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In this lesson, let's use for tools

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like something that you would be

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you need to change. So then this is the tool that you use to open something up. And obviously, it's a key.

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But the point is, is that a key, which unlocks the door ASIC, the word for T, means that thing that opens that causes an opening, right? This is different from unlocking. If you think about that.

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Other words, the metaphor is much stronger, and

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the key is unlock the secrets. But the idea of

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the one who opens

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summer is the key to getting the product or the opening. So that's, that's, in other words, if you want products from Allah, then the key is Sapa. In other words, if you don't have the stock, you can't open it. So like right now, the oma is there is no product, but if you look at the Omen, there's no sub is there a suburb then you could have the thoughts, and part of silver patients is that you don't complain.

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So you have to stop complaining and, and literally be patient. Because

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if you're complaining, you're being patient,

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unless the complaint is what they call out of the hat, which is just that you're not complaining, you're just letting somebody know what the conditions are. That's different. That is, it's like, Woe is me. Why is this happening to me, and this is horrible. And now, lemon McNally says that this is one of the most important bags of knowledge. It's called revenue. So I'm going to give you the massage that he laid out.

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The key

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the key the prayer is.

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rock says if you have presence in your elbow, you'll have presence in your prayer this year heedless about your widow, about your prayer. And one of the things about modern Muslims is that they don't do

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it anymore. They do it in a bathroom, and they just want to get it over with so they can go play. And the point is we'll do is a spiritual preparation for prayer. So it's

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for prayer.

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The key to have is entering into the state of the heart.

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So if you do that head on properly, then you've opened the door to the head

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of South Africa, the key to righteousness is charity.

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Lenten out of principle not to have known you won't get righteousness until you give out integrity. So there's

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a sadhaka Mr. hogen Now

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the key to Paradise is to

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know obviously every key has a slim

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so the tool itself

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like the key to Hodges head on but then it has teeth to it. So there's obviously other things, but that is the key that opens up. So with Caitlyn Jenner

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in person is to add what is

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Aha. The key to knowledge is asking intelligent questions and learning how to listen attentively.

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the key to victory this patient or the key to gain what you want is patient alpha several alpha soveral Alpha Sabra

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covered over my credo over Toka

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with patience, you will gain whatever you desire

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with supply you can bend iron

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as sugar

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to increase in this world out of Boca Chica calm,

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not allowed to clap if you show gratitude to our law, ally increases in you

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have good is sugar clarity. If you want increase in good of this world and the next, then the key is sugar.

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The key to the lie becoming law and

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with Victor is love and remembrance of Allah.

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That's how you will enter into a state of

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love of Allah messenger and our law and Vicar of Allah love of Allah and His Messenger as well.

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Let's start

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the key to success is taqwa.

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The people of taqwa are the people of Fela,

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Fela success in this world and the next is cup ba,

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ba, ba ba.

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The key to a lot which is where your will is in accordance with the laws will is

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is understanding desire, what you desire, and what you should naturally have an emergency. So the football gets tough when it inclines towards what I was commanded it to do, and

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Allah encouraged us to play so that's what I'm about. And if you pay on time, you're more than that thing.

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A lot causes us to feel certain things.

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In doing the right thing. So

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designing the right things and hearing the right things leads to a lot we're considered more

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the key to getting response from a lot is calling on

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call on

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your answer you.

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The key to entering into the presence of

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it is the key to be aware of the Divine Presence is the heart entering into submission to our law.

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And then love and then sincerity in what you love and you hate. In other words, you love things for the sake of Allah and you hate things for the sake of Allah. That's the key to being present with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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And then

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this is a really important one, the key to life of the heart, the heart to life.

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Reflecting on the meanings of the Quran,

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calling on a lesson before dawn

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and stopping wrong action

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you'll see a difference

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you know to lose

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tip number four I'm reflecting on the meanings of

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Kabbalah and the

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Kabbalah means to, really to,

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to fervently seek help or

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Allah says in the Quran that you give people tribulation is

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in order for them to

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plead with Allah to really change me, help me, save me. And so doing that at dawn, before dawn pre dawn time

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is leading.

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And then he said

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the key to gaining mercy from our law is being evaluated properly

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and helping creation

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that's where you get the LACMA because Allah said he was actually service activator had been living with cocoon, where his mercy incomes everything but he'll ride it for people who have couple and Taka is a guy that when you have Taqwa you have

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and then also our rock and roll man

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have made up the

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show mercy Allah, the black man shows mercy him and then show mercy on those in the earth and mercy on you. So that's the key to LACMA is to have a vida and then to benefit the creation of Allah to show mercy and have,

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evangelist that Huck was safe enough.

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And then we've got our risk assignment.

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The key provision is to go out and get it that day.

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So that's the key to provision to go out and search for it, look for it, but do it with water because the nature going into the world is you're going to get

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and so if you make it Step four, it'll counterbalance the need that you acquire in the world. The stuffing is

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the key to dignity in this life is obedience to Allah. That's the key. And Omar said that no common law but Islam

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were people that Allah gave us as with Islam, and if we see

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a lot

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of sentiment

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rest of the section here. And then you said, Mr. wholeness, the advancement after

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the key to getting ready for Africa is having

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short hopes.

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Live long if you want to prepare for I don't think I've got lots of time that believe that you're going to die any minute and that's the key to preparing for it. And then Mr.

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Mr. Hayden

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the key to every good is desire of the next world just like the key to every evil is desire of this world.

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And then

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a good dinner so that's that's it, those are the Missa tee and I'll tell you there's a lot of knowledge in those Misaki there are a lot of knowledge, so inshallah when that

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the key to evil is

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love of dunya

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Where did we get to last week?