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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The legality of the cannabis industry is discussed, with some countries not allowing the legal use of THC or CBD, and certain drugs considered recreational. purifying oneself and avoiding negative comments about one's lifestyle is crucial, and legalization in countries with legal recreational use of cannabis is necessary. There is a need for legalization in countries with legal recreational use of cannabis, and YouTube videos and YouTube channels offer topic suggestions.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters, yesterday, I promised that today we would speak about weed. Now, this is not the touch weed. This is actually the cannabis. And I'm sure that a lot of you know that across the globe, there is a discussion about whether it should be legal or not with some of the countries legalizing it, some legalizing its

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growth plantation.

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However, what we need to know is

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yes, while there are medicinal properties that have been confirmed, within the extract of the cannabis plant or leaf,

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known as CBD or THC for medicinal purposes,

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there is a recreational purpose that some think that just because it's allowed in certain places, so we can just go for it. And it's okay, you know. So the example of this is similar to that of other things that are legal, perhaps in countries but we wouldn't partake of it, or drink from it, or eat or consume from it because of it, you know, being unacceptable. from another angle, if you believe that so if you're a Muslim, you would believe in toxic ins are not permissible. You wouldn't drink alcohol. And if you did, you would actually repent for it.

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Because that's what Islam has stipulated and not just Islam, there are a lot of others who also believe it's bad for the health.

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In Islam, it's actually disallowed, you know, the drinking of intoxicants or the taking of any intoxicants. So even if a lot of it were to intoxicate you, a little bit of it is still disallowed. Now, it's just like, the other drugs that we have that are pharmaceutical drugs, where

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if a person is to take them, some of them

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because they are not well, and because in a way that they have been prescribed by the experts of medicine,

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the same would apply to this, if it is allowed in your country. If it is legal in your country, then it doesn't mean that you can just abuse it. So we do not condone the abuse of these drugs that may be legal, even if it's off the shelf drugs, even if it's just cough mixture. People who abuse cough mixture are guilty of doing something wrong. The same applies to prescription drugs, sometimes Pepperdine, and various other injections that people become addicted to. And they abuse these and they take them when it's not necessary or needed from a medicinal perspective. In that case, it would not be allowed it would be illegal, even from a country perspective. And it will also be

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unacceptable from a religious perspective. The body is yours to look after. And it belongs to Allah ultimately, and we shouldn't be doing anything that would cause damage to it knowingly.

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So when it comes to something when it comes to cannabis, for example, like I say, you know, the smoking of it is never beneficial in in the Islamic sense,

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the medicinal properties are acknowledged, and at the same time if need be, and that is legal, wherever you are, and it's prescribed or whether it's from a herbalist or whether it's from some other expert for a condition that you may be facing, then it has been proven to be effective, if it is taken in the correct way. You know, you need to find more detail of that out CBD t THC, etc. and how to take it but not the smoking of it. SubhanAllah you know, the recreational part of it. It's like normal cigarettes, for example. We would say that even though it's on the shelves in a lot of countries and some have banned it, some cities are smoke free. It doesn't mean that because it's

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available on a national level or in your country, that it's suddenly good for you or it's even permissible.

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In the same way this and many other things, you know, we have, for example,

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adultery is perhaps allowed in a lot of countries but that doesn't make it okay for you and I who would like to stay away from it.

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And the same applies to other sins that are there, you know, immorality even to say words that might be

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No in terms of morality and,

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like swear words, abusive words, it might not be illegal to a certain extent. But from a religious perspective, it's not what we should be doing. And we should stay away from those words, opt for clean words, opt for a clean diet, opt for that which is clean halaal. And by human, it needs to be held on one hand, and it needs to be played pure and good. On the other. So we opt for these words, and we opt for this type of lifestyle, a clean lifestyle, a beautiful lifestyle, that which is free from anything that we would consider degrading even in the least, or if not degrading the net, which is bad, perhaps or that which is not completely pure and good. So let's understand this, my brothers

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and sisters, a lot of people don't like to talk about weed and a lot of people don't admit that it has medicinal properties for those who require it, for those who need it for those whom it is prescribed for in a way that it is prescribed. And also making sure that it's legal in your country, don't come and say I encouraged you when it's illegal. And then when you get caught, I'm sorry, you know, you're, if it's banned in where you are, then you're in trouble. So we're talking of people who have just said, Oh, now that it's legal, and it's okay, you know, the countries have legalized it. So, you know, let's just have it and they have the cigarettes made of cannabis and everything

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else. Remember to purify yourself, that's not the way it should be. That's not how it is. But rather, we must make sure that we abstain from that which is not absolutely needed and necessary. So I thought this was a very important clarification. Many people, many people are asking me about weed, people are saying family members are just smoking it and you know, claiming that it's okay. Please read up about how dangerous and damaging it is, if you were to smoke it, and

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how or what it does to you. In fact, those countries that perhaps may have legalized the social and recreational use of it would probably have to arrive at some form of refinement of those laws to ensure that, you know, the public order is maintained and so on. So what I'm saying is, from a religious perspective, unless it's absolutely needed in a way that it's needed, it's considered similar to those drugs that are prescription drugs. It's considered similar to the other drugs that are abused, even coding is being abused, I believe, and so many other drugs, I'm sure those who know know, and those who are in the middle of medical field would know as well. But this is something

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that I felt was to be addressed. People have either this extreme or that extreme, when it comes to their views regarding

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weed but I'm giving you an enlightened opinion based on

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you know, the knowledge that we have been given May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us purity and help us I don't know if people who've used you know,

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the cannabis extract in a proper way with this with a very strict diet. And they've been helped when it comes to epileptic fits, they've been helped when it comes to eradicated them actually. And I know of quite a few, they've also had their tumors reduced and eradicated at times. I know mitts and might disagree with this you know, the typical medical school won't teach you this but it is an alternative sometimes people need to go into even cancerous tumors etc. There are people I'd like you to read up about this online and see what it's all about. But I've given you the religious perspective and I think it's been very balanced with when it is needed, in a medicinal way in a

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specific way. How it is has been prescribed, the extract of it can be beneficial, when it is legal where you are, don't do something illegal. And when it comes to the recreation and the you know, social smoking of it and all that we should abstain from that may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant all our brothers and sisters goodness and purity and cure from all their sicknesses and diseases. That's my message for today. I had promised and inshallah I hope to be back again tomorrow with another beautiful message. I'm going to be posting this up on YouTube. So you can check out the channel. Mufti menk, aro x meaning slash Mufti menk ro x inshallah Baraka Luffy comm shukran for

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all your topic suggestions, and hope to see you again soon, Santa Monica

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