Before Ramadan, Do This!

Fatima Barkatulla


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The speaker encourages listeners to use their phones to set up a monthly donation to a charity called launch good. This will allow them to receive rewards for using the phones, including $100 from lunch good, and to receive a gift from Aquila Heron to help build a foundation for Muslim women. The speaker also mentions that if they use the phone to set up a donation, they will not miss any rewards for surgery in crisis.

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Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters, it's your sister Fatima baraka to Allah here Subhan Allah Ramadan is virtually here. And there's something that I wanted to encourage you to do before Ramadan starts. And that is go to launch Ramadan, that's t a M, Ramadan or A M A Dan launch Ramadan. And with with a few clicks, you can set up scheduled giving for the whole month of Ramadan. And what that means is that you set a certain amount of money, however little or however much you want. And that amount is taken out of your account every day in Ramadan and given to a charity that's been checked out by launch good or that you choose that you can actually choose

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the charities that you want your regular scheduled donation to go to. And that's for 30 days, I think it's a wonderful way to use our technology for us, you know, I'm always saying make sure that you use technology for you, not against you. And I think one of the ways that we can do that nowadays with our phones with our with the sheduled giving that we have the ability to set up is to set that up so that you know we don't miss the rewards for any of the days in Ramadan. So please go to launch Ramadan and set up scheduled giving as much or as little as you want per day. And one of the extra benefits and hamdulillah is that if you do that and if you use our link to

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do that, which is launch Ramadan T am Ramadan,

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then launch good will actually give Muslim womanhood the organization for building resilient and educating Muslim women will receive $100 boost from lunch good as a gift at no extra expense to you. So not only will you be making sure you don't miss the rewards for Ramadan sadaqa

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on any of the days and we know that, you know, rewards are greater in Ramadan for each of the days of Ramadan, but you'll also be helping our organization to launch the projects that we want to launch in the coming year. So does Aquila Heron go ahead go to launch Rama band before Ramadan starts and set up scheduled giving and then you can relax. Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh