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In the perpetual battle between good and evil, how do we avoid the seductions of false gods and the pitfalls of groupthink? This episode expounds on the prophetic tradition that reveals the spiritual vaccine to the current plague of nihilism and moral relativity: rejection of the profane and clinging to the sacred.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Maha Nina for the earth in wolfelt and adelphia casati. In along that alumna Maria verano for an OB marlington was in a Elma Al Hamdulillah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope everybody's well, Allah subhanaw taala protect and bless all of you, wherever you are. on the line. In the first podcast, we had over 82 countries that actually, so I know I'm speaking in the United States, and sometimes we tend to be a little America centric. So my apologies to all the people in other parts of the world, I do take that into consideration. I want to look at a text message that's related in the psyche.

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It's really an extraordinary Hadeeth I mean, all the prophets icims had these are extraordinary, because he was extraordinary in every sense, but this Hadith, I think, has a lot to tell us about the time that we're in. The Hadith is from her they've been earlier man, and he says, probably Allahu anhu he was one of the great Sahaba he says, Yeah, oldal canon Nasser, yes. eruna Rasul Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam anheier Welcome to esatto Anna Shara, Mahabharata and you directly aka tiara surah Allah. in Kona, Vidya hadiah, Tim will shatter the jar and Allah will be hard and higher, the hell badder, harder Herrmann Shah, this hadith begins in which who they've been

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early man, and he was somebody who was really concerned about the signs of the latter days. And he asked the Prophet constantly and a lot of the Hadees, about the fitten, in the latter days are from who they are. But he said that the people were asking the Prophet about good, but I asked him about evil, out of fear that I might end up confronting it. And so I said, O Messenger of Allah, we were in this age of ignorance, the idea and shatter, loss or evil, and then Allah brought this good to us. Is there after this good, more evil? And the prophets? I said, I'm Allah Nam. Yes. And then how they've assessed put to hell by the dedica, sharp Manhattan on an arm. And then he said, Is there

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after that evil good again? And he said, Yes, or V done. And then he said, but it is done and Dan Doohan in Arabic is smoke. And there's actually a chapter called the chapter of smoke. And right now, we're in the Bay Area, and we've had a lot of smoke. So it's a horrible thing. When smoke afflicts you are up an extra for anila, there been a moment known as in sort of a Doohan, what you say when you're afflicted by smoke, but dehaan is what after there's been a conflagration of fire done is what is left over on the things that affected the fire affected. So the proposition was indicating that these fits now would happen, but there would be the remnants of the fit. And so the

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higher would not be pure like it was when it'll have the effects of the fire after it, and we'll put to warmer Donahoe. And then I said, What's the duck and because he understood this was a metaphor. So he wants to know what that metaphor was for. And so he said, omonia Duna be the radii hedgy 34 Minho, matondkar They are people who will guide with other than my guidance, and in Arabic, you can use heavy which means guidance, but you can also use it for evil, like to guide somebody down a wrong path. You know, yeah, he had a shatter, he guides him to evil. It can be used that way. That's what even Abby gemorah says in his commentary to it for Minho, Tonka, you will know there's some

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rule from them because like the martez, he died, were Muslims and they had a lot of good in them. But there was things tunecore there are things that you're going to reject from them also put to the head bad medical Herrmann sharp, and then is that after that good evil again, so they've wants to make sure Ana nom, do I tune into a Webby? jahannam preachers to the gates of hell, man, a jab boom ha ha other foofy her? Whoever responds to them, they will thrust them in the hell will to Jada Soto la Sif home Lana, oh messenger of Allah. describe them for us. In other words, tell us what they're like so that we might know them falcata home munjal decina your ticker lamona bl Sina, Tina, they

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are from us. munjal decina minute from our skin. You know, they look like us. We attack a pneumonia by alsina Tina and they will speak our language. So they're using our language up to fermata morani in a darkened yreka. So what do you command me to do if I should

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Ever see these people or that situation? audit tells me Jama utter muslimeen what emammal cling to the JAMA tenemos steemians. Notice he says jamatkhana muslimeen meaning cling to the majority of Muslims, you know the congregation and their leader, their Imam. Now for me I see this as divine inspiration. Because who given that he was at that time? I don't think he could have ever imagined there not being a Gemma or an Imam, but he did. And that's ill ham from Allah because he said to the enemy ukunda hunter Makaton would he Ma'am, what if there's no jamara? And no EMA? What if there's no congregation, no group, and there's no a mom on a fat tencel till kill Farah Kula, then avoid all

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of the sex. So se CTS sex? You know, these are the groups that all make their claims. Mr. Malik was asked how do we know them? He said they will use names other than musli mean, they'll call themselves to have like jamara this and jamara that which does not obviously involved like calling somebody a medic, you're a humble you're a Hanafi because those are valid teachers that you're associated with or their schools. But they're Muslim, like every Humbert he says I'm a Muslim, and he wants to be raised up as a Muslim, not outside of the Jamaat attend muslimeen. So that's what he said. He said, avoid all those groups. What are under our Bobby also the sheduled attend had a you

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direct a call mode. We're under anaesthetic, even if you have to bite onto the root of a tree until death comes to you. And that's your state. So I want to just think about this idea of binding onto the root of a tree. Like what does that mean? Because one of the ways that you destroy a people is you cut them off from their roots. That's what you do you sever the roots. So when you want to bonsai tree, do you know how to bonsai a tree, the Japanese learn that if you keep cutting the roots, the tree will never grow into its giant effulgent form. It'll just be a little bonsai tree that you can keep in your house on a shelf. It won't grow to give shade or fruit or any of those

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things. So cutting people off from their roots. So he was saying cling to the root of what's the tree, the tree of Islam. It's the root of the tree and what is the root of the tree tauheed to work on our law. trust in Allah don't trust in groups don't trust in ideologies, don't trust in anything anybody's going to tell you. Because they will sever you from your roots. And the roots are what nourish the tree. Without the roots, the tree has no nourishment. And so you can see if you want to do this, there's a step by step. First, you cut off the idea that we were created by God. I mean that look at humanity now being told, oh, you came from this, they claim there was like lightning

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struck a pond. And then this begins that even though they know you don't get DNA without RNA and you can't get RNA without DNA. It's a chicken egg problem. Where did it all come from? Where's the source? Even if you look, there's a very interesting interview with David berlinski. It was a really brilliant, he's a contrarian, he's a genius. And I don't think he takes a position. I think he considers himself an agnostic, maybe I think probably. But an agnostic is at least humble enough to say I don't know, because agnostic from the Greek gnosis without knowledge. So he's just saying, I don't know. But the atheist, there's an arrogance in the person that's claims that it's like a fetus

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in a womb claiming that there's no mom. I mean, this is what an atheist is like. So, David berlinski, who is a very brilliant philosopher and mathematician, there's very interesting interview with him and a very famous microbiologist and a mathematician on Hoover Institute. And one of the things that he points out and the microbiologist who had traditionally believed in evolution ends up really conceding to him that it is impossible for life to have emerged the way that the evolutionary biologist explained it. It's so astronomically out of any statistical reasonable argument, because it's much too complex. Darwin believe that the further down you went, the simpler it went. And what

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we're finding is the further down you go, the more complex it gets. In fact, one cell in your body contains more information than the entire to 25 million volumes that are in the library of code.

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Congress. I mean, these type facts, you know that I mean, that might be a bit of a hyperbole, but that's the truth. I mean, that complexity of the genetic code is so extraordinary. And so this idea that we just arose without design and without purpose is so antithetical to basic fitrah. We do not accept it, like I can't accept that. And it's not because I don't understand it. I've read enough about it. I had quite a bit of college level microbiology, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology. To me, it made a more convincing argument for me of the existence of God and not the opposite. And I know that there are scientists, but I really believe that it's a kind of

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confirmation bias that they're already atheist. And then they're just looking for excuses to justify their atheism. Now, you could say, well, I was already a believer, and I'm just looking for, well, okay, we'll, we'll all find out when we die, whose confirmation bias was confirmed. So you sever that connection, that they're a creation of God, and then you cripple their aspirations. In other words, you sever this desire, see, look at the word desire, desire comes from yearning for the heavens. I mean, if you look at the root of that in English, right, yearning for the heavens, and so human beings yearn for something outside of themselves. That's why people do drugs, and alcohol and

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all these because they want to get outside of themselves. It's called x asis. ecstasy is getting outside of yourself. And the self is what wears us down the ego, all these horrible things that disappoint us constantly as human beings. And so this desire to reach Allah subhanaw taala, is what the human being really wants. But there are forces in the world that are dark, demonic forces that are working to prevent this from happening. And they're from humans, and also the spirit world. There's a whole spirit world that exists alongside this world, but they have their there's a strategic alliance with people that are walking amongst us, the prophets I Sam says, toward the

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latter days, there will be shell pain in the forms of human beings. So they're literally shell thin. And so when you say like, somebody down to earth, down to earth, on the one hand, it means they're real. But there's another aspect of it of getting them down to earth. This is from a brilliant theologian who said that, you know, bring them down to earth, in other words, make their aspirations worldly and not otherworldly. So get them down to earth, and then cut off the idea that there is something inherent in their being. So remove this idea of having an essential human nature. So for instance, we believe that there's a filter of the human being, and fall out there, which is one of

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the names of God is the originator of that fifth rock. So we have a Divine Principle, nature. And part of that nature, as Aristotle points out, in the introduction, his book on metaphysics, that all human beings desire to know. So that is part of our human nature, because we know we're different from all the other animals we think. And thinking is immaterial, it's non material, it's thinking as a spiritual phenomenon. You can look at electrical activity in the brain, but thought itself, consciousness itself is not material, dreams, people live whole lives in their dreams. So we are spiritual beings embodied in these bodies. And so cutting them off from that idea that there's a

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fifth route, and then tell them that morality is just a social construct. morality is what the society says is right or wrong. So remove absolutes and everything becomes just relative, it's all relative. What's interesting about relativity is that you cannot assert relativity without the irony of asserting absolutes. Because if you say everything's relative, that is an absolute statement. And so you're actually by negating absolutism. You can only do it by asserting it. I mean, that's a amazing irony that humans are stuck with. And so make all of our rights depend on the state, like the state is what gives you your rights. No, our rights come from Allah subhana wa laqad Khurana

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Benny Adam, we have ennobled the human being we even know about Benny Adam. And so our rights are unalienable. They come from Allah subhana wa Tada. And we have a right to life, from inception all the way to birth, to take that right away from a life that Allah Subhana put

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In a poorer McKean, he put it in a protected abode. That's what the womb is called. And the womb is is called a hem, because it's merciful. What greater lack of mercy than to rip out a growing life in the womb with a suction machine. It's just stunning that no, no Muslims in the past, in their right mind would have ever done that. And that's why abortion is prohibited. In most of the all the Muslim countries that actually follow some form of Islamic law. It's prohibited. It's only in the secular states, that you'll find that it's not but in all the ones because the opinion of any permissibility is so weak in all the schools, and I know some of the modern Hannity's will argue with that. But

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when I really investigated it in the early period, nobody was up these opinions. So that's a huge problem. And then so what you end up with is these atomized human beings that are just all they are is actions and reactions. They're just catabolic and anabolic phenomenon happening, and there's no real meaning to them. And then this is what they teach in schools, and then they wonder why children are cutting themselves and committing suicide. What do you do with children, when you tell them that life is meaningless? That is pure accident, you're only here because of an accident? No, we're purposeful human beings. So these are the problems that we're dealing with in this time. And what

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that does, it basically strips human beings of all of their spiritual power. Because the real power that the human being has is in the human spirit. And that's why the human spirit is able to overcome so many things. So these are the problems that we're dealing with. In the modern world. We're dealing with people that are cut off from their roots. And this is why this hadith is so to me, so significant. The prophets, Elijah was saying cling to the root, get back to the root until death comes on you. And the root of our religion is the book and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu is this book that we were given that has all the guidance that you need, you do not need guidance

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outside of the book and the Sunnah of the prophet to live a meaningful, rewarding life that leads to paradise, and so seeking the knowledge to gain that is why it's a path to paradise 100