Shaykh reads his poem, Spring’s Gift about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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spinarak Rahim Salam aleikum. warahmatullah wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah said in our rasulillah early he was a happy woman whether this is a poem that I wrote called springs gift because it will be at oh well originally was in spring.

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And so this is

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my Zakat inshallah I envy the sand that met his feet. I'm jealous of honey he tasted sweet. The birds that hovered above his head of spiders who spun their sacred web to save him from his enemies. I envy clouds form from the seas that gave him cover from the heat of a sun whose light could not compete with his whose face did shine so bright, that all was clear in blinding night. I envy sightless trees that gazed upon his form completely dazed, not knowing if the sun had risen, but felt themselves in unison with those who prayed and fasted to simply because he told them to with truth and kindness, charity, from God who gave such clarity, His mercy comes in one he sent to mould

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our hearts, more heaven bent.

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I envy all there at his side who watched the turning of the tide, as truth prevailed and falsehood fled, and hope restored life to the dead. Men and women through him found grace to seek together God's noble face. I envy the cup that gave him drink his thoughts that helped us all to think to be one thought that passed his mind, inspiring him to act so kind. For me, this world is not one jot, if I could simply be a thought from him to God throughout the ages, as revelation came in stages, I pity all who think it odd to hear him say there is one God or he was sent by God, two men, to hone their spirits acumen. It's pride that blinds us from the site that helps good man to see his light.

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He taught us all to be God's slaves, and he will be the one who saves humanity from sinful pride. Mohammed has got on his side, so on this day, be blessed and sing, for he was born to grace our spring with lilies, flowers, life's rebirth in a dome of green, like his on Earth. So that was that was my attempt at cycads. But I think what you meant to say said was, was absolutely true. We could never say enough. I mean, one of the miracles I think of the prophets a lot he said him is that his name is Muhammad, the praise one and here we are, I'm, I'm a son of the state of Washington. My ancestors came from Ireland, they were great. And Greece, they were great patrons of the Catholic

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and the Orthodox Church.

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And here I am praising the praise one Muhammad's a lot he said him so these are Signs for the people that can think and reflect and