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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the historical moment of the return of Hini Sophia as a" third conqueror of the Middle East" and the return of the Turkish people to their religion. They also express congratulations on the return of the Turkish people to their religion and the return of the American dream to "healthy places" for massage. The speaker also mentions the return of "ITMs" and the "ITMs" movement.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina. Muhammad Ali. He was certainly he he Marin. Today is Friday, third of the AJA 1441 And it is the 24th of July 2020. What does this remind us? Of course, we are in those can bless days of the, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that they are the best of the days, however, brothers and sisters Subhanallah today while we feel so sad that we are unable to go for Hajj because of this pandemic, may Allah Allah Allah Allah lift this pandemic, however, Allah, Allah is allowing us to enjoy seeing the return of Hagia Sophia as a masjid, in which the vicar of Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is mentioned and

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proclaim, and that hate of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is established. It is a historical moment. And I would like first of all to send my congratulation to President Roger Ardahan, who should be considered as the second conqueror of Constantinople, you the second fact you actually have constante wall after Mohammed alpha, because he has returned Istanbul, not only Hagia Sophia, but Istanbul and Turkey, to the territory of Islam. And congratulation also for the Turkish people who selected president or a man like Roger pipe or dawn, and moreover, he wouldn't be achieved what he has achieved without their support and congratulation for the Muslim ummah, that they have seen and

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they have produced a person like this person. And this OMA is showing how much they are attached to their religion to their misogyny. There are many lessons to be taken from this moment from this historical date brothers and sisters, maybe another time we will be speaking about those great lessons. But on behalf of myself, and on behalf of British Imams and scholars here in the UK and I think everywhere in the world but I'm speaking on behalf of my people here in Britain congratulation, they would like to pass their congratulation to the Turkish community, the Turkish government and President, Roger pipe are Doohan and may Allah Allah Allah grant them more success

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and may Allah Allah Allah, may Allah Allah Allah grant all of us success and may Allah Allah Allah, may Allah Allah Allah Allah create more leaders like this great leader in order to bring about more massage that has been converted to pig farms or zoom or other places. May Allah Allah Allah help us to bring back those massage it to become real massage it and Allah Allah Allah Allah praise those who work to bring to make the non massage good place to make them as massage it and imagine how Allah Allah Allah will be so happy with those who bring back the massage to become massage it as they were, there are maybe 10s of those massages. Allah Allah Allah says we're Enel massage deli

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learn hey are the massage the houses of Allah? Allah Allah and Allah Allah Allah Allah says feeble uten Alene Allahu untaught for our youth Qaddafi has no and Allah Allah Allah says in Nehemiah Muramasa did Allah human M and a bill with

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Zika for Isola, nominal motor Dean, those who established the massage and let alone those who bring them back as massages. They are the people who worship Allah, Allah Allah, give the perform the salah, give the zakah and those people in sha Allah they will be among the guided people deserve from Allah. Hi, Ron. Again another congratulation on behalf of myself and on behalf of all British Muslims, to President Raja Diwan and to all Turkish people and to all of our Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.