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Shadow one more one my daughter Rasool.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill, I mean, what the he was a big mind about Brothers and Sisters in Islam today we're going to look or have certain take a look at certain glimpses from Surah to note. And the reason behind that for one for us to recognize once again what an amazing book The Quran is, and what excellent proof it is to the existence of Allah subhanho wa taala. And if it were not the book of Allah azza wa jal then offer us a semi plausible explanation as to how a book like the Quran could ever be written, not just written 1400 years ago, but written even in our times. And the other reason also is that so we can get an idea of how the topics in the

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ayat are related. A few days ago, we were having a conversation and someone was saying the topics of the Quran jump from one place to another, but if you contemplate carefully it is not a complete jump there is a link in the theme with the theme before it. But it is a book of contemplation and that is one of the most important things the Quran is a book of contemplation. And if you're just reading it expecting to read through like a story, you will see that the story jumps from one place to another. But if you're reading it to contemplate you will find the link between this theme and the one before it. So with that, we'd like to take a quick run through Surah Noor but at the same time, look at

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certain things that are unique about it as a surah and things that are unique about the Quran as a whole. Allah subhanaw taala says but other than our other bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, su Ratan Enza na are followed na were Angelina fee timbi and tiene la la come to the Koran. The first thing is, this is the only surah in the Quran that starts like this, a very unique and very, for lack of a better term strange beginning. Allah subhanaw taala says, sewer atone Jani had the surah This is a Surah that we sent down and we made it obligatory upon you, and we sent meaning to follow its rules and regulations, and we sent down in it clear ayat so that you may

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remember meanings so that you may take heat. So the scholar said, Why would this surah start like this? Every surah in the Quran is sent down from Allah azza wa jal every surah in the Quran is revealed so that you can obey and follow the laws and the guidelines mentioned in it. There is no Surah that sent down for your reading pleasure. Every surah is follow sent down so you can follow it and

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Allah is stressing that we made clear ayat in the Surah, so that you can act upon them so that you can pay heed, and pay close attention and act upon them. So the scholars said, This surah in particular began this way, by stating what is otherwise the obvious that is a Surah sent down from Allah azza wa jal that you have to follow what's in it, and the ayat have made been made been made clear to you, so you can follow them every surah is like that. But they said, because the surah deals with so many issues, it deals with issues that are so serious matters of life and death. And it deals with things as simple as your two year old child knocking on your bedroom door before

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entering and Allah is, is reiterating and telling you from the beginning, that you have to follow everything, the big and the not as serious but not as big. And what is interesting is when you look at those who have issues with Islam today, all the issues they have are the ones in Surah, Noor Yanni you find people amongst the Muslims who have a problem with hijab. That's in verse 31, of Salton know, those who have a problem with dealing and the ruling of the adulterer, that's been sorted to know every issue they have a problem with engine is in Surah Noor which is the only Surah that starts by saying you have to obey everything in the sutra, which is a given, so they chose to

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mess with the wrong surah if that's a term of all the Quran,

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and Allah subhanaw taala called it a surah and a sewer is any place Judah Morteza anything that is elevated out of, or like a wall or a gate anything higher than the rest is a soul and Allah Subhana Allah gave it this name, even though there are other names for chapters in the Quran. And so eight Buhari chapters are called a Bob Bob Keva Babak bahagia Baba salah, but here, Allah chose to call his chapter sewer with a scene and a surah is any high elevated position, and Allah called his chapter sewer because they have a high elevated position in the hearts of the believers. A Surah of the Quran is not like any poem or any song, it has a high elevated position. Likewise, the scholars

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also said that they have a high elevated position with Allah subhanaw taala. So he named them sewer.

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So this is a sewer that we sent down will follow up Na, and if the Accra aquifer Ragna

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and the NA homages that it came down in pieces, and it actually did come in pieces and many parts of the Quran. So other scholars said a sewer is from sewer from the same route as sewer which is the left over. So when you drink and you leave some water in the glass, that's a sewer. So they said it's called a sewer from that because a chapter is one of parts of the Quran, just like the leftover is part of the water that was in the whole glass. So Allah azza wa jal of all the sewer is telling you from the beginning, listen up, pay attention and follow what's in the Surah then the second verse immediately with no introduction starts with the punishment, punishing the person the people

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who commit Zina an illicit sexual relations and and what's interesting also in sorta Nora there in verses 10 and 14 and 20 and 21, Allah subhanaw taala keep saying, well, hola, hola, Alikum warahmatu while hola hola hola hola como motto and had it not been for the grace of Allah upon you, this would have happened to you and had it not been for the grace of Allah upon you, he would not have purified you. And the scholar said, Allah azza wa jal keeps repeating that, so we don't lose track, because it starts off heavy with punishment, and so on and so forth, things that are life threatening whipping, but Allah doesn't want you to lose sight of the fact that this is for your betterment and

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for better the betterment of society at large. So he keeps reminding you had it not been for the grace of Allah. So it's not just severe talk. So it's not just punishment, but you're reminded of the mercy and the kindness of Allah azza wa jal. So verse two immediately goes into the punishment of this unit. Then verse three, covers the marital guidelines for those who commit Zina versus those who are still committing Zina and want to marry someone who's chaste. And all the other examples. And one of the interesting things, verse three of surah. A, nor is one of the most disputed about verses, amongst them of a sitting in the entire Quran. It's a huge debate that goes left and right.

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But basically it's talking about the guidelines for those who commit Zina and how they get married. Then verse four

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He deals with those who accused people of Zina without having the witnesses. What is their punishment? And that continues? And then verse five, what if they repent from the accusation that they made? And then it goes in from verse six until verse 10? What if someone accuses his own spouse of that, and they don't have the four witnesses? What do they do? And so it mentions this legal procedure known as Leon, which would be carried out in court. So from one to 10, we dealt with Zina. But then verses 11 all the way to 20. Deal with the accusation, the incident of the if and the accusation against our insurer of the Allahu Ana, and the verses are so powerful and so clear. And

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the defense of that issue is incredible when you look at the verses in detail, first of all, what is the relationship between verses one and 10 and 11 to 20? The same thing, it's the same theme. It was the accusation against issuance and acquisition of Zina. And so Allah subhanaw taala now is going to defend shall be Allah Juana. And the first thing in the wording is Allah subhanaw taala called it and if in Lavina, Jaya who Ben iski was bottom income, and the scholars say Africa shake either callable, who and watch her. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala called the villages of Sodom, the people of loot. Well, more Taffy Katha a Hawa from the same route to Africa, it was flipped over and

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if it's something completely flipped over, if I tell you, Brother Mohammed has a very expensive car, but rather Bahamas cars all broken up. But there is some truth even though I'm lying, there is some truth in this life. And that is, Brother Mohammed has a car. But if I told you Brother Mohammed car is expensive, and he doesn't have a car, never thought of buying a car doesn't even have a driver's license. Is there any truth whatsoever? That's an if. And so Allah subhanaw taala didn't even call it a lie, because a lie might have truth in it. But Allah has been called the it's completely flipped over, not an ounce of any truth in it whatsoever.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala in the next verse tells you what you should have said out loud, and it's not good enough because I might defend someone out loud but internally, I think they did it. I just don't have evidence. But Allah subhanaw taala is not leaving any opening that what you should have said and what you should have believed. Knowing that it's a matter to move one minute or one minute to be unfussy him Hira as one is internal, you should have thought well, that's the first thing we'll call ohada. If como bien and you should have said this is a clear light so internally, and what comes out of the tongue, then Allah subhanaw taala goes through more of what they should

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have done legally. So if you had, if you knew this, you should have brought witnesses. You didn't bring witnesses, then you're liars. But it's powerful. And it's the Quran. The Quran is the book of Allah. The Quran is the book of Allah, and nobody can challenge this for one second, nobody.

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The Quran is so powerful and so detailed.

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Allah subhana, Allah says, Allah, it can end Allah He Whom will carry the bone, those if they didn't bring witnesses, then they're liars with Allah. But what's amazing here is how Allah subhanaw taala didn't leave any room or any gap. Because if I see someone committing Zina, and the person actually was committing Zina, and I don't have witnesses, and I go to court, I don't have three other witnesses with me, I go to court, and I say, Your Honor, this person committed and I saw him with my own eyes. I saw the details.

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Then, legally, am I lying or speaking the truth? According to the court, I am a liar. According to the court, I am labeled as a liar between me and Allah azza wa jal? Did I lie or did I really see that? Between me and Allah azza wa jal? I did see that. But because I don't have evidence on this earth, I'm a liar and the court. But Allah subhanaw taala didn't say they're just liars, because they could be liars in court. But maybe they saw the truth when Allah knows they saw the truth. But Allah Subhana Allah didn't say they're liars in court. He said, For Allah Iike. In the law, he whom will carry the boon, but with Allah, they're liars. That means they're liars in court, and they're

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lawyers with Allah subhanaw taala they didn't see anything. They didn't have any truth. And only the Quran can think of such little details like that no human being can sit down and come up with something so creative, and so detail oriented.

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So then, Allah subhanaw taala in verse 17, closes

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The door on this happening to anyone ever again. Some of the Shaolin they saw how powerful this is and how clearly they were defending on Asia. They came up with a new lie. They said, Oh, this I had warned about ICOs about another Mother of the Believers, and it was defending her faith. What are you going to do with verse 17? Allah Subhana Allah says, yeah is locum Allah, the MUFA student said, What does it mean when Allah subhanaw? taala? Yeah, it will come Allah Subhana Allah admonishes you. So some of them said, it means Allah, you heard him Allah, Allah forbids you from ever you're either Kamala and who do limits li Avada

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Allah has really didn't say he forbids you from ever mentioning the story of Isha again. Allah didn't say he forbids you from ever accusing Russia again. He said limitedly he don't you ever do this to anyone on Earth ever again, let alone trying to reopen this book and accused the wife of the Prophet salallahu Salam. Allah forbids you from doing anything like this to anyone ever again. And it's so sad how lately we've taken this topic now. people accuse each other left and right, and this is how it is in America, people are accusing each other, and they're not afraid. And then we live here in America. And we think it's normal and it's okay. And we accuse people of Xena and we and we

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give it different names and titles. But this is something that we've we were taken to court, we will be destroyed and our reputation will be destroyed because we didn't have evidence. So beware beware brothers and sisters of speaking casually about these things doesn't matter if they're Muslim or non Muslim. Doesn't matter if they're celebrities or not famous. Don't talk about these things don't get in delve into these types of topics of accusing people of Zina.

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So then

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Allah subhanaw taala verse 19 warns, and there are different series here and we'll take the most powerful one. Allah Allah says in the novena, you a buena enter Shi Alpha Heisha to fillerina amanu let him either win or even for dunya will occur. Allahu Allahu Allah to Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says, Those who love for the for WA hush the illicit sexual acts to spread amongst the believers. And one group said this is talking about those who spread it and another group of MUFA sitting said Allah azza wa jal is not threatening those who spread the rumors. Those who make up the rumors, Allah azza wa jal is talking about someone who did not spread it, did not make it up, did not share

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it. He stood far away, but he just loves that it's happening. And Allah is really threatening that person, let alone the one who goes around spreading it. Allah subhanaw taala is threatening those who love for these kinds of fitten and trials to spread amongst the believers. They're the ones who will have a severe torment in this world and the next and then Allah reminds you when hola for de la jolla aleikum wa rahmatullah wa and Allah Hora ofone Rahim had it not been for the grace and the mercy of Allah, then a severe torment would have touched you. But Allah subhanaw taala is roof and his Rahim Allah is merciful and his kind.

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Then it continues. What happens now is Allah subhanaw taala warns us of the footsteps of the shaytaan. And the scholar said, because the shaytaan is clever, he works in steps, because he's clever, he works in steps, steps until you are desensitized, until you will get you get to the big crime that he wanted you to commit initially. And then Allah subhanaw taala goes and deals with Abu Bakr robiola, Juan, because the man who explicitly accused Russia was a relative of Abu Bakr, Delano. He was a poor man. He was one of them, oh, hygiene and Abu Bakr de la I know he used to give him money. And he is the one who explicitly mentioned Russia. So Buckaroo swore that he is not going

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to give him any more money. So Allah subhanaw taala tells them tells him, Don't swear to not help the poor and the immigrant and your kinsmen, but continue to give him Wouldn't you love Allah to forgive you? And our book will be Allah on who immediately said, well, Allah will never stop giving him and in the narration of a tuber Ronnie doubled the amount that he was giving him. But then what's interesting on will end here is that from verse 11, until 20, Allah subhanaw taala dealt with the incident of fk defending Ayesha, then verse 21, Allah subhanaw taala warned the following the footsteps of the shaytaan then verse 22, Allah subhanaw taala tells a Buckaroo don't swear to not

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give them keep giving him and forgive and forget. Don't you love Allah to forgive you? And then verses 23 to 26 Allah azza wa jal goes back to the story of an if so why this pause in the middle and this is again what is amazing

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about the Quran, this pause in the middle. And let's put it this way. If you do something Jonnie Yunus for those who are not children, when you were a child if you did something wrong, and then your father spoke to you about it reprimanded you, and then it was over, he never brought it up. And then another day, you did something wrong, your father reprimanded you severely. And then he went and took his nap. And then when he woke up, he started reprimanding you again, which day is worse the first day or which crime is worse, the first one or the second one? Meaning when Allah subhanaw taala goes back to the topic, it means we're not done with it. And it's a very serious topic, and

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I'm returning to it again. You thought we were done. I'm returning to it again. This is how much Allah subhanaw taala defended, I shall have Alana and there's even more in the wordings in the power of the phrasing of the sentences. And this is further proof that the Quran is the book or the speech of Allah subhanaw taala by Allah he brothers and sisters, our problem is that we just have abandoned the Quran. That's our problem. That's why you find people leaving Islam or doubting Islam. If you read this book every day, you will not have any doubts, but the problem is the way we look at the Quran. And I'll repeat the story one more time. It was a troubled young man, and they brought him to

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talk to me, and he didn't want to come talk to me. And his main argument was, what's the chef gonna tell me? He's gonna tell me to read the Quran.

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You see how we belittle the Quran? And they just read the Quran there's no solution and he's just going to tell me read the Quran? Is this the solution? We throw at people go read the Quran, and I made sure after sitting with him to tell him to read the Quran because that is the solution. You can't tell me not to give you the right answer. What is one plus one? But you can't say too low Allah can say to allocate for who I know the answer is two it's the right answer now say two What do you want me to say? It's the right answer. And reading the Quran is the right answer and the solution to so many problems from emotional to depression to this and everyone thinks depression is

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far more complex then you Michel Johan the members are yelling about low Allah it's not complex, and nothing about it as complex. The solutions are in this book. We just ignore it. That's our problem. Oh, look out the ha That was tough for Allah love him. Be welcoming, gentle don't look for stop through Fairphone Mr Vereen, ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean one other early he was a big mind about so just looking at themes only now uh, no details. So when and till verse 23 to 26 is going back to the incident of a left, then 27 to 29. The rules of visitation. What's the link? Where does it happen in homes? Before people didn't ask permission, they would just enter and what does it look like? It looks like Zina or it could lead to Zina. So that's why Allah mentioned the rules of visitation, knocking on people's doors asking permission before going in. Then verses 30 lowering the gaze for men. How does it start Zina? It starts with looking than verse 31, lowering the gaze

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for women and covering and proper attire for women and proper behavior for woman and verse 31. Then it goes into solutions for Zina getting married and Allah subhanaw taala says we're uncouple I am among those who are an AIIM whether it's divorce single, whoever doesn't have a spouse, what should you do with them and society with them off the verses and many people misunderstand this verse they think is saying, marry those who are single? No, it's saying marry them off to each other, wet them off to each other, then those who can't get married, what is the solution? Then verse 34, links you to the beginning. After all these rules and guidelines Allah is telling you, you have seen in this

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book in the Quran, what has happened to nations who disobeyed their Lord, so in the beginning of the Surah, follow and obey what is in the surah in the middle of the surah. You have seen what happens to those who disobeyed the rules. So are you going to follow or not? Then Allah subhanaw taala talks about his life, the parable of his light, and you will only understand it well when you see the parable of darkness and the misguidance of the disbeliever. Then verse 47, it gets into the hypocrites from 47 all the way to 54. Why? What does the hypocrisy have to do with anything? Who started the if rumor? It were it was the hypocrites. So that's why Allah subhanaw taala deals with

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them and how they behave and how they act, how they act and how the righteous believers act. And then verse 55, if you obey Allah, here's a promise from Allah azza wa jal, he will give you control of the earth He will give you safety and security

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then the rest of the verses go into first we were looking at rules of visitation. Now these are the rules and guidelines within the family. That was the stranger knocking on your door. Now Allah subhanaw taala tells you how even within your home the little children knock on your door and we'll close with this about verse 58, which deals with your little children, teaching them to knock on your bedroom doors at specific times of the day. One of the one of the Tabata between from the third generation was asked, Has verse 58 of Salta nor been abrogated. And he since early then, he said, people don't act upon this verse. They don't teach their children, these advocates hasn't been

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abrogated. And he said, No, he said, people don't teach that to their children. This is how long ago so if you go home today and you teach this to your children, you will be of the very few handful on the planet who is acting upon verse 58, which takes us to verse 28, one of the early Muslims, he said, Because Allah says will either kala kumara Giroux for Joe, when you knock on someone's door, if they say I'm busy now can you go come back later? He said for 20 years, I would visit my friends hoping they would tell me to go back. Why?

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So I can live out verse 28. of certain note, I want to one day knock on a friend's house and he says, Oh, it's good to see you. I'm so sorry. It's not a good time right now. So can you come back another time? He said, I'm just hoping one day someone says it to me. So I can live out this verse of the Quran. That's the difference between them and us brother and sister today if you came to my house, and I said I'm sorry, it's not a good time. What kind of shift is this? When when is talk about birth when it called Karim, what happened to generosity and you may ruin my reputation in the community because I acted out verse 28. That's the difference. This thought is an honor and a

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pleasure. So it's this is a call and a reminder to myself first, and to all of us to keep a relationship with the book of Allah azza wa jal read it, read it with contemplation, read it with understanding what is Allah subhanaw taala saying to me, and you do that, and you will find problem after problem in your life being fixed in Allah. With that we ask Allah Azza to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it, and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. But Muhammad no one was looking at Atiba Well, oriental Bartylla bolted on, which was open to Nova Allahu Allah, Allah dunya Kabbalah Homina Well,

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I'm a blogger Elmina wala Illuminati Masirah Allahumma brim lumatek Islamic Umbra and Rashida up here hello to Arctic Wi Fi. No Ma sciatic Wait, Murphy Hibben Morrow for you and happy young careers. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify and bring ease and rectify the conditions of the Muslims in Morocco. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify and bring ease to the Muslims in Libya. Y'all look when Maha Mudra Bill Allah mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept as martyrs, those who have died from amongst them and to forgive the rest who have died and to grant their families patience and well being uribl Alameen wa sallahu wa barakato