Yasir Qadhi – Walking the Line of Liberalism and Feminism in Islam

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the third wave of feminism, which is focused on women and their economic involvement. They argue that women are not just treated with a "we are not just treated," but men are treated with a "we are not just treated," meaning they are treated with a "we are not just treated," attitude. The speaker also mentions a movement called BusAKier, which is against violence against women.
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When the world war came to an end, women are now already in the workplace economic powers are very, very nice to have to earn your own money, a second wave of feminism came about and this wave of feminism, primarily concentrated not on economic or political matters, but on sexuality. third wave of feminism has split up into many, many sub strands. So much so as I said that some strands of feminism of modern feminism are strongly opposed to other modern strands of feminism. So there's a lot of stuff in the middle of now clear cut calls for complete equality in all areas. So a woman will be promoted, sometimes just because she's a lady. And this is now basically a positive thing

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for most companies, that they want to promote a lady, even if there might be a more qualified man, but because she's a lady, so they want to demonstrate their diversity and their tolerance. The 90s saw the rise of religious feminism within the churches and the synagogue for the first time, women demanded the right to be at the pulpit. feminist themselves are extremely divided. When it comes to * and prostitution. Okay, these two things, they're extremely divided. Another major wave of feminism now within modern feminism is the issue of violence against women. And of course, we also have other strands that are extremely raunchy and vulgar, such as this feminist movement that

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some of you are familiar with. And the point is, is there an Islamic equivalent? Can we argue for the rights of women within the paradigm of Islam

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi shares tidbits regarding the impact of the rise of feminism in the modern era. Here he breezes through topics like rise of religious feminism, violence against women and much more.

Can we argue for the rights of women within the paradigm of Islam? 

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