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The speakers discuss the importance of showing one's true intentions to leave and stay in the cave in Ghana, as well as the benefits of showing intentions to leave and stay in the cave. They also touch on the "by weight" and he's "opportunities" of the Bible, including the "by weight" concept and the "work" of Islam. The use of "work" in English is highlighted, along with the importance of practicing meditation and reflecting on death to create a quiet and ecstasy experience. The transcript also references verse numbers and references to Islam, including the prerogative of Islam, guidance, and the transformation of the world through technology and technology-driven advances.

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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your Hajime Bismillah your Walkman you're walking with Dada shumsa either Paula does

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Kathy him telling me what he does, but who whom the Shema, were either horrible

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that or shame anyone v vijaywada team in the valley come in, tell me

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why my following da da da da, Wendy murshida Sadat, Allah will love him. We concluded verse number 16, in which the youth entered the cave. And we asked the question at the concluding sentiments of the previous segment, that what were the arrangements in terms of food, drinks, etc? And the answer was provided or again, you know, implied and we need to labor this point, that whatever Allah has tasked you to do, do it immediately make the move, you're sitting in a group of people where the verses of Allah are being mocked at stand up and move away? No, but where must I go? What must I do? Stand up and go away? That's the verse of the Quran. Ye Lara Italia Ho Dong Fei Tina. Today, you

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might say I don't have to go into a cave. That's not the case. But yes, sometimes it's a social gathering. Sometimes it's a barbecue sometimes it's a family reunion. And then unfortunately some people become blasphemous they make comments and remarks in suppose that jest but that's not jazz. That's not just my brother called Bill Nighy where it was all he quantum testers he asked them Are you mocking with Allah I use caffeine with his profit. Are you

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showing disregard to the verses of the Quran? Let it rule that out that the rule don't make lame excuses critical third party cartoon. This has revealed this belief that says reveal does believe of course the context of this was the Mona 18 on the occasion of the book where they mocked at certain companions rather your loved one and one so made the move you can see it's wrong you have to stand up you cannot be part of it. You cannot be part of it. What either I Italia hold on Fei Tina, for our ready dining room had a whole movie it is in lady that when you observe people are mocking and scuffing then move away until they engage in something else while emergency and Naccache upon

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that they grow. And if you forgot and you sat down then as soon as you recall a What am I listening to? What is this discussion all about? Stand up and move away. When you move away, you will see how others will join you how the message will gain strength, momentum and cloud and you'll have confidence and Allah will pave the way they've moved away. They've got to the cave. they've entered the cave, we've debated the potential geographical locations of the cave. Okay, they've entered the cave now. So, linguistically, we spoke about Gohan meaning a why the cave a Spanish escape, you know, in which there is movement. I mean, I've visited caves here in South Africa, I've visited

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caves in the Caribbean. Generally when you go to Barbados, then there's two things that are a must they take you to the caves there. And of course they take you on the submarine. And I'm sure many of us have visited different different caves in different parts of the world.

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Some of us have also Alhamdulillah visited a lotta Hera and climbed up and visited that blesseds sacred cave in which the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would go in isolation, and he would spend time there and he would worship Allah in accordance to the teachings of Satan. Ibrahim alayhis salam, which had been transmitted over the passage of time, until of course revelation came to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, and many of us had also seen what I thought what I thought were the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had taken shelter would say Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu on the journey of hedra so they have entered the cave, they have entered the cave. Now the Quran speaks

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about a nother miracle that occurs here. How Allah subhanho wa Taala protects them. The first thing that happened as they got into the cave to rewind to the verse that we did before barraba na Allah, Danny him Phil caffee see Nina added up, we cast the veil of sleep on their ears. So sometimes you traveling and

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You extremely hungry and extremely tired. And the options of halaal food are very limited. And divinely, Allah blesses you with sleep, which, which has a dual benefit. A, you were exhausted, so you needed to be rejuvenated. But coupled with that the fatigue was so intense, that momentarily, it actually covered your hunger, and you just slept away and the night pass through. And in the morning, when you got up, there was arrangements in place and there was a restaurant and there was a brother and things could happen. And then Subhanallah you realize that how that sleep brought about a new benefit in the campaign of better in the campaign of better the place where the Sahaba were

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better, by the way is the name of a well, brother by the name is you know is the name of a well, so were the companions or their loved one whom we're based It was a dusty, there was a lot of sand. And the sand was you know what the scattered and it was flying around in the atmosphere. While the grounds and the planes on which the opponents were was quite firm and strong. And so they had the easier movement because if something is dusty to move in, it is difficult you walk at the beach, and you know how your foot you know what just slips inside, and you cannot move swiftly across because the ground is not firm, it's soft.

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And the nine preceding the campaign, Allah subhanho wa Taala send down rain Allah sent down so now logically you wishing I wish we had that side of it, you want you want an advantage location, we are on a disadvantage location. Sometimes in an aircraft, you know what you pass in over a particular place. And those that are sitting on the right side managed to get the view those that are sitting on the left side don't get the view. Often when we are in flying in Africa in East Africa, and you're doing the hub from Mombasa back to Nairobi, then you fly over Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, right. And then again, if you're on the right side of the aircraft, then you get

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a chance to look at it and many other places when you're traveling, then the pilot from the flying deck will give you an announcement and you know if you're on the right side you have a view. But Subhanallah look at the intervention. Sahaba other side, the enemies on the other side Allah sends down rain. The benefit of the rain was for the companions now the ground became firm. For the companions, the ground became firm. The disbelievers had access to water the Sahaba didn't have access to water and some Sahaba had the need of performing a whistle as well as reference according to one commentary of the audio which I will just touch on briefly now. So Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says that and remember that time well you know Zillow, highly recommend a summer if your Hershey kimono is monitamon gum. Allah gave sleep to some of us Allah gave sleep and slumber so that came as a rescue and it helped you so this is it when humans think then you think you know what, within the box people say you need to be innovative and you must have an F car hurry just Sundew you know thought outside the box, something great, unique, amazing, phenomenal. So when when we think of a plan or an idea or a strategy, we limited to the the bare resources that we have we limited to the bare resources that we have. We never think beyond because it's unimaginable something like this can

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happen. But lo and behold things have happened and the world has changed and so many things have happened differently. Anyway, the rain comes down every Ohashi common know is I am an atonement when Allah gave you sleep as a source of safety and security no sleep and slumber while Eunice Zilla la mina sama Emma, there's a verse of the nine Jews sorbitol and fall. And Allah sends down water for you while you're in a zillo highly eco Meena sama Emma aliotta Hera combi through which you can get gain your purity, you can perform your Voodoo and your ablution while you're the by encumbrances that shape upon and to drive away the impurity of the devil. Some scholars have interpreted this

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portion of the idea to say that certain companions had the need of a mandatary ritual hosel and now with the ease of water, they could perform that hustle as well.

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What units do highly recommend a sama ima aliotta Hera combi? Well, you're the Baron commemorates the shape on when era beta Ailanthus become where you submit a big hill at the dam. And now this gave strength and it empowered your hearts and it kept your feet firm literally as well. Figuratively as well. So now your grounds were better access to water was good sleep gave you a strength. You had the opportunity of performing ablution that same lane that now came on the other side, left the gun

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They're muddy, because the surface was firm. And now because of the water, it became muddy. So Allah didn't you know what? Change the locations of the companions, but one lane, change the demographics of the plane, one rain turned it completely around. Now it was difficult for them, it was cumbersome for them, because it was muddy. And it was a movement was no, not so easy.

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So they went into the cave, Allah subhana wa Taala gave them a sleep. And again, I want to say to my young brother, and my young sister, because unfortunately recreational drugs has not, you know what differentiated between gender and age, it has just destroyed the scourge of these drugs is just just horrific. It's just horrendous. I have sat with so many youth, unfortunately, who has succumb. empires have crumbled. marriages have broken children have been left without parents. And it's really a nightmare. Leave alone being suicidal. I've met with kids who unfortunately orchestrated the murderers of the murdering their own parents. Why because of being under the influence of these

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drugs? May Allah protect one and all May Allah protect one and all? And can you imagine an industry that is trying to generate revenue out of destroying the fabric of society? Like how, how more wicked can an individual be, to sit and eat money through which you have earned the curses of people? But that's, that's the brutal truth. And that's the painful reality, that you know what if revenue can be generated Tough luck of the consequences out there. So use that one to get an ecstasy and happiness and one to drown the grief and the sorrow. Look at these youth. You want to sleep and you want a peaceful sleep and you want a tranquil sleep and you want the rejuvenating sleep, you

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obey Allah you obey Allah, Allah will give you peaceful sleep, Allah will give you the divine serene feeling, Allah will give you that inner comfort. So let's go straight on to the verse, verse number 17, in terms of the intervention of these youth, so they've entered Allah has given them the sleep now arrangements in finer details of the sleep. So sometimes you could be sleeping, but you're not in the most comfortable posture. So you're on top of one another kids in the backseat is on top of me. And this one's on top of that one. And you know what? It's It's It's a common argument between kids in the backseat, this happens all the time. The dad hopped into the car, and he told the kids

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Listen, don't ask me when we arriving at the destination, we'll only get there when it's dark. So one of them is like dead, how long left for to for it to get dark, how long left for it to get dark, right. It's a long journey, what they say Don't, don't hop into your vehicle unless each child has a window. This is of course when kids are small. So now they're on top of each other. But if you're traveling in a spacious car, or in a spacious, you know what caraval or something that the seats are reclining or revolving, then it's much more easy and spacious, so you couldn't be sleeping, but he's not a comfortable sleep. person in first class is also sleeping. And the person in the economy class

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is also sleeping. But there's a big difference between the sleep of the two you sleeping on each other. And then somebody gets up at night and then the food tray is there. And then a person needs to open the cabin above him. And then you know what the queues at the lavatory is along versus the first class where there's just minimum people with with a cabin crew attending one to every two people the difference? Anyway, let's look at the sleep that Allah gave them and and the intervention.

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What are our shumsa either Paula I

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can feed him my word. Well, n Tara you would observe as Sam said the sun is at night when it rises. So the early morning sun the rising sun the eastern rays of the sun. What are our shamsur and Omaha tab? Oh unlocker Oh Lesnar, what are our shamsur and you would observe the early morning sun the rising sun, the eastern rays of the sun is a pillar right when it rises, design and canopy him does our work and can see him. So basic Arabic grammar,

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Zahra yasuharu. Zohan means to visit zerah zerah you know is a common word let's go for Zara z out of visiting 00. Then when you have the proverb you have you know a mulberry does our yet as our

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Does our Warren in the context here it is that as our that is our and when you take it into the context in which it appears here in the Quran, then it is from Baba mufa Allah tozawa yet as our routers r1 means to mutually visit each other so that's the speciality of the BB of mufa Allah basic etymology and some will give you those indications at an very elementary level nothing too complex does our so the root word is Zara Zara means to visit you take it into the form of tawaraya and then one Tabby has failed, that I am one die has been dropped off grammar language here. So that does our means to mutually meet each other. However, if this word does our is followed by the word and is

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followed by the word on which we say the Scylla is and then it means to divert, not to not to meet but to avoid. So in other words, it creates the opposite meaning and in the Arabic language there are too many words like this year. For example, rather by means to incline or a zip to a lake I'm inclining towards you, or a zip to electron I'm feeling to eight received or I need to arm I'm this inclining so after Reba if it's followed by n then it means to this incline down to luck di is followed by lamb it means to pray. The die is followed by by Allah it means to curse thou to look I prayed for you down to like I cursed upon you. One scholar gave it very beautiful for the you know

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English audience. Like if a person is learning English, you learn in the word responsible. So responsible is good. It's a great meaning is a responsible person. But then if you preceded by IR, then it says the opposite meaning irresponsible. competent is a great word is a competent person, person is a skilled person. But then if you put is an incompetent, incompetent, so it's the direct opposite. So in a like manner if it's followed or preceded or in a particular context, it changes the meaning. So anyway, you would see the the the early morning sun the rise in Sun design, and gafi him decline in decline in from the cave decline in from the cave, what either Laura Beth, and you

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will see the evening sun Robert when it sets when it goes down on the western horizon, that redo that shimmer,

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shimmer, avoiding them towards the left, avoiding the cave and going towards the left, right. So the morning sun would decline and go towards the right, the evening your son would go towards the left avoiding the cave again, with whom they fed us Amen, while they rest in a spacious portion while they rest in the spaces portion. So there's two explorations to this year. One is that the cave was positioned in such a way that

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they were rescued and protected and shielded from the rays of the morning sun or the rays of the evening sun you would agree with me my brother and my sister that human nature when you sleep in you generally like darkness you like cover you like things to be somewhat, you know, covered and concealed.

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I remember when we were studying and midday sleep and siesta was an absolute necessary necessary thing. Then you would put the curtains and you would cover the windows and create a night like atmosphere in the planes. On the cabins. They have the star like image, you know what, almost like like like stars and constellation. And on these long halls, after they give you the first service that is done, and then they kind of shut down the cabin, lights are off.

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shutters are closed, and they give you this good five, six hours for everyone to sleep. Now while you in the deep sleep. If some insensitive person decides to open up the shutter for whatever reason, it can be so frustrating and annoying. And I can tell you out of experience being you know a seasoned traveler that it can be so annoying now he's occupied the seat adjacent to the window. Some of us probably need to eat or read there's a light above you there's a light behind you. There's a light in the panel, there's different lights, but if you open that shutter, that sun rays can be quite disturbing to anyone and everyone. A mother is so protective over her child. When the little

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one is sleeping especially it's the first child. You know what the curtains are down the doorbell is off the phone is off

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Everybody is put on protocol. Be soft, be gentle, be polite. The baby is sleeping, the little one is sleeping. We don't want him to be disturbed. We don't want her to be disturbed. Look at the intervention of Allah for the accommodation of the sleep of these people. they've entered this game. Well whom FIFA God men, they were in the wide, spacious, broad place. So they were not in any position of discomfort. Sometimes you can fall into deep sleep, but your position is not good. And then when you get up, you have aches and you have pains and then you know what, you had a good sleep. But then your body is aching. No, no, well, houfy funjet in men, they were in the broadest

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section of this gave What are Shamsa and you would observe that the rising sun dissolve and Gaffey him that it would decline up from the cave going towards the right way, Robert and when the sun would set, so neither the early morning rays nor the evening rays would disturb them? one argument is the position of the cave was such that the sun rays did not enter it. The other argument or the other exploration of scholars is there's no need to sit and give perspective to the position or the dynamics or the location of the cave, that how was it possible? It was a miracle, it was a miracle. So ordinarily commonly average Lee the way that gave us position, the sun ought to disturb them and

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hit them bright in their eyes, either in the morning or the evening. And that's quite disturbing. But because Allah had decreed and determine and ordain a pro long sleep with ease and comfort, and no disturbance, do that sleep, miraculously, Allah made it such that the sun would avert divert, decline, move around the cave, and not interfere with the sleep of these youth, who were the sage of the age, and were the saints of the Almighty simply because of their obedience to Allah. That was the intervention that Allah made for them. Subhan Allah,

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that Allah come in IRT law, these are the signs of Allah, and Romani. Allah, Allah See, but daddy says what is the reference to these are the signs of Allah, the courage of these youth, the resilience of these youth, the passion of these youth, the unwavering submission of these youth, and how nature intervene for them that they come in it love. And yet I came across another exploration of blocking out the sunlight blocking out the sunlight, that the wisdom of that was also for the Kuru and Luma. To Renu, Allah, General hawas, fapa, desert guru, and limited to no other general house, when in fact, great, that often darkness helps you to meditate, to reflect to introspect. If

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it's light, light, and it's bright, and it's noisy, then it can have its own sense of disturbance.

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One minha hoonah Tara halwa Tara? Hello, hello. Yes. Runa holla at him maka and then finally lovely. Woman woman. Hi, Tara. And I Hello, hello. Yes. Hello to him again. kalila.

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What my daddy coming home maneuver middle, or you know, home, you would find when people want to make maraca they want to reflect right? We've been told and taught, reflect over death, sit and ponder, find a place of isolation. So to help you in a place of isolation, in a place of solitude in a place of reflection in a place of silence, generally to compliment the ambience and to compliment that atmosphere. It's also a place of darkness. It's a place of silence. It just allows you Jamal Hawa as well as God you can gather you can process you can think you can apply. You can meditate, you can reflect at length. And generally I'm not saying it's not possible, I'm not saying it's

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impossible. You would observe in many of the massages in the month of Ramadan when the taraweeh prayer commences that many of the far those leading the prayer prefer that the lights are done, and it just allows you a deeper flow and enjoyment and ecstasy in Quran it's permissible with the lights on but you will observe in many massagin local and abroad this has been my observation, it kind of just you know what dumbs the place and allows you you having a door and you crying to Allah when it's it's solitude and it is. It is good.

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It's dark, it just gives you that you know different feeling and that different closeness etc. So this is also mentioned in the books of Tafseer which I've come across what mean how hoonah Tara and Holla Holla

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Holla at him mica and then Kali, labia. So anyway, that's verse number 17. Danny come in IRT la these are the signs of a love. And then how does Allah subhanho wa Taala concluded, Mayor de la mufa, who well mounted whomsoever Allah guides is the guided one, what mejor de Lille and whom Allah deviates and misleads felon Teddy della who when he and murshida, then you will not find a guiding friend for him.

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So that's the serenity of Allah. That's the independence of Allah. But let me explain as well and you know, expound on it, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will never deny you guidance if you seek it. So it's a verse of the 25 years of the Quran in Surah Surah, in which Allah says, Allah who yeji Tubby la he may or SHA, where he de la he may unit one speaks about the prerogative of Allah and the other speaks about the justice of Allah. The prerogative of Allah is I can select whomsoever, I wish, I want to make someone a prophet, I will make him a prophet. I want to make someone you know what blessing would some favor, that's my choice. That's my choice. That's my choice. Allahu alayhi.

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Mejia sha Allah who just have him in La Bella, aka Jerusalem, woman and nurse. And I mean, we've spoken many times about the harms of jealousy. Someone said a very beautiful thing. They say that a jealous friend is a dangerous enemy. A jealous friend is a dangerous enemy. And yet someone else said that jealousy is a disease Get well soon. Jealousy is a disease Get well soon. And Imam Abu Hamid Hassan he said that a miser is really wicked but worse than a miser is a jealous person because a miser is withholding what's in his pocket, while a jealous person wants to withhold what Allah has, in the treasures of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says man is a miser Paulo and Tom Tom

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Lee kunafa in Matera Bay, either lamb sector maharsha tell In fact, what Colonel insaan aka Torah, a verse of the 15 jewels of the Quran Chapter number 17. Benny is trying to say unto them, if you had access to the treasures of Allah which are in finite, you would minds in those treasures of Allah as well. So anyway, may Allah save us from jealousy. So one is the prerogative of Allah, he can guide he can favor he does what he wants, but the justice of Allah is where he may you need, that He will guide whom so evidence to him. So if you call out to Him, He will, He will answer he will respond, he will grant it to you and the scholars say

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that every dollar you make could be answered in different ways, could be answered in the sense that Allah diverts a calamity. Or Allah answers your request, or Allah stores it for you in Africa. But there's one duar that if you ask Allah, it has to be answered, and it will be answered. And if anybody asked, it will be given to him, and it will be answered in this world guaranteed. And what is it that is the honest earnest genuine, sincere call request prayer supplication for guidance? If you ask Allah Allah sincerely, honestly, I want guidance, read the tale and the narrative of salmaan rubeola know where to where to where, and ultimately he becomes a great companion of the messenger

00:28:51--> 00:29:31

sallallahu wasallam. So Allah says May, Allah who for who well monitored when Allah guides then that person is guided well mejor de Lille and if Allah Miss guides and alumnus leads you fall into J Dilla. Who when the young murshida then you will not find a guiding friend or a helper for that person. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those fortunate souls who are guided by his guidance and remember the stage of guidance continues when Mecca was conquered. Allah said we can't get it for you, Leah the aka Sarah Thomas ottima to guide you on the straight path. Enough a definite lack of time. bobina Liam Farah like Allahu Matata Domine zombie kawamata occur when you

00:29:31--> 00:29:59

demand Yamato Anika to guide you. The Prophet says and was the most guided human he was he was guide with the help of Allah He was guiding others way in Nicoletta de la sera Mr. Team, meaning showing the straight path. But what do the scholars tell us? They are phases they are Stations of the straight path and you continue ascend in it and continue to ascend in it. So we'll end on this note and the next verse takes the mystery on a deeper level. This verse spoke about how the sun was diverted to accommodate

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The the sleep of these youth. The next verse speaks about how miraculously Allah intervene so that the termites have the ground don't eat on their carbs because they were sleeping for three centuries. So no bed bugs travel them. Many times a person is is you know what bed bound and May Allah grant shifa to one and all but then you have bed sores and bed bugs and so many other related challenges, wait and see how there is yet another intervention to preserve their broad bodies and yet allow them deep and sound asleep. May Allah grant us the true love of the Quran and endow us with his obedience. Armenia Bella alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa

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sahbihi edmontonian or hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen