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guidance and we're being told now another thing, which is a really important do I want to do?

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And he doesn't mention it in here but CDM zeros mentions it in the naziha and this is it's a really it's a great deal. It's from our profit for license. So, it has to be great but

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to do this three times in the morning

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and three times in the evening

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This is prescription drugs

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no side effects No It has primary effects.

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Oh Allah Allahumma inni ooh beaker and sharika beaker.

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I secret vision you that I should associate with you and I know it. In other words, shirk Ria This is a Dr. For St. amenorrhea and the professor liason did this. So along among

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in the

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OSHA deca, deca

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and there's a rewind, Nima 100 cases michelina.

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was included in other animals.

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So this says, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You.

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That I should make sure with you, OSHA, deca,

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deca, what an animal. And I know about it, which is a real that is real

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well as tall heruka

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heruka min Cooley manna animal and I and I asked forgiveness for anything that I'm not aware of, because they're shirk, that you're not even aware of. In other words, Ria is very subtle, and it gets more and more subtle, as the more you work on yourself.

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Alright, so so and I mentioned the story, one of the setup, used to pray for 40 years, he prayed every day in the first line. And one day he was late. And he didn't want to go in because he didn't want people to see him in the later lines. And he said that he realized 40 years he was just showing off. And so he repeated all of his prayers for 40 years.

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Now, the owner may use that example just to say, you know, say yes, and has sonet and abrar sejahtera mokara v, the good actions of righteous people or the bad actions of people that are in the Presence of Allah.

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So it just gets finer and finer. And so I wouldn't, you know, I mean, what we really worried about is literally, we're conscious of it. And we just have to ask a lot to forgive us for anything we're not conscious of, and that's what this dude is, and it's from the province of lies him. So in it is a shifa. One zero min on haoran ma Hua Shiva on warahmatu

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In one minute we reveal in this Quran what is a Shiva of healing for the hearts and a roadmap? Right? She found the Mephisto door right? It's a Shiva for what's in the heart. The Quran is a Shiva one SV so Dora omo meanie and we hear Allah says Nish v. So Dora YSP the Quran YSP so Dora Kamini and the Quran tears the hearts of believing people. Right? So the heart can be cured and this is one of the drugs because the Quran tells us to not attack Amara Sophia whoa whoa what the prophet gave you take it. So he gave us this so it's a really good to add to do

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every day at least three times a day.

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And then he says and this is really look at this he says Liza Minnelli Lv Maria della and Adriana de la. As for the chronically diseased heart that results from constantly showing off. By doing good work, even it will find a cure in this and what a cure. So he's letting you know this is a serious treatment for this disease. Alright, so people believe it and practice it and inshallah you'll see the results of a bit Neela.

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And then he says, I'm Maria the Saturday then then ohana, awaji, buen, camino zoo, zucchini, Vienna.

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There, he's saying, as for hypocrisy, and here, Ria is closer to a type of hypocrisy that relates to veiling your wrong actions hiding your fault. This type of Ria is a Ria, that is wajib, according even zucchetti. In other words, if somebody says to you, did you ever drink alcohol?

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You say, I never drank alcohol. If somebody asks you, did you ever

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steal? And you made tell from that? Then you say, No, I never did that. He's saying that that's something that's not real. That's actually

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that's actually really important. It's legit.

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It's not considered a lie by Sharia. And I'll tell you why.

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My note there is that this is in fact a type of Ria if the person desires others to consider him better than he is by concealing his misdeed from them. In other words, it becomes real when you're doing it because you want people to think you're better than you really are. But it is an obligation to conceal one's wrongdoing, not for this reason. But so that misdeeds are not taken lightly by the community. Because you see, if I don't know that you've drinking alcohol, and I say, Have you ever had alcohol? And you say, Yes, I see Oh, then I'm not that bad. You see, it kind of it lessens the whole enormity. Because kaviraj means enormity, that word in English language, enormity means a

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great evil, it's very similar to kaviraj. Kabira is an enormity. You don't want to make little of enormities you want the society to actually respect and and I just added in there that although because if people freely admit their transgressions, this leads to complacency and lack of shame. And although there's an obvious hypocrisy inherent in this, it is really a type of homage that vise pays to virtue in order that virtue can act as a deterrent to the environment of deviation in the social arena. In other words, you know, vice versa, in a healthy society, virtue is the norm is the model. And vice is the munkar. In an unhealthy society, the opposite occurs. So when you have a

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healthy society, Vice has to pay homage to virtue by hiding itself.

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Disease, so it's really, it's not a hypocrisy, it's a respect for virtue. And that's why the Shetty is honoring it. And, and the dangerous eat is what like Freud said, Now this is all hypocrisy. And really, you're all seeding with sexual lust and with desire and all these things, so just let it all come out, and you'll be healthy. And now, you know, welcome to

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1998. Right? Seriously, where it's all I mean, unbelievable Newsweek, you can't really even read it. Now. It's the last few issues. Unbelievable the stuff there's no shame, none. I mean, this guy will.

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Writing it's pornographic and he's like a conservative

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commentator, for time or Newsweek or something. And this is there's no shame, because they're no longer paying homage to virtue.

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They don't even have the shame to hide it all. It's all like, the problem here is not what

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what he was doing in the in the room, that's all fine. There's no who we all this no big deal. The problem is he lied about it. I mean, this is really the whole, you know, so it's become all sick and perverse. And even some people are saying, well, big deal. Everybody lies about that, you know, it's not like lying about something really big. But it is big. It's an enormity, how did it become such an insignificant thing, because in this culture, in the 1960s, in most cities in the United States, if an unmet 1960s people, even unmarried girl got pregnant, she disappeared.

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She disappeared from the community. And about seven or eight months later, she showed up again, and they say, Oh, well, she went off, you know, to stay with her grandparents. What she did was they sent her to a place to have her baby. And then they put the baby up for adoption, she came back into the community and nobody knew about it. Because there was shame.

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That's 1960s. You know, seriously, that's not that long ago, in 1968, a woman was kicked out of Radcliffe, for living with a man in the same apartment. 1968, Radcliffe was, at that time, still considered a reasonably radical place. And they kicked the girl out for living. Now. There's co Ed dorms. I mean, it's no, who cares? So how did it get from a god from that by having a

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big deal? Who cares, belittling it? So Islam says no, it's better to have that hypocrisy. Because what it is, is really, it's honoring virtue. That's, and that's the important thing. It's not that there's that hypocrisy, that's seen as less harmful than what happens when it's all let it all hang out type attitude, you know, big deal. That is what's dangerous, not the hypocrisy. And this, again, is the idea in shediac, of lesser of the two evils. They're both evil, you can see that, obviously, nobody wants to be hypocrite or tell lies, or say, No, I never did something, and you did it. But the point is, the Shetty is saying, there's a greater evil in saying that you did it. Because it's

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going to, it's going to lessen the impact of the action when other people start saying, oh, he's doing that too. Or Oh, he did it? Well, maybe it's not, you know, that bad.

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So instead of having that attitude, no, of course not. I would never do that. Because there's a shot seriously, it's not this is really serious stuff. And and this is how the Muslims viewed the world. Right? Is that what there was shame?

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Right, what you're doing is you're you're you're trying to, you know, what you're doing is you're recognizing you don't want this other person to, to lessen their their their fear and their disgust in the wrong action. That's that's important.

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We'll see even now, even tonight, and I really think it is a healthy opinion in moms united said if you do wrong action, and you make Toba Forget it.

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Don't dwell on it. Don't don't, I mean, have a fear of returning to it, but don't dwell on it. Because that what that does, it results in guilt it results in it results also in a type of despair, and it results in a feeling of self loathing. Right, and you really shouldn't those aren't healthy feelings. They're not you if you make Toba astok federal law and make a sincere tell, but don't return to it and then just forget about like it never happened.

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And that is a

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Well, I mean, you're not I mean, if somebody is in an enormity, like Reba, that's not kofa it is an enormity. And it's a bad one. And it shouldn't be taken lightly at all. But it doesn't take you out of the pail of Islam, you're still within the fold of Islam. It's an enormity. If you've gotten yourself into that situation, and and it's not easy to get out of it. Right.

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Then you have to make Toba and do whatever you have to do to get out of it. In other words, begin that process and make the Toba get out of it. Once you're out of it. You make you know how not to to it'll last Hannah with Allah and tell there has to be sincere and and the signs of sincerity is real remorse you have Nadella that you leave it immediately and you make the intention never to return to it. If you do that hold on. That's a Toba and you should have a good opinion of it.

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When you make Toba like, I'm so horrible, I'm miserable. Allah will never forgive me. No, Allah tells us not to think like that. And that's like a Christian disease. You know, a lot of Christians fall into that. That despair. It's interesting. There's a lot of complexity in Christianity, because they do have that tendency and then the other tendency like the Baptist, the Baptist, I mean, in Baptist Christianity, you can be the most outrageous person and really completely be convinced you're safe.

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They and there's a Baptist that are like that. That's why Baptist ministers, you know, it's kind of isn't a tutorial thing, the Jimmy Swaggart syndrome is that they really can do these horrible things and then get back up on the pulpit and it's not a shock to Baptists. It's because like, you know, yeah, devil got you that time you'll get them the next time.

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Know, and you snap your Dooku makapuu Islam is Toba. Islam is the Toba of a non Muslim from his Kufa and that by consensus is accepted. When you make Toba as a non Muslim by entering Islam by the age of the oma, all of your wrong actions are forgiven. Nothing is like the day you were born

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by consensus, whereas the Toba of an of a Muslim healer in other words of Allah once you can accept it if he doesn't he can reject it but you should have a hope that he does because we have Roger but don't be absolutely certain

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in other words that'll put your fear in you from not returning to it another time all right

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yeah, I think we inshallah

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we can stop there.

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No, but all your all your good deeds come with you into Islam. Your bad deeds are wiped out.

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Yeah, but the good deeds come with you. So anything you did good before Islam, it comes with you into Islam. That's why you don't lose anything you just gain.

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Uh huh.

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That's a really good point. We don't say that a lot brings evil but we say that a law

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that in within the decree of Allah is good and evil. In other words, Allah has measured out good and evil, it's going to exist. But the Hadith the prophets don't have the Prophet, he said, and Heroku lubaina yedek was Chevrolet Rue de la all of good It comes from you and evil does not return to you. So while Allah has created a world in which he has allowed evil to exist, we don't attribute evil to Allah, even though we believe that it is Allah who measured it out. In other words, Allah has given see evil can only exist interestingly enough with humans.