Yahya Ibrahim – Grill The Imam – Nov 29 – Puberty

Yahya Ibrahim
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vertikalen that we always begin by, excuse me asking Allah Subhana Allah to send his blessing upon our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Lee of

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the Almighty, the all wise to grant us higher in this dunya and Afro makers from those who are followers of the straight path to make us from those who are endeared to that way and methodology of our nebby Mohammed Salah law.

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I leave you on earth he was he was sent into Sleeman kathira

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I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses your morning or your evening depending on where you are. It's rounding past 10pm here in Perth in Western Australia. And for some of you of course it's 9am in New York, the other side of the world are in Toronto, Canada where my father is just getting ready to start his day and hamdulillah

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come to LA This is another grill the Imam session q&a for those of you who are watching along at

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yake brain calm through the puberty program or through the online Islamic school. You are welcome in chat a lot to use

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the question link that's right under the video you see that there's a q&a link there. Click on it send your questions in and in chat a lot today we're streaming also on my Facebook.

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So they are we are willing to take questions from them let let me know where you're viewing from Mashallah. All right, we have sister Ezra saying Zahara from the Philippines has joined us. We have brothers and sisters from the UAE Sister niloufar we have people coming in from New York from other places, Mashallah hamdulillah we'll just give people a couple of minutes to get themselves

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situated to receive their celebs and to give each other celeb

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do update where you are watching from and where you're enjoying this discussion from. This is part of

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the abraham.com puberty

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program, The Art of Manliness for the young men and also a heart to heart which is led by Dr. Amina

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Both of them and hamdulillah are wonderful. We got some messages from our young

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our brother sn on bass from the UK, we have people coming in from London Mashallah sister Fozia from Toronto or manana from Kuala Lumpur. We have people watching from Saudi Arabia sister Xena dot coming in from Katara Mashallah.

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Quite a bit of

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discussions Alhamdulillah a lot of people coming in with their Salaam and greeting to zachman law fair. All right. We'll be in in the next couple of minutes in chat law

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or less. So do start sending in your questions, both on the Facebook and through the telegram service.

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I have received a couple of questions already.

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And some of them are related to the particular discussions of course, the puberty program, The Art of Manliness and

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the heart to heart Mashallah we have sister I'm not from Pakistan, a few from Pakistan does mama fab

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we have, we have the mole diems. We have sister

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young tea also from Perth, Mashallah. And her family

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and Hum Dil De La. Alright, let's get started with the first few questions that have come in.

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And this is in chocolate as a general discussion, but we do want it to be something that is productive. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala accept it for myself in you and that we are rewarded for it a lot. I mean,

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all right, let's roll. So first question.

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How do you know if Allah is pleased or displeased with you? So how in law This is a question that I've been asked before, but it is an important one to always remind and reflect on how do you know if I was pleased with you or for loss displeased with you?

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the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Taala manifests its way primarily the most, the easiest way for you to be able to see and to know that a loss of having went to either is pleased with you is that there is a progression in you doing good

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in you, fulfilling your obligations to Allah, that the five daily prayers that you and I perform are something that are anticipated by us something that are not seen as a burden. And that's where you hear the Hadith of the prophets I sell them. I've called to Sala Allen Muna 15. The heaviest prayer for the hypocrite are the two extreme prayers meaning the fair edge, and the furthest extreme from it that I shot the final prayer, which we just prayed a little bit earlier here in Perth. So those two prayers really are a good litmus test also in the for an

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Allah Subhana Allah says haffi the wireless law that was selected was spot guard your prayers and guard the middle prayer garden, the prayer that is the sort of prayer which is usually when you're coming home, you're tired after work and school and, and so on. And it's easy to be distracted from that prayer from praying on time.

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So number two, is that in your heart, there is a dissatisfaction when you've done something between you and a law that you know is not correct. So when you know in your heart that there is an imbalance I've done something that I know Allah has, has ordered not to be performed, or that I've missed something that a law ordered to be performed. I was asked to fulfill the prayer but somehow I missed it. I'm regular and missing it. Those are signs that there is an imbalance in your relationship with Allah. Three consecutive quick signs that Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleased with you is that you are regular in your drive. And your drive is not just general you know, a stealth

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funnel stuff and all but your drive is meaningful. It's holistic it's it's it's your your conversation with a lot and the prophets I send them said men Lem Yes, le la young love LA, the one who is incapable of making dua to Allah, it is because a lot is angry with them. And your reliance upon the lie your reliance upon your darat is a sure sign that you are a person who is fulfilling your duty to Allah zoji. Number two, is there a lot opens for you gateways to doing good that you didn't plan on. So you might be some kind of law sitting at home, ideally, and you got this notification to join this live broadcast Academy. And maybe it's not something that you would

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normally do, but you saw it. So you clicked on it. It wasn't premeditated, it wasn't intentional, but it led you to hear something good that is best for you to pray. Number three, is that you were intending to do something wrong. And you were about to fulfill something wrong. But a lot deterred you from it. And it could be circumstantial. You got a phone call that said oh I need to see you and you left and you're going one place and you went to somewhere else and and hamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah protected you, that's a sign that Allah is pleased with you. Now the signs that Allah displeased with you are similarly opposites. You didn't intend on doing something wrong. And you

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were you know, you were just sitting at home and, and all of a sudden you found an opportunity to do harm, that you hadn't planned on it and you executed it, you went headlong into that sin. Number two, you were planning on doing something good. You were planning on giving a charity you're planning on doing something beneficial. And so having a lot, a lot stopped you from it, you didn't finish that good idea that you had you get the reward for the knee of doing good, but not the reward of having accomplished it in its entirety. That's a sign that there's an imbalance in your life. Third,

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is that you look out into your catchment of friends, look out into the places that you have it and it is not the houses of a lot. They are not righteous people that you can see a reflection in those who you've surrounded yourself with that is not hospitable to growing a man rather it's conducive to shrinking, amen. So what's the solution? Well, it goes back to making your and asking a lot and reflecting upon how to make a change. The prophets I send them said and I end with this hadith. He said regarding the importance of asking a lot to reignite our faith. He said in that he Magnolia blue v jiofi honeycomb

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Have a template for your clothing becomes worn out, so does your faith in God in your heart. So, ask a lot to rejuvenate faith in your heart and to restart a man in you by making dry that a lot puts it inside you. So make drop to a law regularly to cleanse our hearts to make us from those who receive his Hidayat. A lot. I mean, perhaps we'll visit this topic. Again in chat, love. Another question that's come through, let me check through the feed Mashallah. Mashallah good amount of questions coming in.

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I guess this is a good follow up to the one that we just answered. So the first question we asked was, how do we know is far less pleased or displeased? This question that's coming through now. What's the best way to ask for forgiveness if you feel a lot is displeased with you? That's that first question questioning that is a sign of faith. So that's one of the ways that you know that your total bet is already begun. Because repentance begins in the heart begins in the mind before you do anything else before you say anything else. So in your mind and heart when you know that a loss of Hannah went to Allah is intending to accept from you, and that you believe a lot is

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forgiving. That in itself is a sign of faith. Did you know it is how wrong it is a sin to hold in your heart that you've committed something wrong and that a love will not forgive it. That if you believe in your heart or love will not forgive me, that that's actually one of the major sins in Islam, because a law forbids enough for adding sort of the Zoomer Allah subhanho wa Taala says put Yeah, a bad deal. levina s surah four and 14. Letter clintonian. Rahmatullah tell them all my servants who have wronged their own selves who have transgressed and gone beyond the limits that they should, do not ever give up hope in the mercy of Allah. Do not ever despair, in the mercy of a

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loss of hand with Allah in the law hat yellow fatal, the Nova jamea, Allah forgives all sins, is capable of forgiving every sin, as long as one returns to him, believing in Him alone as the one and the only supreme power in this in all of the creation that he has created.

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So the best way to ask for forgiveness begins in the heart that you believe a lot is, I was a fool, I love I love it. No one who is capable for giving the one who forgives that it doesn't matter how massive your sin is, and who is a fool who never gets tired of forgiving you irrespective of how many mistakes that you have made.

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I see sister Sophia, I'm not says in 200 Sala with two Raka. The good in that regard. Yes, of course. In that authentic hadith, the prophet size element, it's not just limited to 200 it's praying at any time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, meaning there is no believer who makes a good will to praise to rock add to a lot at any time, and as a love for forgiveness, except that they are forgiven.

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Third thing that I will add to this in so we can move on to one of the other questions and maybe change a little bit in the topics

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is when it returns to tell that is to make the means to taking a change to to make the physical changes that are necessary. And this is taken from the Hadith in Sahih Muslim where a man had killed many people. And finally he makes repentance to Allah. And he's told by the scholar to travel from the land he lives in where he's known for his violence known for his sins, to a new land a new place and you opportunity of doing good and that perhaps in making that change from one location and hatred on to another, he can have a new start and begin life afresh and a new and on his way there halfway there. He passes away, but he was closer to the New City than the old city. And therefore he

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was forgiven by Allah for having intended to make the change, even though he hadn't yet arrived at the new locality.

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So making Toba to Allah returning to a lot making repentance to a lot, all of that is at its best form is in the heart, and then you solidify it through good deeds. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala says in the hold on 11 men tab except those who repent meaning in their heart, they have regret, what a minute and they restart their faith.

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By believing ALLAH is forgiving, holding a law in great mercy holding a lot in great regard 11 tabgha they stop and regret. And then they believe that God is forgiving that a lot is the merciful Whammy lasagna and begins life and you through fulfilling their good deeds and acting out through righteousness. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant to success and happiness and kindness to others in life so that we can find the mercy and the compassion of a lot in the next life. The next question?

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Do women have less rights than men in Islam? That's a powerful question or requires a little bit longer of an explanation than what I can provide in this particular format. And I do want it to be something that I don't speak about, not necessarily because as a man, I can't give the answer. But I believe this is an answer that I believe you should hear from a doctor. I mean, I'm not it'll be one of the questions in chat love that you will record a thorough answer for. But let me just begin the discussion by saying Allah subhanho wa Taala does not look to our physical being. As the prophets I seldom said in the law Halla young Guru elasaur, Allah doesn't look to your physical makeup, meaning

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a lot does not look to you being a man or a woman. A lot doesn't look at you as being dark or light in color. There is no difference in the estimation of a lot in the reward that a love provides in holding accountable for the scenes by Allah subhanaw taala of any human being no lo repeatedly in the hole, and he says men I mean, I saw the one, the one who does righteous deeds mean that getting out Wouldn't that be it a male or a female fella? Well, who am I as a consequence of faith, they do good deed, because they're believers to lead your hand now as a giver, I will give them the good life in this life. And in the next life, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to make us from those who

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are blessed with the good life, a life of a man in this life and doing good deeds, and to protect us in the next life as a result of our sacrifice in these deeds, there is complete equality between a man and a woman in the sight of Allah. However, in the eyes of humanity, and in the estimation of the Shetty on the practice of our legal systems as Muslims and our ethical and moral systems, there are differences between what is asked of a woman and what may be asked of a man. So for example, I should not as a man feel upset that out of every 30 days, that my wife and my daughter do not have to wake up at 4am in the morning to pray fudge due to their menstrual cycle. I should not say, hey,

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that's not fair. How come men don't get a break, you know, for a third of the year from their prayer nearly, I don't, I should not get upset at a man and say, hey, how come my wife doesn't have to leave work to pray? juwan while I as a man have to leave work? Why should she be advantaged in that sense? Why should my daughter be advantaged in that sense? So there are things that are provided in the shitty I that have great ease and comfort provided to the women in our household that men are not. There is no fetish that I as a Muslim, adult male sane men can miss except I'm accountable to Allah. But my wife and my daughter they have nearly a third of every month, where they are given a

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pass not just from the morning, early dawn prayer, but all of the five prayers and they do not have to go make it up. They do not have to make it back. They don't have to pay money to expiate it, it is given to them in reward by a law, although they are not performing it as long as they had the intent and the fulfillment of it. That's a powerful thing. So there are certain things that men are going to be obligated to do, that women are not obligated to do. There are also things that women are obligated to do that I as a man, I'm not obligated to do. Some of it may relate to, for example, wearing the hijab, and that's, you know, the covering from head to other parts of the body. Although

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my hijab as a man still meets almost all of the requirements. Two of the key requirements, there's a difference between men and women. So I do not have to cover

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From the top of my head while my wife and daughter does, but there are other aspects of a job that have to perform similar to them. And therefore, in the laws of the Shetty eye, there is equity in the fulfillment of the dean, but not equality, because it quality really to be real, they have to be one in the same time. But men and women are different. Men and women are different in how they approach things in their physical makeup, in their physiology, in the very essence of their chromosomes, and genes, they are very different to each other. And that's not something that puts one at an at a higher place than the other. It does obligate men to have a greater sense of

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fulfillment of duties towards their wife, their daughter, their mothers, in a way that they would not towards their father, brothers and sons. So I'm under no obligation to maintain my brother's household and to help him with his bills. But if my sister left club or law found herself that she was living on her own, it is my religious duty to share of my wealth to pay for what is required to maintain her at a standard that is equal to others in society. It's not out of charity, it's not out of kindness. It is, it is Huck it is her right upon me. While my brother, it would be considered a charity that's a powerful thing. There's a great deal of care that is given to our women in Islam

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and I pray that loss of hello to Allah allows us to speak more about this and you hear more from Dr. Amin a man in the coming days inshallah

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a little bit of a strange question.

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What exactly is sane optimism? And how does it work? Meaning what does it mean for people to worship faith on? Well, that's actually a really simple. There's a really simple answer that we have as Muslims, and the prophets on the love it was seldom has taught us that everything you're doing doing a lot that is worshiped, adored, love, feared, hoped in, in a way that only Allah should be ease worshipping the shaitan. So the chez Thawne isn't worthy of worship himself. He's actually happy for you to steal from our worship anything that is other than a lot he assumes it for himself.

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And he takes it for himself. And it's one of the reasons why the prophets I send them he tells us, you know, don't curse the shape on in, in a sense, where you, you keep mentioning him rather magnify a law, and that diminishes the shape on because he's not important in my life. In yours, we say that we left them in a shape on our gene, may Allah protect us from the curse shavon May he be kept at bay, may he be cursed and distant from us, but we don't make extra mention of him, or of the shale teen of the devils because they're inconsequential. So the worship of the shaitan is anything that is other than the worship of a rough man other than the worship of Allah is fulfilling to the aims

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that the shape on seeks and Allah tells us in the Quran, Allah had la kamyab any Adama Allah dabboo shape on the right not order you and make a covenant with you Oh Children of Adam, that you are not to worship the shape on what any boonie that you worship Me alone have SEO optimized stuffing that is a straight path. So when the text of the photo and anything other than the worship of Allah fulfills the aim of worshiping the shape on May Allah protect you and I from that along I mean, let's take one from our Facebook page as well inshallah

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What if facing obstacles and blockages in every matter of our life? What should we do to ask Allah to ease it in higher? Well first, understand that whatever blockage or thing that we are upset about asset and tech color who shade and we'll hide on lecom perhaps we may not like something we may not see the wisdom inside thing we may be upset by something. But in fact that same thing that grieves us that bothers us is higher is good for us. But we just don't see it. So perhaps the obstacle that's blocking you from something you think you want, and that you desire, and that you want to have and you think will be better for you in the long term in the short term that Allah knows

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through his divine wisdom that predates even your creation, that this is not what is good for you.

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Last set you on a path that is different to it, and it might agree of your heart but know that in that way, Allah subhanho wa Taala is one who is merciful to you and I more than we would be merciful to ourselves if we knew our father. So if you knew what was to come tomorrow, and you were to make decisions knowing the future, a law, destiny in your life is giving you better color than what you would have given to yourself if you even knew the future. And that's a powerful thing to appreciate the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada and Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the inequity in health now we've covered everything that I created, I created it with its determination and measure. And it

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doesn't matter how much you love or hate something on account of your feelings, it cannot necessarily make a change to provide it or to turn it away from you. rather ask Allah subhana wa Taala in the higher in this dunya higher and goodness in the alpha and protection from that punishment of Hellfire, perhaps that which you are finding on

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the testable and unwilling to accept is actually what is best for you through the knowledge, the wisdom of a lot. But if there is something that you do not that you feel, you want to ask a lot to remove, then ask him in any one of the languages of the world you speak and a lot knows what is in the heart before it's on the lips and what is on the lips before it becomes sound a lot yeah eye level math a lot of hand he knows what is in the depth of the womb he knows what what my talk is to do. He knows even what the heart has not yet thought what your what your mind has not yet told you need to ask for. So ask Allah subhanho wa Taala because in asking ALLAH, you are actually bringing

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your affair into order and receiving what you are requesting. Because the moment you ask you are answered the prophets I seldom said every door that a believer makes is answered by a lot in one of three ways. You are given what you want when you want it how you want it as soon as you want it, or you're given what you want at a time or in a way different to what you wanted it or number three you are given better than what you want, but it's delayed by a law either to the asset or to another point in time in your life. So the key is to make drop to Allah and ask Allah to lift the harm and to lift the difficulty and to remove that illness and to cure us and to assist us and let us end

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with a comprehensive draft for ourselves, our homes and our families.

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala and beginning to end to grant us his higher and goodness and happiness in this life and the next we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala gives us contentment and delight moment of delight of the heart through the horror and that alone makes the horror and the pursuit of our life. It's reading and its practice and its study that Allah subhanho wa Taala assists us in all of that which we find difficult in life Allahumma salli ala mucha ayuda who Salah Allah nothing is easy, except if you have made it easy for us. We neck potential has no salah and you are able to make what we see difficult as easy before us yeah Allah, Allah we ask you to give us

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Asia tunnel Eliya life that is content and full and happy. Why meet that then so we I know returned to you Oh, a love that is peaceful in our death one model than how you know more than one Father and that we return to you where we are not embarrassed with our scenes before you are leave behind scenes for others to witness our criminality before you Yeah, a lot. A lot we ask you to give us a repentance before we return to you. Come on rocky mean all up protect us our homes and our families increase our risk increase our health protect our sight and our hearing and the strength of our bodies or luck cure those who have fallen ill and make us and then from those who are protected from

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the scenes that bring down the wrath and the anger of a lot a lot removed from us you're angry or whatever I mean, an open our hearts and minds to you in this life. So that we can be in the company of the prophets of Allah in the next life along I mean, while suddenly laughing I was selling was into abetik Allah say et now what have you even now whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was talking he was sending me man kathira So hi Nicola Moby handy I showed you the land and stuff. Look at what I do what he was salamati Kumara de la

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