Contemporary ‘Ulama’ – Scholars in Today’s World

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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So one of the courses that I'm going to teach you within is on the 22nd of December, that is about the contemporary scholars and their role.

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So that we also need to understand really what it means.

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What it means to be an island, on arema or scar in Islam, it is cars can be men and women, any of them, but what it needs to be, you know, when we say a scholar, what we what do we mean? What are the qualities? How might they should know what the expertise are, you know, how they live how the character are, because in the moment you can see, there are actually one of the reason why people are, you know, people are turning away from Islam is because of Allah, because sometimes their character, their behavior is so wrong. Really, people think if these people represent Islam, they are so wrong, they divided the people, they're corrupted by money, they're corrupted by power, they

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misuse their power, if these are the people represent Islam. So in Islam can be good religion, too, we need to learn really what it means to be an alum and are in my scholar, what are the qualities are then to understand what the role of Ola is in the society what they need to do, teaching, preaching, correcting, reforming, you know, how much they can compromise and how much they cannot compromise, you know, and how they can make the no religion a moral element to their own society, and how they have to reform the society and purify the society. You know, many of these questions which come to mind are the people, you know, we need to understand especially the role of the automa

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in the context of our time, and also in the context of Western countries where we live, you know, what can we rule you shall