The Arctic Prayer Time Dilemma

Haitham al-Haddad


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The speakers discuss the potential for fatwas and the inconsistencies in timing and use. They emphasize the importance of consistency in eating habits and keeping the timing of fasting in mind. They also discuss the use of fat burning and the potential impact of the inconsistency on health and safety. The speakers provide information on the use of fat routing and caution against changing it too quickly. They offer to help set up prior times and provide information on the timing of events.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah there was a video clip that was widely shared by Imam Abdul hakim from the northern part of Norway from the Arctic, the Arctic, my dear brothers and sisters is any area of the northern hemisphere that is above latitude of 66. And normally at this time of the year, the discussion comes regarding how to pray, when to pray, etc. Why is this what is specific about the Arctic which which is 66 latitudes about?

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At that point, there will be one day on 66 Exactly what 66.33 degree

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at that point, there will be one day in the winter and one day in the summertime, where it is either 24 hours dark or 24 hours light and then this increases. So, the number of days where it is completely dark will increase if we go to higher latitude. Like, for example, in Norway where I visited I visited Trump so it is 50. So the 69. So they have maybe a month or maybe almost two months complete dock and two months complete light. So the discussion comes is how to fast and when to pray. And I visited Tromso, as I said, north and north

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of Norway a few years ago to discuss this matter. There was a conference organized by brother Ibrahim there he is the main committee member in one of their massages, actually they have two massages at that time, and he is the main person there to discuss the prayer time so I saw the situation. Okay, actually, I landed on 12th of January and the sun has not started yet to appear. Maybe it was as we said that it has been away for almost two months. So

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Imam Abdul Hakim does Oh, hey, Ron, he caught it. Affectiva and this is my comment here. Okay, although I don't like to comment on fatwas. In this particular way. I do apologize. But I found myself compelled, obliged to give some comments on the fatwa that he quoted, where it asked Allahu Mita Liliana Kitab Allah to be union holiness. From this perspective, I found that I am obliged to comment on the fact that he quoted regarding how to fast so he said that they had the fatwa.

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He said, dissolve heroin that there are a few factoids regarding how to fast because in summertime, which is these days, they the sun does not disappear. And he showed us the sun in the middle of the night. Okay, it is called the midnight sun. And one brother did show me how the sun comes. Okay, in Tromso, and he said, In at 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, you see the sun above the horizon above the sea, and then it goes into a circle like this into a big journey. Okay. It will go go go and it will become behind you. Okay. And which is the hotel and then it will go down. You might think that it is going to set but then it will go up again. And I remember my chef Abdullah when he

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visited one of the cities, I don't remember which city exactly, and he witnessed this during summer time, and there was a funny story, we don't have time to disclose that story. Anyway, I have written a lot about this, and I spoke about it a lot. And that's why I found that I am obliged to speak about it. And I do apologize to Imam Abdul Hakim for this comment for this way of commenting on his video or on other people's chat to us. Okay, but anyway, I do apologize in advance. See, Imam Abdul Hakim coated. A fatwa from as heard that they can follow market timing. First of all, I doubt that this is an official fatwah of

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in fact, I doubt that this is an official fatwa of any fatwa Council, maybe some individuals. Yes. When I was there, in terms of they quoted me, a particular scholar from Saudi Arabia who gave them the fatwa that they can follow Mark

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Yeah, yeah. But a council I doubt it because when accounts and wants to issue a fatwa like this, the members they will look at it deeply they will search they will discuss it with other people of knowledge maybe with other experts, astronomers, etc. And they will come up with a conclusion that such fatwa is not right. They will come up with maybe effect was that that might be mentioned earlier, but none of the early scholars have quoted or accepted this that they use MCE as a reference point in terms of the prayer timing or fasting timing. And I, as I said, I doubted that this was an official fatwa by the SR committee or any other council, maybe by individuals, okay,

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this is one thing. The other thing we all know that not any fatwa or not any is jihadi matter, even if the matter is jihadi, can be accepted. Yes. If the matter is any study matter, there will be some views that can be accepted. Okay. Either of them, and some views that are rejected, even if the matter is jihadi. Okay.

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This is one thing because he had, as you know, has bases. Okay. And the scholars have discussed this and it is well known anyway. The other thing is that this fatwah is completely wrong. Okay, again, the fatwa that was given to people who live above the Arctic in higher latitudes in the northern hemisphere, or maybe South hemisphere to follow Maccha in their prior times, or in

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in fasting is completely wrong. Okay, is not the NHD had that can be accepted? No. Why it is on first of all, it has no basis. Yeah. What is the basis to use maca? We understand that if you use the nearest location, yes, we understand that there is kind of players but to use maca as there's no there has no there is no basis for that whatsoever. MACRA on Malcorra Yes, but that is from another perspective not to use it as a reference point for your prayer time or for your fasting time.

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The other thing is, apart from the fact that there is no basis for that this factor is completely inconsistent with many realities, and hence, it is completely wrong. Okay, I'll just mention maybe two or three points of the inconsistency or the inconsistency that this fatwah would create, okay. Now, the people who live in above the Arctic, like the city that I visited from so 59 Or maybe there is another city called Bordeaux in north of Norway,

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they it is 67 latitude, they will follow maca. Okay, which they aren't going too fast maybe for 16 hours these days. But what about the people who just live below the Arctic maybe they live on latitude of 65 which means that they see long days for the 22 hours or 23 hours those people are obviously different What does not include it in so they have to fast for 22 hours or 23 hours and how this consistency inconsistency takes place. So, those people will be fasting for 22 hours or 23 hours or maybe more than 23 hours and a half and then if we go a little bit up where the sun appears all the time yeah above the Arctic, then people will have an easier fasting and they will be fasting

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for 16 hours it cannot be because we all know that the north we go the more hours we force this is consistency and injury as payment others said confirm that Sharia does not combine between different things and does not combine does not differentiate between similar things. So initially there is consistency okay. So this is one thing the other inconsistency that is created by this fatwah is

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imagine today, the sun disappears for maybe a few minutes before it comes to the point where

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the sun appears all the time of

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PSLE this is the case because we have winter and then we move towards summer at one point the sun and the there will be day and light okay day or night and then after some time okay that would be consistent daylight. Now, at that point just one day before we will be fasting for 2423 hours plus and then immediately the day after that, we will shorten our fasting to 16 hours this is incorrect, okay, impossible. So inconsistency in terms of location and inconsistency in terms of days as well. Now, the third reason why this fourth one is completely wrong is not okay if we go for this HDL we will be changing the actual timing for Salah okay. Now, yes, it is true that the matter of timing

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will be disturbed the actual timing will be disturbed and the Federal timing will be disturbed, but the board timing and the acid timing will not be disturbed, because the whole time it starts when the zenith takes place and the sun will be behind us but it will be in the middle of the sky and the answer either that methane or methane it will be also distinguished over time will be one o'clock plus Yeah, in those areas or maybe two o'clock it depends on some are timing which turning they follow, but in Makkah it will be it will something okay as of time might be around five or six o'clock there yeah and this will be maybe the mothership timing according to Makkah. So, we will

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that Salah timing around it will be missed around

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global timing and assets timing and this is quite dangerous My dear respected brothers and sisters let alone other problems that will be created due to this pathway. So this fatwah is not allowed for you after knowing this My dear brothers and sisters who live there too fast and pray according to the structure. Now, what are the other possible that was quickly okay

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that very common fatwah is the one that is given by many councils they say that you have to go to the nearest to adopt the timings of the nearest they say city okay or ballot but this is incorrect they should have said the nearest location not city Okay, there is a difference between city the near the city and to adapt the timings of the near the city and to adapt to the timings of the nearest place the nearest place which can be just a few miles away. So if you do not see

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the sun here you go Move Move move move a little bit until you see it if you don't see the Fajr here you move a little bit until you see it you don't to jump into the nearest city which can be few 100 kilometers away. Yeah. So this is a misunderstanding. This is one thing now if we go for the fatwa to which is which says that you have to adopt the times of the nearest location which will be a few maybe a few kilometers away or one kilometer or less than that. If we go for them fatwah them during summer in that location which is nearest to where the sun does not disappear for 24 hours, the sun will disappear for just a few minutes, maybe eight minutes or something like this. Okay, now, their

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night will be eight minutes, something like that. Is this

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is this the fatwa so people should fast forward 20 Almost 24 hours and just eat and drink for eight minutes. Okay. No, this is not true. Okay, this is again is not acceptable fatwah. In fact, to those eight minutes where there is a night, I mean, the sun disappears. Actually it is not a night because the rays of the sun will be all the time above the horizon. And maybe you need to have it in order to check okay, that time after failure and the time before failure so you will end up with four minutes. Okay, that I don't want to go into the details.

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have that but even that, okay this makes it even more difficult. So those counselors who actually did this for two actually, they did not consult experts and they did not go into they did not visit those places to see the reality of the situation there. Now, what is de facto This is my own fatwa

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none of the council's have adopted this fatwa I'm presenting it to some councils and please do present it in front of councils. The fact was briefly I gave it to a to some people there in Iceland and Finland in in north of Sweden north of Norway and so on to have something called the shortest the shortest Sheree night okay. The shortest Sheree night in Sharia according to Sharia yeah we make a van for mother live tonight then we pray Margaret tonight then we break our fast okay i tonight yeah. And then we make an event of Asia tonight and then we pray Asia tonight. Okay and we pray the Sunnah of Asia tonight and it should be recommended or it should be all of this should be done

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before the middle of the night. I calculated the time that is needed to make a den of malady pray the Salah of Mother pray so now finally, make your photo okay have a meal and then make a den of Asia pray Asia pray the Sunnah of Asia okay, it will take around one hour and multiplied by two because this should take place in in half of the night then the shorter a night should be two hours minimum. Okay. So I calculated it to be like this around two hours. And therefore any place where they fast more than 22 hours, I strongly believe that they should stop at 22 hours. Okay, maximum they come for us is 22 hours and then two hours for them. Okay to perform a rib and to eat and to

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perform Asia and then to pray basic Tarawa and maybe to have something before the second part of the night. Okay, now, some people might say but in their area, there's some disappears if the sun disappears. Again, that doesn't mean that it is the night time because you will see the rays of the sun all the time. Yeah. And if you want to have it in order to say that the sun now is rising up so that okay, that before that is the middle of the night is the night. Yeah, maybe you can do that and you will end up with having maybe a night of one hour also. But this is the fatwa that I am giving and then you can adjust the timings accordingly. So the night is two hours, the day is 22 hours,

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adjust the time of malaria, Asia and failure and the time of the time of acid. They are clear they have clear science does Aquila heyland I can explain further but this should be enough inshallah you can contact me if you want to be to help you to set up the prior times. Or for further details. My My email is known pace and 123 [email protected] I live in London and you wrote about this a lot. You can google my name and you can get hold of me whenever you want. Exactly. Hello Hello radiculopathy come at Santa Monica. Monica Kula got a tattoo This is hating her dad and this is Ramadan sixteenths of Ramadan. 1440. And this is today is the 21st of May 2019 is eco Hara Salam Alaikum