Tawfique Chowdhury – Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Az-Zumar – Day 6

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The upcoming release of Surah Zoomer's (the book) book will have a significant impact on the generation of Muslims, as it depicts the final events of Islam, including the signing of the Day of Judgment and the resurrection of the Day of War. The book is a depiction of the final events of Islam, including the blowing of fear, the transformation of the Earth, and the resurrection of the Day of Judgment. The interviewer emphasizes the importance of showing faith and acting on deeds to increase one's chances of victory, and the speakers discuss the historical and rewarded actions of Islamists. They also discuss the physical presence of Jesus in various locations, including in the western.
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Salam Alaikum wa Taala mercato my brothers my sisters in Islam Welcome to this beautiful day

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of of the the fear of Surah zomer youthful devil Ramadan would hamdulillah last last session I think of the sera sera Zoomer if Allah subhanaw taala wills I as I was preparing for this recording session

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I just got news of beloved Auntie of mine, the brother of one of my beloved team members as in Kidwai, his mother just passed away May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless her forgiver anyone witnessing this video, please make a dwell for my auntie. And she is a very beautiful person and left behind. Amazing son, my brother has him and he's the CEO of the of all the dollar work that that happens through mercy mission today, which is massive, helping millions of people worldwide and making an impact in Mohammed Salah, sell them in some small way or the other. Allah forgive her and enter into German and give her a place with those who was SLM and make her make replacing NASA in general for

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those of us with with her and her family together. Yeah. I mean,

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my brothers and sisters Islam We have with us.

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Surah Zoomer as soon as Omar is an amazing surah. And you're going to feel how amazing it is. Because of this last page that we're about to recite surah Zuma, it was close to the summer because a lot talks about Zamora, about a group that will go to Japan and a group that will go to Johanna. Yeah. And a lot of the talks about groups, because that's what life is all about. You know, life isn't about, you know, who was the first person it doesn't matter, you are part of the first group. So, you know, this is why, you know, let's say many Islamic schools or some schools these days, there's always like, okay, who's the first boy who's the second one who came third? No, it's not

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like that in real life. In real life, it's teams.

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If your team wins, you win, even if you're not very good. And even if you're very good, if your team loses, then you lose, you know. And it's the same way you should be within the right team. So it's not just possible for you to just be guided you have to be from those believers, and you have to love the believers, and you have to want to be with them so that you are raised up with them. So that you are from the winning group. Yeah. What do you have the soul, let's take what Allah just says about the hereafter and about, about the Day of Judgment. So let's start so Allah starts off at the point of the blowing of the horn, which is going to signal the company of the Day of Judgment.

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So, imagine, all of these things have happened on this earth 60 to 70 signs have come then the 10 major signs have come in suddenly there is no one left to the face of this earth except the most evil of people. No one Not a single Muslim is left. At that point, when roughly half the soul at that point, the horn has been blown into so the authentic Hadith of the Prophet system tell us a few things about the horn, it tells us that it is a horn that is like a hollowed out horn of ihram. It is entrusted to a Angel But anyways, Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala is Raphael is the angel that does not blink, he has taken a deep breath. And he has put the horn to his mouth and is about to blow and

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the Prophet system was very worried about this once he woke up from asleep very, very worried. And he said, Why are you so worried I should said to him, probably a lot of anger. So he said, so I said, How can I How can I be be rested? When I have seen my dream, the Sahaba sword which is Luffy has taken a deep breath, puffed out his cheeks and he's put the horn to his mouth, looking at Allah waiting for the looking at the throne waiting for the moment that the command will be given for him to blow, meaning the Day of Judgment is so close and that is why the prophets have told us where to animosity Hakata I have been said with our like this meaning right after me, there will be the last

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hour right? What do you think of the suit how many loins will there be majority of the opinion is three Some said two, but the majority opinion is three. So first one is the blowing of of fear, where the first line everything is paralyzed, second blowing, everything is destroyed, the third blowing everything is recreated and between the second and the third blowing between the second and the third blowing is the duration of 40 years or 40 months a longtime alum only how long but we know it's 40 something so only Allah knows how long and in that time nothing will exist except Allah subhana wa tada luminaria fan

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club now Allah talks about the third blowing of the horn or the final blowing one of the coffee suit. And the sorry the first loi we're looking at the soul facade manifest Samajwadi woman fill out the elimin sha Allah. So the first blow into place to everyone is paralyzed and terror.

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In the heavens of the earth, except for the one who allowed wills, thermonuclear coffee, okra, and this is the third blowing. But because it has been mentioned twice some of the scholars, it's two blokes with a strong opinions three. So malucia, coffee, okra is blown into the hoard another time. So either Dr. miyanoura It is as if they are standing and looking. And that is the final blowing, at which point, the earth will now be transformed from the earth of, of this dunya to the earth, the resurrection. And it is as if people are now standing and looking. So here Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about what happens to us on that day of judgment when everything has been blown. So I'll let

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talks about the plane of the resurrection. Let me tell you a few things that have been authentically reported about the plane of resurrection, it has been authentically reported that the plane of resurrection will be white, it will be as white as as at the peak, which is the flower or it will be like a plate of silver so it can reflect the light that comes on the skies and the heavens will be multicolored as it will as even above or below the lagna said, and the sun will be brought close to us that distance of one mile one meal in Arabic, which meant which might mean one mile, or it could also mean the distance of our comb, which is a meme in Arabic, which is about 10 centimeters on

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Allah knows how close the sun will be and how hot it will be on that day. on the plains of the Day of Resurrection. Allah will cause a rain to fall from the rain.

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Then people will come out of the plane the resurrection just like crops come out. Yeah, so they will come out, the hands will come out they will move the dirt and then they will all be resurrected in the exact form for either to me, young grown and wash rocketed out the winner of Bihar ODI kita YG Sabina Shahada, aka Dr. Marina whom will have to whom liable mo now just one sentence Allah tells us how it will be. So as we as we stand up, as you can see, we will all be raised up

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that will be raised up unclothed, so we'll be naked, will be uncircumcised and will be barefooted. So your Sharon naso yamaki hammock piano hufa Ratan por la and this is the authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam in Buhari. So Allah says wash la Patil out Adobe, Nora beha. And the earth has been lit by the light of his of his Lord, meaning the hijab is removed. And now the nose starts coming from the light of Allah Himself. Well, the Gita at the book has been brought forth which book are we talking about? The Book of the deeds of human beings, or Gee, I've been I've been, and the profits have been all brought forward because they are the witnesses over everyone else was Shahada

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and the witnesses what type of witnesses so there are seven types of witnesses that are going to come that are going to present at our at our at our hearing court hearing on the Day of Judgment. What are those seven witnesses number one is the earth itself upon which we walked, that we the first witness, the second will be our body. So our skin, our our hands, our eyes and hearing Lonestar we'll all be witnesses. The third witness will be the angels that saw what we did. The angels wrote the book, the fourth witness.

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Fourth witness is the book of our deeds, this will be about fourth, fifth witness or the people that were around us, that witness what we did on this earth, good or bad. The sixth witness will be the Prophet, and the prophets of God that witness their people. And the sixth, the seventh witness is Allah subhanho wa Taala himself. There are also other witnesses that will be brought out and they are all supported witnesses that will help. So the good deeds will come as a witness charity will come as a witness for and will come as a witness, and they will all be a witness for the people with this in for them. And also those people that were wronged, they will witness against a person

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because of that person having wronged them. So what will the al Qaeda YG I've been they've been our Shahada at the

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addition of the Shahada

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Nabina Shahada here is the here is the

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greatness of the Shahada. The martyrs are lies for the show that right after that and been at that they have been all brought forward, the coup de avena humble hub, and the judgment has been passed between them alone and they will not be wrong. But we'll see at Kowloon of Simba amulet and every single person will be given what they have done, what actions they have done. This is why don't keep your faith in your heart. Keep your faith on your limbs, wear it on your limbs, meaning act on the faith that Allah has given you. You are only as good as the act that you have and as the deeds are

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You do so increase the deeds that you do the vicar, the citation for the study of Islam the helping of the people random acts of kindness, the helping people on every single good deed that can be done. So do that well Cody abeyta humble

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wolf yet couldn't have said diva a minute every single person will be rewarded recompense based on what they used to do or who will be by US alone. And he is more aware of what they have done. So the witnesses about possible Allah his origin is the most aware of what you have done because he is aware of what's in the hearts was he already recover enough? Illa Johanna Masai Mara. Now the first group, Allah talks about the first one, the first group Allah talks about are those who have disbelieved. And so Allah uses the word seek seek means Safa is the forsaken. So that what does that mean? It means that the they have been driven So suppose to drive. So seca, meaning they have been

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driven it isn't the most roll from. So we'll see under the nikephoros. So they are driven. Those who are disbelief are driven to jahannam Xiomara. That doesn't mean that driven in a car. They're driven by having Angel sitting on their backs with their ribs in their hands, hitting them. And of course, the disbelievers are raised up on their faces. So the angels are sitting on their backs as they are raised up on their faces. And as they are they're made to walk and crawl as they're on the face. Can you imagine that? We'll see on the top. Latina cafaro illa Johanna Masai Mara, this is this the state of terrible ignorance and ignorance Amity and inability to speak and see or hear that they

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will be then beated and will be pushed forward and they will be driven towards Johannes panela era era era. Give us the death of Muslim in your abuse the death of Islam and muslimeen do not give us a death of disbelief era balada mean do not disgrace us on the Day of Judgment do Allah do not disgrace us he Allah? Allah draws to the to Gemini era Bellamy do not displace us on that day or have had either

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until they come to it fully had

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its doors are open to it. So the jahannam The doors are open. And that is why Lazarus says that you have them calls upon every Safari as he jahannam calls out every disbelieving person and every sinful transgressor. And john is calling out to them. Oh, so and so where are you also? And so where are you come to me into my jahannam enter me For verily you are entering the punishment a lot that you have earned with your own hands at the Elijah who have fought he has a ba ba, ba ba.

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And it's Cousin Cousin meaning the Hazara to her meaning those who are the

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those who are the guardians of jahannam and they are 19 angels. And there are a few things that Allah has told us about these 19 angels and the Hadith and the scholars have told us number one is that they are angels who do not who are who are able to withstand the fire so they have Mashallah amazing physical ability to withstand the fire, which is amazing. Number two, they are they are

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19 in number so we know that they are unhappy satoshis Allah says

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number three, the head angels called Malik, the head Angel of Johanna was called Malik. Number four. These angels do not know the meaning of mercy, they have not been taught the meaning of mercy. So they are they are unmerciful. They do not have mercy they cannot have mercy they just don't know what's mercy. I don't understand mercy. So they just punish they so they are the most of the of the punishment Allah Allah has created. The husband of two Johanna wacana has Anna to her Kiku Solomon comb did not come to you a messenger to you. Yet Luna Alaykum reciting to you is it Rocco? the verses of your Lord Are you in the Runa comb and warning you Lika yo me kumada warning you of this

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meeting of this day. So they will tell you what why are you in Ghana? Didn't they come to you? Because for them it's logical if someone came to the why wouldn't you not listen? They didn't listen so because they didn't listen. Then that is why that is why your agenda. So Didn't they come to you? reciting there is a science to you and warning you of the day of judgment call. They said Well, of course they did. Absolutely have surety. Most definitely they did one or could have caught Kelly Masada rather, the Kalamata Lada the statement of punishment has become obligatory Anelka fury upon the disbelievers. While I could have killed the masala Dobby lol carefully with the statement of

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punishment has become obligatory upon the disbelievers. And this is what

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happen. Have Kelly Mattila de vianello Catherine and this is the this is the this is why because they are disbelievers they didn't listen. So the punishment has become obligatory. de la the Hulu awaba Johanna It is said to them or the Hulu enter of waba Johanna the doors of jahannam Holly Dena fee to reside there in forever big Sabbath while moussaka buried what an evil abode is there for those who are the Buddha kabiri in the wrong doors, the evil doors the proud and haughty people will see one lady in a taco and those who had fear of Allah they are driven

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will see for Latina taco raba home their Lord Isla jetnet is Amara to Jana in in groups so they are they're driven in groups to gender those who fear the Lord have either job. So they are funny.

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The only attribute Allah has used to call them is those who feared me and that is why allows who says Thumbelina agenda de taco another avoid Amina fee * Thea, in other verses also Allah says, and we have saved those who failed me. So therefore, the most important criteria you need to develop is fear of Allah the most important criteria. This is the one thing that will save you from every type of turmoil and disturbance of the Day of Judgment from problems is the type of law is constant awareness that Allah is there constant awareness or less looking constant awareness. And this is the Buddha once it is more important than his love. Why? Because love will sometimes mislead you look at

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how love misleads the Christians that they think that Allah will forgive them despite their sins but taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be far better for you. Because that is what will keep you away from everything that offends Allah first. Don't do anything that offends Yeah. As they say in medicine, they said maleficence at first do no harm, right? This is the first thing don't do no harm before you try to do good. The first law that I've I've taught in my trauma training, when I am trained in my trauma, and I teach my junior students in medicine, first do no harm, first, do no sin first, do no evil, and then do good. Right. And that is why the most important criteria is to have a

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lot of it. That is why when you see the story of the prophets of God, and you hear the stories of the, of the, the appear of the martyrs and of the solid, the companions of Prophet says one attribute that stands out more than others is a takahama soldier. What is that what that was as above or below the line who mentioned is like you're walking on a path. And then there are forms of this path. Some of them are low lying leaves of trees that have thorns, there are others that are actually like thorns that are on the ground. So what you're doing is as you're walking, you're making sure you bend your body to not touch these thorns and you look around with thorns and you're

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bending a body to make sure that you can continue on this path without touching those thorns. That exactly is what the point is because those thorns represent the Muharram for law, the punishment of Allah or the anger of Allah or those things which are lies made Hara. So Xena

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a pupil validating back to your parents, you know, being unfaithful because all of these things are like these stones. So you walk on that path towards Allah was genda. whilst being very wary to ensure that you meander yourself across all of these thorns that can really destroy you. And that is what the poor really is. That was also been explained by with macro view of the lag reset

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is a person who when he looks at others, he thinks that everyone else is forgiven except himself that everyone else is forgiven except himself. That is what is a personal one. Also Buhari wrote the letter and home. He said a person of taqwa is a person who when he looks at someone who is older than him, that he says, oh, how much more good deeds has he done more than me? And when he looks at someone less than him, meaning younger than him, then he says, oh, how less sins has he done than Mignini? But he always looks at others and thinks that they are better than him. This is what it is. And that is such an amazing state of slavery. It's such an amazing state of Abuja, may Allah allow

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me and you to have an era please bless us with that. Era make us with those people who are humble who when we look at others, we think that we are the ones who are guilty. We are the ones sinful. We are the ones who have yet to be forgiven, others are forgiven. We are the ones who get to do good. We are the ones who have yet we are the ones who have so many sins, the Arab makers of those people that are more concerned

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About our own problems that then are concerned about people and their problems. And that is the poor quasi alladhina raba who is Amara they are they are driven towards the Lord Zamora in groups have either

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either Elijah, until when they come to it for the hat a boo boo ha, and the first person to have the doors open or they will have an SSL, and the people who will enter agenda will be 120 rows. And the first of the rows will be from this oma. In fact in authentic hadith the prophet SAW Selim said

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Would it be would it make you happy if you are one third of the people agenda? The Sahaba said Yes, sir. Rasul Allah, and then the prosecutors will be made happy if you are half of the people agenda. When he is a man. He said yesterday rasulillah that he said will make you happy if you're one of the two third of the people of general rather I make dua to Allah that you are the majority of the people agenda Allahu Akbar. So two thirds of the people who will enter agenda will be from the mouth Mohammed Salah, Salah from Hungary, Lyra. We are from this omala this is only the pure blessing of Allah. Allah He the pure blessing of Allah we could not have asked for this. We didn't know when we

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will be born. We will know which family we would go to we would know which religion we would come to we would not know this had a lot of favorites.

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We've got to do something for poker, thank Allah for giving us this favor. He chose us for this. He chose us for this. He chose us with this.

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Who got to do something for him.

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Gotta give her life to Allah.

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Gotta give our families to Allah, we've gotta sacrifice her wealth. gotta leave everything from

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start so much for us. He has done so much for us we do nothing for him.

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And he gave this to us for this blessing just for us. Well, where would we be?

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What punishment would we have? What genre would we be at?

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Hannah what Allah

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Allah subhana wa tada is immense mercy

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made us muslimeen made us wireless and gave us the knowledge of the four iron and then tells us that He loves us and then he tells us he'll give us gender for what you did it for us.

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How grateful are we to Allah?

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Allah mama has been near my dear I'll be I had him in hospital for becoming Coca Cola Coca Cola. Say this four times brothers and sisters save with me. Allah must have been limited. I'll be I hadn't been healthy. For bigger Minka what the color theory color? Allah mama Sahaba near Mati. I'll be I haven't been 100 hunted for becoming the color sharika La Mamma mia Mati I'll be I had the mentality of becoming Khawaja canalicular. The prophets have said Whoever says this four times in the morning that He has given the sugar of that day and whoever says it the evening four times and he has given the sugar of that of the evening. So this is the meaning of it is Oh Allah, whatever the man

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blessings that I have achieved or I have received or that anyone on this earth has received that or anyone in the heavens of the Earth has received any creation has received for bigger than it is from you Minka. It is it is from you. It is it is by you. Minka Wagner. From you alone, luxury collectors, no partners, associated associated with you.

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And this is how you make sure to Allah, with your ticker, with your sacrifice with your data with your sada for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. We'll see unloading a taco

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Rob bajo la gente Zamora Elijah who have what he had a Bhagwan and his doors, eight doors in the house right? The middle door is the door of

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his middle door is a door of better quality, middle gate. That's why aim for the middle. That's what be good to your parents and this dislike my brother as he was good to his mom, Melissa which will make me good to my mom and also to make you also good to your parents will hamdulillah and it's very easy to do so everyday call them every day find out what they want every day do something they like, you go to their friends so that the friends go back and say your son is amazing. They feel good about it. And we go to their parents and we go to their families and and give them money and give them wealth and say kind words to them and be with them at the time of difficulty. And make sure you

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visit them more frequently than you visit us.

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Your other friends and this is how you do better validation to your parents will

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they ever work on Allah Hosanna to ha and it's, it's people meaning meaning gentlemen,

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and it's and it's guardians, who says Allah Allah alaikum salam to you Peace be upon you.

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You are purified for the hollow holiday. So enter into Jana enter into Jenna holiday into remain there in forever Forever law worker forever and pivotal meaning that you will be purified How will you be purified to be purified from the rivers or off of the springs that on the gates of Gemini, it will come down shower upon you and all of the difficulty, turmoil hardship, all of the sins all of that will be removed you will suddenly be raised up to the size of advisor for Salaam 70 feet tall six feet wide. And in the image of use of Allah subhanaw taala and then you'll be asked to enter into Jenna Tibbets of holiday to remain there forever. Record Oh, and they said meaning the people

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entering gentlemen Alhamdulillah Hilda de sada Karna Wagga, who praise be to Allah, who has fulfilled his promise to us with our autonomy. And he gave us inheritance. You see this dunya Allah didn't call it inheritance, even though it's inheritance, and Eros and miraz and we own it. It's not really if it was that we would have taken with us in our grave in our journey, but we can't so it's not the real inheritance a real inheritance agenda when you are given a person gender, it's yours. It's yours because it's forever and that's why it's like it's and it's more precious than this dunya one hand span of this of the agenda is better than all of the dunya and what is in it? Is the

00:26:51 --> 00:27:12

profits from said one schema. One schema of the woman creamer is the the overhead covering of the woman of gender is better than the dunya What is it? In an authentic hadith the Prophet Some said if one fruit one fruit from Jenna came to this dunya all of the people of this dunya could eat from it until the day of judgment. Can you imagine?

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How beautiful amazing is gentleness, vanilla, just that bit of gentleness Pamela record would have the landlady sada Kanawa, who, who fulfilled his promise to us what our opponent and he gave us the inheritance of this land of gender. Not about what oh, mean. Meanwhile, gentlemen, at the height of Russia, we move in general wherever we wish, how, because the bedrock a beautiful steed that can fly will be there. And those who are the marches will be given wings as Jaffa vitalia, as we know, will be given wings in general. And we also know that the martyrs will be in their souls will be in the birds of in the hearts of green birds moving around in Gemini as they wish, not about what will mean

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or genetti Hazel Nasha moving around in general, wherever we wish for net, a general army needs What a beautiful reward is there for those who act for the sake of Allah, those who work for the sake of Allah, so work hard. You have to figure out which deed Allah made easy for you. Is it our is it South Africa? Is it soda? Is it sia? Is it hedge? I know of one uncle one I call them uncle good family, friends, Allah let him do hide 70 times.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:46

70 times and you know, some of the hedge tour operators. They've been doing, what 30 4050 years? I know my brother is smile, David's my brother from Australia, and what is it that has 4050 times? Yes, Allah. Yes, Allah, Allah, Allah.

00:28:47 --> 00:29:22

Allah makes it easy for you. Yeah. Others Allah makes it hard for you figure out which Allah has made it easy for you, and agenda through that gate, antigen or through that gate. I know for me, Allah has made it easy for me to teach. And that's Baraka because then if I teach people that they will also their deeds will be in my book, inshallah. So, I'm going to excel in this and made a promise to allow that excellence, I'm going to do more that hour, I'm going to study more, I'm going to teach more, I'm going to preach more, I'm going to inform more so that people can learn from me, because that is my event that Allah has made easy for me. I know for me, fasting is hard. So I will

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do as much fasting as I can. But I will excel in my topic of Dawa in my topic of teaching, because that is a bar that lies made for me, which has made easy for you. Every person has been created with a purpose. So figure out what purpose Allah created you for the prophets. So let's set it authentic hadith and Buhari, colon minister Lima Hola, conda. Every single person is held for the purpose that they were created. So what purpose were you created? For what for that purpose? We're called hamdu lillahi. That is sakana Wagga, who will run out of the nuts about what will meet an agenda to hate on Russia for a July meeting.

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What a beautiful reward is those is for those who work for the sake of Allah that final verse will hamdulillah and sudo Azuma What are

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you see the angels have the mean how will you look up and you see the angels surrounding the man have been Yeah, all surrounding the algebra law making the art of Allah praising Allah. You suck be who wanna be humble opinion praising Allah and making the spirit of the of the Lord will Odia baina whom will help and the judgment has been passed between them in truth, what the law that it is said al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Praise be to Allah The Lord of the worlds Yes, only Allah could have said these words. Only Allah could have said these words for life. This is Surah Zuma replays the last pattern what Allah for bringing us to the end of surah Zuma my brothers and sisters

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memorize this beautiful surah fall in love with it and ask Allah azza wa jal to save you from the benefit. Save you by learning this and implementing it inshallah, to Allah inshallah. Tomorrow we'll start with Sudan, Miriam insha. Allah and Maria is amazing stories of prophets of God. Lots of lessons for us in sha Allah, and amazing powerful and loves Maria, Allah subhanho wa Taala save us in you through the love of this beautiful quote and a love lesson thank us. And the last panel that I mentioned as with those that are with him, with the prophets of God with angels, because of what we are learning from his book, The last panel accepted for his sake, not make it for anyone else.

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Not for any other guardian of the land. That means for you only me Allah subhanho wa Taala of this day for our next from Ghana on the day on every day of Ramadan. There are people that are free so Johanna v Allah three hour mix from Johanna Viola balada me and make us from the inhabitants of those who Allah with our professor Salah until tomorrow, inshallah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

“Last part”

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