Wisdoms behind Epidemics – Coronavirus

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But it seems

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also slowly

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all of these reports about Coronavirus all of these measures about Coronavirus how to protect ourselves how to stop it from spreading. flights have been canceled. People are talking about it as if they are, you know mad about it Subhanallah

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there is one thing that is missing one major thing that is missing. What is that? Subhanallah in all of these measures, are they talking about? Allah, the Creator, the Lord of everything, Rob Bill Alameen the one who controls everything. Subhanallah we have been as Muslim secularized. We are not thinking about Allah, Allah, Allah. And how Allah Allah Allah controls everything. Allah Who highly openly che, Allah is the Creator of everything. We have been secularized and we made to think like non Muslims, non Muslims, they don't know Allah. Even if they believe that Allah, Allah Allah exists. They don't believe in the power of Allah, Allah Allah. They don't believe that Allah Allah

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Allah controls everything. They don't believe that our Gela Allah can cure them. Only when they are in a very critical situation. They will go back to Allah Allah Allah Allah as maybe individuals, but not as systems and countries. Subhanallah This is mad, my dear respected brothers and sisters, and as a result of this, Muslims are talking about all these measures and they are not talking about relying on Allah. Having telco on our channel Hello, I watch Allah Allah says where Allah infidel Curlew income to make money while alive and the minim while Allah if Allah told me no, and if you aren't believers, then put your trust in Allah. Allah Allah. When is this worker? La Nina Allah

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Hoonah so in somebody Gemma Allah, fact showhome for Colin who has wound a loved one, that Moroccan when they were told that people are guarding against you, they said, Oh Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is sufficient. Allah will suffice us they put their trust in Allah Allah Allah Allah. Where does the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he said they will under Contact our Karuna Allah Allah He, according if you were put your trust on Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah would have provided you

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where it is this way it is also going back to Allah. Allah Allah, repenting to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah says clearly that this hour will be we need to differentiate between two things My dear respected brothers and sisters, illnesses that touch individuals and emphasis that spread in the world, in communities in the society, the illnesses that spread everywhere, definitely they are due to the damage the sins, that those communities and those societies committed. That's why including with our Muslims or non Muslims, that's why Allah Allah Allah says verhaal Fussa do feel that you will definitely be my guest at NAS. And Allah, Allah Allah

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also says, fellow Allah is a home back sooner Tila Raghu welcome Cosette kuruva Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned it clearly that our backs which includes those calamities that hit societies that the world Allah, Allah, Allah caused them to happen on humanity or to humanity, because of mainly two reasons why the respect is brothers and sisters. One is to know the reality of this life that it is not worth it. Secondly, so those communities they will recognize who is the one who can protect them from this and they can go back to their natural disposition, they can go back to Allah and Allah, Allah, humble themselves before Allah, Allah, Allah, these are the two key reasons for these,

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these diseases to spread like this, those this is like playing that happened so many times in history, Allah, Allah, Allah wants people to humble themselves before him. And that's why Allah Allah, Allah is causing these things, my dear respected brothers and sisters, have we realized the power of Allah Allah? Have we started to repent to our Delana countries are talking about all these crazy measures, and they don't want to go back to Allah, Allah Allah, one measure which is the most

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defective manual. They don't want to go back to our Dylon, they don't want to set your alarm. We committed so many mistakes, so many sins and we were acting in a very arrogant way before you or Allah forgive us. Or Allah We are surrendering to you, oh Allah we are submitting to you.

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This is the most important measure. We are not saying that don't use these scientific measures use them, but use the most effective measure, which is going back to

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no one is talking about the protection of Allah Allah Allah Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us as God in the morning of God in the evening to protect ourselves. Why don't we talk about these things? The Prophet sallallahu sallam said clearly just one example. The one who says Bismillah in the delay of Verona is me, he shaved on philology. What Every summer was similar to him three times in the morning, three times in the evening, nothing will harm him. The prophets I seldom mentioned also read in colo Allah had three times follow up with development follow up three times, developing us that it will protect you the Prophet sallallahu sallam said when you go to bed, read

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it in court, see, it will protect you. Because take all these measures, and my dear respected brothers and sisters, as Muslims, let us spread this message among Guinean Muslims, so they might go back to Allah, Allah. May Allah Allah Allah protect all of us from this, may Allah Allah Allah Allah stop this disease from spreading more and more. Allah, Allah Allah is all wise. What will Hakeem also be? He knows what he is doing. We just asked him and beg him and go back to him.

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