What To Do When You Find Success

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The speaker discusses the importance of self-motivated deeds for success, as it is a key to one's health and mental well-being. They emphasize the need for praise for one's successes and for the deeds to be recognized and respected. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of seeking seeking one's own values and values in order to achieve their goals.

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Let's talk about maybe you know our successes which is very important so I want you to recite the chapter victory for us bro let's let's analyze this for lessons for everybody and for myself, okay, I'll go below him in a shape on

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim either

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an asuma one fat one or eaten the whole Luna feeding in a

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Beautiful, beautiful, bless you and you're crying and you know you've been learning Quran and studying with beautiful Misha, and May Allah increase you on that. I mean to make it your focus, blow it up, internalize it, make it your focus, it was very moving cycler so we know this chapter in the Quran, when Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about when people come to the deen in crowds, and what is the laws lessons for us here he's saying to us that we should praise Allah that the praise we must glorify Allah subhana wa Taala not glorify ourselves. Because one of the key spiritual diseases of the heart is our job is self amazement of what I did, right? Or even keba arrogance as well,

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right thinking that you're better than others and you reject the truth. But in this context is our job. It's thinking that is because of you. You were like, you know, the source of this. No, it wasn't that you that through was a law that through a let us use do in order to manifest his guidance and mercy to people. So when you when you feel that in your heart about self amazement, praise Allah Alhamdulillah it's because of a light it's got nothing to do with me. And you have to believe that because that spiritual disease is one of the four key spiritual diseases according to our pious predecessors, that other spiritual diseases emerge. So don't praise yourself, praise

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Allah. Then what does Allah say? talks about a stick for talking about seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala seek His forgiveness. And, and because maybe our successes as a result of good deeds, but our heart wasn't in the right place. Or maybe it was because our heart was in the right place, but we did some things that we shouldn't have done. We don't know. Allah knows, right? He knows. He knows what the innocence are without lessons all the public sins are the private sins are. Allah knows and we don't so keyboarding is too far. And then Allah says he's the one who accepts in no canneto Weber, yeah, Toba Toba. So therefore, always be engaged, you should encourage us to be on

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a path of turning back to Allah subhana wa Tada. In actual fact, I learned this from our beloved Abdur Rahim green, because on the staff whatsapp group, we were like, Oh, this is great stuff. And then he said, just is too far. Right? And he referenced this chapter in the Quran. And then I was like, serpin are so deep. don't have a job. Praise Allah. Do stick fart, turn back to him continuously. And we should all do this. When we have a great tweet that's going really well, or videos going viral, or great successes in our dour public life. Always Praise the Lord. It's default, and always turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this should be a lesson that we should

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take with us continuously. Because it's, it's it's so significant because otherwise, bro, maybe all of these successes would be successes only in this world, but not in the Astra. Right? It will like dust on a stone or, you know when when it rains, whereas the dust is gone. It's like meaningless. Yeah. So it's very important for us not to

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not to have this spiritual mirage. Yeah. So we shouldn't be following this kind of spiritual Mirage, where, you know, we think we're doing something great, but our hearts are not in the right place. And all we see is not just that illusion, spiritual illusion, but we see the displeasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we should realign our hearts to Allah with praising Allah is different Toba when we have successes and that's a very important because in modern society verse about the glorification of the self, isn't it? Yeah. We live in an egocentric and egotistical society where, you know, the new data has become become oneself. You know, tick tock YouTube, social media,

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, is the glorification of AI is the glorification of me. I become now my data which is saying the Quran says I've not seen the one who takes on desires of his own load. This is like auto deities.

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After meaning yourself, it comes from the Greek You know, you're you're worshiping yourself. Auto deism. Yeah. You worship yourself. And that is very, very important for us always to be Allah centric, not ego centric. And this is the struggle and you know, even you know, being see CEO anymore, I have to engage in that struggle and seek Toba is their fault because the great work that happened that Allah allowed to happen. I want to be part of that not because I did anything special, but because I was messy, and I need to do Toba for anything that I did that maybe it wasn't for loss sake. Maybe if it was for ego

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Maybe if it was for ostentation, maybe it was because that result of, of maybe hasard or kibber, or a job or whatever the case may be. I want to now try and reflect and seek Allah's repentance. And maybe you know, we'll be eligible for his mercy, bro. So