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The importance of intentions in responding to actions is emphasized in the spiritual world, including the need to maximize reward, recalling the Quran, practice music and dance, and have a diverse intention to achieve reward. The speakers stress the importance of having a clear intention for action, recording deeds, being aware of one's actions, and avoiding harms. The need for transparency and being aware of one's actions is emphasized, as it can lead to harm.

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lot of man Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He also have you know Allah, my dear especially brothers and sisters As salam o alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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scholars pantalla to keep you well and to keep you safe in these environments that we're going through a male was fantastic. So from us and from you the good deeds, no doubt in the fasting and the pm and etc.

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In sha Allah, today's lesson about 35 minutes in sha Allah exam where that we time is short, then we'll have some time for question and answers after that. Inshallah. So we're under lesson three.

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Previously, we had spoken about intention and the definition of this, we also spoke about set an honesty, honesty and truthfulness. And today Inshallah, we're gonna dwell a little bit more about intention, because it's not over yet, just to see some other examples of how that has practical application in our life in sha Allah. So the recording attention will talk about recording of deeds, and also some other sayings, which are also very important and necessary, no doubt.

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traditionally, we need to understand that actions are divided into two set two types, you know, there's the actions of the heart, there's the actions of the limbs, and by the names, obviously, we include the tongue within there. But both of them are important, it's important to have both those actions done correctly. But it's much more important that the internal aspect which is the heart is given more focused, because that is the driving factor. And that's why the profit sighs and I'm said, allow individuals in the model, either solo hat solo hands, just to Quilliam. Verily, in the body, there is an organ, which is the size of a mouthful, a two byte, if it is sound, and the whole

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of the body is sound. And if it's not sound, then yeah, meaning that it is if it's corrupt, then the whole of the body is is corrupt. And so that means it's very important to give us that reflection and that concentration, on on the heart. Now, in the section of recalling the intention, we have to remind ourselves what is intention? And intention, obviously is your resolve is your willpower, what do you want to do? What do you seek from this action? When you are

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going to do something? What are you wanting to achieve from doing things so that's basically the intention. Remember, it's in the core, it comes from the word Nia which is the core is about your core is about your heart, what you actually are wanting to achieve by that we remember that actions are bought by intentions, and that every person shall have that which he intended. So if you have a good intention, you're going to get that intention is going to give you the reward that you will reap in sha Allah from your, from your actions, with a good intention, you're going to get much one that's why it's important to understand that we have to maximize the reward, make our attention as

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diverse as possible, so that we can maximize the outcome in sha Allah in the work that we we do, because you can have a very basic

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you can have a very basic intention, isn't it you can just be thinking I'll do this, I'll do that. But the more you have

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more the diverse intention the reward we mentioned that in shall we said that before actually give you an example of reciting the Quran. Now when you come to recite the Quran, some people might have the intention that okay, I am intending to recite the Quran intending to get the reward from Allah because every Hassan is multiplied by 10. But think about the intentions that you could have which can be multiple that you could have the intention of reading of the Quran, so that you can act upon it. You can have the intention of that reading the Quran to access the guidance of Allah because remember, Allah has named the Quran as guidance who then little motor clean, you could have the

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intention of reading the Quran of interacting with Allah so it's a form of reading the Quran to

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to talk to Allah communicate with ALLAH subhanaw taala you could have the intention of enough Ron as as, as a remedy because of Ryan's she thought so it could be a remedy for the harshness of the standards of your heart or to give you tranquility of the heart you can have the intention so that you'll be written amongst those people who are aware and all those people are distracted you could have the intention of increasing your demand by retaining upon you have the intention of following the prophets of Allah. So then you have the intention of coming closer to Allah the intention of attaining

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During the intercession of the Quran and so on so far this year, I could list so many for you. But it's really how eloquent you think about these matters and think about them that you can get the reward in sha Allah to Allah not only the reward of attention, but you might actually also get aspects of what you intended. We have a musical Hadith. The Prophet SAW, Selim said, Matt was Amazon Lima. Surely Bella, this is slightly off topic, but it's both within the same thing. Matt was emsam

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Lima Sri Bella, the water of zamzam is for that which is drunk for and some people might traditionally have said okay, well that probably means relating to remedies and medicines and things like that because indeed, rhizomes is a remedy and it has great

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healing power, it has lots of nutrients and things like that. I'm not sure about the symptoms today. It seems to me anyway, from the taste that is definitely not the same as those of the I was used to taste about 2030 years ago, you know, before you taste them, so it had a kind of salty, almost unique taste. Now it seems just like any other water but allow them anyway, the point being is that if you drink zamzam it is for that which you drank for, and I the other day, I was coming from across

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generation, which is narrated by the Imam, the Maliki scholar even allowed me and he said that when I was drinking ZamZam, I was having an intention that I would increase my knowledge area to asking Allah Tada, he would make zamzam a reason for my increase of knowledge. And I didn't have the intention of increasing my actions this is a highlight is reflecting on this point that his intention with deserves that was that increases knowledge but he didn't think at the time that okay, let me make attention of not just knowledge, but um, and as well, action. So he said, from the from the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala is that my knowledge, you know, grew, but my actions weren't in

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accordance. And I just wish that when I had drank it, how many years ago that I had dragged it for actions as well, so that maybe my actions would have caught up with my knowledge as well.

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So going back to the actual topic in the book, which I hope you have all access to and read, you will see that in the section below him know, he talks about different aspects, he gives us a wide range of things of where you should have intention for so not only in the aspects of EVA, like Salah and fasting and you know CRMs that can hijack the like, but also aspects which are related to day to day aspects important to have that intention on your visit the sick girl during the funerals initiating salaam, replying to it, giving blessings to the one who sneezes by saying your hammock, Allah recall that to Schmidt allow us forbidding evil, and enjoying good answering the invitation.

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So even when somebody invites you to invite, I know today, we're not going to be with houses as much but you know, somebody invites you for a fire somebody invites you, even then the intention of answering the person and you know, you could have that intent rather than having no intention at all, and just going for the meal and etc, you can have the intention in all aspects, you know, so he mentions all over this now, I'm not going to repeat the list, but if you go back to the book, you will see that list. And then he notably mentioned that even when you're eating and drinking, you should also have the intent or intention or intent to have the strength for Nevada, or when you are

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resting to have the intention of resting so that you can carry on your, your Ibadah and inshallah we'll read in a short while about somebody called under Hoffman email S word and His intention when it came to eating a bread. So much so that the process of even mentioned specifically in a hadith isn't even in the intimacy that you have with your wife, there is reward so even in that there is an act of of sacrifice of charity, but even that is rewarded. Well, that's fantastic if you have that right intention. So that's why it's very important that as we were mentioning this now that

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we try to broaden our horizon insha Allah and to try and do that as much as possible and that's why Abuja here have you been referred to which is a righteous Tabby follower? He was asked what is the most difficult thing and he said, the coming of intention or when the intention comes in, that's the hardest thing to try and focus yourself so that you're always thinking about having the intention and always about the intention being present. So, you know, it's it's very much like, you know, being, being having that state of

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happiness and content with the acts that you do so that the intention aligns. And this is one of the greatest Knitmore of almost fantastic

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He gives you something, and we talked about the intimacy with one's wife or husband. We also could talk about other things like food, you know, everybody enjoys a good meal, or sleeping. So these are things that you enjoy the things that you're happy with. If you align your intention, not only are you doing these acts, but you're also being rewarded for design, this is a great bounty from Allah subhanaw taala, that you are doing something that you love and happy with, but it also is beat you're being rewarded. It's like having a job

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which you enjoy, you know, you really want to I really want to work in this job in this area. And I there are some people who would like to be mentioned to me again, time is short, but you know, some people might want to be medic, something I want to be a librarian, some people might like to be have their own shop and business, some people might like to work in the ground, whatever, if they, if that was something they really wanted. And then they were provided that job, they got that job that they wanted, so it's power, look at that double bonus, first of all, they're getting a salary and wage and they getting paid to do something that they are also satisfied with happiness. So that is a

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natural form of loss. And that's why if you think about a bad day, you know, the acts of events that we have, think about sila, many of us pray, and we feel that salah is a bit of a chore, you know something that we have to do or sometimes people feel tired and just want to pray to get the prayer out of the way something that we do probably in

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an Iftar is you know, we we tend to have our three dates go and pray so we can get the prayer out of the way and then come back so we can enjoy our meal and relax and etc. Whereas Salah is not really about getting out of the meal. You know, maybe some people say the correct way is just have your meal, your full meal and then do the salah. Why? Because there's a hadith about that, even though it's not specifically related to Iftar but the process and said either How about Allah Asha or well Muslim, that particular Asha, when the dinner comes and model of time give preference to the dinner, to clear Hadith from the processing. Why? Because he doesn't want you to be focused about your meal,

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especially if you've been fasting all day, you're praying, you're gonna be calm.

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so all that is is important. So sila could be that it is some something that you're just doing as a Trojan, unfortunately for most of us, but there are people who enjoy Salah is arrest for them. And that's where the prophesy comes at the Abbey lead. Now this Allah give us rest in the Sangha. So again, it all relates to how your intention is. And the point that I was mentioning here is that you could insha Allah be amongst those people who do the good deeds and good do the actions and do the actions that you love, but with the right intention, and with the coming of the intention, you will actually be rewarded for that so that you're getting Hassan at as well.

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The ma'am also tells us that, you know, whoever has been denied the NEA denied the ability to make the intention, they have also been denied a great reward. It's a great things and that I think is so, so evident. So the core message in this chapter, which is a short one is that a saying that try to remember I've mentioned this before, try to have that intention. So before having a class you have to have intention to keep at it. Keep remembering attention, remember to read the Hadith as well in the morning to give you that boost in sha Allah as you're waking up in sha Allah as well. Now we're gonna look at some of the other you know, sayings. Related to that we have Sophia Anna 31

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of the great for Baja and great scholars. Unfortunately, he didn't maintain schools in school after him.

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But he was a great

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race color and this one he tells us, I haven't dealt with anything more intense than mine. That's the whole hardest struggle so you can understand why it's difficult, difficult to have the intention to continuously be recalling it while you're sitting down while you're moving while we make sure that you have an intention in your acts

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as well and regularly. Inshallah that's why also, is it No, Harun said the intention has not become precious meaning it's not valuable as a rare commodity. In the Hadith as mentioned by the processor, except for its nobility, its nobility is so great. It's such a great thing to achieve, and that's why it's precious to try and achieve it insha Allah

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And lastly, the cigars abroad bus or via Line homestead, a person is preserved in accordance to the value of his intention. So your intention will be that which preserves you in terms of you

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In terms of how many, how much reward you're getting from Allah subhanaw taala, you will be protected on guarded by Allah in accordance to how magnificent Your attention is. So the more that your intention is associated with Allah, the more that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah will protect you preserve you, etc. And also I think,

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you know, today we can look at that if you look at the difference, you know, LMR throughout time, if you think about all history, you know, even think about the Sahaba, you think about, you know, there are people who were not 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of Villa map throughout the history

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who have studied have taught others.

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Some have compiled others have not this, there's hundreds of 1000s from those hundreds of 1000s. How many of those hundreds 1000s? Are their names mentioned in the books? How many from those hundreds of 1000s? Do we know as common folk we know the names etc. Even more sahab 100,000 Sahaba. How many of those Sahaba do we know I mean, the books of of the Columbian bibliographies, or biographies, they actually only contain around seven between seven to 8000 names or so habits are 7% of the Sahaba that are being recorded, the rest of the 93% have not been recorded in terms of names.

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And although that is a different topic altogether in terms of the sahaba. But in terms of dilemma and the Fukuhara. And sometimes you'd have people who are,

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you know, compatriots people are the same level, maybe they have done the same thing, but some of them their knowledge is preserved. They have schools I mentioned to you just now Sofia Foley, he was like of a great caliber was so happy, and also at the same time of my Malik and the Shafia the light, but you know, he didn't have a school that that preserved his opinions, etc. Now, we're not gonna say that this is his intention isn't there or you don't have a correct intention, because who are we to judge their intentions, but sometimes an intention in regards to that, you know, intention to have the knowledge to go you know, and to persevere and to continue sometimes having that

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intention itself, that, you know, I intend my knowledge or my actions to continue to or to be a sort of Algeria, that is how lost pantalla will preserve

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people, we have a famous saying in.

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In St. Famous saying, related to Imam Malik, because, you know, Malik rota compiled a book called The more

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the well trodden one the well trodden meaning that something has been narrated and known. And, in fact today, amongst the remaining Hadith books, he's the only one that is known for this name and what like the rest you have sahih al Bukhari you have Sunon even imagine you might have something like almost other arcade Hakeem you might you know, these different names, but the only one that has water is your Malik surprisingly, there were actually 10s of books called what but during time or your Malik, but none of them survived, if you like the time, and Allah Allah and that's why my mother given here this time, he said, No, he said, My con la la da Matassa, whatever is for Allah,

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it will continue and it will be connected wherever is for other than Allah and Papa when Fossati will be cut off, and it will end.

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So let us move on now we're saying a few sayings of Imam Shafi, which he has narrated, and this is also narrated to knowledge, but it's related to your attitude and your intention, because remember, we're talking about here preservation. And one of the one aspect we're talking about is knowledge, the amount of Shafia had that very great attitude to knowledge was that his saying which again, you have in your book, that I wished that the creation I mean, the people learned this knowledge, even without attributing anything to me, even though I might have been some he might have written aspects of the knowledge or he was a reason for its transmission, said I. That's not what was important to

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me. It was important that people learn his knowledge was important that people understand even when he was debating with somebody else, you know, when I debate with somebody else, it's not important for me if I win the debate, or I can defeat the opposition, but most important for me is the truth manifest. And so you see that kind of reality. That kind of intake shows that the intention is preservation of knowledge, but the truth is manifest not myself. I don't want myself to come out the top and to be victim.

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An imam Shafi was somebody I mean, if we want to talk about in his biography indeed and of the Imams

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It will take quite a while and that in itself is it could be lessons to be but Imam Shafi was somebody who,

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you know, gave a pushing, if you like helped the students of Hadith and knowledge in Iraq, because traditionally there were two competing schools the school of was not adequate Hadith. And there was a right, the people of Hadith and the people of opinion and they were sort of debating each other is all about perspectives and so on. The Imam Shafi had started with Malik, who was one of the prominent leaders of Hadith. When he went to Iraq, the prominent students Clark school, there was that of Abu Hanifa, which was, which was an era that people have opinion, and they had the upper hand there, but when Imam Shafi came along, he was sort of, he studied with them as well, but he has

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come with also an annual ammunition from Hadiya. So he managed to combine the two. And so therefore, he managed to put the balance back, if you like. And the time does not allow us to talk too much about that.

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And then we have another sang which is related to

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Imam, Abu Yusuf, who is also one of the teachers of Imam Shafi and happened to be a student of Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah, may Allah have mercy on them all, he also makes an intention here makes a contribution in regards to intention. And he says that, you know, all students of knowledge, intend with your knowledge, Allah subhanaw taala. Because Never have I sat in a gathering, which I intended to be humble, or have I sat in a place maybe in a in a group, maybe, you know, nowadays, we have a mind, whenever I intended to be humble, I would not leave the gathering without being

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the most, if you like the highest or have been elevated. However, if I ever sat in a setting, intending to show off or to be, you know, to show my knowledge or to overwhelm people with arguments, I usually leave that with being ashamed, and have been ridiculed, because of how late it is all again, how intention, it changes into consequences that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will pray to you. And that's what that's why it goes back to what we were saying before is that a person or the saying of Adnan bass, or Viola, mine, my that person is preserved according to their intention.

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So this is with regards to the whole concept of

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the preservation of knowledge and the recording of the intention. And we said that, you know, you're going to be preserved by Allah, your award, etc, is going to be preserved according to how much your intention is beautiful, it's eloquent, it's this.

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The next section that we're going to talk about is regards to recording of good deeds and bad deeds. And obviously, when we're talking about these, this specific aspect, again, it falls into the same perspective of intention. And the Prophet SAW Selim gives us an example, that Allah has recorded the good deeds and the bad deeds, meaning that he has recorded and given each good deed and bad deed has given them set

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if you like rewards, and then he explained that if you are concerned with the good deed means that you have the intention, you want to do a good deed, but you did not do it, Allah will create it, record it as a complete good deed. So even though you did not do the action,

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from the generosity of Allah is that you get the action recorded. And similarly, if you are concerned with it, so you still have that interest, you want to do it, now you enact on it. So Allah now will multiply n times and anything up to 700 times and even more than this, so many fold multiples the profit side. So you can see that how important that intention is. First of all, you can obviously all of you see that the first section, if you have an intention, you don't do the good deed, you get the reward. But second aspect is Why do you think I can ask this question? Why do you think that there is a disparity between having a reenact 10 Times up to 700 up to much more

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multiple? Why is why is there this differences? It's all regarding intention.

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So any one act, one person might do he will get 10 times the reward. Another person does the acting might get 700 times another person doesn't actually might get 1000 times

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or a million times of the

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Will because it's how eloquent your intention is, in this regard. So that's a further proof to us that we do need to concentrate on this aspect in our journey to Allah subhanaw taala and being aware of ALLAH SubhanA what on

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the other hand he mentioned, which I've not written down, which also is about the, you know, there's another two Hadith actually which he, he mentioned, which are related and I probably would ask you just to go and read that from the book, because in the book, there is a little bit of explanation about it.

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Again, falling within the intention about how you know people will be dealt with by Allah subhanho wa taala, either regarding the army that wants to attack Makkah, or regarding to the whole concept of there is no migration.

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There is no migration after the fatter after the conquest of Makkah, the prophesy Selim settler, he talked about that fit? Well, I can we had one when Yeah, but there will be Jihad and there'll be intention after federal had a conquest of Makkah, you can't migrate outside Mecca to Medina now because Hamas Makkah is no longer in a place of of war or battle, as it was before the conquest of Makkah in the eighth year of Hegira. But like I said, I'm not going to go through too much on that, because I will allow you to, Inshallah, look at that a little bit further. So that you can inshallah hopefully, you know,

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examine if you'd like, more

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time. So, going back now, moving on, and this is now the saying of

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Mohammed, El Nino Idris Shafi a lot of time, so we have a saying, related to him. And and this is a beautiful St, because there is very deep explanation in regards to how to attain the most out of once,

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once one's actions if you like, or once, how to get the best out of the money or other qualities. So he said, the first one, the Xena nefs, you want to get the best out of the dunion data, you need to have an enriched fall, what does enrich soul mean? It means basically, that you are feeling satisfied, the satisfaction that you have with what you content, you're happy. Because if you are happy and content with whatever you have, you're going to be grateful to Allah. So

00:27:45--> 00:27:47

you're not always going to be

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looking for more on what is the profit sizes at low candle, we add them at the end and they have leftover Salus, if, if the son of Adam had LOCARIO, then why then man, if you had two valleys full of wealth, and who were the sort of third, always wanting more and more. But when you have when you're having an enriched soul, when you have a soul which is happy, when you have a soul which is content, then this soul will ultimately be satisfied, you'll be happy with what you have, even if it's little, even if it's, if it's minimal, you'll all you'll be happy. Secondly, averting harm harm, so always about keeping harm away from yourself from others. On a personal level, it means

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that you avoid anything harmful yourself. And obviously the biggest harm to yourself is to do mousey and sins which will lead to harm in the next life. So but also includes harming others do not harm others, keep away harmful. And that in itself allows you to have that kind of peacefulness if you're like earning Hallen there is great content. There's great pleasure in having Hala and knowing that what you are eating is from something that you have earned correctly, not something that you have cheated others or have robbed them of or have sneaked off or have taken in the wrong way. Eating your Khaled for what you put inside your mouth, and goes inside you where your body is nourished

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from has to be heard because that will affect directly your diet as well affect directly how your relationship is with almost handout.

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

The dress of piety Lieberson taqwa, which is what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran believers we talked to earlier Hey, the best. The best thing that you wear is Taco. Because clothes while Clothes, clothes are there for a purpose. What's their purpose? They keep you warm. They protect you and they guard you from any difficulties and harms. They protect and guard your nakedness. So close have a function. You know there are other functions as well. They decorate you as well. So close our function, but make Taqwa though that which gives you

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Those functions make Taqwa what Gods do for God, your nakedness. Because your nakedness is not just about your, your physical nakedness, but it's nakedness of your actions and your qualities etc. disclosure should be what God's who called you from mousy does your frame your flower God your beard and also decorates it. So that's what it means with Libous Taqwa as well. And lastly, trusting online or situations. How beautiful is that a person is always trusting in Allah, you trust in Allah, in your affairs, you depend on Him, He gives you that satisfaction. If you have these qualities, you're going to achieve the best of the dunya. And why because you're going to be happy,

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right? But we're talking about the garden of the where you're in the garden. And if you're happy and content with what you have, how little you have

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a garden, you're going to be there and that's why we have the saying which

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I don't think it's in the book, but the saying of Ibrahim Abraham Rahim Allah He said, Allah He we are in the poor man, Allah who are in a state of contentment, and happiness. If the kings and the princes could fight us to take this happiness, they would have

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the kings and the palaces and you know, these people got the oil chefs and all that they're living in their mansions in their skyscrapers and in their policies, they feel something is wrong, there's something missing, there's a big hole inside them, that only comes with enriching the soil and being happy as we move on. Hammadi Musella. Again, within the core concept of fekir and Hadith and knowledge whoever seeks Hadith and by Hadith here, I mean, the past they used to consider the terminology Hadith meaning knowledge because hadith is the source of money, wherever six do we can understand it as meaning whoever seeks knowledge or other than Allah, He will be deluded and he will

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be misguided and he will be pushed away again your intention for seeking knowledge what is it is your for Allah? Is it for the Asan is it for other reasons, is so that you can be shown off is it so they can raise your head so you can argue with others what is the reason? So be careful, make your attention to a lot

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of drama in the last word you mentioned him before. He is narrated, it has been narrated by achmad ignoble Harare that he said he did not used to eat bread except with intention. Again, this goes within the whole schema, we've mentioned it before. But basically again, even in that aspect of food and eating and nourishment, having that intention when he was to eat bread to give him strength you are in today we fast we feel very tired if you were consumed because lack of so we need the energy. So he would be eating. If you felt that hamdulillah I've got my enough, then he was done do his act. He feels that he has now lost it's almost like an energy that we have this marks more digital bar.

00:32:52--> 00:33:33

Everybody has one somewhere which shows how much energy you have. Energy level goes down is something your energy is topped up again. I'll ask your honor the act so don't just eat for the sake of eating. And don't just drink for the sake of drinking, have an intention have a purpose while you're doing this. So a man of Dharani he said deal with Allah through your hearts. Again, concentrating focus I started off by saying to the aspects of the hearts are most important. So again, deal with your Allah through your heart. Make sure that when you're dealing with Allah be deal with your hearts meaning transparently, genuinely,

00:33:34--> 00:33:47

with your core, don't deal with Allah subhanaw taala as with hypocrites with dual deal with which is all superficial and all fake, but be genuine with Allah Subhana

00:33:49--> 00:34:36

Allah for Delamere out and Mohammed embroideries a Shafia, and passementerie are all giving us an important lesson here to end with, which is that those whom we recognize didn't realize what they had realized. They didn't realize when they didn't reach the state that they reached with abundant prayers or fasting that wasn't what gave them the level rather, it was a generous soul and a sound cure breast and sincerity towards the OMA. They were generous. Their soul was generous. Their breast their heart was clean, and they were sincere towards others. They wanted the good for the others. They weren't hating towards others. They remove the grudge. English hammer dignitaries, a chef a

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

Rahim Allah He also said, Whoever wants that Allah prescribes Good for him. They let him have good suspicion. In regards to others always suspect good of others. Don't have bad suspicion. Don't always thinking why did that guy say this? Why did he look at me like this? Why is he dressed in this way? Why didn't you know? Don't think bad? Always think good and Subhan Allah

00:35:01--> 00:35:33

These qualities of having a pure breast, and obviously Shafi mentioned here as well, which is mentioned here as well. averting harm. I think we mentioned it in that regard. All these points are all about, really, some people might say, Okay, this is about others, you know about being good to others, being genuine to others being holding grace, it's all about others. It's like you're doing others goodness, actually, it's about you.

00:35:34--> 00:35:42

It's good for you, when you don't have a vast suspicion of others. When you don't hold grudges.

00:35:43--> 00:35:45

who's benefiting? Number one, it is you.

00:35:47--> 00:36:10

There's no benefit for Well, I mean, obviously, there'll be other benefits for others. But number one is you, when you have this good conscious, you actually feel good about yourself. It removes all these mental issues, that you have mental problems that you're always thinking about how to how to retaliate, how to avenge those who have you know, wronged you. So how allow me to share this with you, although this is

00:36:11--> 00:36:20

not why not why best the best quality, but I will say this thing, once I had given a person some money,

00:36:21--> 00:36:22


00:36:23--> 00:36:25

I gave him money to

00:36:26--> 00:36:42

do this is to stay here, don't share this outside, please. Again, if somebody as a business, and he did not return any he took he returned some of the money he returned about, I'd say about 75% of the money he did the other he did.

00:36:43--> 00:37:30

And he did it in a way to almost deny me that other first year, which he didn't give me that money. And many people spoke to him. Many people spoke to him, people who have first introduced me to him, people who knew him and said, Look, just give that guy his money back. Give me Give me my money, give me a he would say whatever color until today hasn't given the money back anyway, this has been like yours now. But Subhan Allah because it angered me so much that he had not returned my money. There were so many thoughts going about in my head about how to avenge this, this wrongness this badness that he has done me. So many things had gone through my head, about how to hurt him, how to

00:37:30--> 00:38:07

make him suffer. And not not in a physical way. But you know, like just maybe damaging him in certain ways. The point being, I know that was wasn't my best moments, definitely the 100 I didn't do any of those things, just in case you're. The point being is that when you hold that grudge, and you hold that feeling that actually I want to harm somebody, you know, or somebody, somebody has hurt me, you spend your life thinking about how do I get my own back. So who's suffering? It's you. So when you have a pure breast

00:38:09--> 00:38:17

Ah, it makes life easy for you because instead of worrying about how to get that you worry about the most important things and that's why I said my god, he said

00:38:19--> 00:38:32

he said the foundation of the deen is devoutness the best of a bad is the struggle in the night praying in the night and the best path to agenda is a sound cure breast meaning clear of any grudges and your hatred, etc, etc.

00:38:34--> 00:38:42

And with that I nd sha Allah by the way, as a manager, his name the jury, meaning the hungry one, which I'm sure we're all hungry now. So we can definitely

00:38:43--> 00:38:44

we can definitely

00:38:46--> 00:38:56

associate with with the name but obviously he wasn't just hungry for a few hours like we are and we know that in a couple of hours time we've got a meal waiting for us. But he was probably hungry for a long, long time, Allah

00:38:57--> 00:39:27

reward him and have mercy. The key lessons of today importance of recording the intention, how knowledge should be loving others, loving for others, loving the good fathers and clearing one's heart and breast and remembering that these acts are good for you. They will benefit you in sharp tips I mentioned to you before the first seven I mentioned to you before, but I add at the end. Think about your heart, How clean is it towards others? Who do you hate? Who has wronged you?

00:39:28--> 00:39:31

Who has caused grudges to who has wound you up?

00:39:33--> 00:39:46

And I'm sure you know the more you interact with people, the more you're going to be wound up. This is the nature of life and that's why the prophesy said the best believers. The best of believers is the one who is mixing with others and is patient

00:39:47--> 00:39:52

towards their heart he is better than the one who doesn't mix with others and is not patient.

00:39:54--> 00:39:56

And that's where we end down shall matter.

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we will end up

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Session they're asking Allah subhanaw taala to accept from us and from