Haitham al-Haddad – On Zakat for community projects

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the necessity of certain details for the Mahara Okay holiday, including the use of Zika in helping poor countries and the potential for it to affect Muslims. They also touch on the importance of maintaining family members' financial obligations and avoiding giving money to build houses and cars for homeless people. The speakers briefly mention the need to save people's eyesight and leave them to die.
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One of the questions is here regarding the car now is being used for other than that what unless I don't understand what the question is seen, but from what it seems like they're saying is that the car has certain purposes. Yeah.

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Is the purposes other purposes to help the OMA? Is it a local Zika? Only? What are the purposes of Zika? Because my brother's asking I don't think anything I don't think the cards been useful what the province and we used it for. So I'm explaining what's going on. See, see. One of the earliest colors Maimunah with the Mahara Okay, he was a Yoni greatest color and he was a philosopher. Okay. He said, a very beautiful statement commenting on the verse of Surah Tober. Yeah, he said, Allah, Allah, Allah did not allow anyone to distribute him to distribute the car and to list the people who are eligible to Zika. Himself did it. Okay, Allah, Allah, Allah Himself, did it. Why why he said

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this, he was commenting on the verse when Allah Allah Allah, Allah says, In nama sadaqa to learn for Cara well Misaki will Amelie now they have a look at the whole Obama federal copy or feasibility. Fairy about a minute Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah listed the eight recipients of Zika eight categories or eight categories okay of the recipients of Zika. Now this caller said that, when Allah Allah Allah Allah puts details for certain activities it means that Allah Allah Allah Allah is intending those details, okay? You cannot overlook those details are there okay? Okay, so,

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for example, Allah, Allah, Allah said sadaqa to be given yet to Folker Moroccan people, Messiah King there are a little bit above the poor people. Yeah. Okay. So, for example, the fact that Allah Allah, Allah differentiated between, between the very devastated people

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and the people who are poor, little bit better than the completely devastated people. They said, it means that Allah, Allah, Allah wants DACA to be given to those and those only.

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Okay? That's why Allah, Allah, Allah said, Zeca to be given to us to

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Allah, then the degree that is a little bit better, Al Messiah came. Then Allah Jalla Allah said, well, Amylin, Allah when camelina Ali those who are appointed by the leader of the Muslims to take the car and they do not have any means, okay, to use to collect the car. Yeah, so no one can use it by himself and say, I am the among the people who collect Sacco. Yeah, well, Emmeline Alia well I like to call them and those who are

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they are either Muslims but their Islam is weak, if we do not give them from Zakah they might leave Islam or those who are okay. non Muslims and if if we give them zecca It is likely that they receive the

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Islam okay. And then Allah, Allah, Allah Allah continue to list the categories of those eight people, okay, which means that we cannot put one box for all these people, because as you can see that there is a variety of people. Yeah. And each one was described, okay. And the level that it was described means that it is different from the second category. So therefore, we cannot put them under one box. And we can say that zakah is to be given to help the Muslim ummah, they're helping the Muslim ummah can include so many things. Okay, running a TV channel, and Islamic TV channel and Islamic TV channel. Okay, does it help them or not? Of course it does. Yeah. Now, can we say that?

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Okay, this TV channel or any other TV channel is eligible to take Zakka?

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Okay, can we say that? Okay. Maybe helping the OMA bye for now building certain buildings for maybe homeless people. Yeah, this is helping the ummah. Can we say that we give the car to build those countries to those buildings? Okay. Helping people. What about, for example, some poor countries can we say we give the car to the governments of those poor countries to build the roads.

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Yeah. And under helping the situation of the OMA, there are there can be so many things. This this, this expansion you're speaking about. Yes, sir. Are you saying that basically this expansion, Allah subhanaw taala made it very clear what the expansion was, if there was any, and that if we've had 14 150 or 1500 years of understanding what Zika is for Muslim communities, whether they're minorities or not minorities, Allah subhanaw taala has made it clear what it is throughout. Exactly. So this is the second point now. None of these colors, okay, have accepted this, what you call expansion, none of these colors, none of these colors. And as you said that this was the practice of

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the OMA for the last 1400 years. Okay. Now, can we and by the way the Obama went through difficulties may be more than the difficulties that we wanted it through now on

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the issues that we have sometimes we believe that what we're going through today is the worst lievable is worse, okay, because we're sitting, we lost the Khilafah. At one point, Muslims were killed as well in Baghdad, Muslims. Okay, we're in a very terrible situation. But no one has the guts to change the deen. Yeah. Or to manipulate the dean or to claim that look, we are now in a terrible situation. Okay. The discussion that some contemporary scholars set now is the word feasibility because this is the last category of the eight categories. Does it include building mosques? Does it include Dawa?

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This is the discussion category number seven, you're talking Yes. Yeah. So number seven, which is free CB replaceability. Yeah, no, okay. This is classically understood to be watched for free Serbian in Latin, it classically understood that it is for jihad. Okay. Okay, supporting jihad in different ways. But fee sebelah here, okay. This seven category includes the other seven categories.

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If you look at it, okay, that it is it doesn't mean jihad, because sadaqa for Cara is fee Sevilla Lima second fee sebelah lately lately, I love it. All of it is feasability law, even if it is Sebelius fees me, Lulu? Oh, everything is V sebelah. Yes or no? Yes. Yes, of course not. So what is the point of mentioning it as a different category for make a distinct to make it distinct? Okay. And to distinguish that from the other seven categories? You had a distinction of that category was therefore purpose by loss of 100? Of course. Yeah. And that's why the vast majority of scholars said that this feasibility here refers to jihad. And by the way, those, for example, those scholars said,

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who said that let us use this money to build mosques, because mosques is feasterville Allah, we say no, you are missing the point. We as Muslims must build mosques, established mosques from our own money. Sadaqa Yes. Sadaqa see one big problem people people think that the only beauty in your in your money is what is the car? Once you pay the car, you are not obliged to give anything else when Allah speaks about sadaqa you said Nico, giving sadaqa the people who know not only that but maintaining your family? Yes, yes. This is you must maintain your family outside the club. So true. Okay, so this is what this is money that you must give other than the car. Yeah. And not only that,

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not only that, there are so many other obligations, financial obligations that you must give besides Zakah don't think that the only financial obligation is view in your money in soccer? This is the confusion. Okay. So for example, building mosques, Muslims must build mosques.

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Yeah, they cannot say okay, I'll give my Zakah to build mosque, because they see it is like maintenance, maintaining your father is a must outside Zeca now the question is, can I maintain my father from Isaiah Khamenei? You have a question here? Can I maintain my brother from the camera? Okay. Excellent. Yeah, can I maintain it just make it clear, can I maintain my father or my mother from the car? All the scholars said no. Why is this because they said you must maintain them from your own money. Because if you maintain them from musica, you are combining you are hitting to store two birds by one stone. So you are avoiding two obligations by paying what by paying one obligation.

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You are avoiding DACA and maintenance by giving DACA So, you have to act okay. You use DACA to avoid another obligation.

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Similarly, if Zika is used to benefit you, this DACA can be invalid. Yeah. So if Zika is used to avoid another obligation. Yeah. Then you are committing something haram. Yeah. So, that's why, for example,

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building mosques, yeah. Now, if Muslims Imagine if Muslims

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living in a city, and they said, We don't have enough money

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to give zakat to build the mosque, and therefore they did not build the mosque, and therefore they did not pray Jamar, we say to them, you are sinful because you do not have a mosque.

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So what shall we do? You need to save money, even if you do not have you need to save money in order to build mosques. Okay, if they say we will wait for our money, we say no, no, no, no, no, no, no. There is an obligation and building a must is another obligation. Don't combine them. Okay, to make them one obligation. Don't hit two birds by one stone. Okay. So if you're speaking of obligation, Sheriff, I've got some other questions regarding Givens occur in this month for other activities, which were much more broader than that. Yes. Are you saying that we need to stop hiding behind the usage of Zika, which Allah has put forward in a certain way, and start really working on really

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sacrificing in terms of southern Yes, yes, some of the sadaqa is obligated. Some of the sadaqa is voluntarily. My dear brothers and sisters, I always say this, don't think that I my obligations are limited to the car. Yeah, if I give the car Hello, I am free. What about sadaqa? Why don't people give sadaqa? Why don't people give other cars to build houses for widows to build orphanage houses, to support countries to build the roads to improve the welfare of the ummah? Zika is just to cover the basic needs of the individuals.

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Okay, or what supports that? This is a car. That's why see from another perspective, okay, take the following example.

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They said, Okay, you have two people, one person is literally dying, if you do not buy him or her food from you is

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literally dying. And there is another person who is not surviving. Yes, but he is weak.

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Who is surviving? So we have two people one is dying, and another person is surviving but he's weak. Which one you give the car to? The one is just going to die the one who's right there. Why Why? Because they may pass away the most in need basically, exactly. Are we allowed to give the weak person Yeah, and to let the other person die?

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Impossible. No one would say this. Why because we are allowed a person to die. Why we could have saved him. We allowed the Muslim to die while we could have saved him. Okay. Imagine another scenario. We have a situation like the Sahara Desert. Yeah. People, young people are losing their eyesight. They that the tablet? Okay. The tablet is they said is just Tempe okay. Yeah, it might save their eyesight. And on the other side,

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we have their people have some clothes, but not suitable clothes.

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They're not clothed, well, well suitable. They very poor, just about just about covering their hour or even forget about covering their hour. They don't have clothes to cover their hour, but those children will lose their eyesight.

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Yeah, they need they need to buy just one pound to to buy the basic not food, but medicine to save their eyesight. And the other people they need money to close them themselves. Which one is deserving this occur or is more deserving this?

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One child, the child, the child who is losing his eyesight? This is not an emotional discussion. This is a rational discussion based on Quran and Sunnah because yeah

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La Jolla. First of all, Allah Jalla wa Ala listed that those who are eligible to Zika based on what the level of that need. That's why Allah Allah Allah started with what? And for Cara, followed by the Misaki because Alfa Cara is in more need than that Masek. Okay, so I think we've done a lot of questions on the car. Yeah, I've got some more later on, but we're trying to move on. Okay. Yeah, just tackle ahead.

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