Glimpses From The Day Of Judgement

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Glimpses From The Day Of Judgement – Abdurraheem Mccarthy


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The conversation covers the struggles of women in the face of fear and deeds, including losing their job and love. The dams are designed to make people feel like they are living in a damsy environment, and the dams are designed to make people feel like they are living in a damsy environment. The d patterns of deeds lead to issues such as manpower, sex, and the future of the world, and the dams are designed to make people feel like they are living in a damsy environment.

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The topic we've been asked to talk about tonight

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is your mo BM.

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And in the short time that we have, we can't go into much detail.

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But I want to focus

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on what I believe to be the most important thing. Your mo pm.

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And when it comes to that shortly and shallow Tana, your most the AMA,

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when all of us are set forth, to stand in front of a most apana wattana to be held accountable for our deeds

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will be sent forth, all of us as it came in the sooner Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam naked

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without any clothes.

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So Pamela I showed her when she heard this from Masuda losses. And she has How is this region when he said, the men and women they got all their own naked together?

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Well sort of lost on a lot while he was selling them. He said he said two of them in that IQ, that the affair that there is going to be greater than that, that people are not going to even be paying attention. The situation they're going to be is going to be so severe that they're not even think to look at the one next to them.

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When the sun comes close to us, as it came in the sun, a mile away. The narrator of the Hadith, he said I don't know if Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meant by the meal the mile, the distance that we have on the ground, or if he meant the mean what you take out the cord from inside something very small like that, that's how close to the sun is going to be is going to be like that or either or the sun is going to be very, very close to you

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on top of our heads,

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and each individual will be sweating on that day.

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And the sweat that will accumulate around him will be according to his deeds.

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According to his deeds in this dunya

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some people that sweat will cover up to the ankles, some up to their knees,

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some up to the waist, some activity chest and some people because of the DS that they did the mischief the disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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oppressing people doing that which is how long it will come up So hi, Gemma whom it will bother them like you by the horse the sweat will be pulling them back up into their mouth May Allah subhana wa tada protect us all because of the deeds the day that the deeds will be shown

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the sort of ownership rights when the sort of the scores of the deeds are put in front in front of you and made public to everybody.

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Pay attention what's gonna happen on that day.

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With xml kushida the sky will be ripped away.

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We will j mo su earth and the Hellfire will be set ablaze with agenda to snippet when the agenda is brought close. alley madness room bought every soul on that date is going to know what it brought forth from the deeds, the good and bad. And we're going to see all of the deeds that we did in this dunya we're going to see it yo piano we stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala as well as pseudo law. So the law while he was sent him described it to us in the ad when he said that there's no servant Mammon opt in, except for he is going to stand in front of almost a panel with an Elisa Urbino Urbino to Jim and there is no intermediary between you and Allah says you're allowed to

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Palawan salomo Pm nobody between you and Allah to be held accountable for every single thing that you did in this dunya

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and your multi ama. You can't pull on over the loss of Panama Tada. Oh, no, no, no, I'm in this I really consider to get the money was this Allah subhana wa Taala knows what you need. It was? No Actually I meant to do that.

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You can't pull it you have to get it off. You have to admit helaas

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what's going to happen on that day? We're sort of losses and described the smoke when you're standing in front of almost a panel wattana. He said for younger men who fell in their lap at them, he looks to the right and all he sees is all of the deeds that he did in his junior Fernando ashram I mean in America is we look to the left and see all that he's done in the dunya it's like a flashback,

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rewinding and the flashback of all you did throughout all your life. All the men sharees you all have in front of you all of the dgd and then he looks in

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Follow him, follow Him and know. All he sees is the Hellfire for tocom more will be shipping tomorrow. Rasulullah says he said, fear the Hellfire and put something between you and a hellfire. Even if it's a half of a date something small. Do as many good deeds as you can while you still have the opportunity, well sort of law so the law while he was selling them, he said let's actually run them in America Do not be little anything from the good. Even if it means just meaning your brother with a smiling face for most of the

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It's gonna be so severe.

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What's gonna happen on that day?

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Who are the most beloved people to you in this dunya? Let's think about it first. Before we go to YOLO pm in this dunya who's the most beloved people to you?

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Your mother, their

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they know

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your wives

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or your sons somebody says sons brothers wives last

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As I will have said that upstairs they can't see it.

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So now what the children and the spouses play.

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We love them so much.

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That if your child now what's a run out into the street? in front of a car? As a parent, what would you do?

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would you do? You run and you try to grab or you push them out of the way even if that means you will get hit by the car. A parent if their child had a disease and was suffering if it was possible to make that disease come to the parent and he would suffer he would do that for his child.

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But what's gonna happen yo

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yo ma your federal model mean he will only he will be worse off he bet he will Benny, the mother, the culinary minomycin Shannon Yoni on that day. You run away from your siblings, your brothers and your sisters you love so much in this life. You run away from them.

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And your mother and your father you went away from them

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and your wives or spouses and

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your children. You run away from the most beloved people in this dunya you run away and the duty you run to them to save them to help them you'll move on everybody says enough's enough. See, my only concern is how can I make it across that set up and to the gym and not fall into the Hellfire? That's my main cause everybody's main concern, knifes the LFC myself myself plus.

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This is how the house of beer that day is going to be.

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People are going to be reflecting on the deeds they did in this dunya yo may have the volume on a day they will cursors in this dunya the ones who disobeyed Allah subhana wa tada turned away from Allah did that we just didn't do what they're supposed to be doing. They're gonna be the ones who weren't

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biting down on their hands that day that they will press or bite down on his hands. Was he barring that enhance and never regret your way out avoid Amalia de Yoku la marsudi Sabina yeah villetta Layton, elimite traffic phoolan and karela la casa Oberlin IANA decree by the journey. We're gonna show you born in San Jose

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on a daily bite down his hands and regrets he's gonna say I wish I took a path with the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam I wish I followed his sooner. I wish I followed his way. I wish I didn't turn away and then he's going to say I wish I didn't take so and so as a friend.

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I was I didn't choose the bad friends. Well, what did he do to you lock up our linear decree by the journey he made me go away turn away from the decoder. Remember it's when it came to me from olanzapine Owatonna, he made me turn away and shut down the water entirely entice you you obeyed him you follow him? He's gonna betray you you'll know pm ownership or insanity holla and he put he betrays the people tell us he leaves you Yokohama.

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The deeds that you do in this dunya

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determine where you're going to go up. All of our deeds will be put into a scale to see what's what weighs more the good deeds

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or the bad deeds.

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Our suppiler wattana

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made May this the outcome of our deeds. crystal clear and opera is the beauty of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It couldn't be clear

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The Book of Buddha guidance our mankind, very clear book, Allah subhanaw taala when he described the outcome of what the path that you chose in this dunya yo piano, Allah subhana wa tada said for either the metal Cobra, if the greatest overwhelming calamity comes one of the many names for Yamaha piano. Why did the loss of pilots on an operand

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make so many different names or call your appeal by so many different names? Who knows?

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why there's so many different names for your piano.

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The more names the greatest status, what else

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shows the importance are more important.

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describing each name has a description in itself. It's describing what's going to happen on the day a bare metal Cobra. The greatest overwhelming calamity

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that's that's it. That's shady.

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That's serious. That's harsh. That name the greatest overwhelming calamity?

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Why is it so overwhelming this calamity of your multi

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jet bomber to Cobra. Yo Mata that Corona insane Oh, Massa wobbu Reza Tilda. Hey, Molly Mayra. Why is this overwhelming because every individual is going to remember right away what he did in this dunya that succeed.

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Now fulfilling his waje but disobeying Allah subhana wa Tada, disobeying Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. All of the shortcomings. This is the slide that you do in the dunya there's what you brought forth with the arm of the AMA. And that's why Allah subhana wa Taala warned us Yeah, you're letting

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it happen law will tumble and have some cut damage with the law. Oh, you will believe fear law and that every soul look at that which it puts forth for tomorrow and feel alone.

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Every soul is gonna know what it did in this video what it brought forth in the deeds, and it's gonna see the J

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in front of them.

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The gene average I see right there for the hellfire.

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And we think about the reality of our deeds, the reality of our shortcomings. Most of us are going to think that that's where we're going.

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But a little showed us there's gonna be one of two outcomes for the people who will not be Emma on that stance when they're standing there.

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And it comes from what once again from the deeds in this dunya

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for Ummah, man powervault Will Ferrell hyah to dunia whoever transgressed and performed the life of this dunya how many

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of the Muslims

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fall into this category of being a transgressive transgressing the boundaries put by law supanova Tada Allah said, Haram, stop, there we go. We're gonna do it anyways. This this is the reality of the actions, actions speak louder, or we'll have a law.

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But we'll also don't cross that line. That's haram and you do anyways that's disrespecting a little subtitle wattana. That's not true love for a law.

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Like this, you're going to be for manpower for the ones who transgressed

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doesn't matter to a lot of people.

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How they get it, prefer the dunya as the resolution, when it comes down for football and time for slot by then haka low body dividable supanova nedjma, will combine the players, the football match is more important than a loss upon what

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you prefer the life of the dunya. Well, to dunia will.

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But you prefer the life of this dunya and the Hereafter is better and everlasting.

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What's the teacher? What's the outcome of this person one who transgressed and preferred the life of this vignette

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for in nerja Hema heal the jahannam the Hellfire will be his refuge. That's where he's going cos clear.

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You prefer the life of this Didn't you transgress, that's where you're going.

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And then the second category

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was a man Hall from apama be when the handcuffs on him.

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For inner agenda he'll malwa whoever

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fears the status of his Lord subhanho wa Taala

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overcomes the whole of the lust and the desires from within the soul. He overcomes it.

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He controls it

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Well for Allah subhana wa Tada, so I'm only pleased with him.

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He overcomes the lesson that all of us have it. It's natural. Every human being is created with it, but he overcomes it and he feels the status of his Lord. What's the outcome for him the agenda, he will not work, the agenda will be as refuge. There are also panels out to make us all from the people who agenda and protect us from the hellfire.

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So panela

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the deeds that we take forth with us

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to the hereafter

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when everyone dies,

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do you know what their one wish is going to be?

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When people die?

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What is going to be the one wish that everybody had the one thing that alosa pinata mentioned the Quran when the people die?

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To go back

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to go back and do what for you to look at.

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sadaqa or build your own.

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Nearly Amazon perhaps I'll do some good deeds. And the other verse. unfair Kumara Zakouma Akuma kabaya Tia Docomo for your call for biloela hopeton Isla Jalan Caribbean for subak Baku masala hain

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the say when he does Robbie, if you can send me back,

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he'll just timeout ended up comes timeout Just let me just let me go go give some some data and be from the pies for a little while then that Angel of Death come back.

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After a lot Who knows?

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If the time comes, nobody's gonna have that second chance.

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This year one is what I wanted to remind myself and the brothers of and that is

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the reality of our deeds,

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the relative our deeds in his dunya

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and the outcome of our deeds, Yeoman piano and what's going to happen

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with what we bring forth from OPM, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. And they are also part of what's out to make us all from those who reflect on the reality of this dunya and take advantage from the time we have in order to prepare for that great day when we stand in front of the last panel.