Exhausted for the Sake of Allah

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Taraweeh Reflections


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the theory that the Prophet sallama Alayshi wa Sallam never taught them to seek tiredness or exhaustion. The speaker also discusses the concept of "the end of" and the importance of the Prophet's signage in the Islamic culture. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to be aware of the god's the concept of tiredness and exhaustion and to not be in a hurry.
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Now there's something to speak about here when it talks about being tired. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never taught us to seek tiredness for the sake of seeking tiredness or seek is exhaustion for the sake of being exhausted. Mahalia Rasul Allah Allah Islam Bina Amrhein prophesy son was not given a choice between two things except for what if Tara? Hey, Salma, the prophets lie some took the easier one of the two routes. If there were two equal things in front of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he always chose the easier route at his salatu salam. He told his companions not to sit out in the hot sun, if they have shade, He taught his companions and he taught

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his wife while the Allahu Taala and her Xena, when she had the rope in the masjid to hold herself up when she would get tired, that once a person reaches that point, where they no longer know what they're saying anymore, at that point, you should go to sleep. So the prophets lie some was not one who taught us to self destruct to hurt ourselves. But there's a natural element of a tab of of hardship fatigue, that comes with worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, especially in the seasons. And there's a visual and alpha that I always think about May Allah azza wa jal allow us to return to alpha, everyone say Amin and have an accepted hedge when Allah is boasting to the angels, and he

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says, look at these earbuds, look at them. And Allah says Oberon, they're covered in dust. They're tired, they're dishevelled. What are they seeking? They're seeking Allah's mercy, bear witness, oh angels, I've forgiven them all. So Allah subhanaw taala looks out at the people and sees them tired. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim and I want you to think about this hadith. It's actually the end of one of the Urbina. Noway the Prophet sighs Sam said Kulu now see ya do further your own NAFSA it's actually one of my favorite Hadith and Albarino No, it's the end of it. And this hadith in Sahih, Muslim, the prophet signs and I'm said, Every

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morning you wake up, selling your soul.

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For Kulu NASCIO Lu coolness you have to buy enough. So every day you wake up in the morning, and your capital, what you put on sale is your soul. For more TQL ha, oh Mobikwik. He said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, you either free your soul, or you destroy it. Think about that idea here, that you wake up in the morning, and your soul is your commodity, you're either going to sell it to this dunya. Or you're going to sell it to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and to sell it to Allah subhanho wa Taala is a means by which you liberate it, to sell it to this dunya as a means by which you destroy it, you cause it to perish? Meaning what? What exhausts you? What gives you concern? What

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are you thinking about at night, when you put your when you put your head to your pillow? What's consuming your thoughts at that point? What is it that causes you to ache? What is it that causes your heart to beat a little bit faster? What are you losing sleep over?

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As much as that can be Allah, then that's better.

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Now, it is unreasonable. And there's a reason why we don't do this throughout the year. It's unreasonable to be in last 10 Nights mode throughout the year, just like it's unreasonable to fast every day of the year. In fact, the prophets lie some prohibited, right. This is not a reasonable daily schedule, but the spirits and the proportion of it should carry on after Ramadan in the same way that the other elements of Ramadan do carry over. How are you tiring yourself for Allah subhanaw taala? How are you exhausting yourself for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala What are you putting yourself through for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala not an unnecessary, incurring of hardship upon

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yourself. But there are those who mean a Nassima yesterday enough Sahaba de la mandala Tila there are those that sell themselves for the pursuit of Allah's pleasure and for the pursuit of Allah's mercy. And so I want you in sha Allah to Anna, as you feel that sense of tiredness. You know, it's interesting, because in the last 10 Nights, you're looking for that deeply spiritual moment, you're looking for that moment that you feel a deep connection to Allah subhanaw taala and you make that DUA and you force a tear, maybe, and all of that is good. All of that is wonderful. But it might be that the moment that Allah subhanaw taala looks at you and has the most mercy on you, is when you

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are in your weakest and most vulnerable point, vulnerable point. And it's 4am and you're trying to walk and keep your eyes open for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and that might be the moment that Allah looks at you and forgives you and grants you data to

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that moment that you're at

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You're most exhausted. Because Allah accounts for that fatigue. Allah accounts for that exhaustion. Could lunacy have to do further. You're enough, sir. In Memoriam Chico Ha, Imam will be kaha everyone wakes up in the morning selling their soul for something. Either they liberate their soul by that or they destroy their soul by that may Allah make us amongst those who sell ourselves for his pleasure, who pursue his pleasure with everything that we have. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow the halal risk our jobs that we go about doing throughout the day, the things that we do that are otherwise mundane, the idle things that we do that we do just because we live, may Allah make

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all of that visa vie all of that in his cause. Because Allah subhanaw taala rewards everything that is permissible when it's done seeking His pleasure, as an act of worship as well. So may Allah count our sleep? May Allah count our eating? May Allah count our worldly duties also as forms of worship? And may Allah allow our greatest concern to always be His pleasure? And the hereafter May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who achieved the best of it. Allah means is that going to Plato said I want to go on something