The Parables of The Quran #26 – Surah Fath 29 – The Parable of The Companions as a Sprouting Plant

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AI: Summary © The title Seema home fee is the final verse of Surah and is the title of the Bible. There are various interpretations of the title, including a mark on someone's faces, a method called the Message of God, and a belief in the future of Islam. The culture is described as being "willful" in various ways, including being "willful" in the beginning and becoming "willful" in later stages. The culture is "willful" in various ways, including being "willful" in the beginning and becoming "willful" in later stages.
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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a woman who Allah hammer bad. Today we move on to the only parable or method in the Quran that Allah has given about the Sahaba. This is a parable about the companions. This is a method about the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it is the final verse of Surah alfetta, or the verse or the surah of conquest in for tecnologica. For Tamil Bina the surah was revealed after the Treaty of the day BIA and the Sahaba were a little bit down that they thought that they had lost and Allah revealed No, this is a victory. This is a Fatah and our Prophet sallallahu. It said them said the

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surah is more beloved to me than this whole world and all that is in it. And the final verse of the surah is about the companions, as if to say, one of the victories that Allah has given the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Sahaba. The Sahaba themselves is one of the Fatah It is one of the conquest. It is one of the reasons why this religion is a blessing of religion, and they played a vital role in making sure that this religion spread and the verse begins with, of course, the most one of the most famous phrases of the Quran and it is the only time that it occurs in the Quran, and it is Mohammed door Rasulullah this phrase, which is our Kadima, it does not occur in the Quran,

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except in this verse, Mohammed Rasool Allah, the prophet system is the Rasulullah one levena who and those that are with him, I should doubt while Kufa Rama Amina home, they are strict with the enemies of Islam and they are merciful with the believers within this is the characteristic of the Sahaba against Abu jihad against Abu lahab. Against Rupa and oma uberaba. They're going to be assured and when it comes to the Sahaba themselves, they become merciful and tender. I should know why the liquify the Rama bainham Tarahumara can sujet and you're going to always see them prostrating and doing rocker and sujood Yerba Buena fog them in a lie here. Why did why now they're wanting Allah's

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pleasure and they're wanting all the blessings from Allah. They're wanting everything Allah can give them they want every single hair and grab a cup of Jenna and have multiple and a raffle and have every blessing Allah comes down brings down to them si ma home fee would you hear him in Othello sujood there are marks on their faces because of their prostration. Now there are a number of interpretations number one, this is the mark that comes over here. When you prostrate on gravel. When you prostrate on sand for long periods of time, it will leave a mark over here. This mark is something that occurs naturally we do not force this mark on us when we go into a stage that we

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don't rub the ground thinking that we should get that mark. If it comes it comes and if it comes from Allah, but if it doesn't come in our carpet and whatnot, it's not something Allah is praising them. But a second interpretation which is also valid Sema home fee would you owe him an ethnos to Jude, you will find the effects of such on their faces meaning the newer of Eman meaning their demeanor, meaning their respect, meaning their overall interactions, you will notice their emotion is going to be manifest on their faces. Not that it's physical, but it is spiritual. And the third interpretation Seema houfy, will show him in Methodist sujood that on the Day of Judgment, you will

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find their faces shining bright as our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that my oma will come with their faces and their hands shining bright horombo Hi Janine, all of these interpretations are valid. Then Allah says, valid Ico method openfit total. This is how they are described in the total Muslims. Did you know that Allah revealed verses in the Torah, and in the Injeel, praising the Sahaba of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam How many of you knew this, Allah revealed verses to Moses? And Allah revealed Moses two verses to Jesus predicting the quality of the Sahaba valleca method on Fatah, this is how I describe them in the Torah. And then this is the parable this is what

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we're going to come to one method or homefield in gene. They're powerful in the in gene. And by the way, you find this parable in the in gene in Mark 24. Don't quote me, I can look it up for you. But it is called the parable of the seed and you find this parable that Jesus gives to his disciples about a seed planted and it grows and it becomes stronger. It is still in the New Testament.

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Although obviously it's not the exact same wording because they have corrupted and the original is preserved in the Quran. So imagine this, Allah praise the Sahaba. In the revelation to Moosa la cinema he told Moosa that there will come a profit, and this is going to be his companions. And he told her Isa there will come a profit and this will be his companions. So Allah praise the Sahaba not just in the Koran, but in the total, and in the NGO, will methadone fill in Gili kasara in like a seed, oh, Raja Shah, who that is sprouting forth. And you know, the shutter up is the small leaves that come You know, like imagine a beanstalk or imagine like a pea pod or something, it breaks out

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and it comes slowly and small things come out that is shorter for a holiday shot or who for stock and

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then it becomes more firm, first, our other su ke and then the stock becomes being able to stand on its own. In other words, Allah is saying that in the beginning, it was small, then it became bigger than you could see the life coming and then it became even harder and then it became something that is standing firm on its stock festival Allah su ke you're a Jew. Surah Leah hearby human kafele those who planted it, they are amazed and they love to see it. The Muslims love to see what is happening and the man is growing and the cyber becoming stronger and stronger. And as for the kuffaar, they become more irritated. They become more angry you Zahra Lee, human co founder word

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Allahu Allah Dena amanu wamena Saudi heitman Houma filata washing out the map, Allah has promised those who do good and those who believe to have an ultimate forgiveness and a magnificent reward. Now the point here, Allah azza wa jal describes the Sahaba that in the beginning, they were few. And they were also weak, they were persecuted. They couldn't make Islam public. And so they are like the seed that is hidden. The good is there but it's not yet apparent, and then slowly but surely the struggle comes and then you see bit by bit, and then more people come for struggle, love is becoming bigger and bigger, and then first hour now it's growing higher and higher. And then first our other

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Suki now the trunk becomes something that is very firm like the tree and Subhanallah This is how Islam began. And this is the reality of the Sahaba and early Islam and then it became a beautiful tree. By the way, what did you say? What did I say yesterday that the parables of the Quran they reinforce one another? Once again we have a tree and the tree symbolizes Islam and Eman. How many times in the Quran have we talked about the tree and being symbolic of Islam and Eman? Now we have the tree growing under the supervision of the Sahaba. And interestingly hacerle basally he gave a very interesting Tafseer of this verse, and it is at sea we call it tipsy Shari, which means

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symbolic tipsy. He said the Tsar or the seed is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the first, the first leaves that come out that is Abu Bakar. And then for stock, a lava that is written with no hakab. He's making a snom firm and then it stowa then it goes bigger, it is a mandatory law one, and then it becomes even bigger. So I was hoping it becomes Oliver, because there are four phrases here. So it has said the boss he said, each one of these phrases, it represents one of the holder and the time of their eras when they ruled Islam became It was first week, and then it became firm, and then firmer and firmer. So he described it as the first quarter, or Ramadan. The point

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being this beautiful verse, Allah is praising the Sahaba. And Allah is saying the roots of this religion go back to the Sahaba and the firmness of this faith go back to the Sahaba and the sacrifices of the Sahaba. What they did was made what made this trip firm and strong. Once in the time of the mathematic. One of these other groups came not our Sunni movements. And he started speaking about the against the Sahaba. And Mr. Malik quoted this verse, Leah Lila himal, co founder, and he says, anybody who hates the Sahaba is agreeing with the kuffaar when Allah says that looking at the Sahaba make somebody angry, it is not possible that a pure heart will have anything evil

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against the Sahaba Our hearts are pure for the Sahaba without the law of wine home, what I'll do, and Allah has praised them in over 15 verses in the Quran. And this is one of the praises that Allah has given them. And that is why we respect the Sahaba and we make Torah home upon the Sahaba and we say to all of them about the Allahu anhu model do our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do not speak ill of my companions for if one of you were to do good to the level of the mountain of road, it would not equal a handful of what they have done. No, not even half of a handful. What they did when Islam was weak when Islam was persecuted can never be compared to what we are doing when we

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have a billion Muslims around the world and Islam is a civilization you cannot compare. So the sacrifices they did Allah Israel

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raising them and this verse is the parable for the Sahaba May Allah subhana wa tada Have mercy on all of the Sahaba not the Allahu anhu as mine. I will continue tomorrow cinematic module.

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