Pandemic A blessing in disguise

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here with regard to worry, panic, anxiety, depression phobia. That's what some of us are experiencing when it comes to Coronavirus. And I understand tough times definitely. But remember tough times tissue with ease and comfort can never teach you. So I'd invite you to take this as an opportunity to become a better and a stronger person. And I have a few suggestions in this regard. I'll just summarize it in three points. Number one is build your relationship with last panel data. Number two is build your relationship with alas people. And number three is learn something new. So when it comes to building your relationship with last count

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Allah, you know, with all this industrialization and this advancement in this technology, now we have seen that despite all this advancement, we have such limited control. And we have seen that hospitals do not cure. We have seen that our jobs are not our Razak. And we have seen that all these grocery stores do not provide us with food. Who does who is in control? It's a lost power dialer who is in control. So I just invite you to fix your relationship with the last pantalla and of course, this is a reminder for myself as well.

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And when we fix our relationship, Allah subhanaw taala he will fix everything for us. And how do we fix our relationship? Let's let's get a bit practical here. And number one is of course fulfilling all the Friday the last month Allah has asked us to do including the prayer and

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cerca de heard you of course insha Allah if again and then

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Quran, Allah smart Allah says in Quran were known as the Rahman Al Quran aneema worship was a little mini now Yeah, new Quran is Shiva and Quran is cured for a moment. And it just doesn't mean that you know reciting a certain Surah like a gazillion times No, it means understanding and implementing Quran and of course reciting the surah has its own reward and everything but what's required is to understand and to implement

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and then of course a lot of stuff ah, remember unit Celeste alarms nation was forgiven, the entire nation was forgiven, because they repented or lost power dialer. Second is will your relationship with the last people take it this this take this time is an opportunity to forgive to let go and not to hold grudges just pick up the phone call that person and say you know, you're sorry. Or just just do anything to fix your relationship with the last people.

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Secondly, look around, see if anyone is in need. Maybe you just get an extra carton of milk for your neighbors or anything that you can do. Remember if you will help people when they are need, Allah will help you when you are in need inshallah. And lastly, learn something I understand that you might be learning something from what from YouTube here and there. But remember,

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systematic learning, right structured learning, that's what acquired and I use offering spamela all its diploma courses for free for next two months. So I'd invite you to join any of these courses and learn something and grow inshallah I hope this was beneficial mela keep you and me and everyone protected. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.