Shawwal or Missed Ramadan Fasts – Ramadan Q and A

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of completing the days missed during online shopping, as it will prevent one from going on the "teen days" and prevent the other from being rewarded. They recommend being on the safe side and not missing any days, as it is important for everyone to secure their world and stay on the safe side. The speaker also mentions the importance of not missing any days and not giving up too many reward points.
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She says her menses lasts around two weeks. Yep.

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So due to that time, because of that, she's uh, when she makes up her Ramadan fasts, the menses starts again, after Ramadan, and thus it prevents her from fasting the six days of Chawan. Yeah, so is it purchasers? Is it permissible to do my show? Well, first first, and then make the Ramadan fast later. Okay. This is a well known question. The scholars have two views about it. Okay. One view says, first you shall one and then you can make up the days of Ramadan that you missed. And the other day, the other opinion says, No, you must complete the days you missed. Okay. In Ramadan. Yeah. And then do the six year one. And the six days of shall we say definitely that the second

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opinion is safer, it will guarantee the reward for you. Yeah.

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The first option? Yes, some scholars mentioned it, but okay, there is no guarantee that this is what Allah Delana wanted. So

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at the end of the day, the two opinions are there, no one can wipe any of those two opinions. Wipe it out. Yeah. But

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what I recommend that people just to make sure that they secure their world. You know, we as human beings, we like to always go for the safest option when it comes to

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all of us like to be on the safe side. So be on the safe side. Make sure you complete your days that you missed during Ramadan and then go follow it up by fasting six days. So it her question though, was because if she does the Ramadan for us first, by the time she gets around to show alphas is going to be the next month. Yeah, out of Chawan. It is okay. If that is the case, then we say Sister, this is in your hand. This is not in your hand. It is in the hands of Allah, Allah. Don't worry about the reward. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said a very beautiful Hadith that gives us one of the principles of Islam, which is that yeah, that either medieval Abdo, Safar when the slave of

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Allah, Allah Allah becomes ill or troubles and that in this order that journey

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stopped him from or her from certain activities, certain that Allah Allah, Allah will what will record for him the normal activities that he you or she used to do during their normal circumstances? Okay, so sister, brother, okay, if there is something that stops you from, by the end it is

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not in your hand. Don't worry about the reward. Don't worry about the reward. Allah Allah Allah, Allah will grant you that reward. And in fact, he might grant you even bigger reward