Yasir Qadhi – The Stories of The Prophets #02 – The Responsibilities of Prophets

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the prophets and messengers in the context of the holy book is emphasized, along with practicing and learning the theory of worship. The shaping of human beings, including animals, is also emphasized, as it is the goal of establishing a community of believers based on values and laws of Islam. The importance of evidence evidence in shaping the future of modern religion and the church is emphasized, along with providing evidence to demonstrate the need for universal floods policy. The speakers emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach to preventing future pandemics and testing for COVID-19, as well as the need for a vaccine to ensure everyone is protected from infection.
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Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, who All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one and the unique, it is He that we praise and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and the one who answers the doors of the week Alhamdulillah we are continuing in our series of the prophets and the messengers and we're still in our introductory series of lectures and so these are setting the stage these are making us understand the goal and the role and the vision and the wisdom of sending the prophets and the messengers. So today You shall lo Tada. We will continue by listing some of the Quranic wisdom some of the explicit Quranic wisdoms of sending the

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profits in other words, what is the role of the prophets and messengers? What does the Quran tell us about why Allah subhana wa tada sent prophets and messengers, and if you read the verses of the Quran, you can gather three primary motifs and under each of them, there are sub branches. If you read the Koran and you try to gather all of the verses pertaining to the Quranic wisdom of the role, and the responsibilities and the tasks and the wisdom of sending prophets and messengers, and what is Allah requiring of them, you can gain three primary concepts. And the first of these is the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and the knowledge of what we need to know. And this can be

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divided into multiple categories. So let's say one is to teach us what we need to know, and to give us knowledge that would not otherwise be accessible to us. This is without a doubt the primary wisdom and role of the prophets. Without the prophets, we would not have knowledge that is required for us to understand ourselves to situate ourselves to contextualize ourselves to know who we are, and this knowledge is multifaceted. So number one, they came with knowledge we cannot obtain what type of knowledge won a knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala and telling us who is our Creator, and affirming to us the reality of his existence, and the beauty of his names and his attributes. So

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this is without a doubt, the most important knowledge that the prophets came with. And that is the knowledge of Allah Himself. So in Surah, Ibrahim, verse 10, Allah says, Allah Allah home rusu home aphylla he shack, their prophets said to them, is there any doubt about Allah, who is the founder of semi white he went out so they're arguing with their people and their and their home, and they're explaining to them how can you doubt Allah subhana wa Tada. And they're reminding them who is Allah, He is the author of the semi white. And we also have in the beautiful story, Ibrahim alayhis salam inserted an arm. Well, how Joe como and his people argued with him on to junie filla. He walked out

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the head and he said, Are you going to argue with me about a law, you're going to teach me something about Allah, you're going to negate the existence of Allah, even though it is a law who has guided me to all of this, he taught me he informed me and now I'm informing you? Are you going to argue with me about Allah and Allah told me this knowledge, what knowledge Do you have versus the knowledge that is coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is why Ibrahim alayhis salam argued with his people about the reality of the Creator. They had different gods and they had different objects of worship. And Ibrahim alayhis salam says in the word just two words here, Linda de Falco,

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semi wa t what oboe hanifa I am going to turn my face to the one who originated the heavens and the earth warmer and a mineral mushrikeen I'm not going to associate partners with him. We also see this reality of affirming the existence and the perfection of Allah subhana wa tada in the confrontation of Mousavi, his Salaam with frown, and this is a beautiful passage in sort of the shroud off 23 onwards and by the way, today we have a lot of verses So again, I hope many of you are taking notes and and benefiting in the gold your brothers and sisters isn't just to listen to me. The goal is to understand and take notes and go back to the Quran yourselves find other examples. I want to

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reintroduce you to our classical texts to the Holy Book of Allah subhana wa Tada. I want you to verify every verse that I say go back and read it in context and read it in the Arabic so that your mind can increase and you have a better understanding and appreciation of

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This beautiful religion and of the book that Allah subhana wa tada revealed to us so so that the sha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala has a beautiful conversation. That's actually one of my favorite passages in the Quran of back and forth between Fishtown and between Moosa, and there's so much wisdom but we don't have time to go into that tangent Sharla one day when we talk about moosend phenomena shallow Tyler, I will go into all of the benefits we can derive or at least some of the benefits we can derive from the series of verses in this conversation, but today for our purposes, that Musa alayhis salam, he goes to Allah subhana wa tada and he says that I have been sent by the

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lob bull alameen chorus around one hour of bull trout said What is this one or not woman? One? What is this concept of Rob bull alameen. You see, Moosa has a knowledge that the people of Egypt do not have. And Moosa is saying the Robert alameen sent to me and of course for Alan would tell them I am out of luck with the villa I am terrible. I mean, he would say I am your Rob. Rob, as Allah says in the Quran, I know a book comilla I am your exalted God, I would be loved. And Moosa comes and says, No, you are not to God. You are not God. Allah The Robber alameen has sent me and so for Allah says what amount of blood amin and Musa response are buscema to an Altima Albania Houma in can to mock in

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in my rub is the rock of the heavens and the earth. You have your own are claiming to be the ROB but you are only in Egypt. How can you be the Rob and your domain is limited. As for my Rob, he is unconditionally the love Rob unlimited he is. He is the hub of the heavens and the earth. You can't be a partial God. You can't be a guard only in Egypt and outside of Egypt. People don't like you. What type of God is this? As for my Rob, Rob buscema wa t what are the MA baina Huma in contempt walking in so far out, understood the implication. And what he did was he began mocking This is the PR campaign he began mocking Moosa in front of his people, and said, Call him on how Allahu Frauen

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said to the people around him. I'd like to send me a note you listen to this guy, see what he is saying. And Moosa then went on, called or a book on bah, bah bah qumola, when he is your Lord, and the Lord of your forefathers before you, in other words, most allihies salaam is saying very, very powerfully. How can you be a God when you were born, and you're going to die before you your father said he was God, after you, your son is going to say he is God and and who was the God of them, and who is going to be the God of your children, as for the real rub called or Boko mwaura are worried my Robert is unlimited, my Rob goes from the beginning of time and even before he is the only one

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and he is the archaea. And so in the first verse, the space factor is eliminated. In the second verse, the time factor is eliminated, native Allah azzawajal is unconditionally derived. Now, by the way is happening here. The knowledge of Moosa versus the knowledge of the people of Egypt, right, fit out, is saying that he is dumb, and he has different concept of God. Mossad comes and explains who is a God, my God, your God, the God of this creation is unlimited. This is the wisdom of sending the prophets of Allah. And then for our mock Tim, and said, call the endura Surah qumola de la Camila geonode. Verily, the prophet that has been sent to you must be a mad man, insane, crazy. And

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this is the way of the enemies of the truth, when they cannot resort to logic and reason they resort to slander. This is called ad hominem attack, you attack the character, you attack the person, you don't attack the message. That is not the real debate, the real debate, you look at the facts, you look at the realities, if you have to resort to attacking the persona, rather than the message, then you are you're failing in your actual attack. And this is what Fred Allen does. And this is what every opponent of the truth does. They cannot combat the truth with knowledge. So they resort to attacking the person who's bringing that knowledge and he says this man must be crazy. And then

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Mossad responds, honorable mush yamabe normally, quantum chocolate on my rock is the rock of the east and the west. If you only had any sense everything around is Dora once again the names and attributes of a lot. And then what does fit around do this is the way of the tyrants This is the way of the rejecters of the truth, when they can't argue when they can't negotiate when mocking fails. When ad hominem doesn't do the job, then they resort to violence and threats. This is the way of the thugs and the tyrants you cannot challenge the truth. So what do you do? You end up mocking, rejecting the person making fun of the messenger and then when all of this fails, what does fit I

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would say, call Ella in it to her that the ILA and Heidi the edge either neck or middle must chew, Nene. He said if you dare take another god beside

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Me, then I'm going to throw you in jail. I'm going to punish and torture you. And this shows us again, for our purposes, the wisdom of sending the prophets because they have a knowledge of a law. And the same goes for the story of use of finding his cinemas. Well, when he was in the prison, we see the same thing that the prisoners they believed in polytheism they believed in multiple gods. And Yusuf says that, yes, I have a symphony. All my companions in jail are Barbuda for kona hiren amila hula Hidaka ha na bounnam in dooney in a smart and somebody to move into nwaba madonsela la jolla Hammond soltana on so make use of it his Salaam tells the people of the Gil, what makes more

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sense lots of Gods fighting each other, each one is separate, or one Lord one Allah subhanho wa Taala who is in WA had alcohol. In reality, these other gods that you worship don't actually exist. They are figments of the imagination that you are claiming they're not actually real. And this is, once again, use Valley has said I'm teaching knowledge of Allah to his people. So this is the first concept of knowledge and that is the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second knowledge that they come with and the second teaching that they come with is the knowledge of the worship of Allah right and this is another key point, which is a corollary to the knowledge of the existence of Allah

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and the knowledge of the names and attributes of Allah. The prophets also come with the knowledge of the worship and the command to worship and the motivation to worship Allah subhana wa tada the methodology I should say, to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. So the command to worship Allah is also fundamental to all of the prophets. Every single Prophet came with this command and with this knowledge, as Allah says, In the Quran, certain nutshell, verse 36, that Allah says well of advice, if you couldn't read rasuna or near Buddha law, how would you tell me Buddhahood? Why? frequently on Mateen Rasulullah we have sent a messenger to every single oma an era go to LA What did he come

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with? worship Allah, this is now the knowledge of the worship of Allah. This is now implementing the abstract of the existence into the tangible of the actions of worship and arugula worship Allah, would you enable both and avoid the false gods is sort of an MBR verse 25, Allah says in the Koran, one that said, no public or individual know him with that we have not sent before you accept any message that we have inspired them, a la ilaha illa Illa Allah that we have inspired them with the calima of La ilaha illa Allah, nothing should be worshipped other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore the prophets come not just with the knowledge of who is a lot but with the command to then

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worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And this tells us another key point, which is that the reality of faith, the reality of a man is not just the mere affirmation of the existence of Allah, the reality of Eman necessitates that one implements that knowledge into action as well. And one then worships Allah subhanho wa Taala so the second category of knowledge and commandments is the knowledge and the commandments of worshiping Allah subhanho wa Tada. And the third category of commandments as well. The third category of knowledge excuse me as well is the knowledge of the halal and haram and the knowledge of how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala so we have said number one is the knowledge

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of a lot number two is the command to worship Allah number three what the prophets are coming with this is all still under category one by the way, right so don't get confused so category one is they're coming with broad knowledge that we will not know without without to them so now we're talking about what type of knowledge where we're trying to classify what knowledge is beyond the scope of mankind's you know intellect what knowledge will do we need that direct Wahid from Allah subhana wa Taala. The third category is the knowledge of the rituals and the knowledge of the halal and haram and this is something again mentioned in the Quran. Yeah, Muhammad that who led by that

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the Quran mentions that yeah motorhome bill Murphy and how mighty Mancha he commands them what is good, and he forbids them. What is evil? Well, you Hindu lokomotiva tea? Well, you had ramalinga masaba if he makes halaal, that which is pure and he makes hot on that which is impure? And Allah says in the haoran liquid lingyin amin come Shira Eitan woman hajah to every prophet amongst you, we have given them a Sharia that we have given them away. So the Shetty outcomes down as well. We would not know the details of law How is our brain going to tell us that we should pray in this manner that we should fast the month of Ramadan? How is our intellect going to guide us to the details and

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the minutiae of the laws of our faith? How is that going to happen? We need ye from a lot we

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need that knowledge from the Prophet so we have knowledge of Allah, the command to worship Allah and then how to implement that command to worship Allah. This is the third category of knowledge. The fourth category of knowledge that we would not be able to acquire on our own is the knowledge of the afterlife, the knowledge of Heaven and *, the knowledge of punishments and rewards. And this is one of the fundamental pillars of our faith tradition, so fundamental that whoever denies this is not a Muslim. We all know that our religion is based upon three fundamental points of theology. Number one, a man in Allah subhana wa tada number two eemaan in the profits. And number three Eman

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in a normal market and heaven, unhealth these three fundamentals are what make us Muslim. Anybody who doubts any one of them is simply not a Muslim. They're not a believer in our faith tradition. And so the prophets come affirming belief in Allah, and then also talking about belief in the hereafter. Our minds would never be able to come to the conclusion of Heaven and *, they're not going to definitively come to that conclusion. Our minds will never grasp what's going to happen after death. We would never understand that there's a day of judgment intellectually, it's not something that you can affirm from a logical perspective it is Supra rational beyond rationality,

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not irrational super rationalist super means beyond rationality, and the concept of Heaven and *, and reward and punishment goes back of course, to the Day of Judgment, and that is why the Day of Judgment is a fundamental knowledge that all of the prophets of Allah came with no prophet was sent, except that he taught his people of heaven and * and a reward and punishment and of Jenna and now and of Yama, and this is why one of the most common descriptions of the prophets more than a dozen verses, I don't have time to list all of them but please do your research and read the Quran and history extract them for your own personal you know, notebooks and whatnot for these topics. That

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more than a dozen verses describe the prophets as being more Bashir and moving there, or Bashir and Neville and mobile should and must mean giving glad tidings and warning and Bashir in Nigeria the same thing they come to give cheerful news, and they come to also terrify to warn to reprimand. What is the cheerful what is the mobile ship? What is the Bashir? Allah says in the Quran? That sort of who it was 25 what I said no, no honey Lacombe he that we sent north to his people and he said in the LA Community Room mobian I am a clear and open Warner I am warning you the first rhassoul and he uses the word Nithya is sort of sub verse 34 will not send that to Korea, Tim Minda hearing that we

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never sent a word or to a society in the courtroom with Terrafugia except that the rich and the powerful said we're going to reject what you have been sent with and sort of falter first 24 in our snackable Health paper she run when a VR was a min on Metin Illa holla fi ha what Neville, we are sending you as a Bashir and an ideal and not a single community has existed Allah is saying except that they have been sent a Nithya so but she had an idea and every oma has a Bashir and a new zeal in Surah najem first 56 However, in the room in a new theory, Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is described in the Quran, he is an ideal, just like all of the earlier navitas came nothing

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different higher than zero min and Lutheran Allah. This messenger is a warner like the previous Warners that came, and Allah says in Surah Nisa 461 65 Ursula mobis sharena were more in Vereen Russell were more Beshear and Moon they're giving glad tidings delivering good news and also warning and reprimanding the people why the Kalia corner in our satellite who jet to him by the rustle so that there is no excuse for mankind in front of a lot after the coming of the messengers and Allah azza wa jal clearly mentioned that one of our center middlemore study we have only sent messengers, a lamp over shereena woman Syrian as mobile ship and wounded exclusivity. What is the role of the

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prophets? mobis shear and munzer why what is the purpose from an armor was Lucha Fela, hopefully, Allah homea has no whoever does good and believes they have no cause to grieve, nor will they worry we can go on and on. So the point here, what does Bashir entail? It means if you worship Allah, and you are pious and you are righteous, then Alhamdulillah be happy, be happy and you will be rewarded and you will go to gender and everything will be smooth sailing for you. And if you reject Allah and you disobey and you commit sins and you are arrogant, then I warn you of an impending doom, I warn you of a punishment. So Bashir and read implies very clearly heaven in

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Help reward and punishment to Yama. All of this is included in Bashir and Nithya. And notice here that pretty much every time not not every single verse, but pretty much the norm is that these two go together, but she had no idea. And this is to indicate that the psychology of di or the psychology of preaching means you mentioned both of them. You don't concentrate only on one you always mentioned if you're righteous, you will go to Jenna, if you are not, there will be the opposite of that. So this is another category and that is to teach, to teach the knowledge of Heaven and *, the knowledge of the hereafter the knowledge of the rewards and the punishment. And yet

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another category of knowledge is to overall convey the message of a law. We call it an Arabic tablea Horror rissalah right to convey the message Allah says in the Koran, your Rasool, O Prophet, Belial, Monza, la cama Robic, go ahead and convey it's a command you must convey everything that has been revealed to you from your Lord for them to file for Marbella, Theresa letter who if you don't do this, then you have not done your job of conveying the message will law who are similkameen and us and Allah subhana wa tada will protect you from the people. Indeed Allah does not guide the people who reject so yeah you are Rasool Oh Prophet, your job is to leave your job is to convey the

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message. And so the other Emraan verse 20 Allah says in the Quran for juca if they're arguing with you Yasuda Allah fucken Aslam to YG La La he woman a turban, then say to them as for me, I'm going to submit to Allah and all the people who follow me are going to submit to Allah and ask them have you also submitted if they submit they will be rightly guided, but if they turn away what into when low for in MLA callback, then your job is only to convey and in multiple verses in the Quran in Nima, la culpa, Allahu wa, Elena hisab, your job is balau Our job is his job. This is the role of the prophets, the prophets are sent to convey the message to X to make sure that whatever Allah

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tells them, they say unto mankind, okay, so this is the first large motif, and that is basically the knowledge that we would not be able to obtain without the ye from Allah. And that is no doubt this is the fundamental wisdom and role of the messengers. And they come with multiple knowledge, knowledge of Allah, and knowledge of the command to worship Allah, a knowledge of how to worship Allah, and knowledge of the repercussions of worshiping Allah or of not worshiping Allah and knowledge of the entire rissalah. Or the entire way that allows the widget has given them, okay, what is another role and purpose of sending the profits? Point number two, that was one ABCD, all of

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that. Now, we're good to point number two, point number two is to elucidate and clarify and explain and implement all of that knowledge in action. So it's not just conveying and speech, it's not just theory. It's not just abstract. It is the demonstration of the realities of this knowledge, the implementation of that theory into practice. And so this is the second point. And this is why Allah subhana wa, tada, never sent just a book onto a mountain and lifted there. Because if that were the way to obtain knowledge, there is no need for a prophet, because you can send the book a manual, and people will find it and the miracle will be there. And they can take the book. No, no, no, no,

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never, never did a law send a book down without a prophet, rather, the prophets came first. And they brought the books with them, and what is the purpose of a human coming, so that this human being can clarify and explain can elucidate and elaborate and that is because that and we got to get now to to a let's say that knowledge is not just a delivery, it must be practiced. And you have to be trained by an expert. Again, let me give you the examples. For example, you know, when you go into medicine, for example, you have the theory and then you have the rotations, you go and you actually practice what you do an engineering job as soon as you're hired first few months, you're simply training you

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have to be trained that training, right? Imagine now what if it's much more important than medicine, engineering, who's going to train you that's why the prophets came. And they lived amongst their people, they interacted with their followers. every prophet lived for years for decades for centuries, many of them and and they interacted with their followers, and they taught to their core group of followers so that their followers can then go on and teach the next generation and so to a and that is the implementation of that knowledge and the explanation and elucidation of the revelation of Allah. Allah says in the Koran, one Zenn la COVID

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This is sort of verse 44 what is then naked vichara We have revealed to this Koran and your job Yasuda law, lead to be ye nearly nassima News Zilla la him your job to clarify to mankind what has been revealed to them so that they can reflect and understand notice lead to bayona leanness, the way he is there, but there is a human interpreter that Allah has chosen, and his interpretation is divinely inspired. He is not divine. But what he says takes on the status of divine inspiration as the Prophet sallallahu it who was send them said when he pointed to his tongue, everything that they said it is the truth when he says it about this religion, whatever the Prophet system says about the

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Koran, about Allah about heaven and * about our Shetty, everything is away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because he is making the TBN he is making the Bejan he is explaining and elucidating. Also under this category as well, not just the elucidation of the revelation, but the implementation of the revelation and this is to be that is to live as a role model to be a actual lived manifestation of a worshiper, to demonstrate in your lifestyle and in your actions what it means to worship Allah and to be a believer, and that's why Allah says in the Quran multiple times to take the profits as role models to take the profits as role models. So tell an arm verse 90, Allah mentions many profits

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and then he says that these are the rightly guided people Furby Huda who moko tidy and so you should be guided by their customers and their manners. Their Huda you follow their guidance as well as

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verse 21. Allah says in the Quran, Dhaka Canada comfy rasulillah he has an verily you have in the Messenger of Allah a perfect conduct and role model to follow or swattin has an sua means something that you imitate something that you follow has the best you can have the perfect role model and this is another reason for sending a prophet so that he can be a role model as Allah says in Nicola, Hoboken Alvin, you are Yasuda law upon a magnificent manner. And as our Isha said, Can a horticultural Quran his actions and his interactions and his mannerisms were that of the Koran. He was a walking Quran, he demonstrated what it means to be a believer and an implementer of Allah,

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Allah is worship and Allah Shetty and that is because mankind needs an example that is human, a realistic example, an example that they can look up to and Aspire an example that is one of them, and yet also is chosen by Allah subhana wa Tada. And this also goes and we're going to come back to this point later on inshallah, this also goes back to the wisdom of why Allah sent human prophets Allah never sent angels to mankind as prophets never. The angels communicate with one human that is the Prophet than the Prophet communicates with us. So the angel comes from Allah azza wa jal to that one human, but it is the human who then communicates to us and this was a cause of surprise for the

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Quran. The Quran said, Sultan and verse nine were called Lola Uzi Rahim Allah, the Quraysh had not understood the concept of profits, the Quraysh were not an Abrahamic, religion based civilization. They were children of Abraham, but they were not Abrahamic in their faith. And they weren't like the Jews and Christians who understood prophecy. They didn't never understood or heard of the concept of prophets. And that's why they said what is a prophet? What is an OB? And when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came, their minds, said, why would Allah send a human like us? Why would he send a person we'll call to Malhotra Rasulullah Jaco. parama wamc fil a swag. What type of Prophet is this? He is

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eating our food, and he's walking in the streets loader owns an alley he malloc Why doesn't an angel come down? Why does an angel come down and inserted an arm lock all too low? That was an alley he malloc and they say why isn't an angel sent down by a law so in their minds, they couldn't understand the wisdom of a human prophet. And Allah azza wa jal responds, well and Zen American law kulambu filma Yun Barone, if we were to send an angel, then that settles the affair. It settles the affair completely. Now there's a number of interpretations. What exactly does that mean? That most of them are say that Allah sends angels when it is time to punish people. And when the punishment

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comes, then they will see the angels So Allah is saying you want the angel

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Jos that means you want to be destroyed and there are other interpretations as well. And then Allah says one oh john now who that and then Allah azza wa jal says, was an American and if we were to send an angel down Ludhiana, hora Jolla, we would have made him shaped like a human being when it would be snarly him will be soon. And we would cause this human to be dressed sorry, this angel to be dressed the way that they themselves are being dressed in. And some have interpreted this to mean that this will cause confusion, both interpretations are allowed in this verse. The point that Allah is saying is that you're asking for an angel. If an angel came, you would not be able to see the

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angel because we don't see Angel. Do you see angels right now? Do I see angels? The angels are around us. We believe there are two angels right here. We believe the angels are in the masjid. We believe the angels come and read the Quran, who has seen them only if Allah wills rarely does a righteous see an angel. But generally speaking, we don't see angels. So Allah is saying, if I were to send an angel, I'd have to make him shaped like a human. And he'd be dressed like you talking like you speaking like you. And you would even understand that he's an angel. And so you're going to become even more confused. I don't send angels as prophets. And that is why in the Quran, the

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humanity of the prophets itself becomes a point of contention. Sugata hoburne valdichiana who cannot be in it for all airbrush Caronia Duna. That is because the prophets would come to them with guidance from a law and they would say what called a balloon? Yeah, Jonah, how can humans guide us? How can other humans guide us? Right? And so for those who don't understand the concept of prophecy, they rejected one of the reasons why they rejected the prophets is because they were human beings. And yet, on the other hand, you need a human This is what Allah is saying to this psychology, you need a human to emulate to love and respect to take as a role model. Because if another entity came

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if an angel came, the human could say I can't imitate you. You're an angel. You're too good. How What am I supposed to do with you? That's why Allah says in the Koran while adding a haha Buddha way that the Buddha Hahaha, that one our Santa Mira student, every prophet comes with the language of his people being from his people. And Allah subhana wa Taala mentions in the Koran that frown himself says to Moosa call Adam robotic afina while Eden would be 15 Mr. Moody Cassini, the familiarity at once becomes a cause of rejection and a cause of acceptance, right? Because you recognize because, you know, it's easier to reject, but because you know, how can you reject when

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you know the character of this person? So if an Owen says to Moosa dude, if we raise you up as a child, then we take care of you, and you spent years amongst us, his humanity is being called into question how can you be a prophet, you are the child, we know you, we took care of you, we pulled you out of the river Nile, we saved you. Now you come back to us as a prophet. So the humanity of Musa and his innocence as a child is thrown back at him. And then if it sorry Moosa says so Yes, you did that and that's something that I admit that you took care of me, but Allah azza wa jal chose me to be the Prophet. The same goes for our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it he was seldom that he uses

00:33:26 --> 00:34:02

this as an evidence for his prophethood that you knew me for Cordelia this to fie komamura min cobley I lived a lifetime amongst you How can you not understand that what is happening now is not the me of old something new is happening. I'm coming with the revelation you never heard before on preaching a message that you have no precedence in my own life. How can you doubt this for Elizabeth to feed komamura milk probably. And in another similar verse in the Quran, Allah says will not Quinta do not communicate Abba to hottovy Amina meaning you didn't choose to author books, you didn't have a pen and you're writing with the right hand, you weren't a poet that people could now

00:34:02 --> 00:34:45

doubt you have a character that is established as a human being in your people. Now, overnight, all of this change happens that indicates that something has happened. And that is a revelation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the humanity of the prophets, even though it is a source of contention, and and rejection, still, at the same time, Allah says you need a human and that human you can recognize and you can emulate and you can admire and that human you can take as a role model, and that is one of the wisdoms of sending the prophets and of sending generally speaking almost all the prophets one or two exceptions. For example, Luke and others were not from the people. There was nobody in the

00:34:45 --> 00:35:00

town of Sodom that Allah chose. Allah chose Luke and sent him to sort of there was not a single person of Sodom and Gomorrah, Judah, Russia that a single person that had fed and good the entire city was depraved and corrupt, but generally speaking, most of

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

The prophets were sent from their own peoples. And there is much wisdom in this, as Allah says, in the Koran, we have sent prophets who speak the language of their own people, and we send P of profits from their own tribes were either either in a home, to add their brother to them with their brother, one of their own people, so they can recognize and in that humanity is the potential for emulation, the potential for genuine admiration and respect, which is what happened, of course, to the believers of all of the prophets. So this is to be and that is, to become a role model in your lifestyle, in your actual customs and manners to see. And that is to not just become a role model in

00:35:41 --> 00:36:25

your personal example, to not just become role models in your individual lifestyles, but rather to implement the sharing of Allah subhanho wa Taala at a national or it if you like societal level, and this basically is the political establishment of the laws of the Sharia, and of the judgment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, by the way, not all the prophets were given this, in fact, it is true to state that as far as we know, the majority of profits did not get this level, the majority of prophets were not able to implement at a societal level, they could only preach and teach and implement at a personal level, they excuse me, they could not, they could not implement at a

00:36:25 --> 00:36:43

societal level, they were not given political authority in the Lord. Jesus Christ, for example, was not given political authority, and the bulk of the profits that came were not given that type of political authority, but some of them were. So for example, the prophet SAW a man at his salon and the Prophet dealt as well.

00:36:45 --> 00:36:54

They were given that type of honor. So Allah says in the Quran, yeah, we do in Janaka, halifa can fill all of the five combine and nasty because

00:36:55 --> 00:37:38

we have made you a Khalifa on this earth and halifa here means somebody that is going to judge and rule and that's why Allah says, Yeah, that will do in Nigella Khalifa, combined and us judge between people. So the mood is the halifa. And he must judge between the people based upon the shedding of Allah subhana wa Taala. And Allah says in the Quran, to our Prophet salallahu it he was selling a certain amount either what are the combined demands that Allah and judge between them, according to what Allah has revealed, and judge between them according to what Allah has revealed? the messengers job is to be the judge, the one who executes the judgments of Allah who implements the judgments of

00:37:38 --> 00:38:20

Allah. And this is what happened in the Medina and phase two strive to bring about a society based upon the ethos and the laws of the Sharia. Now, as I said, this is something that many of the prophets were not given. But those that were given, that was another manifestation to see a society, an entire society that was structured upon the laws of Islam, and the political establishment of the Sharia, and the manifestation of an entire community of believers that are embodying the values of our faith. That too, is the goal of some of the prophets, not all of them were given that opportunity, as we said, even the Prophet Musashi has set up for example, he was not able to do that

00:38:20 --> 00:38:59

in, in Egypt. And then of course, when he was wandering, there was no community per se, it was only wandering tribes, he wasn't able to establish a law in the land of Israel, because obviously, he did not get to that land. So, the point being, this is the goal of some of the profits and not all of them were granted this and that is a last choice that he chooses whoever when he wants to give this to. So this is point number two, and that is the practical manifestation of point number one point number one is theoretical knowledge and different types, point number two practical manifestation and different types. Point number three, a very, very deep point of why Allah sends the prophets and

00:38:59 --> 00:39:07

messengers what is the wisdom of sending prophets and messengers and that is the establishment of the evidence, a comma two

00:39:09 --> 00:40:00

comma two alhaja. What does this mean? It is a Quranic term, by the way, it is a Quranic term, we hear it all the time, it Palma to alhaja. And then the notion of the hospital future is a very, very deep and a very theological one. And that is that Allah subhana wa tada because of a divine wisdom, and because he wanted to be just and fair, Allah subhana wa tada decreed that even if I have given mankind many divine gifts, and I've given them the gift of the intellect, and the gift of the pure fitrah still, I will not punish them. And I will not hold them accountable until I have given them a clear and explicit message from one of my profits and that person

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

If it has come to them and explain to them the message, and then after hearing the message, they choose to reject the message. This is what is called a Alma to alhaja and this is something that Ally's origin mentions in many, many verses in Surah verse 134, Allah subhana wa tada says that it will, if we had sent an either before this the call to they would have said that Lola, Tina, we it Murat did that, why didn't they bring to us a sign from the prophets of old and Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran as well, that were called Robin or Lola or set a dinner or sooner they would say, Oh our Lord, why didn't you send a messenger Lola or set a name or a pseudonym? Why didn't you send

00:40:46 --> 00:41:33

the messenger? If you had sent a messenger find a TBI article we would have followed your revelations before this punishment and this humiliation and insert a Baccarat verse 143 Allah subhana wa tada says, What karateka Jana Camembert and wasa Condit akula Shahada Rasul Allah come shahida we have made you an upright community so that you may be a witness over all of humanity and the prophets may be a witness over you. This witness is a farmer to the prophets have come so that you know the truth from the false hood so that the ometer hedger is given and we also learn as well that Allah has made a simple rule upon himself. Allah has made a rule upon himself. Allah himself

00:41:33 --> 00:42:23

has a rule book that he follows he has a guidelines that he has implemented upon himself, as he says in the Quran, Qatar Babu kumada NFC your Lord has ordained for himself. Allah has rules, but it is Allah who sets those rules no one has the audacity or the power or the right to set rules for Allah other than a lot. So Allah has decreed rules for himself. And Allah has done so in order to be the most merciful and the most compassionate and the most just and of those rules that Allah has established. So little Israel verse 15. womac Unum yz Bina had done abathur cross hula, we are not going to punish any nation until we send a prophet amongst them. We're not going to punish any

00:42:23 --> 00:43:11

nation until we send a prophet amongst them is sort of the Nyssa verse 165 li li akuna de nasi, Allahu Jetta by the Rasul so that we don't want any person of mankind to have an excuse in front of a law after the prophets have been sent. Meaning if the prophets have not been sent, they might have an excuse, the fact that the prophets have been sent. Now there is no excuse insert apostles verse 59, one karabo commonly called Cora hattah Yeah, but if you only have a soul and yet to Allah, him IR Tina, your LORD shall never destroy a town until he sends to that town, from its own people from its people that are suelen is going to send our school who is going to recite to them his verses so

00:43:11 --> 00:43:37

Allah will never destroy a town until he sends out a school to them and our school yet do it him It not only after the revelation comes and the profits come has the excuse been lifted up, and that is why in jahannam itself in jahannam itself the people of jahannam will be asked by the angels didn't messengers come How could you end up over here? So little falter? Verse 37.

00:43:38 --> 00:44:26

Welcome your study Horner fee how to bend original enamel saw the handle hater, Lady Coonamble. They're going to be begging the angels and they're going to be begging Allah, Allah, get us out of here, and allow us to get one more chance so that we can do what we did not us to do. Then Allah says, Our them No, I'm miracle Maya to that goofy. himanta Dr. wotja acumen are the two things we gave you. Didn't we give you enough time, so that you could think rationally and didn't we send profits to you? It's not as if you are babies and then you pass away they might have an excuse on the Day of Judgment. You had a life you live 4050 6070 years you had a full life is you chose to

00:44:26 --> 00:44:59

turn your life away from reality and to live in the bubble of your hedonism and pleasures. You didn't think about your purpose and your reality. And we sent you the messenger which is a common idiom. The messenger was there he brought the message for you and you still chose to turn away so then Allah says do what you want for the royal family. The volume in the middle said you will continue to taste this punishment and certain work versus 80 to eight to nine that takaratomy is related coolum okay if you have folgen every time a new batch is thrown into jahannam the good

00:45:00 --> 00:45:45

guardians of jahannam say didn't a prophet come to you? How could you end up here? And they respond Bella, indeed a Prophet did come Khadija and an adherence but we rejected that Prophet and we said, Allah has not sent anything to this prophet right? So to reject the messengers is to reject a law and to deny the messenger is to deny Allah subhana wa to Allah and so the prophets are sent when they are rejected then Jana is due upon the people sort of hoffa diverse 50 that the gatekeepers of gender of Johanna will reply that Adam yet to Guru minko didn't profits come to you with clear proofs are due by law, they're gonna say yes, indeed, they came. And so the gatekeeper cake

00:45:45 --> 00:46:34

gatekeepers will say, federal go ahead and make up Walmart direct caffeine lfu by law, the prayer of the cafe will be incomplete. uselessness won't be of any value. So the point being, that Allah azza wa jal has clearly mentioned in multiple verses, that of the wisdom of sending the prophets is a farmer to reject. And this is because Allah created us different from the other creations, Allah created us different from the other creations, we have the capacity to think. And we have an innate desire to know the truth. And if Allah had not sent any profit, or any messenger, our capacity to think and our innate desire could lead us to some knowledge. But it couldn't lead us to perfect

00:46:34 --> 00:47:21

knowledge, and our innate knowledge, and our intellects are not necessarily foolproof. Sometimes they're misguided, sometimes they're mistaken. So by sending the profits, we have checks and balances put into place. In other words, let me rephrase. And this is a very deep topic, and it deserves much longer than this short, you know, five minutes I'm going to be doing here, we can say, we can say that there are three primary sources of knowledge that are interplaying with one another, okay? The first of them is the deepest and the most subconscious, and the one that is embedded in us without even our knowledge, we don't even know we know and yet we do. And that is the fitrah that is

00:47:21 --> 00:48:02

the innate nature that Allah created mankind upon full throttle, la isla de Fatah, NASA, Allah, this is the fitrah that Allah has embodied mankind or created mankind upon and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, every single child is born, and he has that fifth rock upon the fifth rock, and then his parents come and corrupt him, society comes and changes him. So the fitrah is pure. And the fitrah has an innate knowledge, what is the innate knowledge of the filter of the fitrah tells us many things, one of them is that there must be a higher being, there must be a god out there, and that we want to worship that God, we like connecting with that God. That's why religious people,

00:48:02 --> 00:48:42

generally speaking, live happier lives, because any type of religiosity, even if it is misguided, is better than no religiosity. And that's why religious people have other faith traditions, generally speaking, they have better lives, and less, you know, issues facing them in terms have their own psychological issues than those outside of faith traditions. And the fitrah also teaches us the basics of morality, the basics of wanting to be good, and what is overall good honesty, truthfulness, justice, kindness, compassion that's embodied in the fitrah. And we despise evil and killing and bloodshed and hurting people we don't do that the fitrah tells us it's wrong to do. This

00:48:42 --> 00:49:19

is a subconscious embedded knowledge. And it is the knowledge that we don't even know we have, because it's so deep, and it is the knowledge that we are not taught we are born with right. So that's the fitrah knowledge, then you have the second knowledge which is which is the knowledge of the brain, the knowledge of the outcome, that is acquired knowledge, the fitrah is not acquired, it is embedded, it is inherent, it is intrinsic, as for the knowledge of the outcome, it is acquired, and we do so by our own observation and studying and the cumulative efforts of those before us. And so we will learn the sciences, mathematics history, we will be able to go to the moon and come back

00:49:19 --> 00:49:59

this is acquired knowledge, our intellect Allah blessed us with and the intellect and the fitrah. They overlap like two circles of the Venn diagram, certain things of the fitrah they are provable via the intellect and certain things are known from the fitrah. And the intellect knows much that the filter does not know but there is an overlap between the two. Now, the intellect is not divine, and the intellect can be wrong. How many times did mankind think they know certain things and they don't know it even today, we might think we know something or we turn out to be false. The fifth pillar is not verifiable who's going to judge once fitrah we need a third source that is going to be

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And perfect, we need a third source that will be the checks and balances between the fifth row and between the article. And that third source is the source of ye. It is the source of the inspiration revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, Allah azza wa jal basically says, your fifth row and your intellect, yes, they're good. And yes, they can take you so far. But as a mercy to you, I'm not going to punish you, if your Fedora messes up and gets corrupted. If your uncle misguide you, I'm not going to punish you until, until what, until the profits come. And when the profits come, they can line up and they can make sure that your fitrah is pure, and your intellect is

00:50:40 --> 00:51:23

rightly guided. So the prophets come with the truth pristine and clear. And because it is pure, the fifth or that is pure is rekindled, the pure fitrah recognizes the truth of the prophets, and it is attracted to it. And the actor that is sincere, the intellect that is wanting the truth, when the truth is presented, the intellect finds it appealing, and the intellect will click in and will lock in perfectly with what the profits come with. And this is why you need the profits, because the profits and the knowledge of the Prophet is the ultimate checks and balances. And it allows the person the opportunity to compare and to contrast what they themselves have, I can give you a simple

00:51:23 --> 00:51:59

example in this regard. And that example is suppose for example, that before the time of glasses, you know, glasses are only been around for like 300 years or so 200 years, suppose before the time of glasses, right? That you're living in a society, nobody has glasses, and a person is born with some defect of the eyes can't really see 100% maybe they have you know, a power, that's negative three, negative four. But that's what they know, society. That's what they've grown up with. Right? That they're looking at the whole world and their eyes are not fully You know, that's what they come to terms with, they would have no idea of how other people are seeing because that's what they

00:51:59 --> 00:52:02

understand. Now suppose you know,

00:52:03 --> 00:52:42

optometrist comes along right, and sees this young man or young woman, he'll go, you have a problem with your eyes, gives him a pair of glasses. Now he sees the world and he realizes Oh my God, I didn't know this, I wasn't able to see. Then he takes the glasses back. And now the optometrist goes on. Now this person who has the opportunity to see the world clearly, is he going to go back to how he was? Or is he going to say, hey, I need to hunt that optometrist down, I need to follow him or get the glasses or do whatever, this glass analogy. This is the knowledge of the prophets. And the person who cannot see properly maybe a little bit. This is the knowledge of pre prophets. The

00:52:42 --> 00:53:20

prophets come with a knowledge that is solid and crystal clear. And anybody who has a pure heart, when they put the glasses on, they're gonna see everything crystal clear, and they will realize they didn't have good eyesight, and this person is coming with good eyesight. Now, if they choose to hand those glasses, suppose he's given them for free. Suppose he says take take take, if they choose to give those glasses back, well, then they deserve to live in blindness, right? That's literally what Allah says in the Quran, that you're going to be blind in the prophets came to with light, the Prophet came to with guidance, and you chose to turn away the profits came your three German avora

00:53:20 --> 00:53:58

Mattila note, taking them out of darkness into light, they're telling them the light, but they chose to turn their backs and walk back into the darkness, just like somebody wears the glasses, and then throws it back and says, I'm going to live in my lifestyle Well, then, so what you have chosen, you will face the consequences of that. So this is the beautiful, if you like a explanation of these three things, the fifth pillar, the intellect and the knowledge of the prophets, the fitrah and the intellect, theoretically, can be correct, but they can only take you so far. They can only take you so far. And if you want to see how far they can take you look at the first 40 years of our Prophet

00:53:58 --> 00:54:42

sallallahu it he was said in his life, that is the embodiment of the perfect fitrah our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the purest of pure fetters. No one can be more pure than he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that is the pure fitrah. Yet still that filter up was not able to get to more than the details or was able to get to the details of demand and the rituals and halaal and how long that's why Allah is revelation comes down. And Allah is revelation clarifies elucidate, plus those whose fitrah is corrupted, and those whose intellect is misguided, they can now see clearly and then it is up to them. So in Allah's mercy, he will not punish until the prophets have

00:54:42 --> 00:55:00

come. And this is the point of your commentary, once the evidence has been established, and that is by exposure to the message of the prophets, and then in reality, the person who rejects that is just as arrogant as the one who has given glasses to see he clearly

00:55:00 --> 00:55:30

Of The Seas and then he throws them off and wishes to live in blindness. That person deserves every punishment coming to him and that is why this is a common tool that is being given. The evidence of the truth of religion is being established via the message of the prophets of Allah. inshallah, with this we come to the conclusion of today's lecture insha Allah will continue with our introductory series still about the reality of the prophets and the nature of Prophet and prophecy. Until next time, Zack Mulford said I'm walakum rahmatullah wa barakato.

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He can

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