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Life that man's life, right. And so, it is the nature of the the genius like that, that.

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So recognizing no harm and no benefit except from Allah. And then also that Likewise, if the whole creation wanted to harm you, they couldn't last a long wielded. And then if someone believes that with certainty, Riyadh doesn't occur to him, because you always the reason people do react is to get some worldly benefit, you want a worldly benefit. So in, in, in the traditional Muslim world, because religious people were so honored, there was a type of showing off in order for them to get a position amongst people, right. And still, I mean, that's still a danger because the Muslim still do respect.

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Religious behavior, so people will do those things. Now.

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He says,

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I mean, by that showing off in good works, one of the calamities of the heart, this definition is to do an action of devotion for other than the creator's sake. Indeed, it was really done seeking some worldly benefit or praise from the creation, or to protect oneself from the opposite, meaning harm. In other words, some people will do it simply to get praise, because they enjoy hearing how wonderful they are. And these type things, so that's why they do it.

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Then he goes on to give its various types, Alamo McKenna was for us and EDA, then then,

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to move the water and the huge Ana de la jolla team into Mamma mia region on top of cinema. So he says the words is that which is done as a way of displaying virtue in order to be entrusted with a wealth of an orphan, that's really bad. In other words, you use the dean for a,

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some some to be put into

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an entrustment, in which out of that, like an orphans, wealth, will you misuse it. And this is religious hypocrisy done to actually cheat in the religion itself. And is amazing, I met this Moroccan man, who was talking about people that

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did Vicar for money. In Morocco, which there's actually a lot of people that do that, because it's in Morocco, they have singers that Sing praises the province of like them, and they pay them to come to weddings and things like that. And, and he told me he, because he does that he,

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he's a beautiful singer, but he won't do it for money. And he told me, he said, Allah has made myriad ways to get your provision in this dunya. And he said,

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so don't do it in a way that is designed to draw near to Allah.

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In other words, Allah gave you all these different ways to make your money. My father told me what in the early 60s, he realized that you can make money anyway, because he wants to send in $1 for this barbecue starter kit.

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And he got back a match and a small piece of

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Yeah, so people, you can make money, a lot of ways, especially in America,

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in all these one 900 numbers and things like that, psychic, you know, those psychics,

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and all they do, right? They call them up. I've never done this, thank God, but people call them up and they say,

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know, you're looking for a better job, right? Everybody's looking for a better job.

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Wow, yeah.

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You're looking for a better relationship. I mean, it's all just these things that have poor American people are all obsessed with. And then also, they know that he wouldn't be calling them as his wife was working out.

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So they know they can play on that. I mean, there's all these things that they know, to do.

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So the next thing he says

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is the next thing is a worldly thing. So the worst thing is that other worldly things, an entrustment like an endowment that was done for a religious endowment, and then you use it for dunya like a walk, right or money that was collected for the sake of Allah, and then the people use it for a dune dunya we think that's the worst.

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The worst type of the worst type of react to display religiosity and make people think that you're trustworthy so that they put you in like on the message, board.

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The treasure and then

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That's all the

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more you read about like people that trick

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you know old people like they go these people that go and I it's unbelievable what human beings will do. You know?

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Cuz there's even degrees of despicable behavior, you know, not all behavior has the same level of disability,

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or despicable illness or whatever the word.

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And then he says, And finally, the least of it is what is done out of fear of other scornful days. Right. In other words, you do it, that's the least of the Ria, you do just because you don't want people to say, you know, he's a bad person or something. So he says it is cured by knowing that had all creation joined forces to oppose you or support you, they would not be able to without his permission or law. Indeed, he alone possesses rewards for your actions in in your two of those. In other words, in dunya, and Africa, it's a law alone. It's also cured by maintaining awareness of its harm which results in detesting it, and thus causes it to pass. That is its intellectual treatment,

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it's practical treatment is accomplished through veiling one's actions from the eyes of others, and by reciting Soto to harass, often and say that it's their fault. So this is a really important treatment here for everybody, because this disease is a serious disease, and we all want to be free of it. And so

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the first one

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is doing things, veiling your actions, this does not mean that you should not do actions in front of people. But it means that you should also out of fear of Ria, if you're able to do it, when people aren't there, it's better to do it that way. So if you're going to donate money is better not to do it in front of people. Although the ultimate say if your intention is to encourage other people, it's a good thing. So it has to be weighed about, you have to look into your heart what you want, if you want to show off that you're the one giving the $10,000 donation or $5,000 donation, then you have to do it secretly. But if you really don't feel that, you know, you want to encourage others,

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something like that, then it's permissible. So you have to watch your own heart and guard it. And this is a very subtle matter. So avoiding doing things, night prayers, right doing night prayers, where people aren't going to see you where people aren't going to reciting the Quran doing their car, things like that. And even though the other medu say that for scholars, it's better to do these things.

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Also, where people see them, to encourage them, and to give them that it's also a danger for people of knowledge because they're as susceptible or often more susceptible to this disease than other people. Right.

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Because of the nature of their position and things like that. Now, the other thing is sort of that airfloss

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class if you look at the actual meaning of the word

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loss comes from a word canosa which means to be pure, and it relates to honey pure honey lemon Harless, pure milk, lemon honey, Hollis is loving that has no it's nothing's come into it, it's pure right out of the other. So it hasn't been contaminated by anything. And that's what the dino harlots, to Allah is that which is not contaminated with Rhea,

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that you worship Allah and there's no contamination of Ria of hidden shark of doing it for other than Allah sake and the Mali scene are the people that do that. Now. If you look at

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In the Koran, there's two words that are used.

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More and more or less, you can find them both in the Koran. The miraculous is the active participle and the Morelos is the passive, which indicates there has to be two. There has to be a tofield from Allah, it's not enough for you. To be sincere from yourself. There has to be a trophy from Allah subhana wa tada as well. And that's the secret of success is that Allah gives this trophy and that's why Oprah has done his share that he said Aloma, Jan has

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to say, boo the day one or two Jan has been it has an admirable the ledaig make my bad actions, the bad actions of those who love and don't make my good actions or good actions of those who hate.

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Right? In other words, you have to have to feel from a lot. And a lot of promises tofield if you do certain things, so it goes together? If and this is why, if you're on more or less at but you're on more TEDx, you're not

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if you're sincere in your actions, like a Christian can be absolutely sincere, they can they can have a loss. Don't think they can't you can have a sincere Christian, really, you can have a sincere Buddhists, you can have a sincere Jew, you can have a sincere person in any tradition, but he's not Muslim. Why? Because his action is not in accordance with what Allah wants.

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Did you understand the difference? So the vocalist who's also more class is when his action is sincere for solely for the sake of Allah. And with that, he's doing what Allah loves him to be doing, not what Allah hates him to be doing.

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All right. So that's really important to recognize that difference. So Allah has commanded us to do things, and given us a Shetty, we have to follow and be in accordance with the shediac. If we're not, we don't get to see there's no trophy up. It doesn't matter how sincere you are. Right. And I know Christians have a hard time with this. Right? Because the Christian focus is to say, you know, the law is not really important. The important thing is the spirit of the law. No, we say both are important. One, and that's where you get the trophy, that Sophia is following the law, and the spirit of the law, because you can be following the law, you're doing exactly what a law tells you

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to do, but it's not for the sake of Allah.

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So there's Maria, her mafac. So you're not sincere, you're not malicious. Even though the action is a cordon is in accordance with what Allah has commanded you to do. So outwardly, you're praying like Allah told you five times that you're paying your Zakat like a lot told you, you go on your hands, you do all those things, outwardly, everything looks good, but you're doing it for other than a lot. No till feel.

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And on the other hand, you can have inside you're doing it sincerely, and for God, right, I'm doing it for God, charity, you do it hidden, a Christian knows about, they have these things, too. They know about this not being sincere and things like that. It's in their tradition. So there's a Christian, he's doing it, but he's not doing it in accordance with what Allah says. So you have to be with the spirit of the law, but also the letter of the law. So ardene is the middle way. The Jewish way is that you know, focus on the law, forget the spirit of the law, the Christian way is focused on spirit of law, forget the law. So they're both wrong. One's mahato violation, and the

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other is bonding.

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modulus is a passive.

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And modulus is an active, in other words,

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in the modulus, it's a law who's making you that way. And the modulus, it's coming from you.

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So doing sort of a class, the word airfloss comes from Atlas two, or Atlas, ah, which means literally to make pure. So the Sora is the Sora that makes you pure.

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This the the surah, literally is the surah that makes you pure, your class will purify you the surah itself. And that's why and I put in the note there, that maraca Hodge have his own law. He, most people that come to him with diseases of the heart, he tells him airfloss to do a lot of Islam

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So let's add a class including West fossa like obsessive compulsive thought. So it's Don't underestimate this. He's giving you a real cure here. The floss is an important sort of, you should say, at minimum three times in the morning, three times in the evening. That's the least amount that you should say every day. Morning three times, evening, three times it equals one third of the Quran. Right, so it's a great Sora I mean, they're all great, but, but it has a special macom

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He says,

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Be me anon Harpo. savara Anika oleaca a female Katara in NaVi izany wonder who your dareka wahaca varosha core we should he do? rovos Shiva dareka Baba Baba. And yet other Dawa in me was central Amity, an iron and nesea della Amelie was surah to a philosopher eteri minha woman say that is very. So that's the second

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practice to get rid of this is to do say that it's default.

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To say that it's the fault is there at the bottom, it comes from a hadith that's related on the authority of blade or the law. I know it's in Imam Ahmed. abodo even magic even had been and and hacking. So obviously, it's an important Hadith it's mentioned in a lot of them. And if you do this a lot, it will also purify you from a Ria. And in the Hadith, the prophet said, Whoever, when it if he rises, if he says this, and in the evening, then if he dies in that day, or in that evening, he'll enter agenda. So that's a big deal. You should do it every day, three times a day in the morning, three times a day in the evening, but preferably, I would do it also after the prayers when

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you finish your prayers, it's a good time to do

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it, you know, any of these times even in such that and it goes Allahumma Antara de Allahumma Antara de Allah you are my Lord if you want me to write the phonetic some people want the phonetic

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alojamento to be the either in the Huracan or an Africa one Attica Attica stop at becoming shereena Sonata boo

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boo boo them before Philippa into the Nova into follow. There's really a cure, I'm guaranteed. Try it on yourself. This is not he's not making this stuff up. This is a science, do what he's telling you to do. And you'll get it say in every day, say that do every evening, say that? Do I do sort of a class? Right, really do it with the intention of listening. He could carry do it say to a lot alone in the night. Get up? Yeah, a lot can do that. And if you do it with sincerity, he'll do it. But you know, if it's all just like, okay, you know, and what's next? What's the next disease? You know?

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I mean, this is serious stuff.

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This is our lives. You know, this is this is serious stuff. This is not I mean, this is our life. I take this really seriously because it scares me I read this. I mean, I read my mother's early signs of insincere preachers and sincere preachers. And I'll tell you, I saw more stuff on the insincere side. And it really frightened me, you know, you read this stuff is the danger of this science, you start reading it, and you start seeing yourself in it. And it's it's, it's unnerving, because

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we're going to be taken to account for all this, right? I mean, this is what life is about. And either we get the point or we don't. But the point is,

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we've been given a clue that this is guidance, and we're being told now another thing, which is a really important do I want to do,

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And he doesn't mention it in here, but CDM sort of mentions it in the naseeha. And this is it's a really, it's a great deal. It's from our profit for license, so it has to be great but