Akram Nadwi – Obedience to Creation

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The negative impact of abusive mother on one's gender is discussed, as well as the limits of human power and the importance of praying for others. The speakers emphasize the need for women to be aware of their rights and allow their husbands to speak their language. The issue of pressuring women into marriage by their husbands is also discussed, with the speaker arguing that women have no absolute power over their husbands and that they are not the only ones pressured into marriage.
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he mentioned the story of the woman who had an abusive mother. My question is what what what had an abusive mother? Okay? I question is that if you have a mother who abuses you and disrespects you and pushes you towards sin,

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but then says that if you disobey her, you will never enter gender.

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How do you How should you behave in this kind of situation? You know, this is a very good question and you want to understand really, that in this world, nobody has got unlimited rights upon you. Nobody's got except Allah.

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You are owned by Allah. You are created by your his full slave, he can come up with anything like he's asked Ibrahim to slaughter his son, you can't ask him why you ask his absolute power of attorney unless you want to have absolute authority and absolute power upon you. Everybody is under the law, their authority, their power and their rights upon you, they are limited even the messenger Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who is the messenger referred protected masu are all the same, they still have his rights upon upon you are limited you are not supposed to obey Him in every single matter and the companies are the process and they knew it very very clearly. Like for Napa

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burrito the latter on her she got free the word rule in Islam with if somebody is slave

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and they are married to someone because of their Master Master married to someone else don't have any any will.

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Now when that person got freedom, then Islamic law is that person has got a will. Now he has to choose to keep that has been or not. The Berea got married to movies where she was slave. Now she became free now Islam has given her choice whether she wants to keep the marriage or to leave him alone marry someone else barrier the latter on her she did not like a movie she used to hating on movies and loved him her so much when she became free movies realized now he's she's going to leave him

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whenever she goes outside she'll he's not after her industry Medina crying crying begging her that don't leave me Don't daughter separate from me. And she determined she's going to leave. When the professor saw that he said he's coming Don't you see how much movies less barrier and how much bugs are here See? The profit disarmament soft hearted person? He said to barrier that he don't you see how much more He loves you and still you want to leave him to she said Is it your command or just your advice? It's not just my advice. He said no, then I'm not going to keep him. You see for our personality. It has his own limits he will liquor commodity you want to be not to the profit to the

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message what the human that is not necessarily people. If people listen then that's fine. But not necessarily he did not mind that but as I said then I'm not going to keep him hidden not a mind. I did that did not bring any customer either. People will think oh if I don't listen to properly because no nothing happened. She remained in a good woman pious woman she used to visit the province she became good teacher she one of the most learner woman in her time. Very, very pious person but she knows clearly distinct properly said most I just said when my grandfather

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you know Hasn't he became Muslim has an Arabic language in this harsh land. tough night nothing grows there. And the prophets were the one with peoples and even not very good. He will change into good name dinner Arabic language you know disinclined is barren harsh and tough it hasn't and opposes the sun Solomon's easily when everything to her husband became Muslim. The professor said to him, you know your eyes change your name to son. They said no, no, I'm not going to change the name that are given to my by my mother. I am not going to change it. The probably never mind those side you say? Because my grandfather do not accept the prophets advice. Until now. My family's very

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harsh, harsh has remained my family. That's fine. It could have happened something I couldn't be farther reason. When I've tried to say this is limited. Similarly a girl came to the house or parcel Alyssa she said to him at a decent ohare part of their Muslim and all she said to him that my father has forced me to marry to someone who I don't like the professor your marriage canceled. fathers have no right to force their daughters to marry the daughter don't like your mother and your father. They have right upon you but not unlimited. And one thing very clear in the in the Hadith as from the Quran, we know love ma see a lotta Allah Lucan, Fie ma see

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if anybody commands you to disobey Allah. You don't obey that person, simple matter, even your father, mother, anybody if Allah commanded to pray, and your

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don't pray, you have to pray. You're right if your Lord is more than right as your mother. So if your mother and father don't behave properly, in dose, you don't need to listen to them. But Quranic will still be nice to them.

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If they're commanded to do cofra, don't do cool. Maybe it hurts them. But anything else still be nice? Like, you know, give them money, give them gift, look after them care for them. But that, but you don't listen to them. If they insist upon, you know, if you don't listen to him, and not what to say, Don't worry, that make very clear to them. No, this is I've never got to listen to anybody. But you are my father, you are my mother, I will keep caring for you looking after you. That will happen. Similarly, for example, if a father forces a daughter to marry someone she didn't like, to she can make clear, no, this is my right. You can't force me. But still, I will love you and respect

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you as my father, either last month a call but this is out of your rights. This is not your right. This is not your right upon me. You know, if I listen this, if I don't listen, unless they've given me for three, not fully, we'll do it to the eyes that understand properly, your fathers have no right to force you for marriage, and five minutes in your life you choose. And when people become adult, then they basically become independent. Therefore pirate or their right outside can very limited because you're grown until you depend upon them. their rights are much more but once you become more independent, the rights matter less and less. Do still you have to respect them, look

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after them care for them. Even if you don't need to listen to them. Is it clear to everybody to understand this properly? Same actually, problem occurs in UK I've heard so many times. Many women complain. their husbands said no, you are my wife. And wives have to listen to their husband. You can't go to the mosque.

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I said to the no this is not right. If the Prophet has no unlimited right, how does one have unlimited right? hazmats don't have a limit right husbands have limited has words only have a right over the matter the family meaning it in the family there must be one boss

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husband should consult her. But once husband decides something, then he should listen about the matter of the what has been said no, you know like fish. And I hate fish. They don't eat fish. What to do with you. She eats fish eats anything what to do with you, nothing to do with your family thing. You know, to her test, whatever she has, the birds have no right to force the voice to cook certain food or to eat certain things up to her. She wants to wear certain clothes to her test. She wants to speak certain language you can't force her to know You must speak you know with my student Arabic and Arabic a Quranic language. No.

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But you have no right to put out to become your wife. You can't say that hanafy mother with the best of mother comedy or Islam or

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maybe more difficult, but why your wife has to be hanafy. You know, you think mama does not think that maybe Maggie is not thinker but you think she thinks I don't understand how people think the theory model is now will be a thinker. He's a reader. How can you be leader be hanafy? How leaders can be leaders will be thinkers, they

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know that they also say he says insert your profit? How can I profit behind the future? Can you see if the fabric of supply is you know, he says I'm going to follow him over and if I

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didn't what will be what will happen? I don't understand how people think how Isa can follow Abu hanifa that is make any sense in the world. Somebody has revelation he for someone who has no revelation you know somebody I he follows a blind person and you think you know this you think this has to perhaps people have complained people have written this in their books this they're right that when Maddie will come here we have nothing on some of them right when he says he also has 102 eyes that people like blind like you I believe I don't believe in distance impossible. Never can happen. It really is a fabrication of the truth in his rhetoric never can open the door to make your

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wife 100 fuel molecule Shafi it's up to her to to any mother and if she wants it to be in the lunch, breakfast hanafy unless your time maleki and dinner time shopping because maybe dinner time you know she had you know all the you know seafood and in Shafi with all the seafood you know 100 feet mother they are not allowed to see one okay the nearer Elvish Shafi to I can eat anything you know but less time I'll be hanafy more anytime I want to be Maliki that's fine. You know when it comes to cleaning purity, I become Maliki because you know molecule molecule is very easy for the women for purity in the head. They can read the Quran, they can come to interact to mosque pass by your old toaster, I

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mullikin by in the prayer I'm fine. What what would have to do with her choice, she is going to allow to to Allah, Allah, whatever she does nothing to do with her husband husband have no power no authority no right to impose any madhhab under wives. It absolutely their choice. To understand this district properly. Two people are mixing between things

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Nobody has got any absolute authority of power, hour right over any creation except Allah subhanaw taala even the messengers and prophets, they don't have absolute right over the people, the neighborhood

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