Warning to Sisters going for Jihad in Syria

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AI: Summary © A woman who went to J impressed by the news she received about her brother's marriage describes how she produced a certificate and was advised to stay in Syria. She talks about her brother's behavior, including his punished behavior by the United States and other foreign powers. She warns her sister not to go for Hospitality and not to do things that make one feel guilty, emphasizing the importance of peace and avoiding negative emotions.
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For 20 years

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he got married to her. And he left

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to jihad in Syria as many brothers do.

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and when he left to jihad in Syria,

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which as I told you, I don't think carrot brothers to do it. But brothers young brothers don't listen.

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As usual so they don't listen. They say that this chef is against you

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by so they go. Now we have brothers and sisters who don't listen. There are sisters who go for the hug by themselves.

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You know about this.

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As I mentioned this today today, I received a question regarding a sister

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who went revert Myskina he wants to go to any Muslim country, she came to know Mujahid

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online. The random media had had some time Yeah, I need to go.

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But anyway, maybe they enjoyed was doing the head over Internet

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looking for some Yanni websites that help him and

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by accident reskin he went to a matrimonial website.

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Okay. So anyway, she came to know him and they agreed to get married.

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Okay, so she traveled all the way to Turkey. They have some

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and she met him in Turkey. And they got married there.

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She came here had no certificate nothing.

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She contacted us in the Islamic Sharia council to produce her a certificate that she got married to this brother so she can join him again.

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I said most likely this is a scam to the sister that she contacted me to how to this is touch that most likely this is a deceit. Okay, this man who is a Mujaddid by he's responsible to find a way to get the marriage certificate. Agree. Not CI

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Okay, and if she got married to him, she should go back that she should live with him then why she can't came back here.

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Yes, anyway, so sisters, please. They should be careful.

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As I mentioned this, I was going to write an article about sisters going for jihad. I consulted some brothers. And they said maybe it is not a big issue. So I changed my mind. The reason I wanted to write this article

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is the fact that I heard some weird stories about sister's going for the help in Syria.

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In in Norway last year, two sisters one thinks 16

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Yeah, 16 or 17 and the other one nine.

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They just left their parents and they went for the heart.

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I said this is interesting, masha Allah to Allah, Allah. Okay.

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I want to warn the sisters and the brothers. When they go for jihad, they become really very, very vulnerable.

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And they might meet some Mujahid who are fake

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or who are liars, or they might meet Mujahid and then we get him there. My dear respected brothers and sisters are not all practicing people. Many of them are just him. They just joined Jihad because they want to die FISA de la they don't know, some brothers who went for Jihad and they said those who were doing drugs with us, they were not praying the five times the daily prayers, but they joined jihad. Okay, and some of them. They were they are just fighting fighting the regime. They're not really doing it. Feasibility law and the sisters because they are naive. They think that okay, let us just go by and they came to know this brother who had the beard martial law and who say a

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Quran and Sunnah they think that he is one of the companions, one of the Sahaba they get married to him. Okay.

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When I was thinking about writing this article for a long time, a few days ago, I received an email from one of the Messiah. And so the Arabia who collected the tweets of one of the old Mujahideen who joined the jihad in Afghanistan, in the air

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The ages and ages. And that person who is Yanni, our non Mujahid, he's living now in Saudi Arabia. He wrote in the Twitter, okay? He said that I'm writing this to one, the sisters from going to jihad to Syria by themselves.

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He said when we were in Afghanistan doing he had many of the women of the Mujahideen when healthy Shomali Masaru Cha, and others took over. He said, many of the women of them which are hidden, were raped and took as slaves by the war lords in Afghanistan.

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And he said, he remembered a story that you will never forget. In his life, he said, When we were in Kandahar, and the

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Amharic Americans were bombarding us case, throwing bombs, etc.

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And then we were attacked by some of the

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allies against the Mujahideen. He said, There was a Mujahid with his family, big family, within children. And everyone left. And this person he liked to cause to run from here and there.

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A group of people came to those women and they captured them. They hijack them. And they distributed them in front of our eyes to that word loads. And the word Lords took them in their cars and left.

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It was a war, we could not do anything. The brother, the husband came back. And he was asking, where is my family? Where is my family, all of us knew that their family, their, his daughters and his wife, were kidnapped by those people and were given as his slaves to the warlords. No one could tell him the reality. Because we could not see he was looking at them between the killed people. He did not find them. And he said, where they hijacked, where they hijack where they kidnapped, where they kidnapped, no one could tell him the reality. He mentioned so many stories, sad stories, really. He said, after some time, in Kandahar, when they the Americans and their allies were

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bombarding us. And it was chaos. There were a group of Mujahideen out of Mujahideen who were killed, and their wives and children remain that. He said, I contacted Hekmatyar. And I told him that listen, those Arabs came to defend you, and now their wives and daughters will be taken and draped in front of your eyes. Shame on you, of wanting people to allow those women, the women of the Mujahideen to be raped in front of you. And you know what happened to so and so.

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And he said, I contacted at that time on the heart was under the leadership of Malama. So he said Malama when he knew this, before Hekmatyar, he said, By Allah, I will not let in my body a single drop of blood until I secure those women to live on the heart, even if all the Mujahideen were killed.

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So he said he stopped all the Mujahideen from leaving

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under ha. And then Hekmatyar and some other people came to help the people in funda heart and then they managed to find a secure path for those women, the Arab women to leave Kandahar and many people were killed.

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That's why many scholars in the past said that it is Makrooh to take women for jihad.

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Yeah, if you know that they will. Something like this might happen to them. It is very disliked to take women to the head and it might be haram.

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Okay, do we want this to happen to our sisters, just because they want to go for Jihad out of just zeal and hype. So I would like to send this message to our sisters.

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Okay, I strongly advise you

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not to go for jihad. And I will meet Allah, Allah and I will tell Allah Delilah that I told them not to go to jihad in Syria. I will be responsible for that. But to go there and to become a burden, and then you'll become raped, et cetera, et cetera. And then we'll try to find a solution for you to come back and then and you know what may happen?

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How many brothers who have went to the hurt? They have been kidnapped? You know this?

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You know this or not, they are kidnapped by the Assyrians. And As had happened during that funny time, there were just Morteza. What is mortars are those who just kidnap people and they go and sell them to the Americans. There are people who keep them up some of the Mujahideen who come to Syria for jihad, they kidnap them, and they sell them to the Syrian government. And you know, this story of that mother, for her husband was keeping up, no one knew about him. And then she traveled by herself with her daughter, she met the authorities there. And of course, they ripped her off, she paid a lot of money in order just to see her son.

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And she found that her son was kidnapped, okay, and he was imprisoned by this volume regime. They said that when she saw her son, she didn't know him, because he was tortured, prevented from food, etc, etc, he lost more than half of his weight.

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So do we want this to happen to our sisters? Of course not. Yeah. And Allah, Allah, Allah did not make it obligatory. on you, I said to one sister, who asked for with that it is obligated, I said to her, as I said to all brothers, who ask about this, I said to them, is this the only obligation from July in that you have

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you have many fall behind?

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Everyone has so many for blind? So why are you looking for this verbal, I only

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know one,

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why you need we need to understand you have forgotten to obey your parents.

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You have other types of verbal, okay. And moreover, moreover, who is giving you fatwa that you have to go forward? You have to see there are those who are giving this are known people in Syria, not all the scholars in Syria, I confirmed this long time ago and I have been confirming this all the time, whenever I see a CD and its color, or I know of a CD and its color, etc. I double check with him. Have you declared that it is watching for every single one in the world to come to join jihad? And they say no,

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it is just only very few people will go there. And the Mujahideen there, they tell them that? No, it is why they called the brothers to come and let them come and cetera, et cetera. And I believe that many of those calls are coming from people who have been infiltrated.

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Yes, infiltrated. So young people should be careful and should not be naive.

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Yeah, she should not they should not be naive. There are hundreds of ways we can help our brothers and sisters in Syria or anywhere in the world. Okay, but not through this. Anyway, so. But in particular, I was saying about this marriage,

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marriage over Skype with the Mujahideen or with them. We just hit that.

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Five, because I told you about that story of a sister who said that she's a Mujahid and she was looking for a brother to get married to her. Have I told you last time about it? Yeah, there was a sister, I think on Facebook or what she announced that she is in the land of rebirth and learn in the land of Sham and the land of victory in the land of Sauron. So, yeah, the religious typical religious blackmailing. And she was calling for brothers to get married to her. Yeah. And two, three brothers went and it was a scam and they were arrested or maybe kidnapped Okay, so we have to be very careful. Younger brothers have to be very, very careful. Otherwise they will put themselves

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into so many problems and they will put us into so many problems. Okay? For no fun either at all. Okay, so