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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala MBA with with a serene Mr muggles with the lives of Allah Hi there he went it was salam to Steven

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from my brother my brothers sisters

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think about this

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is responsible for

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the journey of a ship who is responsible for the voyage of a ship the captain or the Navigator?

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Captain Yeah,

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I mean obviously the guy running the engine also has a responsibility to navigate also, but who carries the can end of the day whose job is it Captain

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but the captain does not navigate the navigator navigates.

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Captain knows how to navigate because it's part of the training of the captain but who actually does the

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the charts the sailing charts, the navigator

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So imagine now there is this navigator was the best navigator in the world. He's got all the equipment required. The days of the astrolabe and the days of the sextant are long gone so now you have all kinds of electronic stuff but point being at the end of the day he has these this absolutely perfect

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sailing route right from point A to point B

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what will make that y successful?

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Is the captain following that

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actually sailing the ship on the road, the actual sailing

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just having the map you need a map I mean you can't you can't have a lousy map you're gonna have nobody Why did you need that but that is not enough. Right?

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It sounds like an oxymoronic thing sounds like a dumb thing to say but this is our reality as Muslims

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we have the best map in the world called the color of Allah oral hygiene

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and why are we in this mess

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why are we in this mess? I mean it's completely insane isn't it? I mean just if you just think about totally makes no logical sense in any way.

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You can understand if you are in a mess because you don't know the plan you have no plan there is no route there's no map there's no nothing there's no navigator. What can I do I'm trying to best know

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we have the best map in the world and the best map in the world wasn't just given to us by the maps read it anywhere you want. We were sent with the best navigator in the world to read that map for us to to sail a ship on that route to take it successfully to our destination and then we have the works. And then we are still a mess

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right so this is something to think about.

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Now answer also very simple. How would you get out of it but do what the navigator did do what resources

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but we don't do it because we make we don't make tough choices. Right? This is the problem the whole so called Secret of Life is take the tough choices. In any situation we are presented with two options. Like I was saying the other day pick your pen.

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This one has been this board does not doesn't have prejudice ever has been law made this world with pen.

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Take your pen

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exercising is painful.

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Being in a wheelchair will also be involved. Pick your pen

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because if you don't like if you don't have strong legs, if you allow your muscles to waste away which will happen from age 40 onwards, you don't have to be 90 years old for that to happen.

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Then a day will come when you will be in a wheelchair if you are alive.

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Because your pen with fun one

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same thing applies, studying,

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reading, upgrading your knowledge. I'm not even talking about religion. I'm saying you have your professional knowledge. Upgrading that

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is painful.

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You ever take time out to read the book this

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but getting redundant getting a pink slip is also painful.

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You will get it you will become redundant. You will become obsolete

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because you have not kept yourself updated with the latest development

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Since in your field of expertise in your profession,

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right, doing tarbiyah of children painful, teaching them o'clock matters painful.

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Keeping them in control denying them stuff is the one because they want it right, like right now.

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Does it sound like they're fearful? They don't like you, I hate you. Okay, so no problem.

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I love to be hated. I'd rather be hated and loved.

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But at the end of the day, to have children who are a curse on the earth, even more painful to have children who are going to completely when you are in your old age, when you are weak, then they are going to oppress you painful.

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Pick your pen. Which one do you want?

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We have to learn to take the difficult choices, the tough choices.

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One of the if not the, I mean, I'm trying to in my bed while I'm speaking, I'm trying to

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you know, compare armies in my, in my head. So we have in the, we're talking about the ancient, ancient armies, where they actually fought wars, they didn't sit there pressing buttons.

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So you had the Roman army

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invincible for almost 1000 years.

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And then you had of course, the Mongols who were even more invisible, but not for a shorter time. So we take let's say with over one, I mean, a Roman army was that why was it invisible?

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Two reasons, physical fitness of the legionary. Then we're talking about the physical fitness of the actual soldier

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and training, drilling. There's a famous saying that Oh, an army, a war.

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A war is drill in the battlefield. A drill is war on the campground.

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There's no difference is that we do exactly the same things. Now physical fitness is Roman. So just to give you an idea, the average Roman soldier not talking here about some triathlon athlete or some Ironman known, the average Roman soldier legionary marched for 20 miles in five hours every day.

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And at the end of that five hours, he would then dig a trench and each one got a water got a section, he would dig a trench, pile up the earth and put a palisade on top before he could go and eat is the

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depth of the trench. Six feet, four feet wide, six feet deep trench every single day after walking, marching for 20 miles in five hours, and I haven't told you the cherry on the cake cherry on the cake was he carrying his arms and his equipment which weighed 50 pounds? 22.5 kilograms.

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So next time you went on an international flight you got you're allowed 20 kilos. So take that suitcase, wrap it on your back walk walk 20 miles in five hours. That is what the average Roman soldier did every single day with

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unbeatable army

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because nobody else did that.

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Was it easy? No. Very hard. Brutal.

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But the result, the rule the world,

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one of the wealthiest empires ever.

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I'm not praising them better than so I believe me.

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And looking only at one aspect, but I just say now has been released over alarm is going to yarmuk to fight the Romans. And they defeat them on the way to your book. We are focused right on top

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and of Iraq.

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On the way decides he wants he wants to take over as well. Now he's somewhere near president but he decides he wants to be a camera. He writes back to Makkah.

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Makes overact gets back in time before the Army Reserves.

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So the man on horseback is doing roughly about 120 miles per day.

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String of horses

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when the whole battle Everything is over. Then people said somebody said didn't assume NACA

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How are you here?

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So we liked our physical fitness.

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This was routine

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As I told you my current worries is of course exception but people riding with him he didn't go along there was a bunch of people who I went with him

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difficult choices

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there is growth only in difficult choices.

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You build strength only when you work against resistance

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only without exception you do not build strength if you go with the flow dead fish go with the flow live fish swim against the flow

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if you want to if you're interested in fishing go stand at the bottom of the rapids and casts you are looking at fish in the other opposite direction.

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Not going down the rabbits the ones who have to climb rabbits

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and so I dragged myself when you let us look at our lives and say what kind of choices do I take my making? Making the easy choices are the tough choices because there is growth only in tough choices.

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Easy is easy days you know when

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tough choices

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and then you might say well why was I take tough choices What's the benefit?

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And I want to end with this the benefit is

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satisfaction is directly proportionate to the difficulty of the choice.

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Satisfaction is directly proportionate to the difficulty of the choice

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Mount Everest is eight and a half kilometers high

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eight and a half kilometers that's it.

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And I can tell you I can I can tell you very easily I can walk into an algorithm it doesn't need to start from here we can you can map it I walk in I worked Angular

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and then I tell you give me a medal because I

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Mount Everest is the earth right I also walked on the earth the guy climbing Mount Everest is also walking on the earth is not flying in the air. So he walked eight and a half kilometers on the earth and I walked 10 kilometers on the earth so I should get a medal

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what is the what is the key there? What's the trick? Is the angle of the Earth

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is not the Earth is the angle of the weather or the angle of 45 degrees then you want

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then you see the fun.

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Satisfaction is directly proportionate to the difficulty of the choice

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to get close to Allah subhanaw taala is painful

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don't wake up with a night stand in the right cry in the night.

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You know do fast news and fast things absorb painful

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to be far from Allah also painful

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make the choice which one do you want?

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I agree when you get

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when I'm Ella put the hello and the sweetness of the hydrogen our hearts. When you get that it's not painful. It's very busy is a great pleasure you will love it. But to get there it takes pain.

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The most sweetest time of the night I really want to sleep now I have to become why because I want to start to

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write to check every piece of meat you're eating is it Zambia or not painful?

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To lose your brother also painful

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to do photoshopping is the easy option.

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Oh I talked to that that Olivia told me it's okay I'm doing

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garble it's your life it's your belly it's your mouth is

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what do I get?

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What is absolutely 100% Certain which there is no istalif on that meets allotted by a Muslim saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar is halal

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loyalty love nobody

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benefits choices choices choices the whole of life is choices

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in somebody's behave like in an insane way to you

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to respond in an insane way are to have the humble and sour and keep quiet both up in this one kind of went out of the gutter

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so we ask Allah subhana wa ala to enable us to make the right choices and to help us to do that which pleases Him and to save us from that video.

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is not easy masala Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was a member I have to go all right