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Working with the folks of the deen show, so all of you out there densho make the offer Eddie and his group because they're going to be showing this on their programs. And inshallah This is going to be distributed all over the world that we're, in fact, I forgot to mention we have online, the whole group of folks that are watching this in different parts of world right now. And so let's get started. That's enough introduction. My name, my name is Yousef, can you say use it?

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That you said it right the first time my wife made me all these years, she still says useless.

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But I wanted to talk to us about today, something that's very crucial to every single Muslim on the planet, but especially those who are coming into the fold of Islam, and they don't really understand what they're getting into.

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I want to mention that this is going to be talking about the nine points of the Shahada itself. When a person enters into Islam, they are basically giving a testimony of faith called the Shahada, which says a shabu en la ilaha illa La, la eyeshadow, and Mohammad Rasool Allah, it means more or less than English, that I bear witness in open testimony, that there is no God, Rosie of any worship, other than the one true God, Allah, he has no partners. And I bear witness in open testimony that Mohammed m&m, the law,

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who lived in Saudi Arabia 1400 years ago, is his last his final messenger. And he's the one who brought the message that we just said, no God to worship, except one. This is the meaning behind and you want to get meaning. Sometimes you won't find the words from Arabic to English. Exactly. So you need to know how to get the information, we'll be talking about that in some other programs, today want to focus on these points. This was never mentioned at the time of Mohammed that there are nine points of the Shahada that is not from there, that's not where we get it from. And since that time, there have been those who have said, there were six points, some said there were seven, some as

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said, eight. And I found a booklet that said nine. And I just went with that, because it had everything there. All of the others, they covered the same points, but some of them are grouped together. That's where you're going to know some of these are very similar. But I just want to be sure we cover the points. The first thing that person must have, as a Muslim, is the knowledge of what they're saying.

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The knowledge of what it is it because you could actually get somebody to say it like you could train a parrot to say, a Chateau de la la la. And you say, Wow, the parrot just became a Muslim. But it's not. So a person could say that, and not have a clue what they're talking about. So this is the first and foremost thing and it says in the Quran in chapter 47, verse 19, it's so Mohammed said, So know that there is no god except the law and ask forgiveness for your sin. The Prophet peace be upon him said whoever dies, knowing that there's no deity worthy of worship, except Allah will enter Paradise. He also said in this is in the Quran, in Surah,

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verse 86,

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except Him who bears witnessed unto the truth, knowingly, the meaning that nobody will enter the paradise except these. So this is the first and most obvious of all conditions, that if you're going to say, there's no God to worship, worthy of worship, except a law, and if you mean it, that's great. But if you mean it's Jesus, that won't work.

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If you mean that it's, you know, a rock or a stick, or a bone or a statue or something like that isn't gonna work, he has to be the real God. So you do have to understand that. The second thing

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is that a person has to have certainty, or what's called an Arabic Yaki you have clean means that the person has no doubt whatsoever in it. And before I give Shahada to people, that's one of the things I always say to them in their language. If you speak English, I'm going to ask you in your language, is there any doubt in your mind? Is there any doubt? Do you really know there is God there really is a god? Are you sure? And they say yes. Okay. But if they say, No, you know, I still have some doubts, I say, then stop right there. And let's deal with that. And when you're removing that we can come back But otherwise, full stop shot is not going anywhere, until we remove these doubts,

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because it's not a contest to rack up. How many did you get today and how many did I get today? It doesn't matter. In fact, if you know this, Islam we know that there was a prophet of Allah who came and he gave the message to his people throughout

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His whole life and not a single person accepted.

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Nobody, another prophet came, and through his whole life gave the message and only one person accepted. There was some that had only a few. There were some that had some good number of people, but they couldn't get the ones that they wanted the most. Abraham is one of those he couldn't get his father. Noah couldn't get his own son. The Prophet lute, called lot in English could not get his own wife. The Bible said she turned back into a pillar of salt. But we know what happened. She stayed there in Sodom and Gomorrah and became one of those people and was destroyed.

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So this doubting business has to be out of your mind, you have to know there really is God, he's one he has no partners. He always was and always will be. And that's the god we're talking about. So you'd have to have a belief in it. Allah says about it in circle hoodrat. That's chapter 49, verse 15. The true believers are only those that believe in the law and His Messenger and afterward they do not doubt and they strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of a law. These are the sincere law also says in the Quran in surah, number nine, sir to Toba, verse 45. They alone, seek leave Have you not to participate?

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The who believe not in the law in the last day, and those hearts feel doubt. So the doubt is what causes them to waver. And what they're going to have to give you a translation of the English now because when it says they seek leave, this is old English. That means that they're trying to get permission to get away from you because they don't want to fight. They're basically saying, Yeah, right. You guys are gonna go into the world. Okay. Nononono. So their, their doubt, though, is what really was causing them to do this.

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So that's point now we've we've talked about point number one is knowledge. Number two certainty, no doubt. Let's talk now about point number three, which is acceptance, acceptance, here is talking about that you will accept everything that goes with it.

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There's no benefit in saying, oh, there's only one God and mamas is messenger. And that's it.

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Everything about it, still going to the same bars, still smoking cigarettes, still hanging out with the wrong people and not worshiping the law doesn't work. That because this is not something of the lips, is something that the heart and the mind have to have conviction on. And this conviction will causes a person to really accept what comes and they're gonna do it, if you know for sure that there's one God and you know, for sure he sent you a message. Are you going to act on the message that you got? Because if you are, that's good. But if you said, I don't care, I'm not gonna do it. I don't have to, then you become in the category with the devil himself, because that's his problem.

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That's exactly the problem that he has. He refuses to obey Allah. Allah says in chapter two, so buckle up, verse 85, you believe in part of the book and reject part of it.

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And what's the reward for those who do that,

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except that they will be humiliated in this life on this world, and on the Day of Judgment, they will be sent to the most dreadful doom.

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So it's very important. Let's go to the next point, point number four.

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His submission and compliance. This is the logical next step from what I just said. If you accept it, now we're going to do was talk about it.

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This implies the actual physical enactment of our deeds that align with the Shahada.

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It is one of the meanings of the word itself of Islam. Islam comes from

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a word in Arabic, a root called US law, US law. And when you bring it to this beautiful perfected state, and you say Islam, you're saying five things in the English language all at once.

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You're looking at all five at one time, you can imagine the dimension of this word, it's very powerful. It means surrender.

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submission, obedience, sincerity, and peace.

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But all of them are existing at the same time, all five.

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And these five are one not away, Matt will go back to a trinity thing.

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But seriously,

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if one of these is not there, then it's not the full Islam anymore. You have to have all of this at one time.

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There has to be this sense of giving up to the Lord,

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then the sense of surrendering to whatever he wants, and then obeying His commandments to the full and complete ability that you have whatever ability you have, you're going to go all the way. And then you do it sincerely, even if nobody else is looking. And even if everybody else is criticizing you about it, it doesn't matter. I'm not trying to please anybody but him. And sometimes you will find and this is a strange thing for a new Muslim to realize, sometimes the actual enemy on this one is Muslims themselves.

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Some girls are being told by their own parents who are Muslims, not to wear hijab.

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Some boys, being told by their parents who are Muslims, don't grow your beard. And yet these are things in Islam that you're supposed to do.

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So it means that you have this submission to a law to the extent that it's unsure of Zuma, verse 54, turn unto him repentant, and surrender to Him. So there's a full complete surrender to a law. A law says, and this is in chapter four, so aneesa, verse 125, who is better in religion, than the one who surrenders his purpose to a law while doing good?

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And actually allows made it clear

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in this condition of faith that whoever submits to the command of Allah and His Messenger, then Allah says this, this is in chapter four on the cyber 65.

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Let me give you this, before I give you this first, I want you to understand how it comes the way it is in Arabic. It's the strongest verse in the Quran of swearing of Allah.

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Because Allah swears,

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he swears by things that he's created. And he swears by things that we don't even understand. He even swears by the passage of time when he says while awesome, and he swears by something small, and he swears by something big. What he was a to this is by the fig, and by the olive. Were turrisi and this is Mount Sinai. Well, Heather Bella de la mina, and this is the whole area of Mecca. The head of Calico insanity, I certainly agree that he created human beings in the best form the best mode.

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Sumo right there in a homeless fella suffering and reduced them to the lowest of low Lena amanu. Emmylou Salah, hottie Paloma Julia Roman, and then here it's talking about these people that have the right faith, and they have the right actions and for them will be this great. This great blessings, rewards coming to them from Allah spawn, tell them

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and he asked us ally Salah, who be a humble Hackney,

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who is there would be a judge outside.

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And there isn't another but him? Isn't he the best of the judges? So I want you to understand that he swears. And he says some mighty things when he swears. But the first I'm going to give you now from the from so that was a team. This is so unnecessary. chapter four verse 65. Listen to the swearing here, your crown, you find this, he swears on himself.

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God swears on himself.

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He says

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no, but by your Lord meaning himself.

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They have no Eman. They have no belief until they make you Mohammed as a judge in the matters, we're in the dispute. And then they don't find anything inside of themselves to dislike what you've decided, and they submit with full submission to who to the teachings of Mohammed. So this immediately that verse makes it clear whoever tells you, you can accept the Quran but you don't have to take the sooner or the hadith of Muhammad, they are liars. They are the devil themselves talking to you. That versus clear that versus the one where he's swearing on himself telling Mohammed that the people have to make Mohammed as a judge in the matters where they dispute and then come away

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with nothing inside of them except to say what Allah says in the Quran. This is the saying of a believer sin Hytner what we hear and we obey

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on the spot. Have you heard the expression? When I say jump? You say how high were you in Islam? For electro you to jump? You say how high well you're gentlemen. You don't wait. These men real clear about this. So all of the teachings of Mohammed

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Peace be upon him if you can verify that He really said it. That's the only dispute there might be with somebody. Did he really say that it's investigate the chain of authority, how we got it and so on? Yes. But if somebody come to you and say, I don't need to worry about that.

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How do you think we got the wrong?

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How did we get to Golan? Do you think that Mohammed sat there and wrote it down? You think some people just wrote it down and passed it out? Is that what you heard? What have you heard that you're wrong? Because Prophet says him did not rewrite what he heard from Angel jabril. He memorized repeat it and talk to his companions the same way. It was written at his time, but that was not considered Quran that was called the sort of almost half scripture, it's still called that today, or own means that which is recited what you hear being recited is the Quran what you heard me say in Arabic, that was Quran at the time I said it now when I stopped, it's gone. Got it.

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A song, you know that music? Or song is a song when you hear it. People write music, don't they? But can you hear anything? Maybe you hear the pen being dragged across the paper that you don't hear the music was written down? It represents the music, doesn't it? Somebody has to play the music.

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So make a piece of paper. So there, you know, this is the latest Michael Jackson thing or something the Backstreet Boys are familiar with. And he's on a beach where you're going, okay? And can you 15 bucks for it? Get out of here, here crazy. But here's the DVD. Oh, that's another story. So in the same way, you can look at what we're talking about here on this word, if at all means recite, not read, in court on nice that which is being respected. And we have a lot of bad translations, a lot of translations that are real old, that nobody is really taken time to update. So when you read it, you get the wrong words in English. And there's no way you're ever going to get a perfect

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translation into English. So by the way, learn Arabic, don't wait. It's the best way to do that.

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I took a lot of time on that one, because that is a critical point with a lot of Muslims today. It's a very critical point. Next point is number five is truth.

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So the in it opposed, the opposite here is hypocrisy

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and dishonesty. Someone who is clearly a bad liar. And this means that when we say the Shahada, we are saying it with total honesty. And we actually mean it, not lying. Now, it happened to me. I gave Shahada to a man one time, and about any come around my house, they would follow me around and go here and go there. And it was an Arab, an Arab Christian.

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And then I moved to Washington, DC, he came all the way up there and was hanging around me again. And then finally said, I want to tell you something, I lied. When I said the Shahada, I was lying. I was just trying to hang out with you, and see what this is all about who you Muslims are. And I was actually working with some agencies and given them reports on you.

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And he said, but now I found out Islam really is true. He said, I can see I can see by your actions. This is for real, you believe this? I want you to talk to me some more.

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If you don't hate me, or hate you, anybody's got the guts to come up to me and tell me that I trust you more than anybody right now. Because other people, I don't know whether they get another job they get.

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Within a short time he accepted Islam. And we talked about the shot. He said, I feel like I need to do it again. I said you absolutely have to. Because when you said it before, you didn't mean it. So it doesn't count. There's nothing there for you. But now if you want to do it, you can start over. He said, Do you think God will forgive me? said could you forgive me? I said, it doesn't matter if I forgive you or not. What matters is that yes, God can forgive anything except shirk.

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He can forgive anything. But it's between you and him, not between you and me.

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I'm disappointed in you. And I'm disappointed in me for not seeing through it. But I always give people benefit of the doubt.

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He changed himself amazing. He really did. The guy became a viewer seen him

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the day he did this real Shahada. And then a year later you said it's not the same person you look taller,

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look straighter, look like light coming from his face. It was a very beautiful person. He changed totally. Then he stayed away from lies. He stayed away from all this. You know, espionage canister became responsible citizen of the law.

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So we won't talk about the truthfulness. I want to tell you what the law said about this. This is in Surah Baqarah chapter two, verses eight through 10. Laws talking about hypocrites, hypocrites, people who say one thing but they don't really believe it. And of mankind there are those who say we believe in the law.

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Among the below, we believe in the law and the last

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They occur, but they don't believe they think they're going to be Guile. That's the word they used here in the translation. They're going to trick a law and those who believe and they're going to only trick themselves

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but they don't catch that they don't perceive it in their hearts as a disease and allow will increase them in that disease. And a painful D is waiting for them because they lie. They are called Muna fokin liars and hypocrites. When they're with us Muslims, they're saying, Yeah, I'm with you guys. But when they go back to the devil friends, they say, Oh, no, it isn't jive and those guys were with you.

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This is the wave of them. You read about it in the first part sort of Baccarat. A lot talks about believers in the first few verses, then he talks about disbelievers in the next few verses. But then the law spends a lot of time talking about hypocrites. And this is not new. If you were a Christian, you know about hypocrites. You heard about them real well. You heard about the Pharisees, Jesus called them the worst of the hypocrites. read Matthew 517.

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When he said that he came not to destroy the law. He did not come to do away with the Old Testament law, the laws of Moses. He said I didn't come to destroy the prophets. He didn't come to put down their profits. He said whether I came to fulfill, he's with those profits, just as Mohammed was. He say I came to fulfill the law and the prophets. And not until all things were accomplished. So a single dot jot or Iota be in any wise lesson. And who ever breaks the least commandment of a law and teaches that he'll be the least in the kingdom. But whoever keeps the commandments, and teaches that will be the highest in the kingdom. Now listen, what comes next Zinnia Bible go look at it says

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unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of these Pharisees first is the one who were running the temple at that time they were the ones in charge, unless your righteousness is more than theirs. You will in no wise enter the kingdom.

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Why? Because very simple, they're hypocrites. Same thing. Mohammed says Salaam said, Prophet Mohammed said Allah is going to start the fire of hell with the hypocrites that were preaching the religion, but didn't live it.

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Good lesson. So that sincerity is

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a big thing. And that's what we're gonna do next. So we talked about truth, you have to say it in truth. Now let's go to sincerity.

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of Zuma. Chapter is verse two. It says, worship Allah make religion pure for him. And there is another reference for this we insert the banner, talking about what I was just talking about. A lot tells us about the people before the Jews and the Christians that when they were ordered by their prophets,

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they were commanded nothing else than what and the law says law only rule in the law. li si, la Houdini, una vida, y Yuki masala for you to cerca de Nakayama, and the people before were not ordered anything more than to worship Allah alone without partners. Keep the religion pure for him, established the worship called Salah, pay the charity to the poor people, and that's the true religion of Almighty God.

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So it says

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chapter 98 verse five,

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said love is forbidden Hellfire for anybody who said there is

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no one worthy of worship except the law. And they say so desiring the face and pleasure of a law. So that's something for us to really think about that. Let's go to number seven. The seventh point is muhabba.

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Was that

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low? Now you don't hear Muslims talk about this very much. You know, usually you think oh, there's a Christian preaching that love stuff. Yes, there's that's a large man. Oh, and we love and everybody loves and it's a really love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love. They even write love, you know, on the side of those missiles when they send it to the people in Afghanistan. And so, but we'll come back to any sort of Baccarat chapter two verse 165. And this is what a law says, yet of mankind are some who take unto themselves objects of worship as rivals to a law. They love them with a love

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should be only for a law. However, those who believe are stronger in their love of a law. So the real love in this life is the love of a law. Even though a woman loves a man, a man loves a woman. But that should never get to the point where it becomes obsession. Because that's not love anymore. That becomes lust, that becomes something of a mental condition with a person, the obsession with a human being needs to be for the only one who will never disappoint them.

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And it's okay to have the obsession of love for a law, because he will never disappoint you. But a human will always disappoint you, because humans are not perfect. Do not use that beautiful love capacity that you have for anything other than a law.

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Got it? That's a special thing you have, it's a gift. Don't waste it on something that you can see, or hear or touch or feel or smell, because it's gonna go away.

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But the one thing that you can't even describe the one who created you, along, it never go away. And that's when we want to be close to in the next life. That's the real goal of the Muslim. The real purpose that we have here, I want to be close to my Lord, I want to be with him, I love him. He is my object of my affection. I want to be close to him. This is what Muslims are after. The closer we can get to him, the better. And in the next life. The closest to him is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And then the other prophets right around him. They're the closest to Almighty law, and who are the people closest to them. And that's going to be those who sacrificed in this life, and

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believed in was steadfast even to the calamities, even to the difficulties, and they will have the highest place. And does that make sense? Of course, who suffers the most for the cause should be paid the most. And this is how it is in Islam. Allah says about this. And this is in chapter nine, so to tober verse 24. say if your father's or your sons or your brothers or your wives or your tribe, or your wealth that you acquire or merchandise that you fear that you will not be able to sell, or your dwellings become geared to you, then Allah and His messenger and striving in his way, then wait, then wait till Allah brings his command pass. Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

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That's number seven, the love for a law.

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Number eight is denial of false worship. And Allah says in chapter two verse 256,

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he says, law equal half of the cut the banner roustan little guy from my young Fitbit to go to volume in bollocky Takada stem soccer below what

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will Lahu semi anali. And part of it it says, and whoever rejects target for its deities and believes in Allah, he has grasp a firm handhold that will never break. So whatever you do, don't give up on this one always deny false worship. And number nine is the adherence of this until death. And I mentioned that from the beginning of our talk earlier today. And this means that in Allah says in Surah, three so on demand, verse 102, all believers observe your duty to a law with the right observance. And by not accepting the state of Islam. Yeah, you will have been amanu attack Allah haka to cut the he will law Tamil tune Allah will unto Muslim moon. So these are the keys to the

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paradise the keys to the Shahada, and I'll repeat them again is to have the correct knowledge of what you're saying the certainty without doubt, the acceptance, the full acceptance and being willing to go for it. The submission to a law and the truthfulness in what you're saying, the sincerity, to back it up and the love,

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the full love for a law and what the message is about the denial of any other gods. And then finally, is to stay on that until you die, while laptime will tune Illa will unto Muslim. That's the nine points of the Shahada Now, a lot of bellami who allow the Jelena muslimeen the praise to Allah, the one that made us into Muslims