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The speaker discusses the success of food distributors in drops and the importance of organizing charity for those affected by war and disaster. They emphasize the need for continuous operations and the need for people to continue to support charity even after the recent events. The speaker also mentions the use of oxygen and the importance of not being a loser.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I'm hoping you're having a good Ramadan, fans Alhamdulillah we have great work when it comes to raising charity for those individuals who are in those Iraqi families and those Syrian families who, as you've seen them known from the news, are the most, some of the most effective people in the world when it comes to, you know, war and disaster and these kinds of things, over 120,000 pounds we managed to raise so far, that's going to help us feed 1000s of families. But it's still not enough, when we do these food distributions have just returned by doing radio and TV together all over the country, appealing to people for more help. Because when

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the food finishes, the lines don't finish, the people don't stop, the hunger doesn't stop moving people who need our support. So in three days time, we're going back out. And you know what we have to understand guys really and truly organize charity organizations in Ramadan.

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I mean, most of their income that comes from Ramadan, sometimes is so disparate that 80 to 90% of the income of a charity comes from.

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So from that perspective, what you're doing is you're actually allowing, the operations need to continue. And you're allowing, by extension, the sustenance of those individuals that would otherwise have no substance whatsoever to receive nothing from anybody to continue as well, you're going to three days, only three days time, we'll be back on the ground will be emotional. If you don't know about the recent history of most of the last time I was there doing a food distribution. This was the fact that there was more dead bodies than there was people alive.

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During one food distribution, we found 150 bodies when we go to give the money to the orphans that you guys then we went, we found these two orphans are listening to the Quran, their mother had starved to death, the mother had starved to death went into the house next door, we found half a body that dogs were eating from this is the state of people in most of these 2019 and people are still starving to death. This is why we have to go back. And we can only make a difference with your continuous support. And ladies and gentlemen who likes to do it takes minutes doesn't assume just to go on and make a quick point your details name. And we've done it lots of people have done it

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before. If you've done it already do it again. Because in Ramadan, as the Prophet would tell us and we would tighten his loincloth he was he would get serious when it comes to charity, especially in the month of Ramadan, cara, he was a nurse, he was the most generous of people in Ramadan. And he in every part of the body, especially in Ramadan, we have to work really, really hard to make sure that our brothers and sisters are not.

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And please understand the situation of going into hospitals, there's a line of children, they sharing an oxygen machine five minutes each five minutes each, a newborn baby gets on an oxygen machine, the incubators are being shared, there's models standing in lines with their babies, and the doctors are telling me that we're losing five or six babies every single day in the hospital that we're supporting. This is where I'm going back to you would not believe that this is happening but this is the situation and as the Ramadan goes on, we're going to be distributing every single day. And we'll have some of that footage inshallah, to show you guys the difference that you're

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making. So hopefully now when you can see something, this video is to see some of the mystery or results of your contribution this woman was she's a Syrian or she is a Syrian Syrian woman. Yeah, myself and Ali Dawa. We've just returned. We were out a few days ago in three days time. We're going back. The video that you're about to see is the two hours that she's making for you guys. And what does the law say about the doors of the oppressed?

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Never ever, even if it's if it's responding

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to anybody Muslim, non Muslim, if an oppressed calls out to Allah subhanaw taala he'll be respond to the question is, will you be part of that response? Will Allah honor me and you by being part of that response or not?

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When you use there was on the next camp that we're distributing is called a Rama, mercy and what a beautiful blessing is that you can be a part of Allah's mercy. So inshallah the rest of the video you can see the doors that are being made for you and you don't miss out. Don't be a loser.