With Ali Dawah at the London Palestine Demonstration

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The host of a video discusses the recent terrorist attack on children in the UK, which has caused concern among some groups. The host suggests that the attack may have been driven by the media coverage of the attack, and encourages viewers to raise awareness of the situation. The segment ends with a statement from the host to encourage people to share the video with friends and family.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah better care to brothers and sisters and sisters and dear friends I'm here with show faith in show how you doing Alhamdulillah behind Masha Allah Tabata kala Mashallah. MashAllah especially I was standing in the sun Yeah. In the queue to give you Salam. Yeah. Embarrassing. Yeah, just in the back of the queue and waiting, waiting, waiting until I had the permission and the pleasure to give you salame but anyway, leave this one. In the hereafter you're going to be in the front, I'm going to be

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asked about Michelle

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asked about Mia, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah. Let us not get into that. But I'm talking about the dunya.

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The scan of the dunya is disturbed anyway. Even even though they gave you this drink,

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they offered it to him. Yeah, they did not even bother about me. They don't bother about the age they did not bother that their biggest check. But anyway,

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the state to state Allah. May Allah help us anyway. Okay, I'm just gonna ask a question. So, check. You know, a couple of years ago, ISIS was prevalent, and they will commit in atrocities around the world. If ISIS was to kill 66 Children, what do you think would happen in the world? Yeah, see, if they were not to kill 66. Even if they kill a few children, then the whole world will be marching. And you will see that maybe the the car, the Security Council, they are meeting to condemn ISIS will condemn anyone who is supporting ISIS, sympathizing with ISIS. And maybe they will also put many sanctions against many personalities. And they will also to call for maybe

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sanction on any one who might be funding directly or indirectly, ISIS or sympathizing or maybe wearing the symbols of ISIS, and maybe much more for the survivor. That's not happening. Why is that not happening when 66 Palestinian children in a minute, we're going to walk and read out all the names, but why do you think the British government is having this hypocrisy? Yeah, because now take part of the hypocrisy. They say that those people they were not innocent of the Israeli occupation forces, okay. They are not victims of the Israeli occupation forces. No, actually they are. They are the victims of the legitimate legitimate resistance, because they are using them as human shields.

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This is the hypocrisy to this level, you're now telling me on one on one on

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telling me where on earth people will use their own children to be killed just because of political reasons. This wouldn't have happened and moreover, moreover, it is not only about the children we are by the way, now it is a man that seems higher took place a few weeks ago, but it's still it's really patient forces there are still targeting many younger children in our codes and this is unfortunately so many people are unaware of this and they are trying still to displace the people of hire chef Jarrah. Not only that, but there is also another area in San Juan they are trying to displace them and they are trying to raid Al Aqsa so they haven't stopped Yes, exactly what we're

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gonna do guys check maybe we can I'm gonna read these we can do together inshallah. So let's start from seven months.

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Seven months now are they telling me that they this is Abraham Ibrahim Mohammed seven months he is the youngest. Are you telling me that he was also used as a shield? Are you telling me that he is a terrorist? Why when those Palestinians are killed then they were maybe legitimate targets but if for example, a child one child one Israeli child was killed then you will see the whole world is talking about this exactly and only that the BBC will use in words like killed for Israeli kids and they will use in died for Palestinian kids so we can see that if we carry on you see Islam Muhammad age eight years and Rami H 13. You've got Nahum er at age two, two years old. I don't know if that's the

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youngest er.

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Ibrahim, Mohammed was seven months, seven months brothers and sisters. And if you look, if you look behind me, share if we walk here, if you walk look, look at this. Yeah. So if you just turn around, as you can see as we walk in here, these are 66 children, brothers and sisters, and we are not going to let this be forgotten. This Palestine issue is not a trend. It's not a fashion. That's when it's happening. We're all for it. Look at

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Look, looking for

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a 9999 months.

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Oh that one for six months Subhanallah anyway, but still it shows you brother and sisters, whichever age it is, be it from the seven months, six months to five, seven years old, 15 years old. This is what's happening. If ISIS carried out these attacks, there will be out outcry. Not only that, in the UK, you have Elbit Systems which we visited. They are they are manufacturing and producing these arms that are being sold to Israel. Can you imagine if ISIS had a department, a place of headquarters in Holborn in central London, that was happening shut any last words? Anyway, what I want to say is that Alhamdulillah now because of the activist that we have, especially on social

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media, now the world has started to change. Public opinion has started to change because of the awareness. And this shows the importance of awareness and education, and we don't want brothers.

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We don't want our brothers and sisters in STEM to argue with our political engagement is beneficial or not marching is beneficial or not let us move ahead of that and do something useful. Exactly then sisters, raise awareness share this with your videos with friends and family. And let's make sure the raise awareness not when the oppression is going on. But all the time know when the if the media is covering or not. For next time