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Just before we stopped the Pepsi of the soda,

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it has conclude the Pepsi of Solomon After all, we said that in the soul of Mona Mona modular, Allah gave us this collection of the Mona in the pockets. And at the end of the summer of 18, Allah della encouraged us, encouraged us not to be diverted by our wealth and our property, our properties from the remembrance of Allah.

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the way our dealer encouraged us to do this, he said, don't do it. And if you are among those people who will be diverted by their wealth, and their, their wealth and their properties, they are actually they are the losers. Then Allah Allah commanded us, or Allah has commanded us to spend from whatever was

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given us from the provision from the world

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owns, but he entrusted us with

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mean poverty idea whether or not you should spend from whatever the Lord has given you before the time of death comes to one of you. This was explained in the habit of bahaya Hadith, of the prophets of Allah is no one the prophets of Allah is and encourage the people to spend before the time of death comes.

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The prophet SAW Selim encourage people to spend in the Hadith, when a man asked the professor, what is the best sada and the purpose of the best part is when you give solder power while you are healthy, tight, you are hoping to live more and more so you need the money, you really need the money. And it is not this other means the best of setup is not that sad about that you give when you are on your deathbed because in the on your deathbed you're not hoping to live to benefit from your saga.

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And so Pamela, we found so many people, when they die, they come and they say I want to give one third of my of my wealth, as a third of

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all some of them came and said we in fact want to give all of our money as is this allowed Allah Subhana Allah hikma is that, when the person comes to do this, it will be sent to him. No, you can't give all your money as a sidecar that will be effective after your death. If you really want to give something give it as now as

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now, not once you die, you want all this other car you all you want to go as a sidecar. One third only can go as other and two third will be given to your inheritance if you are sincere in giving sadaqa give it while you are alive. Even that it has some conditions but generally speaking, if you are alive healthy, then give sadaqa which means that which means that the best of soda is to be given why the person is healthy, because he is a he is in need of that soda. Now he wants to deprive others and he knows that he is not going to benefit from that money anyway. So he said once I die, give all my money

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because he knows that he's not going to use the money. No.

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It is anyway it is killing

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us to do this and more.

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Before they come to one of you once they can have this comes to one of you. One of us what will be the person saying as we said last time, it seems that the sada last resort for the human being to save himself or herself from the fire of

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Now 13 year

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old females,

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because I saw most of the people that are the women. So, as I said, if you really want if they lost the chance for you to protect yourself from the fire of hell is what is to give a lot of soda and we spoke about that in length

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and then the last

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which is clear anyway that if the time of day comes to any of you, then it will not be delayed whatsoever while a new

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day comes, it will not be today Yes, there is.

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And here

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it is not even for our law to delay the time of death. Okay. Why Because imagine, Allah took upon himself and he wrote a book that this person will die on this time. So that when the time comes,

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that Allah Allah will never delay him all over there, Allah will never give,

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give him

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any any more time. The conclusion of this is Allah,

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Allah knows what you will do.

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Or Allah knows what you do

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is a clear that

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concludes the whole tour by this and the whole surah talking about what he's talking about,

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when they claim something and then reality something else.

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Moreover, the end of this two or three is

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commanding us not to be diverted by our work and properties.

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And to give sada and he said, Give work due before the time of death comes because one that comes, you will say, Give me some time more, give me one more chance, Allah knows what you will do. So, what you do and guess what you do what you did what you will do as well. So there is no point of saying, Oh Allah give me more time. Why? Because

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Allah knows what you will get. What you will do, if you want to be given more chances, Allah knows this. So don't worry that you will be dealt with unjustly by a murderer. No, no, you might be given a chance and they still you do not what you do not do good deeds. Okay. So there is no point of asking for extension in your life.

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if they were given more chance, more time, if they are given extension in their life, what will happen? They will do whatever they used to do, Allah knows this.

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And it

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some of them are suffering. They say, oh, if there is high,

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they say or they are complaining. They are complaining that they couldn't hear. Or they were prevented from hearing that versus

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Allah said, No, no, you are disbelievers. You are hypocrites. You are evil, even down to claim that our the Nevada did not allow you to hear about the Nevada gave you enough chance to do

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but if our dilemma gives you more ability to hear it still you will not hear

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If it gave you more ability to hear

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you will not listen because you are evil, as we said in the ayah in this era itself.

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as that

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guide the people who are passively why, because they have established in themselves that they don't want any guidance

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from before so also

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will not to guide them. So

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concluded the whole by this okay

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before time of day comes, go back,

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do something, once the time of death comes, you will regret everything and we will say Oh Allah, let me have more chance on my gifts we can take from this anyway

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we can take from this, my dear brothers and sisters, one of the most important virtues of Salah, which

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is the last resort for the human being to save himself from the fire of hell. That's why when the person would ask Allah Allah an extension for a few minutes in order to do what

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in order to do so far in order

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to do other things, you know, in order to do what in order to do Salah as a

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start up is the last resort for the human being. It can really save the person from the fire of hell and in that and that is

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that is one unique virtue of the follow up what law