Abdul Rahman Chao – 14 August 2022

Abdul Rahman Chao
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various parables and examples of moral corruption, emphasizing the need for people to seek validation and replacement for things that are "med strict." They also touch on the history and parables of Islam, including the use of symbolism and the importance of the Hadith. The segment also touches on the issue of moral corruption and the need for people to seek validation and replacement for things that are "med strict."
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Today I want to call it

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a long way

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let's have

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a loved one world war one

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he doesn't even know

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in Al Hamdulillah

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now I'm gonna do what I say you don't want to stop fiddle when I was relaxing and surely unforeseen means I

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mean you had to Hilah who fella mobula woman you drill fella her the other version La ilaha illallah Hua who la sharika Machado and no Muhammad Abdul Hora Surah yeah you Halina I'm gonna topple la Hapa taco quality Allah Thermotoga Illa and to Muslim moon. You have NASA taco Raja Kumala the Halacha communication Wahida or Holika Amin. Huzzah. Jaha Well, that's me to Malaysia and cathedra when isa what up? Hola. Hola de Luna be he will Erhan in Allahu Karna alikoum rocky Eva.

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Yeah, you already know I'm gonna talk Hola Hola, Gulu colon city then you're still hola como la como Villa comme de Nova, calm. Oma Uteri. la hora Sula, forgot the Pfizer 1000 Aviva and my bad inner circle Hadith de Karim. Allah will hurt I'll have you heard you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will show more and more data to her Wakulla more data timbira Or Colavita to Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah to infinity.

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Verily all praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala and all things is due to Allah subhanho wa taala. We praise Him we seek his assistance and we seek his forgiveness. And we seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from the evil that is within our souls, and from the evil that results from our deeds. Whomsoever Allah subhanahu wa taala guides, none shall misguide them, and whomsoever Allah subhanaw taala allows to be led astray, none shall guide them back to the straight path. I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger and Prophet. Allah tells us in the Quran are you

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who believe, be God conscious and, and fear him as he deserves to be feared, and do not die except as Muslims. Allah also tells us, all mankind for your Lord we got unconscious was created you from one soul, and created from it, it's made, and from both many men and many women, and fearless Pollenca by whom you ask of one another, and by the wounds that bore you Verily Allah stromatolites ever watchful over you, Oh, you who believe we got conscious field was prompted to speak the truth you'll render your deeds righteous, and you will forgive your sins and whoever obeys Allah and the law and, and the messenger has indeed achieved a great victory. Rarely the rest of speech is a

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speech of Allah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the worst of affairs is all of that which is of religious innovation for all innovation is misguidance all misguidance leads to help brothers and sisters we are living in an unprecedented time. Where

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the rules of Allah

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sunnah to Allah al konia, the rules of Allah, the ways how Allah subhanho wa Taala the principles that Allah has found to Allah has set down for us is our becoming include

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Recently under attack

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moralities truths values are being questioned.

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senseless murders

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those who defraud others are at the top of the society.

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And those who are honest,

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are left at the bottom of society. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sums up the situation, in this hadith that we will be exploring today. And that as, as we get closer and closer to the day of judgment,

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you will see more of this facade, this kind of moral corruption

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and the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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in hola hola. You believe in fresh water for Hush. Verily, Allah subhanahu wa taala detests what is vulgar and those things that are followed

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in behavior in speech and manners, whatever it is, whether the national Muhammad in vad ladapo Messiah had you heard when Amin and by whom?

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In which Mohamed Salah Salem soul is in his hands, right Allah subhanho wa Taala the Hour will not be established until

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the trustworthy one is betrayed. Well, you have a terminal and the one

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who is a liar, the one who is untrustworthy.

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They are the ones that people believe Hector Johar. And for Hush, hush until indecency, lasciviousness, immorality, all of these sorts of things until they appear

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will lead to a lot of harm. And the cutting of ties of kinship was to LGR and bad relationships with those who are nearest specifically our neighbors. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave us the antidote, the fix the solution, when we are living in such uncertain times, when we don't know what we should do in these difficult times, here the process and then gives us the solution seems simple, but very effective. And he says, Well, let enough so Mohammed Nbd

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and by one in whose soul or in whose hands my soul is, and he Allah subhanho wa taala.

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In method Lal movement laka, messily.

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NEFA Allah Hassan Hebrew, Salam tava your while I'm Tom cos will let enough so Muhammad in VAD in mesalamine laka methylene Nakhla I cannot find you been well while the Aqua uban will work hard for them to serve. Well mtef Sweet Wolfie rewire methanol movement mezzaluna Hola, lotta Kulu Illa

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Illa Paiva

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so here after the puzzle, Selim talks about the signs of the Day of Judgment of moral corruption, etc. He gives us two parables and he parables are examples imageries that you can think of, to implement.

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And you find these parables all over the Quran, you find also in the Sunnah of the Prophet Cecil, and here he gave us two parables. He says,

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The Parable of the believer, the example of the believer is that they are like that, that that movement is like a piece of gold. If the owner of the of this gold was to blow on it,

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it doesn't change.

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It doesn't go down in value.

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And brothers and sisters, if we look at this hadith, this section right here, the believer is like gold.

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You cannot help but think about

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how with this inflation going on and talks of a recession.

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Gold is one of those things that is constant, its value does not change. Its value is stable. And here the Hadith of the Prophet sell themselves that if the owner of the gold was to blow on this piece of gold,

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it doesn't change. Its value doesn't decrease. In other words, your value is from within brothers and sisters.

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And so many times, people around the world since the beginning of time, they seek outside things to give them value. They seek status, whether it's clothing or the card that they

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Drive, or the subdivision that they live in, or the way how they look. And they seek validation from those sorts of things. And here the process, Selim says, if the owner of this gold was to blow on it, it doesn't change. In other words, the trials and tribulations that should come to it, even if I gave you a piece of gold right now, and I smashed it into pieces, and I threw it in the dirt,

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you would still happily say doesn't do anything, because it's still gold.

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So the trials and tribulations that come to you brothers and sisters,

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no matter how much they are, how difficult they are, they will not decrease you in your value. And you might wonder, what is this value that we are referring to the value of Islam

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everything in this world that you have is nothing compared to the value of Islam.

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In fact, Malik when dinar, he gave this example before we close for the center.

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He said,

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If this world if you had gold, follow with pay attention if you had gold, Allah Yasna if you had gold that was not going to stay with you forever.

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And you had earthenware? Like pots and pans or pots or plates made of clay, right?

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And those things stayed forever. It would make sense for someone to say, well, the earthenware is more valuable than the gold because it stays longer.

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But what about when the dunya is the earthenware

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that will not stay forever? And the akhirah is the gold that will stay forever?

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What are we seeking? Where are our priorities? Where are our values? A political yada, yada, honey? Well, I mean, first of all in our world.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he also here Dinobot.

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Brothers and sisters,

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you'll hear of statistics and people sounding the alarm about how Muslims you know, small percentage are leaving Islam.

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For whatever reason it is maybe it is some personal trauma that they went through. Maybe it's because they don't understand how to figure out the problem of evil in this world. Whatever the problem is,

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whatever it is, that the person seeks to replace, remember the verse of Allah at a step DeLuna Levy, who add an ability who are higher Do you seek to replace something that is of lesser value than what is of better value?

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We all know

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that in a blink of an eye, none of us can guarantee our life in the next second.

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So what is important brothers and sisters? Let's look at the continuation of the Hadith where the prophet seven gives us

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the next solution and he says,

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the believer is like a honeybee. Yes, the prophet Salim said like a honeybee.

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In another narration, letter, Kulu Illa Yuba, the honeybee eats only what is good, what is pure, what is clean, what is halal, what is beneficial. And so, the believer during these uncertain times, you have to watch what you are consuming, whether it is of your income, whether it is of your wealth, whether it is of your food, whether it is the information that you look on your cell phones, those things, you should only consume what is good, because when you consume what is bad,

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what is forbidden, what is doubtful, and specifically in the matters of the religion.

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If the inside is filled with unclean things, that nothing clean will come out of it. And look what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, What is the result of this honeybee?

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Well what the Aqua yerba

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and because it eats only the purest and the choices of of pollen. What is the outcome of this pure pollen, pure liquid gold, honey

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and Allah tells us in the Quran, Fi Schiefer only nurse

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If there is a cure in it for people, and finally the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he describes the believer.

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He says, This honeybee will work out what what God took sir.

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And wherever the honeybee lands on the flower, you notice that the honeybee does not destroying does not break the flower. It takes what is only necessary from the flower extracts what it needs. And then it goes along its merry way on to the next flower. So beautiful. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And so in your use of resources, brothers and sisters, be like the honeybee. Be gentle. Take only what you need. In fact, science scientists have proven that when honeybees discover

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when they discover a source of food

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and let's say a tree or bush whatever

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they will know by the by the power of Allah, they will be able to survey how much pollen can they extract from this and if there is a lot, they will selectively only take what is needed to not use all of it at once.

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And when they take this resource back home, what do they do? Do they keep it only for the one B that found it? No. They share the resources with everyone else. And so brothers and sisters during these times, where there are times of uncertainty of chaos of fitna of trials and tribulations. This is the advice of the prophets Allah salah, to find value in yourself and that is to Islam and to eat only what is halal and to give off with his good and to be gentle and fair in your dealings in Allah whom Allah Cudahy saloon Allah Nabil, You Allah the ramen or Salah Allah He was selling Moses Lima, la masala Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad crema Selita I labeled him early Ibrahim in the CAMEO Majeed

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although Nicola Muhammad Ali Mohammed kinaba Dr. Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Mohammed emogene Robert attina for dunya Hazara of Isla de hacer una Okinawa now, Robin Allah to the Quran about the data no habla Mila Dukkha Rama in Naka until Wahab masala

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