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You agreed purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to get given it and love your

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hand somewhere to hold on to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time give out well, Gibala give ourselves a loss each and every hidden D.

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Salam, alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome to the thick of Zika episode programs information about the topic of Zika. Previously, we spoke about the importance of this topic, why we need to learn it, how we have to implement it, and some of the important points of how to measure what to guides, especially in this sub, which takes us to that point. I have with me today Sheikh Mohammed Salah, who's going to expand more to zakka, his check for being with us today, which is Jimmy Jazakallah halen, and it's my pleasure. Schiff. Just to recap slightly for our viewers here, and even for myself, previously, we spoke about the nisab of golden silver. And you said a very poignant

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point, you spoke about the evidence that was involved and why some scholars and he said the Jim hoard belief, especially when it comes to women's jewelry, that it shouldn't have any Zakat on it even if it goes beyond the nisab because this is something that she adorns herself with. But you said and the opinion that you follow on the one that you recommended, was that Abu hanifa he does include this as something socketable So my question is to you, when it comes to Abu hanifa his opinion, the other scholars say that if gold is used as an investment increases, then it can be used as something to be the comfortable term that we're using. Why does Abu hanifa differ and use it like

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this year smilla wa Salatu was Salam O Allah and Avi Stouffer, so you know, Mohammed, Allah, Allah He will be here Manuela Praise be to Allah and made the best peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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To answer your question, I would have to quote again the Hadith which amount of honey fairy light on how do you the hadith of Ayesha meaning and has not been to Z and

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when he narrated the two women who entered upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam while wearing too restless of gold, any city you gotta pay zakat on it or else Allah the Almighty will give you two braces of fire on the Day of Judgment. And in the case of Isha she was wearing silver rings and he asked her whether she pays the car on it or not.

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What really makes me feel more comfortable with this view that the committee's whenever they discuss this masala they say it is safer to pay Zika on women's jewelry, even if she wears them on regular basis. Why? Because of the general evidences of Zika

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whenever loss of Hannah palisade to Oklahoma, so that was okay. And whenever he said Wolfie, Imodium, haccombe maloom, Lissa 11 mushroom, there is a Jew known, designated right for the poor in the words of the rich, the believers. It does not specify that to exit clewd

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women's jewelry for innocence. So because of a moment at the law, or the generality of evidence, this is what I feel comfortable with it even though my she would go with the opinion of the vast majority of the scholars, but when I noticed when I was examining and studying dismissal, that by the end they would say yes, it is better and safer with regards to the to pays occur on that. But it is worth mentioning here. If somebody said I'm following the opinion of Elgin Hoff then it is valid 100% and he or she is not limani

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I'm glad I said he or she because that will take us to another thing which is what if somebody, a male is wearing gold. We all understand this is haram and it's a measure of sin and abuse. Alola slms said when he has two things, gold and silk, and says these two items are prohibited for the men of my own, and it is they are permissible for women.

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And when he saw one of his companions was wearing a gold drink, he thought of his finger. He threw it away.

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Why would one of you tend to wear a burning coat around his finger or in his hand? So many indications that it is haram for men to wear gold or silk? Okay? What if somebody said was a Rolex watch or a gold watch or or so it's how

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does it mean because he's wearing something in his harem that it is not as equitable. Now, it is a cat. Same if a woman uses gold, which is not for her as

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for innocence, you visit some people they have gold utensils,

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silver or gold, it senses This is Hara.

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And is haram to be used by men or women to drink in gold or silver glasses, or eat with the spoons, or forks or knives are made of silver, or gold. But in this case, there is a general consensus that is acceptable. But it's a woman who's using it according to the jumbo No, this is not jewelry. This is utilizing gold in something that is prohibited. So this worth

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it attains any Sub by itself or in addition to other positions. It must be socketable is like Okay, I'm gonna hold up on something else. Actually, I'm gonna sit you Bravo, you're done? Well, because I have seen the last episode about there's a cop golden. You give an answer. I think $3,300 you're right on it. I mean, I just check the latest Price Is 85 grams of gold is approximately $3,300. And 595 grams of silver is approximately $1,010. So I've got a question for you something you said before. And I think, for me, it was a bit confusing, because as usual, when we look at things, we're not really looking at them with an open scale. You said I'm sorry, I didn't intend to confuse you

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didn't confuse me Actually, it's just I think the limitations that we have sometimes.

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And I think this is why studying a topic like this for all of us is very important. You said it's better for the poor person. Okay, that when we look at Givens occur, okay, we calculated especially in currency, we look at the value of silver will calculate, for example, the value of silver now would be $1,000. And that's the nisab the amount of value of 595 grams of silver and the 85 grams is equivalent to 200 silver. So, then the gold which is 85 grams is of course 3000. So, the nisab would be more so, I said two or 3000 more, of course, that will benefit the poor, but you said no the 1000 So, explain yourself, because that would increase the area of those who pay zakat or must pay the

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cap. So, the people who said the two commodities, gold and silver are the main currencies in the past, and basically we will go about calculating hours Okay, even today's worth paper money, cash investments that shares all of that. So, calculating against the nisab of gold or silver will say

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which one will we follow, we will follow the lowest value, the value of the lower, so, silver normally is lower. So, if this is the case, you just mentioned that the the value of 995 gram of silver is how much 1000 plus. So, that means every person who possesses 1000, or perhaps 11 $100 for one entire year, beyond their basic needs, must pay the account that versus if will go by gold, the value is 30 $300. So many people fall in short of the value of gold, so didn't have to pay zakat. That's why we consider what's more beneficial and useful for the poor. And as far as applaud in

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my wild guesses, it's basically because we're around for the month of Ramadan, just around the corner. And people most people like to pay there's a cap during the month of Ramadan, which is a praiseworthy act, because these the word for these will be doubled and multiplied. But we have to remember one thing that many people whenever there is occur is do a couple of months before Ramadan. They say I'd like to postpone it so that I can pay a Ramadan and earn the word double and multiply will say no sorry, you can do that.

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Once it is you, you get paid on its fixed time, and you should not postpone it. And if you do

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Like to pay it in Ramadan you can pay in advance. So this way your hair will will be short maybe two or three months. But once again we have to focus and aim at the benefit of the poor the Muslim so there's two points here that you're saying firstly on this point is that we follow the whole the linear you don't follow your desires I want to pay in Ramadan in shot ban I want to pay this month is and the second is which I think is greater is that

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that the way that you described that more people would be Penza if we followed the system that same because we're always thinking about the poor, not about the rich. Okay, I've got another point, which was don't rely verbal rely on us for the calculations but rather again, let's stick to the to the measurements again, which will again check if you go to minus 85 grams of gold and how much for silver 595 grams of silver Okay, that's great. All right. Now, that goes on to automatic the next sort of topic I think, would be you spoke about currencies before in the previous episode and he said look, we you know, we change it with dude exchange rates on the days now with currencies,

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things change, things fluctuate, things go up and down. I mean, how do we calculate really currencies? Is it that easy to do?

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whenever it is due to pay yours, aka, you Smith, approximately, how much money you have, whether in savings or investment stock shares, all of that, then you translate that into

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the or compare it versus the value of Denisov. Have, we agreed the silver, if it exceeds that nisab, or equals that nisab, then you must pay on it 2.5%.

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Once you complete around up the house, the lunar year, and that will be

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done on regular basis every year. So if you have this in a savings account every year, you have because I'm emphasizing this information because some people think that there's a cat gives you once per lifetime, particularly if your worth is not increasing

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one of the conditions of the mal or the worth in order to be socketable so that your physical on it is a nomad gross. Somebody who say well, am I investing my money, I'm saving it towards my son's college education, or my daughter's wedding, or I'm planning to go for Hajj. 10 years from now I'm saving up but it attains there is up. Even if it is not growing, because if this money is with somebody else, it is subject of grass, you're not interested in it. And that's why I'm going to hop say invest in the worth of the often less that is a cow will devour. So whether you save it in a savings account and it is stagnant

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or you're invested in it, investing in it. It is a cutter once it attains Great. Okay, we're gonna take a short break now inshallah and return in a couple of minutes on the fifth of the class Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Do you agree purify?

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Those who love Allah subhanho wa Taala. For those who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, for those who want to enter the agenda, the paradise that our last panel Tyler created for the believers. That's why we need to learn and we need to get to know what las panatela wants from us. So that we submit ourselves to the orders of this is knowledge that we need to learn why we're spending more time to look into the verses and to the meanings of the verses in depth, so that we can get to learn from it, what we need ourselves to be steadfast to be obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala to ponder over the meanings of the miraculous words of Allah subhana wa Ireland.

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We need to try to know the ruling of the Sharia on a particular incident why scholars had to put a lot of effort trying to figure out how to give the ruling on such topics and issues. Islam tells you to look good to smell good. The reason of the recession was the collaboration between insurance companies and the banks. Some scholars though, stated that it is permissible for you to insure because you're compelled to do this by the government by the

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But you're not allowed to benefit from the insurance policy.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time, give, give Allah give us salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Welcome back to the thick of the cup. So just before the break the shift, you opened up some topics and machinery clarified for us. And for me as well does that kind of help? We're on this issue of especially currencies and understanding gold and silver for the poor. One of the questions that we get in our school or one of our main problems, problems on on questions, is I think I could say safely, maybe 30% on soccer. And one of the questions people always ask is about rental properties. Somebody will give an example they'll say, I own a property,

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which I take the rent from yearly. But the rent doesn't come on the time of like, for example, when my whole maluna year is it comes up other times, what does somebody do when it comes to rent out the calculate anosognosia

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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First of all, we have to distinguish between two things. properties which are prepared for sale

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and investment and properties which are intended to cover up for rent.

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If somebody has a home building, and he is alone, and is renting 10 flats to any more owners, then there is no cap on the value of the building, or the flats that he owned.

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The car will be on the earning which he could lift from the rental those properties. If it attains then he saw, either by itself, or in addition to other investment and saving.

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you're renting for instance, a vehicle

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or a property or shop or a flat. So the rent comes in. And

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I in reinvest the sum in remodeling and construction, maintenance and all of that and I paid my taxes and everything. Then before the house is over, I have the net profit, including the rent, the rent that I collected in this amount is a category that is compulsory on that, when it is equivalent to the value of 595 grams of silver said the lower value that is better for the poor, because it adds up and it gives a greater number of the cap hires.

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So there is no Zakat on the value of the property. Or the vehicle which you're renting, the car will be on the profit that you collect, after the net profit, after you pay off your dues, and taxes and

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remodeling and all of that. So what about now the second part that you're speaking about the person who's selling properties, for example, somebody who has lots of properties, and he holds on to them for several years, for example, and then he sells them three, four years later? What do we do with that kind of money? Your question is very straightforward. I would like to expand on it excellent place to distinguish between two cases. One cases like myself, for instance, I'm not mentioned I'm not a real estate agent nor relate nor am I a landlord. So but I moved to a bigger flat and I have my old flat that I wanted to get rid of it so that I can collect the money and pay my in his formula

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for the new flat or whatever,

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then this flat in this case is not an investment nor is it a business, it is not a roto ijarah it is not a trade of goods. Okay.

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But the other case is a person whose main business is buying properties in order to either remodel them and resell them for a higher value or just resell them, recycle them in the market so that he can make some profit. In this case, whatever he possesses, and he paid for it, and the house is due and he maintained and the software an entire year. He calculates after estimating the value of each property that he put for sale in the market.

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He has 10 properties. Today's value is 10,000 for this 100,000 for that so he adds up all of that and he pays

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is a cap on the value of the properties even though they are not sold yet, because this is business. So it could be the same property.

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But different intentions. My intention, I'm not a businessman, I'm just selling my flesh so that I can move to a bigger one.

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In this case, I don't pay the car on it, unless if it is sold, and I earned the money, and it maintains its value, then you swap for how will one lunar year but this person, the businessman, later the landlord, he's in business, he's selling properties all the time. And that's why he buys his land. And this house and this vehicle, a car dealer is different than myself, I'm selling my old vehicle, and I bought a new one. So I don't pay the car on the vehicle, which is for sale, because I'm not a businessman. But somebody else who has a used car lot. He pays the account every car that he owns on the lot.

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Because this is his money. And he's making a profit out of that. How would he calculate that? Based on the estimate of today's value? I'm going to pay soccer today. And I have how many cars 1015? Okay, I put this one on a retail sale for 15,000. And this one for 7000, and so on. So I add up all of that. And they pay there's a cap on it. 2.5% is called road

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or is occur on trade of goods. So now we've we've gone into trade now for example from renting or properties. So let's look at in trade generally, you said cars is hotel, does this principle gone? all matters of trade? Sure. Give me an example. So somebody has a bookshop, for example, and sells books? Yes. 1000. big, massive inventory of book. Excellent. So what does he do with here? Does he calculate the cost? And is it new books or old books? Or is it just the trade the property of that asset he has, you're the owner of the store, meaning everything in it is yours, okay, or there is certain part which is used and attained and swap, and the value of the goods, or the contents of the

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store, whether you're selling cheese, or books, or artwork, or fabrics, or gold and silver, it attains on itself, and he maintained it for one year, then it is a catapult. But the books are sitting there, I didn't sell them. All the girls are sitting sitting there. When the day on what she Oh, there's a car, you

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make an estimate of your entire inventory, and the retail sales price, they added up and you pay 2.5% or robot grocery or one quarter of one 10th of the value of what you have for sale. Okay, now a really good question comes up that I remember somebody asking me on one of our episodes once and it wasn't a question of good in terms of it's something strange, good because it fits straight into what you're asking. And we have an issue where many people buy properties.

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They'll buy gold, for example. Even some people buy cars. And they're not really buying for investment, but they're buying it for, for example, the marriage of a daughter or son or for example they want to put their children through education. Again, this How does this equate in this year this is called investment.

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You and your intention, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, deeds are bought by the intentions. As I say it is the same flat. It is the same property. But what's your intention? I have some cash. Well, the cash value is always decreasing. And I heard now that the real estate value is going up. So I bought a property, I bought a flat, it's extra more than mine it I'm not living in it. And I'm not planning to move in it. Basically I bought it in order to wait for the right time to sell it so that I can generate profit out of it.

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Then as a capable, because this is business. This is a rookie job. It's a trade of goods, the flat or the car, whatever you bought, has become trade of goods. versus if you bought a flat for your son. He's now in high school. And insha Allah, you're waiting for his graduation so that he can get married. This is his flat, you give each one of your children a flat slot for business. So this is not investment. That's not investment. What's investment is what you bought with the intention of resale. That's your intention. By

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let me expand on that. You bought a property and your intention was that you're going to build on it a house, then you kept it there for a year or years then

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Instead of building a house, he decided just to sell it.

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So your intention has changed. When you sell it and you collect the cash, the cash becomes the catapult. So that change in knee or that change intention is a change of action on that person. Exactly. Okay, let's look into another area now. I mean, this is going slightly different, but it's still trade. She hasn't we've entered this topic. And that's when people trade or say for example, in crops in green in foodstuff, how does this get involved? How do we start looking at this a call for this? Okay. First of all, let me give you the reference to the mandate of zecca on trade goods, okay, merchandise and goods that are prepared for sale. Some are ignorant of May Allah be pleased

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with him. They're rated that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, can I move morona and no, Raja sada, pata Mina, ledi. Nor Indu, who live via

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he said, Indeed, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to order us to pay the care, or to take out there's a care for merchandise or goods, which we have prepared for sale.

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So my intention is business, trade, investment, resale, then we must take the cash out of there with regards to plants, food, plants, and fruits and so on.

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If we're talking about a person who is a farmer, that's a different category, and I guess we'll have to elaborate on that in an independent episode. But if you are a merchant, who's selling in your hyper shop, or in your big mall, selling a variety of things, from soul, to school supplies, to fruits, all of that on the day, which is a care which he orders a car, you estimate the price, the retail price of every inventory that you have, and you pay 2.5% on that. So just to recap, again, all of this is in order for one main reason, which is to help the poor. It's not about the trade person thinking, How can I save God? My money is to always have this thinking about the poor is not

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true. Number one, it aims towards helping the poor and rich in them. Number two, purifying your wealth and purifying your heart from miserliness. And being cheap. And, best of all, is giving gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon us, just like Mahesh Bali advice today. Again, another excellent episode, I believe on understanding the xikar the importance of it, how to implement it. I hope you join me next time on the effect of zakat. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi. Wa about a cat

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you agree purify you Well, the gu round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to can give a little love you.

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A hand somewhere to hold mouth to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Give our time give out well Give. Give ourselves no loss each and every hidden fee.