Tom Facchine – The Best Part of Being an Imam

Tom Facchine
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I think the best part about being any ma'am is getting to know everybody in such an intimate way. You're there for the most

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critical moments in people's lives. You're there for the births are there for the deaths, you're there for the marriages, you're there for the crises. Right. And so, people really open up to you, when those things are going on. And it's a huge responsibility, but it's also very touching, you know, you can get to be close to people very, very quick, because of what they're sharing with you and what they're entrusting you with.

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And that involves our kids too. And that's probably I think, like the the funnest part of being any mom is having relationships with people's kids. Because kids are so pure, and they're so fun. And everything with them. It's just, it's, it's really simple. If you just when they come in the machine, and you just like smile, and just like, pump them up and hype them up, like, you really feel like you can leave an impression on them. Not just about that you're like this person or that person, but for the whole mess G for the whole religion. Right. I had so many people. You know, when I used to lead tour groups for Hajj and Umrah so many people who were older, you know, older ladies

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or older men, and they would say, Man, I wish when I was growing up, we had people like you and not just me specifically, but like my crew of people who were doing this together. I wish that the Imams and the people in the meshi were like you guys, because they saw from the from the perspective of experience, that having these kinds of aloof, very kind of stoic, not very nice kind of religious leaders in their communities actually ended up being a huge barrier to them participating in the faith. They felt like the masjid was not a place where they were welcomed. They felt like Islam was something that was not compatible with

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having fun or doing things that you know, wholesome fun. And so their whole lives had played out at this point, and they're kind of expressing or confessing this regret.

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That's the kind of influence or potential influence that any man has. They're able to make people feel valued, valued and included and, and supported. You know, that they're important, then people's lives just, you know, take off and, and people can, yeah, it affects people for the rest of their lives.

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