Reaction to Tafida’s parents winning High Court battle

Haitham al-Haddad


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The speaker discusses the upcoming court case in Bosnia, which will bring light on the issue of the feeder and her parents' desire to support the NHS's treatment of young children. The speaker believes that the case will set a precedent for young people's suffering and empower thousands of young people. The speaker also mentions the potential for NHS congratulations and the desire for NEMA to treat young children in a better way.

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right there it was in hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah.

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I'm actually so excited with the news that just came

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in Bosnia actually, so Hanalei and that's why I could not attend their vision to support the feeder. But Allah Allah, Allah granted us victory Alhamdulillah now and granted, not only Muslims, but granted all British people granted also NHS victory in this case, because this case will set a precedent for the entire population in Britain, and also it will help the NHS to navigate their way through such cases. And have the law as you know that the feeder and her parents want the case to be able to transfer her to Italy in order to continue for heavy treatment. Alhamdulillah and as I said, I have a trust in Allah Allah, Allah, Allah first of all, that Allah Allah, Allah will not let us

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Allah does not let

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the mother of the feet that down. After all, what she did to support her daughter's Panama she was for seven months I think or six months living in the hospital,

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leaving her husband and her young boy who is doing and just staying with Aveda, the whole family was traumatic because of the case of the EDA. Allah was not let down and Allah Allah Allah did not let her down. She want this and in sha Allah she will win that in entire case and this when I don't consider it as that you want against the NHS or against the system, but I think this is a correction for the system for the NHS for everyone. All of us are winning congratulation for the parents of happy that congratulation for all of us. Congratulation for NHS congratulation for the entire system. And I think this will set a positive precedent for young children who are suffering from the

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same thing or elders or others. And in sha Allah as I said with this struggle, we are making Britain a better place for all of us. Alhamdulillah in the Divina imitative masala Roma be convenient for me in Allah any virtue you get any NEMA you get is from Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Hara Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.