Hamza Tzortzis – Why the Qur’n Destroys Atheism

Hamza Tzortzis
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For our youngsters who are actually watching, what would you like to give as an advice, or kind of like a proof for God, I would say, because there are many, many types of arguments that can be made. The challenge, however, is that we sometimes look for the easiest, simplest one that can you know, one size fits all kinds of things, if you were to pick one of them, and you would say, if you know this, and if you've mastered this, and if you understood it, then inshallah you will be able to give a good message to people who might be away from it, maybe kind of wake them up to the reality of who Allah is. And to kind of shake them up to that they understand that, you know, they have to die one

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day and Phaselis monitor so what what would you say is a good argument for that?

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Atheism, for me is the equivalent, if not worse, than believing the earth is flat, it doesn't really have intellectual veracity at all. We've given him that platform because maybe we haven't really understood the psychological aspects of atheism, or even the so called intellectual aspects. But when we look at the book of ALLAH SubhanA, WA Tada, the main question that Allah is really answering for us is not Does God exist, but who's worthy of worship? Or that Allah is worthy of worship? And this is very important to understand, because it shifts the debate and the discussion. And we could unpack why that's the case. Because I would argue that the idea of creative agency, the role will be

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of Allah subhanaw taala is self evidently true. And even in philosophy, something is self evidently True, true by default, the one who's opposing that claim has to provide the evidence, right. And there's so many other things we can unpack. And there's a chapter in my book on this issue. So I frame it that way. So people realize, Oh, that's very interesting. And when you look at what an atheist is, from an Islamic paradigm, you have different terms. For example, you have ill had, you have the diarrhea was like the philosophical naturalist of like the early period, but still had coming from lad right lahad in the grave, is like, you know, you dig a hole and there is a little

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side pocket. That's the lad. Yeah, it's a deviation godlessness. So and we'll hit someone who deviates. That's the first point. The second point the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. Salam said in a hadith in Sahih, Muslim, that every child is born in a state of fitrah. There are scholarly discussions on this, but basically, we have a federal law has an affinity, or it's driving itself towards the Huck which is, Allah is One who is worthy of worship is worthy of extensive praise he exists, so it's natural. Then Allah says on your phone, someone imprudent will reject the way of Ibrahim, which is towhead. And within towhead is creative agency, the rule will be of Allah subhanaw

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taala. So what are we getting from the Quranic paradigm here we're getting that atheism is a natural, it's a deviation, right? It's irrational. Because what does Allah say in chapter 50? Verse 35, to 36 at the end, indeed, you have no certainty, right? Because what does Allah say? Did you come from nothing? And Holy mackerel, look, you're something that once didn't exist? More data, you came into me? So did you come from nothing? I know there's a scholarly discussion if it's from a VI nothing but the same. At the end, the conclusion is the same. Yeah. Did you come from nothing? Did you create yourself? Did you create the heavens and the earth? They let you be known indeed, you

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don't have any certainty. And I gave them just basically an explanation of these ayat walleye. I've used these ayat against philosophers, thinkers, humanists, liberals, secular secularists, some of the greatest atheists and I am telling you, they have had no response as a counter defeater. They may have some Shubo hot here and there, but as a as a undercutting, defeater nothing. Yeah. And it's from the Quran. So the Quran is talking about the human being, but it can you can apply the logic of these verses to something that came into existence. So we could establish the universe came into existence despite a metaphysical argument, you don't need to go to Astro Astro physical evidence

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that's done knee speculative is going to change and may change. We don't have to go to the philosophy of mathematics or the infinity, we could just talk about very basic things. So if you allow me take this phone, for example, if I said you this phone is eternal, everyone would reject the why is the phone not eternal? Maybe I can claim this is i, you didn't see its beginning. You don't you can't see this destruction. This phone is eternal? Well, the reason intuitively and rationally we believe this phone is not eternal is because why? It has limited physical qualities. It has a particular shape, size, volume, color, temperature, density, mass, why is it this color?

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Not another color? Why is it this shape or not another shape? Why is it this mass, not another mass and so on and so forth? And that raises another question. Can things with limited physical qualities give rise to the own limitations? No, I didn't give out to my own limitations. Therefore, there is something external to me that gave us those limitations. And therefore this thing is finite. So therefore, it had a beginning. So you can if you take this phone and expand it to the size of the universe,

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same conclusion, because it fundamentally is made of the same stuff, whether you call it strings or quarks or whatever, irrelevant, limited physical qualities, so it's fine. If it's finite, then you could universalize the logic of these of these, of these ayat did the thing that is McCulloch that came into existence? That's finite. Did it come from nothing? Did it create itself? Was it created by something else created? Because why? What is the ISA? Did you the human being the thing that is McCullagh create the heavens and the earth? Which is muckleneuk? Yeah, so ultimately, is that an explanation? Or which is implied in the ayat? Or is that an uncreated Creator? So just to repeat?

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Did it come from nothing? Did it create itself? Was it created by something else that was created? Or was it created by something uncreated? So let's break it down. Could the universe come from nothing? What we mean by nothing is no thing no prior causal conditions. We're not talking about the theological nothing confer yakun. That's different. That means Allah didn't have anything prior when he actually created the first creative thing, that first creation. Allah was there and as you can see, it's nothing at all his era and Qudra with a prior cause the conditions to bring the first creation to existence. So we're not talking about that type of nothing. We're saying no thing, no

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prior causal conditions, no thing at all. Can something arise from that? No. Because when you have Cushnie nothing to invoke Krishna, Krishna, you're gonna get Krishna good today. Yeah. 0.000 Something with no property with no potential now no prior causal conditions, no thing at all. It's impossible. And if they claim that's the case, then that irrational, absurd, because it's the equivalent of me shutting my eyes counting to three and a half to three, this whole room has disappeared, and I should say is perfectly fine. How can that be perfectly fine? Because it's irrational, they must have an explanation how it disappeared, or it's gone into nothing. Because if

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you could accept the universe coming from nothing, you should also accept this building this room to disappear for no reason at all. And that's totally crib set. So you couldn't come from nothing? couldn't create itself. Very easy way of doing this. Did you create yourself? Can your mother give best as of this implies that something exists and doesn't exist at the same time? Last point was the universe created by something else that was created? Ultimately, many may argue with this universe was as a result of a prior universe. Okay, no problem is an ultimate explanation. No. Okay. If it's not an autumn explanation, this explain that universe that created this universe. Oh, it was another

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universe. Okay, no problem. We'll create that universe. Another universe. Oh, okay. What create that universe, another universe? If that goes on forever, we will never have today's universe, right? Yeah. This is not the infinite regress of events is the infinite regress of causes? It's absurd. Yeah. So in order for the universe to come into existence, you have to wait forever. Yeah, in order for it to come into existence, but forever, never ends. And if it's true, it's a forever chain, we will never have this universe in the first place. So you've been to me and other Ghazali basically affirm this point. So what does this mean there must be an uncreated Creator. That's the quick,

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easy, quick way of showing that there's a crate from the Quran. And I believe the correct arguments are the best arguments, and I believe they could also be universalized. So you don't have to believe in Revelation to accept this argument. Yeah, you can, you can universalize it. So from that perspective, you could show there's an uncreated Creator and there's other things that you can rationalize, but we could just just go to the next point really quickly. If there's a creator, then he's worthy of worship. He is whether your adoration of your obedience and your worship. There's many reasons for that. But let's take one very quick reason. If Allah is an alcoholic, he is the

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perpetually creating his Alcon lock. So that perpetually greeting is Allah is alcoholic, the Creator. Then he create everything, all of the ASVAB that you use to enjoy yourself and all of the blessings that you have, but significantly, Allah has given you something has created something for you to use, or he's given you something that is priceless, that you don't earn or deserve.

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And it's freely given to you. And it's every moment of your existence. If I sit you had 10 minutes left to live, but in order to have another 10 days, you have to give me all of your wealth, you would throw all of you have at me, such as the priceless gift of life, but we don't earn life on life on or deserve it. We can't even create a fly as Allah says in the Quran. So from that perspective, if it's true that Allah gives a priceless gift at every moment of our existence, that we're not earn or deserve, how should it make us feel? Grateful, grateful to him, Allah and gratitude is a key to worship it is a form of worship, right as we know in on kitab. So Al Fatiha

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the the first dependable opinion you follow but the main verse, you know, all perfect praise and gratitude belongs to the Lord of everything that exists. So and how do you express your gratitude, through worship, acts of worship, how do you know what these acts of worship? Following the prophets of Allah Almighty has sent him so that's very quick nutshell. It was a powerful question, but I would use

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I would use the credit

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