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Where 643 years ago something happened! #Unplugged

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Today I'm on a call off the library couch with a lot of more human hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam Charlo Tala, we are heading to Tao Vitaly. And this is the last of the last event in the series of lectures that we had conducted Alhamdulillah so far in the Philippines, first time in history, for territory first time for all of us to visit this part of the world.

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That's what we were informed that no scholars on that international level have ever visited. It's a very dangerous

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a lot of security issues may Allah make it

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in the past. Today they've declared it a holiday, a general public holiday because we're visiting the sha Allah, may Allah make a

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means of guidance to everyone. keep us humble. Use us to serve the deen May we continue to be

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working as hard as we can by the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala really hot and humid but the wind is actually the bliss is a gift of Allah, masha Allah our visitors Zamboanga despite the fact that we're sure one day witness Masha Allah

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who has a project

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Michelle, and also the venue that we have they want us to go to a much bigger venue the next time we challenge security issues is

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waiting given a feel well, they're not leaving until Subhan Allah may Allah

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Masha Allah look at them

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Salam aleikum. Mashallah.

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MashAllah Tabatha?

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After marriage, people change physically right? And sometimes in the morning, you know, cushion or mascara for ladies they like it a lot. Yeah. And then they sleep. No hijab, of course they are in their homes. But in the morning, you see their hair going everywhere on the pillow in your nose everywhere.

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And when you wake up, the mascara already bleeds all over.

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Allah loves whom Allah loves those who frequently repent. And he loves those who frequently purify themselves.

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We are in territory and the lectures have begun Habibi shuffle it Brahim has already spoken. And at the moment Dr. Mohamed Salah has speaking and then inshallah I will speak so what did you speak about Shangela. So they gave me the topic of secrets of successful marriage. Mashallah, so I was analyzing a book written by non Muslim author called the five languages of love. And I was relating each point to the Islamic teaching of the same concepts are

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words of affirmation, to appreciate each other, to speak good words to each other, exchanging gifts, acts of service, and so on. So five points the handler, this is the first time they're having such a big event in Tarrytown people are excited. How's the response when you're talking? So the first thing I asked them is Do you Do you understand my English? And the entire video exploded? Yes. So that was my fear. Because this is our first time here. Martial law majority vast majority speaks English understand respond very well to jokes, and humor points. And sometimes we asked them with this fun muscle of our hands. You know, it's amazing because I asked a similar question to the

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organizers that Do you have a translator? They said, We don't need one chance. In fact, in fact, the brother who opened I think the Vice vice govern us speaking in the data language of Torito and my wife being a Filipino Tagalog, and by Aisha one of our team members, they didn't understand the language. Amazing.

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So tell me Tao is the southern tip of the Philippines where Islam came from in 1386. That's about 600 years ago, 643 years ago, we visited this morning the place

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what's the

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Seminole Island is similar Island and the masjid was built by Kareem Abdul

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is either an individual Arab group of Muslims, Karim Al Maktoum.

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The Masjid is called Masjid chef Karim al Macedonians. So it seems like he might have been an individual and he,

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he and his group came in and mashallah Islam spread from here so it was very historic and amazing. It was a lovely place inshallah. So I am going to be speaking here, and then we're spending topics here on La Jolla.

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It's a To Do With a light, you know the guiding theme here is Light upon light. So Al Hamdulillah

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we will speak about the Quran, message of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the fact that we are really favored by Allah for being an ummah of Quran and the Sunnah and being gifted to be part of this blessing. It's something people take for granted, you know, so Inshallah, but we're speaking to masses here, a lot of the people are, you know, they may not be

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very practicing, they may be having their own struggles and so on. We have to take that into consideration and speaking to people because,

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like, yes, and like I always say, the identity is very important. When someone is proud of their Islamic identity. It's already a great success. It's a stepping stone to everything, usually 100 I noticed that you're usually bring people to basics first, okay for the foundations a week, nothing else is going to be built upon. I always say that you know what the pillars of Islam the pillars of a man, those pillars are not called pillars for nothing that we build on those pillars around the lights a good thing, motion of the mela mekinese has been a tiring trip is the last this is the last ligatures. Zack

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May Allah Almighty grant you peace and security and stability and good growth. May Allah Almighty help you in every aspect of your living.

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But more than anything else, may Allah Almighty help you and I connect with him in a better way. I mean