The Last Jumuah for the Month of Ramadan 1444h 2023

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I begin by praising Allah azza wa jal Rapala el Amin, the Lord of all was the exalted the majestic and I asked him to send his choices of blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was a lamb, his family members his companions, and every single individual who treads on his path the prophets but with the class with sincerity, until the end of time, media respected elders and brothers in Islam. I begin by reminding myself by enjoying upon myself and then all of you all who have gathered here for salatu Juma to adopt a life of Taqwa. And that is to be conscious of your makeup to instill this consciousness of Allah azza wa jal into your

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life, to the extent that it permeates your entire life, every facet of your life, every second of your life. And you must do this, if you wish to attain victory, if you wish to attain success in this world as well as the next May Allah subhana medalla make us all from the people of Toccoa and make him make us from the victorious and successful ones. I mean.

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A few weeks ago, I think you would recall when I delivered my last sermon here, the title was what if this is my last Ramadan and it was just a few days before the month of Ramadan began. And in that sermon, I said, I spoke about preparing yourself for the month of Ramadan, getting ready to welcome the month of Ramadan to try and do as many good deeds as possible during the month of Ramadan. And I also mentioned that it's going to pass by so fast

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that it leave us quickly and we will all be telling one another Subhan Allah the month of Ramadan came and it went.

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And here we are. The last Ramadan, the last Friday the last Juma for this month of Ramadan, it went past very fast.

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We pray that Allah azza wa jal accepts our fasting during this month. I mean, our time during this month, I mean, our reading of the Quran, our sadaqa, our charity, our a badass and we also pray that Allah blesses each and every one of us with good healthy and productive lives to attain many more Ramadan in the future. I mean,

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so for today's sermon, I'd like to touch on something very important. Many people complain about the difficulty of maintaining the momentum after Ramadan

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during Ramadan, you see the masajid overflowing

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Salah out to Fajr be it for Salah to moderate be for Salah to Asia be and then Tada we complain

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and the hearts

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of the people are soft. But just a few hours after the passing of the month of Ramadan it doesn't even have to be days. Let's say the day of Eid passes by. Many people begin to feel and realize their hearts hardening so they complain about their hearts hardening. They complain about the drying up of tears during the month of Ramadan. It's easy to break down in front of Allah. It is easy to pour your heart out to Allah and cry and beg and plead your do ours are so

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emotional. But then outside of Ramadan you feel your DUA has to be dry. You feel the void of emotion void of any spiritual connection. So many people complain Oh, we fasted the entire month. We stood in we read the Quran, there was this beautiful relationship with the Quran. We were focused on trying to read as much from the Quran as possible. We want you to ponder reflect on the words of our maker, we turn to Allah in Toba

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we make still far so much is still far we gave out so much of charity. But now why after the month of Ramadan, we are no longer able to save the sweetness of very bad we're no longer able to savor the sweetness of doing good deeds of reading the Quran. Why why my dear

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brothers in Islam

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it is because of the No but well Maha say

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it is because of since

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there was once a man who goes to Hollywood of the Allahu Anhu and he complains the same thing. Yeah, highly.

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I'm finding it difficult to fast. I'm finding it difficult to read the Quran and finding it difficult to

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Pray. I'm finding it difficult to give out sadaqa I'm finding it difficult to give out my Zakah i Li Radi Allahu Allah and you know what he said? He looks at the man and he says, Yeah, Roger.

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And Roger alone, called the coin here that kazoo book.

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Oh man, you are an individual

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who has been shackled by his sins. May Allah protect us. You're being anchored down, you're being you're weighed down by your sins and that is why your heart has hardened. That is why you're finding it difficult to turn to Allah. That is why you're finding it difficult to savor the sweetness of ADA

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Abdullah epidermis, ruderal, your loved one who he says in Maine, y'all don't know. But who can hookah I don't the javelin, your call for Angelica I lay. Indeed the believer The Mothman he sees sins like a mountain.

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On top of him, he's seated under under a mountain. And he's always there is this fear gripping him? This mountain is going to collapse on me. This mountain is going to come crashing down on me. We're in alpha j. And then Eminem has Rhodiola one who he says Indeed, indeed, the larger. The larger is the vicar, the individual. The wrongdoer the transgressor he looks at since y'all don't know but who can do Bobby marala and fee he looks at sins like you know a fly crossing his his nose, he just Pat's it away. He just taps it away. He's not concerned about it. But the believer

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he doesn't matter to him whether it's a major sin or a minor sin, He is not concerned about sin being major or minor or the number of sins, the believer What is he concerned about? Who am I displeasing not the what? It can be a minus in it can be a major sin but who am I displeasing? Allah? Allah, my maker, I'm displeasing him, the one I love so much the one who loves me so much. So my dear brothers in Islam,

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in the few minutes that I have with you all.

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And as we bid farewell to this beautiful month, the month of Ramadan,

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I want to fill your hearts with hope.

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There are a few narrations of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that capture

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the last individuals to enter paradise.

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The last individuals

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and we're not talking about

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individuals in the sense

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now we have but about 7 billion human beings. We're not talking about the last human being now. No, we're talking about from the time of Adam malice that to salaam until the last human being to set foot on the face of this earth. Well Allahu Allah with regards to the number only Allah knows the number.

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Here we're talking about the last individuals to tend Jana now there are a few Hadith and you know, across the month I've been sharing different narrations from the from this collection. Today I'd like to share a few.

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Abu Huraira the Allahu Anhu he reports that

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I'm sorry, the hadith is recorded in the Book of Imam,

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even a magi remember, tell me if I'm not mistaken, on the day of Tiama when Allah subhanho wa Taala has finished judging mankind. May Allah is the reckoning on that day, there'll be two individuals left, there'll be two individuals left.

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Now from the two one will be commanded to

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be taken to Jannah.

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And the other individual will be commanded to be taken to Johanna May Allah protect us all. Just imagine, the verdict is given by whom that but not by any worldly judge, not by any corrupt system. By Allah, not an iota, not an atom's weight of injustice will be served on that day, and the command will be given drag this individual to jahannam.

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This man,

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as he is being now taken away, as per the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will keep turning and looking back at Allah.

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He will keep turning and looking back at Allah. He'd be looking at Al Jabbar Rabbil Alameen, the Compeller the Lord of all worlds, the Exalted and as he keeps turning back and turning back and turning back he will be called back and it will be asked, Why are you

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Turning back. Why do you keep turning back? And then he blamed bakers and he pleads your law. Your food yeah Rahim. oh merciful one, or kind one over dude. The one who is loving

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the one who as far as the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is more loving and more beloved unto us than our own mothers.

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Yeah, Allah. I was hoping that you will admit me into paradise. I was hoping that you will admit me into paradise. And at that juncture due to the infinite mercy of Allah, the sheer Mercy of Allah, the sheer kindness of Allah subhanahu wa ala, Allah azza wa jal give a command that this individual will be sent to be sent into Jana, to be sent into paradise, a man who was doomed to Johanna, but because of the Mercy of Allah, because of the kindness of Allah, He will be admitted into Jana. There's another Hadith that talks about another individual. And this is why I said it's a collection of a hadith that talks about the last individuals to enter Jannah this individual,

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what will happen to him is that he will almost be put into the fire of jahannam. So as per that hadith, he will walk once he will stumbled once and he will be burned by the fire once and somehow he will cross pass the fire and make it away from the fire because it was not decided that he'd be put into jahannam. But he was almost put into jahannam.

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And after being burnt once, perhaps as a form of purification, and now he has moved away from the blazing fire of Jahannam he will say, he will cry out and adoration goes along the lines of these words Alhamdulillah he will say bless it be the one who has saved me from this fire of jahannam. Allah has blessed me with something that he has given

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to no one from mankind, it would be such a relief for him to escape from the fire of Johanna. Now at that juncture as he makes his way from the fire of Jana, a tree will be raised up

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and he will look at that tree longingly a beautiful tree with a lovely shade. And he will cry out young Allah Rob, Oh Allah, bring me closer to this tree, so that I may sheltered in its shade and drink of its water. Allah azza wa jal, he will address that servant of his and he will say yeah, but Adam,

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perhaps if I answer this dua of yours, this wish of yours, you will go on to ask me something else after that. The man will try out no your Allah, I will not ask you anything else. Just get me to this tea tree please I beg of you, Ya Allah, His do our will be answered and the man will be permitted to fall by the tree by the shade of that tree. Now as he is by that tree, he will suddenly see another tree a lot more beautiful, a lot more sweet smelling a beautiful tree and then again his heart will yearn to get distance himself from the burning fire of jahannam. And to make it to the next tree, he will again cry out Ya Allah.

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I would like to make it to that tree. And at that juncture, Allah subhanahu wa taala will address

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this individual. You have been Adam, did you not promise me that you would not ask me for anything else when your previous dua was answered?

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And then Allah will say perhaps now if I bring you nearer to this tree, you will again ask me for something else, the man will say know Ya Allah, I just want to make it to distri. And his dua will be answered, He makes it to the secondary. And then now there is a third tree that pops up and again, his heart is yearning and wanting and that is the nature of men. That is the nature of men.

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Are we ever content? Are we ever satisfied? If somebody were to give you a mountain of gold, would you be satisfied? No, you start working towards the next mountain of gold. If you have one river of gold, would that satisfy our desires? Now? This is the nature of man.

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So now the third tree grander, loftier, more beautiful, and the man cries out, yeah, Allah got me access to that tree.

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And again, Eliza didn't say Oh, my slave, you promised me that you would not ask me anything. And here you are asking me again. Now if I were to answer this to our viewers, you will ask again. The macro said no.

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And he will be permitted again you can how merciful our Maker is look at how kind he is. As we bid farewell to this month of Ramadan I want you to bid farewell with hope in the Mercy of Allah with hope in the love of Allah with hope in the kindness of Allah azza wa jal and do not take any of this for granted my dear brothers in Islam, so even this dua will be answered and now as he makes it to the third tree, he can see the gates of Jana. He can hear be inhabited.

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So Jana, the people of Jana frolicking and merrymaking and laughter and happiness and his heart cannot contain it at heart. His heart is yearning for Jana and he cries out Yala, admit me to Jana. And then once again, Allah azza wa jal will address him who my slave. You promised me not to ask me anything. And here you are asking me again. Would it make you happy?

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If I were to admit you into a Jenner, that is better than 10 times this world. This man is going to be dumbfounded. He cries out here Hola. Are you making a mockery out of me? Hola. Are you making fun of me Allah? Are you mocking me Allah? And Allah azza wa jal will respond no, I'm not mocking you. I'm not making fun of you. And at this juncture, the narrator of the Hadith he smiles he remembers Rudra the Allahu I'm not mistaken. And then he looks at the people around him and he says, Will you not ask me why I'm smiling and then everybody around him asked him Yeah, but it was rude. Why are you smiling? Then a venomous Rojo. The Allahu Anhu says that this is a particular category of a

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hadith where the actions of the Prophet also captured. He says, When the Prophet told us the Hadith, he smiled, and we all ask the Messenger of Allah Ya rasool Allah, why are you smiling? And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Allah will smile, Allah, Allah will smile. And he will say, Oh, my slave, I'm not mocking you. I'm not making fun of you. I am horrible. I mean, I am the Lord of all worlds I can I can do whatever I wish, whatever I want. And this man will be admitted into Jannah Allah

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as they come to the end of the sermon by the brothers in Islam, I want to play the role of a guide,

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a guide

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and I want to give you

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a glimpse of Jannah as we bid farewell to the month of Ramadan, I want to give you a glimpse of Jana now, obviously Jana paradise Mala I

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know I have seen what are also known Sami, no ear has heard what a hotter Allah called be Basha? No, it hasn't crossed the mind of any human being. You can have the most imaginative of minds and you can imagine all you want with regards to gender you can imagine all you want, but you should know that Jana the Paradise is beyond that. It is beyond that.

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Imam Abdullah Ibrahim Rahula. In his books, he writes about a beautiful day in Jannah called Yama, Z, Yama, mercy. And in his books he mentions

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what insight there were in South Africa and young men moseyed was the era till ISIS al Hamid war obiettivo to Hila Hill Manasa and itams 11 should be come on the Walkera anisotropically Must do whether Ilica module don't say he was soon an evil Messiah need. He says if you were to ask about your World Magazine, now what is your magazine many brothers in Islam your members eat? Young means day and mozzie it means increase your mama's eat the day of increase was the other thing as easily Hamid and visiting Allah on that day? What do you what he what he loved him? Manasa and the siting of the face of Allah, the word of Allah there is no comparison Unto Allah and as the committee

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making shade come at our Torah is so detailed must do and this has been reported authentically from Saudi called must do from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whether Nikka module them who say he was in an evil misogyny and you can find this captured across narrations in the books of a hadith in the se ha in the misogyny then in the Sunnah and

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and I'm now going to summarize the the entire narration and narrate it all unto you in sha Allah Allah. I want you to imagine my dear brothers in Islam sit now as you are in this congregation as we bid farewell to the month of Ramadan. I want you to imagine that we are all in Jannah May Allah make us from the people of Jana. I mean, I mean, we are all now seated in Jannah of Akbar. We are seated in Jannah with our family members who have passed on with our friends who have passed on, and most importantly we are with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who we are with the Companions Ridhwan light Allah Allah Majima in Abu Bakr Siddiq are the hola one woman Avella kata Gabriella one. I

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don't even have any authority but on the hola one. Well, it's mine even as far as I know the Allah who I'm we are with the companions of the Prophet sallallahu

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Are you ready for celeea with the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who loved us so dearly, who cried for us?

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Yeah Almighty Almighty Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa. Now as we are all gathered in Jannah, the rivers of Jannah the trees of Jana the beauty of Janna, nothing in this world can be compared to the beauty of Jana merrymaking we're laughing, we're happy, we're relieved. Our hearts are pure. Our hearts are going to be like the hearts of birds.

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And then he says in El buena de una de in at that juncture, there will be

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a caller who will you know that he will call out.

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A caller will call out at that juncture suddenly as we are all merrymaking and we are happy there will be a caller who will call out Yeah, hello, Jana. Oh, people have Janna there will be this announcement or people of Jana. Indeed, your Lord has asked that you visit him Allah.

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Your Lord has asked that you visit him that you visit ALLAH SubhanA wa Hanna. And we will all at that juncture respond to some and water Eitan. We hear we listen and we obey. And we will all gather just imagine my dear brothers in Islam in this worldly life when you get a letter from an important office.

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Let's say you've gotten a letter from the president's office, asking you to visit him. We did not take it importantly,

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a worldly ruler is asking you to visit him. Let's say you're working for a big company. And the CEO of the company writes to you saying visit me. Would you not take it importantly, would you take it lightly?

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Here we're talking about Robben Island in the Lord of all worlds, the King, the ruler, and he has said, I want you all to visit me. So we will all immediately get up and now we will make our way towards the scholar. And as we are making our way My dear brothers in Islam, we will be guided towards a valley, a huge valley. And as we make it to that valley, and we have all gathered there, there'll be a little bit of anxiety. We will be anxious. Why are we being called and why this anxiety? We're scared we're worried are we going to be taken away from Jana? Allah has given us all of this why are we being called at this juncture? You know, there's this bit of insecurity if you

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And then the arsh of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be brought and at that juncture a light will fill the horizons and then suddenly Munna bearer, pulpits as per that narration

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no say bathla Who manorbier Minoo Mullah Berman look no mana vermin subversion mana Berman, the hub mana Berman football, there will be pulpits of light pulpits of gold pulpits of emerald pulpits of silver

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and all kinds of precious metals popping up for the congregation to sit down after the arch of Allah is brought after a light breaks out these pulpits will be formed and we will now take our places we will all sit

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and at that juncture My dear brothers in Islam we will be talking to one another has Allah subhanho wa Taala not whitened our faces has he not made us happy? What is happening? Why? Why have we been summoned? Why have we been called. Now at this juncture when the light is breaking out across the horizons? We will obviously be taken aback just imagine it's a huge spectacle, light breaking out. And at that juncture, Allah azza wa jal will address each and every one of us.

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Allah Himself will address us now not through any color or announcer It is Allah. Yeah, hello, Jana, Salah Nayeli come, oh, people have Jana made peace be unto you. And at that juncture in unison we will all cry out because there is no other no better response to the greeting of Allah than to say, Allah who this

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you will eat Krong Allahumma Anta Salam, O Allah you are peace will Minka Salam and pieces from you. Tada.

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When the crop glory be unto you Praises be unto you, we will glorify Allah, we will magnify our line we praise Allah at that juncture. Now Allah azza wa jal smiling at this juncture, he will address us and He will say, Yeah, hello, Jana. Oh people of Jana.

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Where are my slaves who worshipped me without seeing me who prostrated unto me without seeing me? We prostrate on a daily basis we go to sudo without seeing Allah azza wa jal where are these slaves of mine and then Allah will say ha Yo Mama Z today is the day of mercy. Today's the day of increase, ask whatever you want and your wish will be granted.

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We will all cry out your Allah you have given us everything, your white and our faces. You've admitted us into jail now what more can we ask? Allah will say Hatha Yoga mozzie today's the day of increased us and then we would all cry out in unison Yeah, Allah be pleased with us. And Allah azza wa jal who say Oh my slaves, if it were not for my pleasure, if it were not for the fact that I'm pleased with you, you will not be here. If you are here, then you should know that I am pleased with you. Hi, Johanna mozzie the today's the day of increase, ask what you wish.

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And then we will all cry out my dear brothers in Islam, Allah arena what you hack, show us your face.

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And Allah azza wa jal he tells us anything that we ask, our donors are going to be answered. So at that juncture, my dear brothers in Islam, the veils will be lifted, the Hojo the hijab will be lifted, the whales will be lifted and we will be able to look at the face of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah and Allah will will that the light of his face should not burn us should not engulf us we will be able to witness the face of ALLAH SubhanA medalla his face there is no

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nothing in comparison to eat laser committee he shade we will be able to see his face my dear brothers in Islam. Abu Musa lashari Radi Allahu Anhu he narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in Allah La Jana indeed Allah does not sleep

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your Fedora Pistoia wire foul he raises the scales of things and he lowers it hijab who knew his bail is made of light? Loud cashoffer Hula Harakat super hard to watch he Manta, highly bizarre whom in halting. If he were to lift the veil of his face, the light from the face of Allah would burn every single creation to the extent of where Allah can see and is anything hidden from Allah my dear brothers in Islam, that would mean that every single creation would be engulfed in the light of Allah. But on that day on Yo Mama Z, Allah azza wa jal will, that his light should not burn us should not destroy us, and we will be able to witness the countenance the face of our beloved maker.

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Every day in this worldly life, we worshipped him without seeing him because he is an alibi. But on that day, we will be able to witness the pleasure of Allah, the face of Allah. And my dear brothers in Islam, no reward, no blessing, nothing will come close to this particular reward and this particular blessing in comparison. So my dear brothers in Islam, this is what our hearts need to be fixated on. The fact that as human beings we are going to sin Yes, because why we have been created between mistakes we have been created between forgetfulness and sin. But you should remember, Allah does not like sins. Allah likes Toba, Allah loves Toba. So therefore, whenever you slip, whenever

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you drift, as human beings we all slip we all drift we all get into temptations, we all get into desires shatta and makes us slip. You should immediately turn back to Allah and Allah is waiting to forgive you. Allah is waiting to engulf you with His mercy.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions once the mother will lost her child. She is frantically looking for her child. There's worry anxiety. Just imagine when a mother loses a child how worried she is looking for the child. They were about to perhaps help her. And then they see her supporting her child. And now she hugs her child and there is relief and happiness washing down her face. At this point, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he seizes the opportunity and he asks the Companions Oh my companions Do you think this mother? Do you think this mother would throw her child into the fire? The whole reply shockingly knowing how to sort of achieve would never

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do it. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says know that Allah is many, many more times more loving unto his servants than this mother is towards her child.

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Allah loves us more than our mother's mighty Acropolis in Islam. So fill your heart as you bid farewell to this month of Ramadan. fill your heart with the Mercy of Allah with the kindness of Allah with the love of Allah with hope in the Mercy of Allah. Look forward.

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To the next season of goodness, prepare yourself to make the most out of the next season of goodness and strive hard to do as many good deeds as possible to maintain the momentum even after the month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all to maintain the momentum after Ramadan. May Allah azza wa jal forgive us of our sins. May He accept our good deeds? Will he accept our fasting during this month of Ramadan? May He accept our May he accept the good deeds that we did during this month? And may He bless us all just as how he united us here in this Masjid may unite us in the beautiful and lofty gardens of Jenna and the companionship of our beloved prophet muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam usnm I mean I mean walk of Dawa and and hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen