Haitham al-Haddad – Start Practicing Islam Before It’s Too Late

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of asking oneself these questions to make a decision and finding one's own path is emphasized in Islam. The speaker advises young people to visit graveyards and look at burial sites to realize the consequences of death, including suicides, suicide rates, and problems with sexual relationships. The importance of finding one's own path and not choosing one's brother to make it compensate is also emphasized. The transcript describes a woman who lost her partner's life while drinking music and discusses her sister's actions during a crisis. The segment also touches on the negative impact of life on people, including suicides, suicide rates, and problems with sexual relationships.
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Many young people think that oh they are young, they can just chill out, do whatever they want to do. They are healthy, they can eat junk food and nothing will happen to them. They can do old bad things without anything happened to them. They are going to remain young. And when they see an elderly people on earth that a person they don't think that they will become old themselves. Do you think that you will live away from Allah, Allah, Allah and they live happily? This is a question that you need to ask yourself. This is one thing. Moreover, if you are a Muslim, and just non practicing Muslim, you will do so many filthy things.

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or most of you are young. Yeah. And let us speak openly. One of the biggest problems that take place between young people is Zina illegal sexual relationship haram to be a more accurate haram sexual relationship between brothers and sisters. And what will happen? The normal question is Chef, I had harangue relationship with a sister, and I did not realize she became pregnant. And then she had a baby. And now I am in a big problem. And the sister is saying, Chef, I had kind of emotion with a brother. We started to chat after some time we had around relationship and now I have a baby. Some sisters try to commit suicide because they had an illegitimate baby in the bellies.

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And some brothers, they were trying to do all stupid things in order to force the their girlfriends to have abortion, not to have a boy. This is the problem. Many Muslims they think that you can it is a matter of choice to practice or not to practice. And then you don't you choose not to practice you put yourself into so many problems. And then one time you will wake up

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and when you wake up, it might be too late

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Alhamdulillah in Hamden, Catherine

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de la ilaha illallah wa salatu salam

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MV mursaleen

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Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala tasleem, Sleeman kathira.

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The title of this lecture is to practice or not to practice,

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to practice Islam or not to practice Islam. What do we mean by the title of this lecture, to practice Islam or not to practice Islam? We mean that is practicing Islam as a matter of choice or not. Many people think that practicing people chose this path to practice Islam, and it is a matter of choice. Other people can choose not to practice Islam. And after some time, we started to think of Islam as an identity. And you chose to have an Islamic identity other people chose to have a non Islamic identity with a Christian identity identity with Jewish identity with a maybe agnostic identity or atheist identity even within Muslims themselves, some of them

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some people chose to take the practicing identity and other people wanted to have the non practicing identity It is a matter of choice. And

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I think this question has to be addressed sincerely, openly

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and carefully. My dear respected brothers and sisters in order to address this important question, I was thinking about it and I was thinking about the angle that I need to address this this

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this this particular question or topic from I said to myself that we need to address five main questions.

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And I would like to appeal to all of you my dear respected brothers and sisters, to take a pen and paper and write all these five questions as I always do. So please take a pen and paper or take your smart iPhone What is my smart iPhone? Yeah, take your smart iPhone and okay after entering the password is start to take notes please.

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Is has everyone done that?

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Yes, no, yes No.

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Okay, the first question I will pose the five key questions First, the first question is

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we need to ask ourselves, are we going to

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there is a lot has been said about death. Okay.

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So, this is the first question have you written it down?

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Just write this question that am I going to die? Are we going to die? The second question is what will happen to me after death?

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Write it down please. The third question is

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am I going to remain as a young person

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or of my life?

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Am I

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going to become an old person?

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Am I going to become an old person?

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Am I getting older by time

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or not? So this is our third question. Have you written it down?

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The fourth question is

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am I going to live without any problems in my life?

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I see many people are not writing.

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Brothers here are you writing?

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Here, everyone, you are not writing brothers.

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He's writing on your behalf. On the Day of Resurrection, you have to answer a legend Allah by yourself you cannot say that he will answer questions on my behalf yeah Allah. So you need to be worried about yourself.

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Brothers, sisters, everyone has to write please, it will be very helpful for you after this lecture. And fifth, the question is,

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so the first question is, or what am I going to live with no problem, decent life, healthy life, comfortable life all of my life.

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And the fifth question is,

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what is the purpose of my life?

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What is the purpose of my life? So these are the five questions I thought that today will shape the nature of this discussion regarding don't I need to practice?

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Is it a must that I practice, practice or not practice? Let us address each one of them the quickly

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the first The question is,

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are we going to die?

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And I think my dear respected brothers and sisters that everyone says that he is going to die.

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There is no doubt about it. There is no doubt about it. Does anyone doubt that he or she is going to die. Anyone?

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No one and

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They say simply look at the people around you look at your forefathers look at history, everyone dies. This is a reality that can we do not need to focus on or we do not even need to discuss. Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran

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kuntum sada tiene Allah Allah Allah mentioned this as an answer for some people who say to some of the companions, don't go for Jihad because if you go for jihad, you will be killed, you will die. Allah Allah, Allah says to them, you will die anyway. You will die anyway. And if you are truthful, then the term that stop that from coming to you, and of course, no one can stop that. That's why Allah Allah, Allah challenge, the whole humanity, a challenge the kings, the Queens, that rich people, the poor people, the tyrant people, the influential people, the rich people, everyone.

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Can you stop debt from coming to you? No, you cannot stop that. In fact, Allah Allah commanded us to remember death, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam said, Remember death frequently, remember it a lot, because it is strikes the balance in your life, it is strike an equilibrium life, the balance your you and your life. If you were living as an ignorant person,

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as a gentle person, you do not care about anything, then remembering death will bring you to the reality and then you will start to think about what will happen to you after death. And this will remove ignorance, you will start taking your life seriously, you will start taking life after death seriously, you will start taking the matter of your deen seriously.

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Also, on the other hand, if a person he feels discouraged, or he lost hope hand he does not like life anymore, he wants to commit suicide or she wants to commit suicide, because of whatever the reason they are depressed, if they remember that they are going to die anyway, this will strike the balance because I am going to die anyway, I need to ask myself the real question which is what will happen to me after death.

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So then once the person who is in that situation depressed, who is who lost hope, one once he thinks or she thinks about death, that is going to happen to him anyway. And this life is just a test, it is a passing by stage, then he will lose, he will start to gain some confidence and he will know the purpose of life and he will take life seriously he will start to think more sensibly about his life or her life, and then that will strike the balance.

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Okay, so that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said remember, they frequently remember it a lot. And as you know, it was the habit of the righteous people to remember this most of the time. Well, hibernal weren't one of the righteous people. He said, if I forget death, remembering death 1.1 time if I forget remembering death, at one day, my life will be spoiled. My life will be what is spoiled. And that's why I Baba Casa de forma Na Na fan. It was reported that they used to remember this. And once they used to remember that they used to cry. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one great Hadith although some scholars said it is not that strong. He said I'll take his woman

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down and after huami Latina Battle Mode while it is a man who ha ha watermen Allah wa Hill Imani the wise person is the person who controlled himself and he works for life after death.

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And the idea is valid is here you can say the headless people, the headless person, the disabled person they use the less person the ignorant person is Who is the one who just go with his desires, and he just wish dreams. He has some wishes and dreams. He doesn't work for life after death. So this is the first point are we going to die?

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This is a question my dear respected brothers

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and sisters, we need to ask ourselves all of the time on a daily basis. So please in front of that question put something put a statement that we need to ask ourselves this question on a daily basis it was reported that Katara de la tada and who had a ringed and in the terrain, he gave himself an advice to the member death.

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So can you please put that, and I advise all of you, my dear respected brothers and sisters, to put in your phone or maybe Facebook, they said, facade walk or whatever, any way to remind yourself that you are going to die and you don't know when you will die. Okay. The second question is, what will happen to me after death?

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Am I going to vanish, perish and or am I going to live another life?

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Just a question.

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when Allah Allah, Allah, Allah

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holds everything, everyone and everything accountable on the Day of Resurrection. And after the end of judgment, Allah commands animals to what to be to rob, as Allah, Allah, Allah says, In the Quran, waiuku, capital, Yalla genican. to, to lava be just dust, this is the end of your life. That's it. And the disbeliever he will wish to be Deus, because of the hero of the Day of Resurrection, and because of the realities that he is going to witness or she is going to witness. So the question is, am I going to live another life after death? How long will that life be? What kind of quality?

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Am I going to just live as a normal human being? They will put me in the grave. The grave is just a small hole, dark, maybe freezing or maybe

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full of heat, heated from all sides? I am going to be put on that. I said to one of the brothers,

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that whenever he said, How can I stop myself from committing sins? I said, when you remember something that caused fear for you? For example, I told him, what do you something that cause fear for you? He said, I have something like rat phobia. You know that phobia. He is afraid of rats. I said to him, that's good. Remember that your grave will be full of frogs, that will bite you will eat you. And you will not be able to run away from them all of the time, if you commit certain sins.

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And once you remember that this will stop you from committing sins.

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So in the grave, what am I going to do? How I am going to live in the grave? Is the grave another life for me? Or I will be just a dead body and the grave itself? Is it going to be dark? ages? Is it going to be squeezed on my body? Is it going to be full of snakes rots or is it going to be full of joy? Just ask yourself this question. That's why the righteous people used to visit graveyards a lot. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that he prohibited us in the beginning of from going to graveyards. And then he recommended that we visit graveyard because it reminds us of the reality of death. Many of the righteous people used to place themselves in the grave at certain

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points just to remember that they are going to be put on that grave. I sincerely advise you brothers and particular brothers to go and visit graveyards and to look at graves and to imagine themselves be put on that small dark room for ages.

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And not only that, for sisters, I advise you to remember anyone, any person whom you know, who passed away 10 years 20 years ago, and just think about them, where are they now? They are in the grave? What kind of lifestyle? are they living in?

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Are they enjoying it? Are they suffering? Is the grave dog? is it so hot? Are they fully naked? And it is freezing? Is it full of rocks? Is it full of snakes? Is it full of other things? What is it How? Just a question, you need to pause it for yourself on yourself. The third question is,

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most of you, Mashallah are young people, you need to ask yourself this important question. Am I going to remain

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as a young person all of my life? Or am I going to get

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to? Am I going to become an elderly?

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Is it thing? Is it getting older and older? The more I stay in this life? Why is this question because many young people think that, oh, they are young, they can just chill out, do whatever they want to do there are healthy, they can eat junk food, and nothing will happen to them. They can do all bad things without anything happened to them, they are going to remain young. And when they see an elderly people on earth, that a person, they don't think that they will become old themselves.

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I'm asking you young people, do you have that feeling or not?

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Do you have that feeling of not? Yes or no?

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Do you take it seriously that you will become an old person, young sisters who do not work a job and they go outside, they display their beauty. They think that they will remain young sisters attractive ladies all of the time. And they don't think that at one point, they will become elderly, and no one will be interested even in looking out to them.

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And just look at some elderly people who will maybe pass by you use public transportation, and they will move slowly, they will start coughing they don't see. And sometimes you laugh at them. And sometimes maybe you look down at them. And sometimes you question yourself, why are they doing this? They are unable to walk they are unable to see things. They don't talk properly. Sometimes maybe saliva is coming out of their mouth. Sometimes they are doing so bad things. And you will say oh this is disgusting. You don't you know that you will become one of them and maybe worse than that.

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So life is not really a good life.

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Life is horrible. Am I going to be like those old people may be can't see I need help. I need someone to help me to eat people will look at me and they laugh at me. Life is not really that decent.

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Oh, I was I created to be like this.

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Beg people to help me.

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I need to think about this. I need to take it seriously. Then the fourth question, am I going to live with no problems?

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with no problems, many people might be respected brothers and sisters, later on onea young people,

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mature people, they think that they can choose their own lifestyle away from Allah, Allah Allah and they think that they can live a decent life.

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And then because they do not practice Islam, they put themselves into so many problems and because of these problems, they cannot go out of these problems. And then they start asking questions. For example.

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In a few live away from the guidance and the light of Allah, as we said that Allah is the only source of light. What will happen after time, what will happen to you after time, you will feel completely depressed. You will feel low, you will feel lonely, you will have this suicidal feeling

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and as she has said the day before yesterday said

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That he looked at the rate of suicide attempts in Cantonese, and he looked at those countries who have the highest rates of suicide. And he found that all of them are non Muslim countries, and all of them are the so called civilized countries or the industrialized countries, I can tell you about where I came from, from Britain, on average, on a yearly basis. 4000 people commit suicide

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4000 people commit suicide on a yearly basis, some some years it is go up to 460 70 semies is just a 390. And it when when it goes just below 4000 sorry, 3900 something when it just go below 4000 people become very happy. And everyone is talking about it, that we managed to minimize the rate of suicide.

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In Finland, I remember in 2006, in Finland, you know, Finland. Yeah, that can to be where everything is almost given free to people with one of the highest living standards in the world. I remember a group of people visited us in 2006. And they say that in 2006, in one day, 25 people committed suicide just on one day. And most of them I think they said a 20 out of them were young people.

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How come? If they are finding all types of technology, health care system, and so on, they find it too freely. Why do they commit suicide?

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So do you think that you will live away from Allah, Allah, Allah and live happily? This is a question that you need to ask yourself. This is one thing. Moreover, if you are a Muslim, and just non practicing Muslim, you will do so many filthy things.

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Non practicing people and some practicing people here, we're not talking about the label. We are talking about the reality when you do not practice Islam, I can tell you, most of you are young. Yeah. And let us speak openly. One of the biggest problems that take place between young people is Xena. Illegal sexual relationship haram to be a more accurate haram sexual relationship between brothers and sisters. And what will happen? The normal question is Chef, I had one relationship with a sister, and I did not realize she became pregnant. And then she had a baby. And now I am in a big problem. And the sister is saying chef, I had kind of emotion with a brother. We started to chat.

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After some time, we had haram relationship. And now I have a baby. Some sisters tried to commit suicide because they had an illegitimate baby in the bellies.

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And some brothers, they were trying to do all stupid things in order to force the the girlfriends to have abortion not to have a boy. And I remember, just not I remember, three weeks ago, two sisters came to me in the Islamic Sharia Council. Once you start with good hijabi sister and the other sister with very poor hijab, she just put a scarf on her head when she entered Sharia council because of the name, Sharia council she was so she put hijab and the sister with hijab was talking and she told me that this sister is the girlfriend of my brother.

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I said okay, interesting. So the sister is coming with another sister and she's saying that she's not the girlfriend of my brother. I said, Okay. And she said she have the problem now is my brother had her relationship with her. And as you can see, she is pregnant.

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I am used to this. I said, Okay, and she said, but the problem is, is slightly bigger than this shift. I said, Okay. What is the problem? She said, the matter of fact is this sister is married.

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I said, Now we need to Okay, think about it.

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And then what lies is the brothers and sisters, I'm telling you what happened with me. This is a genuine, a genuine story with no exaggeration whatsoever.

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Then I say

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Okay. She said, we want to make it Hello. I said, interesting. What do you want to make? Hello? You want to make this a child who came from Xena halaal? She is married? What do you want to make it hard to take her from her husband? And to marry her to your brother in order to make it halaal? What do you mean?

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Then she said, Chef, to be honest with you. There is a bigger problem. I said, Oh, bigger problems and this? She said yes. I said, What is it? She said, she has been living for years as a girlfriend with my brother.

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I said, Yes. And she said, that is not the first child. She had a child from before from my brother.

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I said, Where Are We Living? Are you really Muslims? Are you really Muslims? This is the problem. Many Muslims they think that you can, it is a matter of choice to practice or not to practice. And then you don't you choose not to practice, you put yourself into so many problems. And then one time, you will wake up.

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And when you wake up, it might be too late.

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Are you following brothers?

00:31:30 --> 00:31:41

sisters? Are you following? It might be too late. And then this lady who was pregnant, when I told her the Islamic ruling is

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this boy, this child and the foster child, they will never be the children of your boyfriend.

00:31:52 --> 00:31:58

She said what I said there will never be the children of your boyfriend.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:09

Why how I said, you want to do all filthy things. And you want to come to the chef to fix all your filthy things for you.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:28

This is impossible. She said Who will be the father. I said this is the longest story. You need to bring your husband and the husband, we need to tell him that those children are your children. She said no, I know that they were not his children. I said this is the ruling.

00:32:29 --> 00:33:04

Either he will accept them. Or if he rejects them, we need to have something called Leon cursing. And after cursing, we will say that the marriage is dissolved. And those children will never be that children of the of your boyfriend never ever in your life. Whatever you do from an Islamic perspective, you can't do that it is wrong for you to do that. They will be not Muharram for him, they will cannot have inheritance. He cannot live with them as a father.

00:33:06 --> 00:33:13

And she started to cry. She went mad. I said, Is it because of me? Or is it because of you?

00:33:16 --> 00:33:30

So I can give you hundreds of stories like this. One of the recent stories that I came across, just in in one of the European countries where I was there without mentioning the details of that

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is in fact let me mention two stories. A sister was raised up as, as a Muslim. She said, I used to be proud to be Muslim, but I was living as an ignorant person Jaeho person completely.

00:33:46 --> 00:34:30

And then she said, our sister told me Let us go and have fun in some other country. So we traveled to another country, another Muslim country, and we were mixing with your help people. I saw a boy and we started to develop relationship with him. Then this friend told me why don't you get married to him? I said, but how do I need to get a get married to him? I need to tell my parents I need to do this and that. They said no, no, no, you don't need to do that. And she said out of ignorance. I got married to him. Then when I got married to him, I came to know that he got married to me in order to gain access in the country in the European country where she lives shown it so she left

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him. She ran away from him. But they have a legitimate and official marriage certificate signed and destroyed by the religious affairs in that Muslim country. Then she went to that European country and she stopped contacting with her husband after some time she came to know another boy and who is a smart, intelligent blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc. But he was not Muslim.

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out of ignorance. She said we can marry non Muslims because we are human beings all.

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So she got married to that non Muslim boy in the Civil Registry. She got married to him they lived, and then she became pregnant. She gave birth to a child. When she gave birth to the child.

00:35:25 --> 00:35:54

She started to think about her child, is he Muslim? Or is he not Muslim? So she started to discuss this with her husband with her non Muslim husband, her non Muslim husband by the grace of Allah, he started to think about Islam. What do you mean by Muslim or non Muslims? We are all the same. She said no, there are differences between Muslims and non Muslims. He started to dig more Subhana Allah He accepted Islam.

00:35:55 --> 00:36:47

This is a genuine his story. He accepted Islam. When she saw him accepting Islam, she said, What about me? I am a Muslim, I am ignorant. I don't know anything about Islam. So she started to study Islam take Islam more seriously. So she started to practice Islam by the grace of Allah, Allah, Allah, she woke up because of their child. And normally from experience, people think that they can mess around without having any consequences. And once the children come Subhana Allah because of the attachment they have to their children, and they start to think seriously and to wake up. So when she woke up, and now she's saying, Oh, I have a child. I don't know whether this a child is a from a

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he belongs to this man. I know that he belongs to this man. But I got married to this man after I got married to another man. And this man that I got married to he was non Muslim. So she came and we saw her. And she was totally depressed. One law he brothers were like brothers and sisters, she was crying. And if she has the choice to cry blood, she would choose to cry blood rather than to cry the normal tears because of what because of the pain she is going through because of her mistakes that she committed when she was not practicing Islam.

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And that's why I always say, do you think my dear respected brothers and sisters, that you will live like this, and you do all things, all bad things, and just go get along with your life.

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Another case of another sister, again, I met her in an in one of the European countries. She said her problem started when she was 12 or 13 years of age, her problems started with music.

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I'm sure that when I mentioned this story, I think many brothers and sisters might think of themselves that I'm talking about them. Yeah, she had problems started with music when she was 1213. And then after some time, she said that she became what? addicted to music. She started to listen to music, four hours a day, five hours a day, six hours a day, seven hours, eight hours a day. And then she started to think that she is mad if you want she lives in music, she goes to the reality she lives the reality and she wants something to take her back to the virtual world that she used to live in when she listens to music. So what brings her to that world if she lives in music, she lives

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the real life. She doesn't like to live there live the real life she cannot bear the real life. So what she started to do, some of her friends told her it is simple. If you live music, yes. Or you are afraid that you might lose your

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Or what you know you need to do is to what to smoke weed.

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And that will take you to another virtual life. And she started to smoke weed.

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She started to smoke weed. And then that is the end of her life when she started to smoke weed.

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Okay. And of course, I don't want to mention what happened to her very embarrassing.

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

A brother lives live sisters, a brother rang me just a few months ago, and he told me that he was ignorant and with his sister, okay, they were ignorant enough to practicing the deed

00:40:00 --> 00:40:28

Listen to this. This is a genuine story, very sad story. He said, years ago chef years ago, what happened? We were ignorant and we were listening to BY THE STAFF watching by the stuff. One time our parents left the home. And I found that I am just waiting with my sister. She was young elevant something like this, but she was jarhead as well. Then

00:40:29 --> 00:40:33

I took an advantage and I slept with her.

00:40:37 --> 00:40:58

And after that, I started to wake up What have I done? And she started to also wake up what she has done. And then later on years after that, I started to practice my Deen she started to practice the deen and then all of us started to question what did we do?

00:40:59 --> 00:41:02

What is the * that we have put ourselves in?

00:41:04 --> 00:41:12

And we are regretting share we cannot even I cannot look at her. She cannot look at me. Not

00:41:13 --> 00:41:28

there is a fire burning in my heart and there is a fire burning in her heart. She cannot get married, I cannot get married. I have no I have no shame myself because I have slept with my sister.

00:41:30 --> 00:41:33

I cannot take it do something for me chef.

00:41:35 --> 00:41:49

And will la he brought us here on once, twice, three times four times. He said please help help. Because I am burning burning. I cannot just stay when I remember that I slept with my own sister.

00:41:51 --> 00:42:13

And this is the result of what of not practicing. People think that yes, you can get along or not practice your deed, do whatever you want to do. And then as the shaitaan is saying Wakanda shavon Ola marco de el amor in the kumada have to confess left to come mama Konya de la,

00:42:14 --> 00:42:18

Ella and TAO to confess to me follow

00:42:20 --> 00:42:26

the shavon is telling you as a day of resurrection, or is telling to the people at the Day of Resurrection.

00:42:27 --> 00:43:13

Don't blame me, I was just calling you you need to call yourself. And this is an ambassador of the Allah tala. And who mentioned the story, the well known story regarding this ayah about that person who used to be like a priest or religious person. And in his town, there were two brothers, or three brothers with their sister, and they want to go for jihad. So they said if we go for jihad, we will abandon our sister, where are we going to leave her? So they said, Let us leave her with this righteous person with this religious person. So the left has had with this religious person to look after her. She is in her room or in her house. And he is in her house. She was bringing food for her

00:43:14 --> 00:43:27

knocking on the door and just leaving, she comes pick up the food and just eat it there. Shaytan came to him after some time. And then the shaitan told him, come on. Come on my friend. Who?

00:43:28 --> 00:43:30

Who is eating the food?

00:43:31 --> 00:44:06

Are you sure that she is the one who is picking the food and eating it? Just wait until you see that she is coming and picking the food. Wait, look at her when she picks the food you live. So he started to look at her when she comes and pick the food and goes home. Then there's a pancake turn and he said Come on. Come on. She has been like this not talking to anyone for ages, man. You just go and tell her how are you sister? How is everything? Do you want anything any help, etc, etc. So he started to do this.

00:44:07 --> 00:44:59

After some time what how what happened? He had Zina with her. He had her relationship with her. Then what happened? She gave birth, the shaitaan came to him and said to him, You are stupid. Now she gave birth. her brothers will come they will see that she had a child, they will ask themselves. Where does Where does she got the child from? So he told the shaitaan What shall I do? He said just very simply kill her and kill the boy. And that's it and bury them and tell her brothers when they come back that she died. So he done it. He killed her. So what did he do? He fornicated he had an illegitimate child and now he killed both of them then

00:45:00 --> 00:45:20

Help brothers came. And they said, they said to him, where is our daughter? He said, died. Where is her grave? That is her great. Okay, Hola, La La La quwata illa the Chez Panisse started to come to each of them in the dream. And he used to tell one of them, each one of them. You know what?

00:45:21 --> 00:45:40

This study that this priest told you is a fake his story, the reality is that he had fornication with her. And he had a child, and he killed both of them. And if you want to know that, I'm telling you the truth, go and dig the grave, you will see a woman and a child.

00:45:42 --> 00:46:18

He came to the first one, he went to the second one, and he came to the third brother. Then one time they met, and they started to ask each other Have you seen what I have seen? Have you seen what I have seen? And they said, Yes, yes. Yes. We need to go to him. They want to him. Listen, you have done this. No, no, no. You have done this. He confessed. He said, Yes, I did it. They took him to the governor. The governor said, because he was a murderer, we need to kill him. We need to execute him. They put him on the stage, to execute him

00:46:19 --> 00:46:32

to execute him. When they put him on the stage they shed upon came to him and he told him my friend, do you know who am I? He said, yes, you are the Sherpa and he said no, I am the one who caused all of this for you.

00:46:33 --> 00:46:49

And no one can help you except me. He said, Okay, please help me you know, now they are going to execute me. They said yes, I can help you. No one can help you except myself. He said, How can you help me? He said, I want you to make sujood for me.

00:46:52 --> 00:47:34

I want you to make a video. He said I can't unshackled I can't do to do. He said just do it by your eyes. Do to do it and tend to do to do do shoot by your eyes. flick your eyes and that's it. He did it. He made pseudocode for the shape and he was executed he died as a car fell straight to the fire of *. While law he might be respected the brothers and sisters I remember a friend of my brother, he told me that his girlfriend sent him a letter and that letter, she left him to another country. She said to him, I believe that you are my Lord.

00:47:36 --> 00:48:31

People think that they can leave Islam and not practice Islam with no consequences. There are grave consequences. Then they last The question is what is the purpose of life? I will leave it for you however, because time is up? Yeah, just I will take a few minutes. As I did you can deduct it from the question and answer session if you don't mind. My dear respected brothers and sisters, I want to take this opportunity to say to you, how can you practice Islam? It is a long lecture how to practice Islam however, I would like my dear respected brothers and sisters to do one thing in their life. Which is first of all before I mentioned it, can I take a promise from all Muslims? and non

00:48:31 --> 00:48:50

Muslims can do it as well. Yeah, can you promise me that you will do what I told you what I will be telling you anyone who is brave I want all of you to be brave. I will give you an advice which will be very very useful as well. I will not give you any thing that will be harmful.

00:48:51 --> 00:48:55

No, no, no, no. All of you, all of you, all of you. Or few.

00:48:56 --> 00:49:13

All of you. Okay. My dear respected brothers and sisters. I want every one of you to take on a daily basis, his medicine or her medicine.

00:49:14 --> 00:49:16

What is your medicine?

00:49:17 --> 00:49:18

It is the Quran.

00:49:19 --> 00:49:55

My dear respected brothers and sisters, life has no value without Oran. While law he life is dark is boring is depressing. Without poron and if you do not enjoy Islam, if you have problems about Islam, if you have doubts about Islam, if you do not feel if you do not know the purpose of life, if you do not enjoy practicing difficult practices of Islam, you should realize that your attachment to the Quran is so weak.

00:49:57 --> 00:50:00

If there is an ex Muslim, they told me that there is a system

00:50:00 --> 00:50:26

Who left Islam? You know said why you left Islam? Well law he I testify by Allah is word by Allah that you left Islam because you left or on you were not reading Quran had you been reading Quran while law he will not leave Islam. And let us take a challenge between me and you or between me and anyone who left Islam go to

00:50:27 --> 00:50:56

read or an for one month on a daily basis, read it for 15 or 20 minutes on late on a daily basis for one month with an open heart and come to me after one month. If you still want to leave Islam, if you still want to leave Islam away, then you say well, the chef is a liar and I accept it from you to record a YouTube clip and to say the chef is law young.

00:51:00 --> 00:51:01

Seriously, don't laugh.

00:51:06 --> 00:51:28

A few weeks ago, a sister rang me and she said she had been Muslim for 10 years, over 10 years. And she said chef, I started to have some doubts about Islam. And seriously now I really doubt Islam. I told her sister, just without going into your questions about Islam, how frequently you read Quran.

00:51:30 --> 00:52:18

And she said the last time I read or an is or was when I accepted Islam 10 years ago, I said this is the problem. Forget about intellectual doubts. Forget about any other questions that you do not have an answer for all of them are silly questions. I told her telling me any religion that is free from any criticism or any doubt. Christianity, she said no Christianity, there are 1000s of questions. I said to her Judaism, she said I know there was a friend of mine who was Jewish, and she had so many doubts in her mind about Judaism. I said what about atheism? And she said, this is rubbish. I said, then if this is rubbish, this is rubbish. This is rubbish. Why are you doubting Islam now?

00:52:19 --> 00:52:49

Do you think that if you leave Islam and you go to Christianity, you will have peace of mind? You will have all your questions answered. It is impossible, you are telling me that it is impossible. Do you think that if you leave Islam and you become atheist, you will live a happy life? It is impossible. She says I know that it is impossible, then why do I have doubts about Islam? I said because you do not have attachment to the light of

00:52:50 --> 00:52:58

the Lord, the source of light, Allah horrible adenine. So that's why my dear respected brothers and sisters,

00:53:00 --> 00:53:46

you are a bad Muslim unless you read fluently and you read on an on a daily basis. Check yourself if you want to know whether you are a good Muslim or a bad Muslim. Bring a copy of the Quran. The Koran means the additive or on Yes, not the translation. I want every single one of you to do that. Okay, just get a copy of the Quran. Go to the last part of the Quran, open it randomly. If you can read fluently then this is the first step it means that you got the first question right.

00:53:48 --> 00:54:06

Then, after that open for an randomly if you make 10 mistakes, then you should say to yourself that I am a bad Muslim. And in order to become a good Muslim, I need to be able to read for an properly if I don't do it for an properly I am still a bad Muslim.

00:54:09 --> 00:54:25

Well La Habra does this is the light of Allah Allah. This is the light of Allah, Allah, Allah, even non Muslims, I challenge any of you to read for an with an open mind or not to accept Islam. I challenge any non Muslim to do that.

00:54:26 --> 00:54:37

I know many non Muslim friends, I told I asked them this question. Do you have a copy of the Quran? They say yes, we have a copy of the Quran. I said to them, Do you read it? Well,

00:54:39 --> 00:54:56

to be honest, we have integrated why many of them they say the same answer. They give the same answer. And you can check. Why don't you read it? They say that there is a power in the Quran and we are afraid that if we read the Quran, we have to submit to it.

00:54:59 --> 00:54:59

Ask none

00:55:00 --> 00:55:03

Muslims if there are non Muslims, is that true or not?

00:55:04 --> 00:55:40

Is that true or not? I challenge you go and read the Quran and see the impact of the Quran on your heart. I interviewed this Jamie or he was 84 years of age when he accepted or when he accepted Islam. I told them Why did you accept Islam? He said because of the Quran. He said when you touch the Quran, you just flip through that you will come to know that this book has not been produced by human beings. You will come to realize that this book has been given to you from the Lord.

00:55:42 --> 00:56:17

Suppan Allah, Allah revealed to us your yohanna [email protected] where she found only Manifesto, while holdenville Ramadan little momineen mlns MLA, they came to the whole mankind a reminder to the whole mankind, not to Muslims only to the whole mankind. Yeah, Johana amarilla, an admonition a reminder. And Shiva, healer, for all the problems of our hearts, for all of you is a healer, including non Muslims

00:56:18 --> 00:57:15

and raw mercy. The whole of humanity will not know what Mercy is, unless they go back to this book. And you have to submit to it, which means that go and read it with an open heart and you will see the impact of that book on yourself. This is my advice to my brothers and sisters, to my colleagues and to those who came to report me to the media as well, because somebody told me that there are some journalists who came to report you to the media and I said to them welcome maybe they will give me more nor nor maybe free advertisement for the media. And please just report to the media that I say to everyone read that. But those people who are coming to do that with a bad intention, I'm

00:57:15 --> 00:57:31

calling them to read or an before they be bear the consequences of not reading and not submitting to it is a couple of IRA sorry for taking more than my preserve time, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Many young Muslims go trough a phase in life where they are partying, drinking alcohol, having haram sexual relations, and doing other all kinds of haram things. After some time Allah gives them a taste of iman and they want to return back to Allah. But is it that simple? Can you spend your whole life in haram and think that its going to be ok? Do you think these evil deeds you are doing will not haunt you? Do you really think it is a matter of choice whether to practice Islam or not to practice? Is it so that some people just chose to practice and you chose differently, and you can just change that whenever you feel like it? Well lets find out! Join Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad in this very important lecture: Islam: To Practice or Not to Practice?

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