetic human beings, not just yourself, but all these other pathetic creatures who are in the same mess that you're in. In other words, they need allies as bad as you do. There's nothing they can do for you. There's no benefit, no harm nothing. And and that's that's the bottom line and that's why he says, what I have Buta Harry Robbie worre have the tokkuri Allah He was Sabah

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ambrane estar Ito Burma cine Min calida in the tullia Piney, so now he's telling you why fear of other than Allah and desiring them is is it obviates is against tawakkol? In other words, if you have true to walk around a law, right Allah Subhana Allah says when we need to talk about Allah do Calva he's gonna have to walk around a lot. What he's saying is, if you're worrying about other people, you don't have to worry about Allah. There's no tickler and if you don't have to work it on a law, the reason that you don't have it is because there's no European and what you don't have your pain, the pain that you don't have is that everything good comes from Allah and everything harmful

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is can only happen by the will of Allah.

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That's that's the pain that tauheed is teaching us is telling us to be absolutely certain that only a law can harm you or benefits you. And for that reason, you lose your fear of human beings, which does not mean that you become like a fool and go start doing impetuous things without thinking like driving like a madman or Well, it's all written by a lot. That's not that is not true what code can have a token right the promise the license said to the bedroom, about the camel tie it and and then have to look at Allah. So then he says that he seeks refuge in love and in Mateen that the reason for this every disease is lack of certainty. Third haraam woman who mama Holla Holla button Tasuku

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Mr. Raja, what is prohibited from the two is that which prevents an obligation from being fulfilled. If on the other hand, it leads to neglecting that which is recommended, then it is considered reprehensible. In any case, flee in fear to your Lord from both of them. Right. So don't desire creation and don't

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fear creation. But what he's saying is, is what is how wrong are those things that are going to

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to prevent you from doing an obligation or it's makrooh that prevents you from doing something that's that's most the hub right?

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So fear and desire from other than Allah subhana wa Tada. Now then he says, keep in mind that the cure for both is to know that there's no harm that benefits or harms other than him from Allah in the Quran and Muhammad Allah who Sharona allow unless you well, and then what are barassi Voila. subhana wa Tada. All right, and then

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