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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of words in context and stress the importance of being mindful of words. They mention a video game where characters use words to sing and stress the need for being mindful of words. Salalah, a tool for understanding and knowing words, is also mentioned.
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sorry he is for the Allah who I know but I didn't know the use of Allah Allah He was seldom Allah as you he will have hunted us a weapon. Yes Who Hoonah, Yoda and Joshua. So this hadith isn't a collection of both Buhari and Muslim, it's actually a number of other collections. And it's, it's narrated in different wordings. I'm gonna use the one in body, but you can find other narrations as well other wordings as well. And it's great just by NSF, and Malik. And this was within the theme of mindfulness of the tongue, probably, we'll do that until the end of this week and hold on to something different item or see

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if there's an interesting Hadith, and it's important to understand what it means. So it just tells us that the Prophet it is a lot to us on a journey on a trip, and is he take taking with him one, or maybe two of his wives. And there were other ladies on this trip as well. They used to go women was to go on these trips, whether they were for jihad, or for other purposes, they would go. And there was a so well, so welcome, is a word that's used in the in the Hadith, but actually, anyone who's responsible for allowing a caravan of camels to move is called had delays or a hottie.

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They don't use the word die for it believes that for cows or sheep, but for it for camels, they use word hottie. The reason being is that, interestingly enough, the camels are very sound sensitive. Camels can move at different paces. And they respond to music or to sound or to song. So if you wanted camels, if you had seven or eight camels, you want them to all move in the same on the same at the same pace. And the people who are on it, or there used to be the whole dodge was a was a small compartment that existed, you could put on the camel, and the lady with her killer could sleep actually in there. So she wasn't responsible of, you know, actually steering this camel. So how is

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how is the camel going to continue to move in the direction that everyone else is moving, there will be 100 D that is someone who is responsible for these eight or nine camels to keep them moving at the same pace. So they're not bumping into each other, knocking people off or getting too ahead of the group or two behind the group. That's their job.

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So the man who was responsible for doing this, his name was Angelica. And he was a gentleman who was from it was not out of us from a different part of the world, probably from Habesha, and he was the hottie he was the person who would sing. And he would say poetry and sing it. Obviously poetry was not said the way I was I say it, they would actually sing it out like it was a had a tune has a rhythm, and they would sing it and you have a nice voice. And then he was singing that poetry. And then based on the rhythm of the poetry the beat, you guys know what I'm talking about? The beat that comes with,

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with any form of rap or song, that beat is what this camels will walk to two. And depending on how quick the beat is, the camels will either go really quickly, or really slowly. And how, depending on how your higher voices are. And it's very interesting, actually, you can go you can go to Saudi Arabia and see them do this. Like it's still not like they stopped doing it. Anytime they still do it. So you can still do it. And you go watch them and see how camels will move to a beat. So this gentleman was getting a little bit engaged in his own in his own.

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He was actually singing and he was singing a little bit loudly a little bit quickly. And the capitals were were speeding up and the ladies were helping bumped around. And it was getting a look. So the profile that you saw there was a Mikado, yeah and Joshua way Decker still packable power rear provider, meaning slow down so quick as you steer forward here are the delicate ones, and strong Makarora, which is something made of glass. So he's saying slow down as you steer the delicate ones he's speaking to about the ladies who are in the, on the in the, our dish on the on the camels. So now of course I'm telling you this hadith is because they used to do this. I mean, the prophet

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Alayhi Salatu was Salam, as the other Sahaba would hear this Heidi continuously say poetry in the poetry was not always the poetry of Hassan or Gabor Abdullah, sometimes it's the poetry of any of the Navajo or Alaska or emerald face or some some of the EJ Haley proponent for support. She is very well known and people enjoyed listening to. So they would sing it out. And it was not they were not told not to. And this is important that this was actually a part of their travel. When they traveled, traveled, there was Song involved in that song was a part of making sure that the piece would continue to go. And he said that demote the ladies, slow down, you're steering the delicate

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ones, but another bucola but one of the majors of this hadith for the time being the kalam Rasulullah. He said okay, we can we can imagine the Otakon lemma we have Altocumulus to Mohali. He said something is awesome that day that if one of you today were to say everyone to get all upset, he means like when he said we'll call it by the Take it easy with the delicate ones. He used that term of describing these ladies and if one person said that today everyone would be get all upset and you get up in arms and he said something like that, meaning he was upset that people have changed the way their usage of words and their ability to kind of point things out and the Prophet

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alayhi salatu salam was very was very sensitive and he would use used language such as that when he spoke and find interest

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think that only 100 years later, people still felt that there was a little bit of a change in the culture. And then we are being about something much more. I guess you're making we call it to the PC like politique politically correct. And you when you start censoring language, and you suddenly start censoring words, and you start making it difficult for people to speak the language that makes sense inside their minds, when you can't speak anymore, got to say things. Because if you say it, then immediately you're going to go to lose your status or your posting or your job or your reputation, or whatever it is, it makes it hard to live. If I have to, if now I can't speak, I can't

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say I think of something I want to describe it or explain and I can't do that anymore. Because now there's restrictions on language. There's no such thing as a bad word. There's no such thing as bad. But there's bad intention is about context is about usage of it. Words are words words are there to describe. I can most of you guys like for example, when I came here, I had lost a little bit I was no longer in touch with the with the lingo of the Western world I had lost. So I remember my brother told me that was that sick? And like head and shoulder, I'm a doctor, what can I do to help?

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This is my first game back. He's like, no, no, that sick me is good. Is that a bad usage? No, it's the word that means something actually negative. But using the right context, it's actually a really nice word to use. The same thing if I, if I were to sink, say sarcastically that this person's an angel, it's actually a horrible thing is LIBOR, actually, it's actually mockery, it's actually one of the things that will one of the words that you fall in journalism for. So it's really based on how you use the word and what so there's no such thing as good or bad was how you been using it. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, be very slow down, you're stealing the delicate ones that are

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already are the ones made of glass.

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Take that out of context and make it misogynistic or disrespectful. Sure, you can, or you can understand what he meant out of your Salah to assume understand where he's coming from, it really depends on you depends on how you it's not always about the mean, of obviously, the person who's saying something has to be careful. But you also have to put put it put in our mind when we listen to something in the context of what the person means and maybe maybe give people the benefit of the doubt every once in a while. Maybe Maybe that's what we should be trying to do. The world that we live in is become very politically driven, very polarized. And, and all you have to do is say one

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word that is just, it's going to take it out of context immediately. And then it's gonna be used against you so heavily. And it makes you wonder if whether this is a healthy practice to have and whether if we keep on doing that, what are we going to turn into what what's actually going to happen, whereas today, the usage of words today is actually I'm not gonna get into that. That's a whole different rant. But I just but the importance of this of this hadith for me is a prophet Allah, you saw those that would speak, and he would say something, and there was a hadith there was someone who was singing, and that's how the camels moved. That he listened to someone singing out of

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his salatu salam and they will be singing poetry that he didn't give him a list of poets that he's allowed to use to hide he will say whatever he wants, his whatever he has, whatever the culture allows, you said and that's how they moved. God they've been madly in the generation of Imam Muhammad said, altering the de rasool Allah, but Allah Allah who is God mountains and Allah Subhan Allah said about poetry sent something heavy. I might not know exactly what to do about this. He's a poet gunmakers a poet and Allah some guys have a shout out we have who whom Allah Woon and I'm Tara under whom frequently wedding honeymoon our family if I don't necessarily exception at the end, but

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there's a lot of heaviness against poetry,

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because it has to be used appropriately. So the Akkad was little bit scared. He was like, what, what do I do like I'm a poet, but exactly how come he taught us that Allah has so my name is Manu Yuja who will be safe he he will he certainly he will occur and Allah he will look at and nama Matata Munna Hornby Hina Hannibal he said movement will strike with his sword sometimes with his tongue other times, and I swear to you, Jakob, the words that you say is worse and we're heavy on them, then the arrow is being let go. Then a shower of arrows, the words that you say when you when you say it, when you when you say something, when you're a poet and you and you come up with a piece of

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art that will live on that support some one thing is tended by something else, it actually it's worse for them, they find it more impactful upon them then then a shower arrow is going to them he swore to himself alive.

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So think about that and think about that strength that exists your words, your articulation, your narrative, your ability to explain target this is important we have with we have with us an opportunity and we have with us a tool and an ability and we should use it appropriately Allah Yahweh che Caliente Mustafa Ali, he mean Hadith Yes. And then maybe also Allah Allah, Allah Allah is the word you He will open this a work when you call the who and JoJo for Carlos Allah Allah Who are you some Yeah. And Joshua to Hawaii Dhaka so *able career

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Mr. Davis no sorry hon and cab Nocardia rasool Allah but only Allah have a shettima Enzo from and that's enough about us on Allahu Allahu alayhi salam and meno Bucha he will be set up when he certainly he will Allahu Allah cutting them out on the moon at home behind mandible. So Dr. Rasulullah sallallahu and His Excellency my god condition Allah Allah Allah just talking to Blake tomorrow at 830 you will have a dua for the absolve family. They'll just be like a small DUA and some time to reflect and to make dua yourself for them. Every year. We did this last year. We didn't do it this year. I think the only thing that we should do is

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really take a moment and remember them and maybe even rejoice amongst each other about remembering them and talking about them if you are their friends and kind of come together and make dua that Allah subhanaw taala and and think about what we can do inshallah for them in the future so that's we're gonna have starting 830 tomorrow so tomorrow's Friday, I have an Arabic ha ha Muslim, but and half an hour before Mother's Day or something like that. We will have this activity, no premium rim so you're welcome to come and attend that with us if you find fit and shallow Salalah has had them hammered while early he also reach me and said I want to know